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Books, databases and reference works consulted by ePodunk include:

1,000 Places to See before You Die, Patricia Schultz
1001 Colorado Place Names, Maxine Benson
1001 Kansas Place Names, Sondra Van Meter McCoy & Jan Hults
1001 Texas Place Names, Fred Tarpley
1500 California Place Names: Their Origin and Meaning, William Bright and Erwin Gustav Gudde
200 Waterfalls in Central & Western New York, Rich and Sue Freeman
500 Best-Loved Song Lyrics, ed. Ronald Herder
52 Illinois Weekends, Bob Puhala


A to Z Missouri, Margot Ford McMillen
The Adirondack Atlas, Jerry Jenkins with Andy Keal
The Adirondack Book, Elizabeth Folwell
The Adirondack Reader, ed. Paul Jamieson
AIA architectural guide to Nassau and Suffolk counties, Long Island
AIA Guide to the Architecture of Atlanta, Isabelle Gournay
AIA Guide to Boston, Susan & Michael Southworth
AIA Guide to Chicago, ed. Alice Sinkevitch
Alabama Place-Names, W. Stuart Harris
Alaska Place Names, Alan Edward Schorr
The Almanac of American History, ed. Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.
Almanac of Architecture and Design, ed. James P. Cramer and Jennifer Evans Yankopolus
Along the Trail and into the Past, Ann E. Hutchinson
America Bizarro, Nelson Taylor
An American Festival of "World Capitals," Laura Bergheim
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American Journey, Richard Reeves
American Nicknames, George Earlie Shankle
American Passenger Arrival Records, Michael Tepper
American Place Names, George Stewart
American Places, William Zinsser
American Places Dictionary, vols. 1-4, ed. Frank Abate
American Places: Encounters with History, ed. William E. Leuchtenburg
The American Road: Atlas & Travel Planner, National Geographic
America's Most Charming Towns & Villages, Larry T. Brown
America's Original GI Town: Park Forest, Illinois, Gregory C. Randall
Anecdotes and Events in Long Island History, Verne Dyson
Apple's America, R.W. Apple Jr.
Architecture in Cincinnati, Sue Ann Painter
Arizona Place Names, Will C. Barnes
Arkansas Place Names, Ernie Deane
Around America, Walter Cronkite
Atlanta: A City of Neighborhoods, Thompson & Isbell
Atlas of the New West, ed. William E. Riebasame


Bad Land, Jonathan Raban
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, ed. Justin Kaplan
The Birth of Empire, Evan Cornog
The Black West, William Loren Katz
The Book of Adirondack Firsts, David Cross & Joan Potter
The Brooklyn Reader, ed. Wyatt Sexton & Alice Leccese Powers
Business Week magazine


California Childhood, ed. Gary Soto
California Place Names, Erwin G. Gudde
The Cambridge Gazetteer of the United States and Canada
The Catskills: An Illustrated Historical Guide with Gazetteer, Arthur G. Adams
Central New York: A Pictorial History, Henry W. Schramm
Chronicles of Lake Champlain, Russell P. Bellico
Cinema Southwest, John A. Murray
Citation World Atlas, Hammond
City of the Century: The Epic of Chicago and the Making of America, Donald L. Miller
Coast to Coast, James Morris
Colorado: A Literary Chronicle, W. Storrs Lee
Colorado Place Names, William Bright
Coming into the Country, John McPhee
Common Ground: A Naturalist's Cape Cod, Robert Finch
Country Towns of New York, Bill Kauffman
Connecticut Town Origins, Helen Earle Sellers
The County Between the Lakes, Hilda R. Watrous
County Name Origins of the United States, Michael A. Beatty
Crabgrass Frontier: The Suburbanization of the United States, Kenneth T. Jackson


