Community reviews



Apr. 30, 2007
Pluses: mayor seems very nice and accessible at council.
pd doesnt beat up the homeless like other places.. yes, it really happens.
quaint, small shops scattered around.
still despite below, lots of causes to get involved with.
positive socalizing and recreation.
many active casues on and off campus .You Cant be alone and bored unless you want to.
Many groups volunteer to cook for shelters and day programs.
suitcase clinic from uc is very involved to hope to make things better for growing numbers of poor and homeless.
berkley free cilinic
All and all berkeley is still a part very activist and involved.
solution oriented.
AND this is what our country needs more than ever.

Many mingle with all.. many rich look normal.
saw only one ferrari in several months.
Far less snobbery than southern cal.

Excellent place to go to university IF you can first secure affordable housing and take public transport or bike.
very bike friendly.

Minuses: Very expensive for food clothes shelter car repairs, esp volvo outrageous prices. shockingly more than oc/la/sd so. cal!no large ethnic shops, no trader joes!?UC campus is electric wheelchair accessible but4 manualchair walker cane elderly... hills a killer. latest shops to open w/stairs?.no off street parking for parks/services. street design poor small town w/ big city traffic.
the 70s charm? begins 2B too many repub lite yuppies with pc bumper stickers. w/ rising incomes and housing costs.not poor friendly in north berkeley.
Biggest homless shetler charges 1/3 income in rent to be homeless adn more..(non profit?boona and daniel the BOSS make combo 300K in salary) that's disaparity/unaffordable!
medi-cal medical /mental health care very poor.& never tell Alta Bates ER you're either homeless or uninsured!
no safe+ affordable +accessible section8 housing off campus.
city mostly developed out.Solutions R few.
few corp shops no wages 2 afford life here (except 4 owners.)

A great place to... Get Involved.
Get Educated.
Learn to eat more healthy.
Check out "Alternative" everything.
Take public transport bart/bus/cab.
Ride a bike to all.
Checkout artist/vendors on telegraph ave.

check out berkely free clicnic homeless survival guide for social and volunteer opportunites.
and 4 other cool things to do
- macdoodle
Pluses: There's a good venue for shows here called Northern Lights. It's a great place for kids to get together, have a good time and stay out of trouble.

Minuses: There really isn't much else to do except go to shows.

A great place to... Eat. There are pretty good restuarants around here.

I guess if you're a teenager like me, it's pretty boring and really rural sometimes. But the quiet and space is pretty nice.
- xbenterrorx
Pluses: New Britain has a diverse population which prepares its residents for the "real world." When I went to college, I was amazed how many people never met people of other nationalities and backgrounds. I love that I grew up in New Britain and I am planning on raising my children here as well. New Britain High School is a great school that has so much to offer its students. There are so many great programs that the students can take part in. On Stage was a wonderful tradition that displayed many students talents. New Britain also has beautiful parks.

Minuses: The only negatives are that there isn't much downtown. I wish there were more stores and a movie theater. My father told me it was different when he was growing up, but when Westfarms came the stores went out of business. I also wish that more people took pride in where they live and took care of their homes and neighborhoods like the Polish citizens do.

A great place to... It's a good place to grow up and meet different types of people.
- Pbart

Apr. 29, 2007
Pluses: I'm a lifelong resident of Tuscaloosa. I've done a bit of traveling elsewhere in the country and I can see some pluses and minuses of T-town.
On the plus side, it's mid-sized. There is some culture and choices that most small towns don't offer. We have the Tuscaloosa symphony, the Tuscaloosa Arts Council with diverse music as well as live theather from time to time. There are several quality Art Galleries in the downtown area and we also have some good independent restaurants. There's fine dining, two very good Italian restaurants, a seafood restaurant with fish shipped in daily from the gulf, many Mexican restaurants as well as other ethinic restaurants such as Indian, Thai and several Japanese steak and Sushi restaurants.
The University of Alabama is a huge plus to the city. It brings diversity that many towns Tuscaloosa's size are lacking in. Football can be either pro or con depending on your viewpoint. It's like a religion in town with Bear Bryant as God.

Minuses: Religion plays a huge role in Tuscaloosa life, especially the conservative protestant (southern Baptist) variety. A newcomer can be made to feel unwelcome if there not into that scene. The town is generally cliquish and it may take a while to make friends.
Other than a few large employers such as the U of A or Mercedes Benz, Tuscaloosa is notorious for low paying jobs. Ironicly, the real estate prices are some of the states highest but the average income is below average. Race relations seem to be pretty good for the south. This may be true for Tuscaloosa proper but I wouldn't bet on in some of the surrounding, more rural communities.
From a business standpoint, Tuscaloosa is very seasonal with summer being the slowest time. Almost all businesses are effected by this because the U of A is such a huge part of the town. So if you're opening a business save some money for summer, you'll need it.
If your coming from a large city you'll feel pretty limited in T-town. Birmingham is 1 hour

A great place to... You'll love Tuscaloosa if you're a huge sports fan. As I stated earlier, football is a religion in this town. Other sports are popular too. The U of A has a great womens softball team. Gymnastics, basketball and baseball are also popular.
Hunting and fishing are huge. You'll probably need to"know somebody" to do much hunting. Most of it's done in hunting clubs with leased land. Fishing on the other hand is open to everyone. If you have a boat there are many places on Lake Tuscaloosa and the Black Warrior river to launch it.
There is one very good public golf course, and I hear another is being built. If you're the country club type, you'll have some very good choices.
Tuscaloosa is generally a family town. A good place to raise a family, maybe not so good for single adults.

