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The ePodunk search looks for place names only. It is not a full-text search like Google or other Web search engines. To search ePodunk's databases, select a state and a place type - such as communities, counties, colleges, museums or parks.

Nearby places

One of the most powerful features of ePodunk is the ability to find other nearby places. Our information is geocoded, so that once you find a community (or a museum, park, etc.), you can find other communities and attractions nearby. For instance, if you're interested in attending Penn State and want to learn more about the area, search for Penn State under Pennsylvania colleges. You'll see the Penn State page, with links to nearby airports, communities, museums and parks.

Proximity searches are designed to provide an overview of a region, rather than a precise measurement of mileage. Distance is measured from the approximate center of a community or place.

Place name

The ePodunk search engine looks for words just as you type them. Our listings use full words rather than abbreviations. For instance, St. is spelled Saint and E. is spelled East.

If there are spelling variations (for example, Prout's Neck and Prouts Neck), try spelling just a portion of the word (e.g., Prout).

ePodunk tries to conform to the naming styles used by the Census Bureau, the U.S. Geological Service and the Postal Service. When these styles conflict, our preference is to use the Census spelling.

There are many instances in which several communities in a state have the same name. (Indiana has 25 townships called Center!) To help differentiate, ePodunk lists the type of community (town, village, etc.) and the county in which it is located.


Figures are from the 2000 census. For states, counties and communities recognized by the U.S. Census Bureau, you'll find added information in the "Census & demographics" section of the page.

County affiliation

Many communities span more than one county. In these cases, we list the county with the greater share of the locality's population.

New York, NY, is the one exception to this rule. Because of Manhattan's role as cultural and governmental center for the city, which spans five boroughs and five counties, its listed affiliation is New York County. (The county with the largest population in this case is actually Kings County.)

There are some exceptions to the general rule that every community falls within a county. In Virginia, major cities such as Fairfax are independent, outside the boundaries of any county.


Although we provide information about more than 45,000 communities, not every community is included in our database. We're constantly adding new information to our listings. If you're looking for a place not included here, please let us know.


Because there are so many events across the country, we're selective about the festivals we list. Our festival pages focus on community-wide festivals that convey something about the community - whether it's local history, a famous person, or an important local crop. We do not include holiday events. (There are just too many of them nationwide and too few of us at ePodunk!)

Historic sites

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has designated more than 66,000 historic sites across the country. ePodunk is selective in its listings, aiming for those sites of broad significance. Please tell us about sites you think we should add.

Metro area

Metro areas, defined by the U.S. Census Bureau, can span several counties. A community may be rural in character but still fall within a metro area.

Type of place

The United States has a wide array of community types. Counties are called parishes in Louisiana. Boroughs in New York are something altogether different from boroughs in New Jersey. Maine has community divisions called plantations and New Hampshire has grants, locations and purchases. ePodunk groups hamlets, cities, villages, towns, townships and the many other places smaller than counties within its "Community" heading, and lists the type of community in parentheses.

Contact us

If you are having trouble navigating our site, or would like more information about our company or products, send us an email, at info@epodunk.com.

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