Delaware Place Names, L.W. Heck et al
The Dent Atlas of American History, Martin Gilbert
Destination America, Maldwyn A. Jones
The Detroit Almanac, Peter Gavrilovich, Bill McGraw
The Development of Central and Western New York, Clayton Mau
Dictionary of American Regional English, ed. Frederic G. Cassidy
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A Dictionary of Literary Quotations, Meic Stephens
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Early America Sourcebook, Chuck Lawliss
East Rochester, NY, Mary Conners and Jim Burlingame
Eccentric America, Jan Friedman
Edge City, Joel Garreau
Emigrants and Exiles, Kerby A. Miller
The Empire State: A History of New York, ed. Milton M. Klein
Encyclopedia Americana
Encyclopedia of American Biography, John A. Garraty and Jerome L. Sternstein
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The Encyclopedia of New York State, ed. Peter Eisenstadt
Encyclopedia of Ohio, Somerset Publishers
Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, ed. Charles Reagan Wilson and William Ferris
Encyclopedia of the Great Plains, ed. David J. Wishart
Encyclopedia of Virginia, Somerset Publishers
Every Day in Tennessee History, James B. Jones Jr.
Experiencing America's Past, Gerald and Patricia Gutek


The Faber Book of America, ed. Christopher Ricks & William Vance
The Fate of Place, Edward S. Casey
Ferriday, Louisiana, Elaine Dundy
The First Summer People, Susan Weston Smith
The Florida Almanac, Del Martha and Martha J. Marth
Florida Place Names: Alachua to Zolfo Springs, Joan Perry Morris and Allen Covington Morris
Food Festival, Alice M. Geffen and Carole Berglie
From Abbotts to Zurich: New York State Placenames, Ren Vasiliev
From Ackley to Zwingle: The Origins of Iowa Place Names, Harold E. Dilts
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A Gazetteer of Maryland and Delaware, Henry Gannett
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Georgia Place-Names, Kenneth K. Krakow
The Giant Book of American Quotations, Gorton Carruth and Eugene Ehrlich
The Great Famine and the Irish Diaspora in America, ed. Arthur Gribben
Great Plains, Ian Frazier
Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898, Edwin G. Burrows and Mike Wallace
The Great West, David Lavender
The Greenwich Village Reader, ed. June Skinner Sawyers
A Guide to Chicago's Historic Suburbs, Ira J. Bach
A Guide to National Monuments and Historic Sites, Jill MacNeice
Guide to New York City Landmarks, Andrew S. Dolkart
A Guidebook to Historic Western Pennsylvania, George Swetnam and Helen Smith
A Guidebook to Virginia's Historical Markers, John S. Salmon
Guinness World Records 2000


Handbook of Texas Online
Happy Trails: A Dictionary of Western Expressions, Robert Hendrickson
Harper's Bible Dictionary, Madeleine S. and J. Lane Miller
Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups, ed. Stephan Thernstrom
The Heritage of Virginia, James Hagemann
High Hopes: The Rise and Decline of Buffalo, New York, Mark Goldman
Historic House Museums, Laurence Vail Coleman
The Hilton Story, Elizabeth Keller
Historic Spots in California, Mildred Brooke Hoover, Hero Eugene Rensch, Ethel Grace Rensch
The Historical Atlas of New York City, Eric Homberger
A History of Agriculture in the State of New York, Ulysses Prentiss Hedrick
A History of the Indian Villages and Place Names in Pennsylvania, George P. Donehoo
The History of Nassau County Place-Names, Richard A. Winsche
A History of Pennsylvania, Philip S. Klein and Ari Hoogenboom
History of the Town of Wheatland, Carl F. Schmidt
History Preserved: A Guide to New York City Landmarks and Historic Districts, Harmon H. Goldstone and Martha Dalrymple
Hollywood Goes on Location, Leon Smith
Home Country, Ernie Pyle
Hot Springs and Hot Pools of the Southwest, Marjorie Gersh-Young
Hot Springs of Southern Nevada, George Williams III
House by house, block by block , Alexander Von Hoffman
How Come It's Called That?, Virginia Madison and Hallie Stillwell
How They Began: The Story of North Carolina County, Town, and Other Place Names, WPA
A Hudson Valley Reader, ed. Bonnie Marranca
The Human Story of Long Island, Verne Dyson


