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May. 17, 2009
Carol, my wife, and I just returned from a ten day visit with Mike and Robin Hanna at their ranch on CR 733 in Wauneta, NE. We had a wonderful time helping around the ranch. Our host, Mike, is a third generation rancher and farmer in Wauneta. He showed "the city folk" what the country life is all about. We fed the cows daily and also bottle fed a couple of calves. The wide open spaces were beautiful and deserving as being called our 'fruited plains'. Hard work is an understatement for the life of a rancher, and 'friendly' states simply, the beauty of the people in the town of Wauneta.
- lennandcarol
Picture mayberry, leave it to beaver, and Ozzie and Herriet, put them in a bowl stir slowley and let blend, you now have a picture of Shelby, even though I resembled Opie I was more Eddie Haskel. Picture aunt Bee with Eddie as a son and you have my mother in view. Well maybe she wasn't quite as ameable.

We didn't have an Andy, Barney, or Gomer per se., but my dad was the town marshal for several years. I don't remember more then a couple of instances where he ever had to use his badge, except for the times he was trying to corral me. We did have a town drunk, he was also the town barber, I remember an instance he was walking home, up the hill from town, he slipped on some ice and fell on his butt, and sliced it open on the pint of vodka in his back pocket. I remember Edna May Pike our english teacher with reverence and kindness for the patience and kindness she always showed me. There were a few little payton place scandels here and there but I don't have the space.
- wier
Although Cisco is awash in photographic opportunities, the image pictured here is not one of them. Roys Cafe is in Amboy California on Route 66.
- graphictraffic
May. 13, 2009
I spent most of my childhood in the relative calm of Cheboygan. My life there was hard, but Friends were plentiful, school was tough, and the fishing was fantastic! I have a most vivid memory of leaving my big yellow house before dawn, and walking down to the lake. Such peace! Such utter beauty! I still catch my breath when I think that I felt so free there, so able to imagine that anything in the entire world would be possible.

Can we breathe as well anywhere else? I'm not sure. I do know that something was magical in that place of my childhood. I miss it some days. More as I grow older.
Less when I am busy with my life in the west.

I walked and walked all over that little town, and now I walk it in my memory. I wonder how much of it is the same, and how much has changed. Oh well- more later.
- CMGron
May. 10, 2009
It is a nice quiet place to live, but I would love to see a park where I can legally let my dog off the leash and play with other dogs.
- cshephard

My grandmother ruth watson and my uncles george and raymond will always be a part of me, spending fun times in cuba a small town that wrapped it's arms around everyone that came through
- ndurso
I grew up in Martin and my childhood was wonderful. I have lived in Florida since 1983. Martin is still home. Small town, yes, people with big hearts, definitely. Teachers that cared liked Josephine Robinson, Elizabeth and Mae Flannery and Mr. Frasure who called me the pride and joy of bucks branch. My wonderful mother, left the town and the family she loved in 2005 to watch over us from heaven. There are far too many good memories to put down in writing on a blog, but I was and still am incredibly blessed and I have never been ashamed to say I am from a small town in eastern Kentucky.
- gail313
May. 9, 2009
me and my b/f are hoping to maybe move to Astoria and we are a mixed racial family and id like to know if that is a big problem in Astoria.because we are trying to leave the city and we took one look at Astoria and loved it
- Cici3
We are lucky to live here with very deversified citizens, some that do make a difference going about making quiet happenings with no demands even for a thank you. An example is a senoir gentleman that has walk route 16 picking up trash and marking his trail with blue bags, good weather and pouring rain. I would like to say THANK YOU!
Some say that all that trash is from "away" but it comes from our own residents that have not been tought or given a thought about their actions. This man is giving balance to our town by his volunteering to clean up after his neighbors because he saw there was a need and he wanted to see the roadway clean.
- goodgovt
May. 8, 2009
I lived in Victoria for over 30 years. I lived my childhood there and it is a beautiful town. It did not get its name from Queen of England and now, it does only have 59 people living there but I have seen 200 living there. The Wesson family takes pride in the town. It is so pretty and peaceful. It is in the Osceola Metro area not the Blytheville.
- shepperson617
Re the postcard picture of the courthouse: The building was torn down before I came to town, but I would have seen it in California before we moved to Ft. Collins in 1959. Harper Goff, co-designer of Disneyland, lived in Ft. Collins and put some of its buildings on Main Street, U.S.A. The old courthouse, the old firehouse (which I once toured with my second-grade class), and maybe the Linden Hotel are immortalized in reduced scale.

