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Swedish ancestry map The ePodunk map shows U.S. cities with the highest percentages of people of ancestry. Learn about cities with genealogy and find in-depth community information about the ancestry cities.


Swedes can trace their beginnings in America to the founding of New Sweden at the mouth of the Delaware River in 1638.

Significant numbers began coming in the mid-19th century, seeking economic opportunity. Many settled in Minnesota.

In the 2000 census, 3,998,310 people in the U.S. claimed Swedish ancestry.

ePodunk mapped the top communities by percentage of population. The map and the following list show communities in which 1,000 or more people listed an ancestry group, and in which at least 15 percent of those people said they were of Swedish ancestry.

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Community Place type% Swedish
Stromsburg, NEcity30.0
Clover, ILtownship30.0
Lindsborg, KScity29.7
Vasa, MNtownship28.1
Karlstad, MNcity26.0
Andover, ILtownship25.7
Wetmore, PAtownship25.3
Ontario, ILtownship25.3
Hallock, MNcity25.2
Trade Lake, WItown25.1
Felch, MItownship24.6
Grass Lake, MNtownship24.5
Grantsburg, WIvillage24.0
Springvale, MNtownship23.9
Cambridge, MNtownship23.4
Fish Lake, MNtownship23.1
Harris, MNcity22.9
Dassel, MNcity22.8
Stanchfield, MNtownship22.8
Wood River, WItown22.8
Royalton, MNtownship22.5
Laketown, WItown22.1
Oxford, MNtownship21.9
Kiantone, NYtown21.8
Frewsburg, NYpopulated place21.5
Carroll, NYtown21.4
Isanti, MNtownship21.1
Mount Jewett, PAborough21.0
Dassel, MNtownship21.0
Taylors Falls, MNcity20.9
Gowrie, IAcity20.6
Cambridge, MNcity20.6
Smoky View, KStownship20.5
Collinwood, MNtownship20.4
Silver Creek, MNtownship20.2
Comfort, MNtownship20.2
Brunswick, MNtownship19.8
Braham, MNcity19.8
Oakland, NEcity19.8
Mora, MNcity19.6
Busti, NYtown19.5
Pine Grove, PAtownship19.5
Galva, ILtownship19.5
Cambridge, ILtownship19.3
Two Harbors, MNcity19.2
Rock Creek, MNcity19.0
Cambridge, ILvillage18.9
Gerry, NYtown18.9
Sunrise, MNtownship18.9
Orion, ILvillage18.9
Arthur, MNtownship18.8
Peace, MNtownship18.8
Bradford, MNtownship18.8
Lindstrom, MNcity18.8
Twin Lakes, MNtownship18.8
Borgholm, MNtownship18.7
Oxford, ILtownship18.7
Milaca, MNcity18.6
Milaca, MNtownship18.6
Isanti, MNcity18.6
Ellicott, NYtown18.6
Hawthorne, WItown18.5
Cokato, MNcity18.5
New London, MNcity18.5
Mirage, NEtownship18.4
Milo, MNtownship18.3
North Branch, MNcity18.1
Chisago Lake, MNtownship18.1
Ensign, MItownship18.1
Roseau, MNcity17.9
Lakewood, NYvillage17.9
Falconer, NYvillage17.6
Moose Lake, MNtownship17.3
Galva, ILcity17.3
Ogema, WItown17.3
Barnum, MNtownship17.2
Ellery, NYtown17.2
Wyanett, MNtownship17.1
Cokato, MNtownship17.0
Whited, MNtownship17.0
North Branch, MNtownship16.9
Rivoli, ILtownship16.9
South Harbor, MNtownship16.9
Midway, MNtownship16.9
Sheffield, PAtownship16.8
Rush City, MNcity16.8
Frederic, WIvillage16.7
Solway, MNtownship16.7
Chisago City, MNcity16.6
Atwater, MNcity16.6
Kane, PAborough16.4
Pine City, MNtownship16.4
Duluth, MNtownship16.3
New Scandia, MNtownship16.3
Nessel, MNtownship16.2
Jamestown, NYcity16.1
White River, WItown16.0
Alcester, SDcity15.9
Wakefield, NEtownship15.9
Leon, MNtownship15.9
Trenton, WItown15.8
Knife Lake, MNtownship15.7
Celoron, NYvillage15.7
Lake Nebagamon, WIvillage15.6
Holdrege, NEcity15.6
Spencer Brook, MNtownship15.5
Lakewood, MNtownship15.5
Fredenberg, MNtownship15.5
Osceola, NEcity15.5
Western, ILtownship15.5
Siren, WIvillage15.4
Siren, WItown15.4
Oak Grove, MNcity15.3
Poland, NYtown15.2
Saint Croix Falls, WItown15.2
Ellsworth, MNtownship15.1
Saint Croix Falls, WIcity15.1
Athens, MNtownship15.0

Sources: 2000 Census, U.S. Census Bureau; Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups, ed. Stephan Thernstrom; Ancestry: 2000, U.S. Census Bureau (June 2004); ePodunk

Mapping by Daniel Shorter

-- October 2005

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