One important thing that newcomers should know. Fall is short but pleasant. Winter is very unpredictable. It may be freezing cold and nasty one day and three days later be 80 degrees. There can be tornadoes and strong storms. Although it can and does occasionally get cold, I don't think I've seen a flake of snow for ten years.
Spring can be very pleasant or very stormy. Sometimes a late cold front will come through and cool things off for a while.
From about mid-may to late september, you'll think you're in hell. Summer is as preditcable as winter is unpredictable. Daytime highs are in the mid to high 90's with days over 100 not uncommon. It doesn't cool off much at night. Usually the high 70's. Humidity is always high in the summer making it feel really miserable. Get ready to pay some big utility bills.
- hiplib
Pluses: Excellent scenery, isolation, great fishing in local portion of Fishing Creek, quiet

Minuses: May be hard for some to find.

A great place to... Fish

Nearest community to Hogue, slightly northwest of Science Hill, KY.
- IceMasterEasthamJazz
Apr. 28, 2007
Pluses: Great place to grow up

Minuses: hot sumners

A great place to... raise kids

small delta town
- bobbiji
Pluses: It's a great place to raise children.

Minuses: No doctors, hospitals, or hometown school.

A great place to... grow up.

It was a fun place to be raised in the 1950s and 1960s.
- mrshotshoe
Pluses: Great Falls are beautiful. I think they are slated to become a National Park. Over a million dollars has been set aside for the park.

The restaurant selection is a big surprise. You can find just about any cuisine in that city because the population includes people from all over the world.

There are a lot of impressive old mansions in the East Side historic district if you are interested in architecture.

Only a 15 minute drive from Manhattan.

Minuses: Parts of the city still haven't recovered from industry collapse, riots, and white flight. In those areas the need for public parks and child guidance is quite apparent. They tend to be high crime areas - though surprisingly the crime rate is comparable to that of run of the mill mid-western cities like Grand Rapids, Michigan.

A great place to... Go for a day trip or buy property.
- openmind
Apr. 27, 2007
Pluses: The people and the Pizza/Food

Minuses: The Dump overlooking the town

A great place to... eat and listen to the people

The down valley's best town.
- SammyC
Pluses: Rural; small town; awesome old homes; scenic drives; small businesses; history; Rocks State Park

Minuses: New developments taking away from the farmland; high home prices

A great place to... Eat: Enotria; Grocery shop: Kleins
- melissaf
Pluses: Nice size , good schools. Convinient to Albany.

Minuses: Racist. Taxes too high without representation. City laws accomodate city heads.

A great place to... Eat, because of all the restaurants.
- jigaratta
Apr. 26, 2007
Pluses: Location

Minuses: The township commissioners and staff do not answer mail or emails.
Religious freedom is in danger in the township.

A great place to... vote in different commissioners
- johnmcjilton
Pluses: The city is very "resident friendly". By that I mean that they offer fantastic help with garbage pickup, yard waste pickup. They even provided us with a trash dumpster for yard waste when we were doing a lot of work on a home that my son bought there. They brought it out the same day we called and picked it up the very next morning. They were friendly and helpful, as has been every city employee we have come in contact with. Plus, there was no additional charge for this service!!

Also, I would like to commend the city for keeping Mackin(spelling?) park so nice. It is a very safe, pretty and clean environment to walk, play or attend sporting events in. The trash is picked up, the grass in mown regularly and they even provide doggie "waste" bags and receptacles. It is one of the nicest parks I have ever visited.

We have lived in several towns in Missouri and we have found that North Kansas City is one of the best.

Minuses: There are not a lot of newer or more expensive subdivisions which cuts out some new people moving in.

A great place to... Work, eat and live.
- cgraham
Pluses: strawberry festivel

Minuses: nothing to do, no where to go, racism

A great place to... relax
- cwhitney
Pluses: a very mixed community. a very welcome enviroment for all sort of minority with diverse income and educational background.

Minuses: i am originally from massachusetts. the school system has to improve in the standerdised test. we are about 60%, we need to shoot for about the 90's if possible 100%

A great place to... less violent crime. germantown is great. great place to race
your kids with less racism(really good for minorities)
- justinche
Apr. 25, 2007
Pluses: nice environment in some areas. Washington parks is a wonderful place for family gatherings and days out with the kids during the summer. Many fun things to do in the summer time such as the festivals.

Minuses: many out of towners crowd the beach and festivals taking away a good time for in town people. Needs a bigger bath house at the beach that actually pushes out water at a decent pressure rate. Expecially because their are many people that use that facility at the beach.
School system is not the greatest.
Not much to do during the winter seasons.