I didn't learn about this until five or ten years ago, in an article from either the NY Times or the New Yorker. I used to be nostalgic for Disneyland in Colorado, now I'm nostalgic for Colorado in New York. Progress.
- KipW
all my family are from rugby. my grandmother was born in 1897. her dad came to rugby with mr. huges when he was 18. my mother rosie berry died 12/20/08. she went to school and was was a member of the church. i have spent my child hood every summer in rugby. i have a special place in my heart for rugby.
- chuckberry
Had some of the best Italian food at JOHNNY PATOLI'S ITALIAM CAFE at 1010 S Commere in Ardmore, OK Across from the Oklahoma Veterans Home. If you like Italian food you will love this place.
- goodfood123
May. 7, 2009
my grandparents owned the old "pace" hotel, i was just curious to know if anyone remembers anything about them.
- clcldljrcl
Any one from the 50-60's remember the historic places in Chapin? I used to drink cokes and play pinball with the Rankins at the Hotel - Chapin meat locker and Farmers elevator where my Uncle Wayne Thompson worked. Chapin bread 5 and 10 cents a loaf. The famous Chapin burgoo and picnic. Chapin High School (Mother was class of 39) and of Course Famous Onkens General Store. Very classic place.
As a young boy growing up in Port Huron I recall seeing a picture (pencil Drawing) by an early setteler Depicting what was termed "Indian Mounds" at the Museum. Small hills of dirt now covered in grass. The Mounds were located South-west of where the Bridges to Canada are now. Many years later. I became a member of The Church of Christ with the Elijah message. A Latter-Day Saint Remnant. During the Churches Summer Conference in Independence, Missori I viewed a Video that informed me that the MOUNDS contained Artifacts Ecthed on Copper and Slate stone and some Clay Tablets. They depicted Scenes from Christianity both OLD and NEW Testament. Found not only in Port Huron but all over the State of Michigan. From 1820 to 1920 well over 30,000 Artifacts were unearthed. The Athorities of the time wrote them all off as "Hoaxes" and "Forgerys" of course It was never explained why Thousands of Michigan Residents would purport such a HOAX. 150 years ago there was a Village called DESMOND in