Idaho Place Names: A Geographical Dictionary, Lalia Phipps Boone
The Ideals Guide to Literary Places in the U.S., Michelle Prater Burke
If You're Thinking of Living In..., ed. Michael J. Leahy
Indian Mounds You Can Visit, I. Mac Perry
The Indian Place Names on Long Island and Islands Adjacent, William Wallace Tooker
Indiana Place Names, Ronald L. Baker & Marvin Carmony
Internet Movie Database
Intown Living: A Different American Dream, Ann Breen & Dick Rigby
Iowa Inside Out, Herb Hake
Irish Boston, Michael P. Quinlin
The Irish Catholic Diaspora in America, Lawrence J. McCaffrey
The Irish in America, ed. Michael Coffey
Irondequoit Story, Maude I. West
The Island, Robert Payne


James Dean Died Here, Chris Epting


Kansas Place-Names, John Rydjord
Kansas Trivia, Barbara Brackman
The Kentucky Encyclopedia, ed. John E. Kleber
Kentucky Place Names, Robert M. Rennick


Labels for Locals, Paul Dickson
Lake Forest Illinois: History and Reminiscences, 1861-1961, Edward Arpee
Land of the Free, ed. David Sean Paludeine
Let Us Build Us a City, Donald Harington
Listening to America, Bill Moyers
Literary Las Vegas, ed. Mike Tronnes
Literary Trips, ed. Victoria Brooks
Literary New England, William Corbett
The Literature of California, ed. Jack Hicks et al
Long Island: An Illustrated History, ed. Robert B. MacKay and Richard F. Welch
Long Island Discovery, Seon Manley
Long Island Historical Journal Long Island Sound, Fessenden S. Blanchard
Long Island Studies: Evoking a Sense of Place, ed. Joann P. Krieg
Long Island's Story, Jacqueline Overton
Longstreet Guide to the Pennsylvania Mountains, Greg and Karen Czarneck
Los Angeles A to Z, Leonard Pitt and Dale Pitt
Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies, Reyner Banham
Louisiana Place-Names of Indian Origin, William A. Read
The Lure of the Local, Lucy R. Lippard


Made in America, Bill Bryson
Magic lands: western cityscapes and American culture after 1940, John M. Findlay
Main Street to Miracle Mile: American Roadside Architecture, Chester H. Liebs
Main Streets & Back Roads of New England, Susan Sloane, Chris Stirling
Maine Almanac, Jim Brunelle
The Maine Islands in Story and Legend, Dorothy Simpson
Maine's Coastal Cemeteries, Karen Wentworth Batignani
Maine's Historic Places, Frank A. Beard & Bette A. Smith
Manhattan on Film, Chuck Katz
Maryland Main and the Eastern Shore, Hulbert Footner
Mascots, Roy E. Yarbrough
Massachusetts Disasters, Larry Pletcher
Michigan in Quotes, Tom Powers
Michigan Place Names, Walter Romig
Minnesota Place Names, Warren Upham
Mississippi Solo, Eddy L. Harris
Montana Spaces, ed. William Kittredge
Mormon Country, Wallace Stegner
Music USA, the Rough Guide, Richie Unterberger


Names on the Face of Montana, Roberta Carkeek Cheney
Napa, James Conaway
The Neighborhoods of Brooklyn, ed. John B. Manbeck
Nevada Place Names: A Geographical Dictionary, Helen S. Carlson
Nevada Place Names: Their Origin and Significance, R.W. Leigh
The New Heartland, John Herbers
New Jersey: A Guide to the State, Barbara Westergaard
New Jersey Trivia, Albert and Shirley Menendez
New York: The City in More than 500 Memorable Quotes, Vladimir F. Wertsman
New York: An Illustrated History, Ric Burns and James Sanders
New York Neighborhoods, Eleanor Berman
New York Walk Book, New York-New Jersey Trail Conference
Niagara: Highway of Heroes, Robert W. Bingham and Ralph E. Theobald
Nicknames of U.S. Cities and States, Joseph Nathan Kane and Gerard L. Alexander
Night Comes to the Cumberlands, Harry M. Caudill
North Carolina Curiosities, Jerry Bledsoe
North Carolina Gazetteer, William S. Powell
North Carolina Trivia, Ernie & Jill Couch
Northern Lights: A Selection of New Writing from the American West
The Norton Book of Travel, ed. Paul Fussell