Port Huron. The French word Desmond means: Mound (of Earth) Apparently calling attention to the mounds found in the Area. So do these Facts support the MORMON Latter-day Movement or will it be suggested that Joseph Smith got the Idea to write the Book of Mormon after hearing an early report of Artifacts being Found in Michigan. Comments?
I am trying to find a book written about Whelen Springs for my grandpa. He was told that the book has information and pictures of his family. Please let me know if you have a copy I could purchase for him.
Whelen Springs Centennial Album 1882-1982
Written by Margaret McKenzie
Copyright 1985
Thank you very much.
- ABritt
May. 6, 2009
If you are age 55 or over, there is a really frugal way you can live in the Easton area==check out Jensen's Hyde Park.
Easton, being one of the best small towns in the U.S., has fairly high prices for home...but you can have a modest home in a safe, pleasant community at Jensen's Hyde Park.
- gumball
I was lucky enough to be born in Chippewa Falls and raised in Cornell. I have to say that growing up in this small town were some of the best times I have had in my enitre life. I graduated in 1972 and joined the military in 1974. I was stationed in Hawaii for most of my 14 years and ended up graduating from Hawaii Pacific University with a degree in Business. I have been here ever since. My wife and I go back as often as we can and really enjoy ourselfes on every trip. The fishing is great whether it is the middle of Winter or Summer. Done them both and really miss it. You really don't know how much you miss small town living until you have been away from it for as long as I have. Don't get me wrong I love living in Hawaii but still get bit by the home sick bug now and then. We will be back again in July of this year and look forward to a nice juicy burger from Turks and maybe some of Sandies great Fish and Fries. Aloha
- chanel
park falls is a good town overall. it's small but not too small. the only problem i have is that if you don't have a a big last name you have to struggle to suceed at almost anything you do. especially sports. the people are nice and everything. well for the most part!!!
- netsirk
May. 5, 2009
Marcus Hook is a quaint small town, at the furtherest southeast point of PA about a 25 minute drive to Philadelphia, with great history, family values and rich in possibilities!! I recently moved here as my husband has roots. I hail from Manayunk, which if the best is taken from that example, it could be an inspiration of what Marcus Hook, Lower Chichester can become. Basic community building blocks are in place:ie, a bank, library hardware store, laundrymat and variety stores. What if there were more choices. Especially along Chichester Ave. down over the railroad to the river front park. There could be coffee shops, book stores, ice cream palors, sidewalk cafes, retail space geared toward the family,toy stores, jewelers, dentists, opticians, music stores and yes, even artists and art galleries!! I love Marcus Hook and the friendliness of everyone I've encountered here. I really want to see the BEST promoted here.
- KathM
First of all, we love Sanford. Our kids live there and we visit often. We have found that the people are very friendly and the lifestyle is generally relaxed. The climate seems to be perfect. However, our kids have had much difficulty with the Kia Dealership in Sanford. The dealership service department gave them an estimate ($3000) for fixing their Kia Spectra which was extremely high. They had the car towed to another local shop after the Kia service department gave them much trouble about releasing the vehicle. The other shop did not find the same problems and the repair cost was only $800. This was an unfair practice by the Kia dealership and they were trying to take advantage of this young couple and we wanted the residence to beware! Thanks for the opportunity to blog. We look forward to our next visit to Sanford, but we will not return to the Kia Dealership.
- AlbArb
May. 4, 2009
I am originally from Mekoryuk a village on Nunivak Island. It is a beautiful locations, especially during the months of June, July and early August. Althought the village is "finally" catching up with the rest of the world there is still a lot of work to be done.

One of the latest projects the village is working on is a development of a deep sea port on the island. With the economy going south the community understands a port in the area would help the region tremendously by reducing prices of fuel, cargo etc. The business of importing and exporting will be a tremendous opportunity for the village and the region. There are couple of websites that can help a person that is more interested in the village and they are and Check these two links out and enjoy.
- lasmith
May. 3, 2009
Churchill is great place to live with everything close by. Seconds from 136 as well as minutes from the Turnpike, shopping districts also minutes away.
It is a small quaint community therefore the police protection is something to brag about with the Borough having little to no crime.
The taxes need a little tweeking though, most are too high in my opinion. I am a realtor and really have a hard time bringing in new families due to the high taxes when they can go just a few miles more into Westmoreland and have half the taxes. But many clients say that the difference in the taxes is worth the convenience of having everything at your fingertips and being so close to the Hospitals and Oakland and Downtown for the Nightlife, Arts, Theater, we have it all
So come and join us in Churchill....
Judy/Coldwell Banker/Murrysville.
- judiN66
May. 2, 2009
I have 4 large group pictures with my relative Claude R. Tarkington who attend Whitsett Institute around 1909. One of the pictures is the baseball team and 3 others are of students standing on the front porch of the Institute. I would like to send by email these pictures for the historical society if they would like to have copies. Please let me know.

Virginia Noblitt Matthews
- virginiamatthews

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