The Ohio Almanac, ed. Michael O'Bryant
Ohio Place Names, Larry L. Miller
Oklahoma Place Names, George H. Shirk
Oneida Lake: The Only Happiness, Jack Henke
Only in New York, The New York Times
Open Road: A Celebration of the American Highway, Phil Patton
Oregon Geographic Names, Lewis A. McArthur
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The Other Islands of New York City, Sharon Seitz and Stuart Miller
The Oxford Companion to American Literature, James D. Hart
Oysterville, Willard R. Espy


Penfield's Past, Katherine Wilcox Thompson
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Pennsylvania Fairs and Country Festivals, Craig Kennedy
Pennsylvania Gazetteer, American Historical Publications
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Philistines at the Hedgerow, Steven Gaines
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Place Names of Hawaii, Mary Kawena Pukui
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Place Names of the Pacific Northwest
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The Portable Harlem Renaissance Reader, ed. David Levering Lewis
Prairie City, Angie Debo


The Quotable Moose, ed. Wesley McNair
Quotations for the New Age, M.S. Rosenberg
Quotations in History, Alan & Veronica Palmer


The Reader's Encyclopedia, ed. William Rose Benét
Rediscovering America, Roger G. Kennedy
Restored Towns and Historic Districts of America, Alice Cromie
The Roads Taken: Travels Through America's Literary Landscapes, Fred Setterberg
Rochester Routes, Patricia Braus
The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll, ed. Holly George-Warren and Patricia Romanowski
The Romance of Wisconsin Place Names, Robert Gard and L.G. Sorden
Route 28, Rob Scharpf
Runnin' Crazy: A Portrait of the Genesee River, Ruth Rosenberg-Naparsteck


Salon.com Reader's Guide to Contemporary Authors, ed. Laura Miller
San Francisco: The Ultimate Guide, Randolph Delehanty
A Sense of Place: Listening to Americans, David Lamb
Seven Trails West, Arthur King Peters
Shot on This Site, William A. Gordon
Signposts & Settlers: The History of Place Names West of the Rockies, Robert I. Alotta
Small Places, Richard Lingeman
Small Town America, Thomas H. Rawls
The Smithsonian Guides to Historic America, vols. 1-12
Smithsonian Guides to Natural America, ed. Sandra Wilmot
The Sons of Bardstown, Jim Wilson
South Fork Place Names, William Mulvihill
Southwest Virginia Crossroads, Joe Tennis
Staten Island, 1524-1898, Henry G. Steinmeyer
A Summer World, Stefan Kanfer
Susan B. Anthony Slept Here, Lynn Sherr & Jurate Kazickas
Sweet Liberty: Travels in Irish America, Joseph O'Connor


Tennessee Place-Names, Larry L. Miller
This Is Long Island: Island-wide Survey of Communities
Timeless Towns and Haunted Places, J.R. Humphreys
Towns and Villages of the Lower Ohio, Darrell E. Bigham
The Towns of Tompkins County, ed. Jane Marsh Dieckmann
Transatlantic Scots, ed. Celeste Ray
A Traveler's Guide to the Civil Rights Movement, Jim Carrier
Traveling Literary America, B.J. Welborn
A Turn in the South, V.S. Naipaul
Tuxedo Park, Jennet Conant
Twentieth Century American Writing, ed. William T. Stafford


Unauthorized America, Vince Staten
U.S. 1: America's Original Main Street, Andrew H. Malcolm
Utah Place Names, John W. Van Cott


Vermont Place-Names, Esther Munroe Swift
Virginia Place Names, Raus McDill Hanson


Walking Places in Florida, Diane Marshall
Washington State Place Names, James W. Phillips
Webster Through the Years, Esther A. Dunn
The Westchester Book, Joan J. Cirillo
Where the Old Roads Go, George Cantor
Whiteout: Lost in Aspen, Ted Conover
WPA America Guide series
Writing New York: A Literary Anthology, ed. Phillip Lopate
Wyoming Place Names, Mae Urbanek


Yankee Talk, Robert Hendrickson

Note: Additional sources include hundreds of literary works, which are cited with each quotation about place. Check our literary quotations about place.


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