A great place to... Take children for a day out would be Washington park where you could go to the zoo, which they are redoing, and picnic at the playground and swim or play in the sand at the beach. A full day of fun in one spot.
- sarahjoy20012004
Pluses: exceptionally beautiful and mostly expensive houses

Minuses: If you like paying twice what you would pay for the same home in a neighboring
town, then Short Hills is for you.

If you enjoy showing off your car and home and other possessions then SH is for you

If you like white people--only white people--then SH is for you

A great place to... Shop
- molly33
Pluses: Some beautiful homes, I have one.

Minuses: this village is horrible, I was given a speeding ticket 50 yards from my home residence, I was driving down Chapel St, which is a steep hill to begin with, the officer flagged me down and gave me a ticket without any warning, I had just moved to this village last summer, I guess my School and Property Taxes aren't enough, I brake when coming down that hill, but a warning would have been enough for me to watch the speed building up when coming down Chapel St. Also I get to look at all the vagrants loitering Main St on a daily basis, I would only recommend this village if you're on Welfare or some Gov't assistance, wish I could move back to Webster, hopefully soon, Murray St is full of homes for sale and soon to have one more. This village coddles the wrong people, and punishes the tax payers, good going boys.

A great place to... collect Food stamps, 50% of residence love the 1st of the month, glad I can go to work everyday in order to assist the lazy and degenerates in this village.

also good place to learn Spanish
- rguarino
Pluses: Low crimes, low taxes

Minuses: dry county

A great place to... retire

- tao4mind
Pluses: Jay is surrounded by beautiful scenery and generally friendly people.

Minuses: Huge drug activity

A great place to... Fish and camp
- Magic7
Pluses: Can;t think of any at this time.

Minuses: To small and boring, nothing to do. Easy corruption in the administration.
- poprocks1
Apr. 24, 2007
Pluses: Small community with fun activities that build sense of community.
Beautiful Setting that seems much more remote than it is
Easy access to many activities
Quick access to a major airport (COS)

Minuses: Starting to let suburbia stores (chains) creep in

A great place to... Enjoy a snow fall
a sunrise
a sunset

a good breakfast
- ClubTed
Pluses: Weather is great .Quiet, but if we want excitement we are only a 45 minute trip to Las Vegas. Pahrump is growing so hopefully the job opportunities will too.

Minuses: A little behind the times in some things that we took for granted in Ohio. Not many places to work. No factory jobs. . There were very little jobs until wal mart came to town. Homes are very expensive. For a custom home in Ohio that sold for 125,000 you would pay 300,000 here. If you are not lucky enough to afford one of these homes you can buy a manufactured home. But no one will finance a hundred percent on a manufactured home. You must have a down payment.They will finance 100 percent on a stick built (custom home) But not many people can afford the large amount unless the work in vegas

A great place to... Retire. A good place to eat We have some good buffets.
- sambetta21
Pluses: Very nice homes.
- vanessa8511
Pluses: Mooresville, NC is the best place to live for the money that I know of anywhere. It has a quaint downtown with great shops, restaurants, and civic center.

Minuses: The traffic on the west side of town is getting rreally bad and the DOT of NC has screwed up the stoplights to where they take too long before changing.

A great place to... retire or raise children. It has many wonderful civic orginizations in which to serve: Exchange, Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, and Civitans, etc.
- cottonk
Apr. 23, 2007
Pluses: good nightlife, colleges, food, shopping

Minuses: traffic, cleanliness, poor areas
- whatthehell
Pluses: outdoor recreation
- qwer
A great place to... fish for crappie
- ancmike
Pluses: diverse

Minuses: bad transportation
- suhad
Pluses: Clinton river: pluses are it is easy to get to

Minuses: Went fishing the clinton river near rochester this weekend. Never saw but one fish and went to several parks along the clinton river trail. The water smells of sewage and metal. I was trout fishing and never got one bite. Tried several different presentations and still not one bite. I really think the Clinton river needs to be cleaned up alot more! My kids kept commenting about the sewer smell of the water. " Dad whats that smell?" I kept telling them it was the river and they kept asking me why does it smell that way. I could'nt answer. Is there any areas away from the mainstream suburbia that have public access?. I think next week I will try the Huron river. It might smell better then the clinton

A great place to... Smell sewage and pollution from the water vapor.

The clinton river trail does not have alot of access points to the river. And where those access points are i.e at parks. The river smells of sewage and metal.
- jimb
Pluses: Small, quaint community.
Easy living lifestyle
Laid back community
Inspires creative thinking in children growing up there
Brand new school

Minuses: Some narrow minded thinkers- typical of an older-based community
Not enough places to eat

A great place to... Spend time at the community park watching a baseball game, picnicing or just hanging out
- missvogue3
Apr. 22, 2007
Pluses: It is a great place to grow up. I was raised in Gladbrook and now live in Des Moines for school. When I lived there I didn't think it was the best place to live and I wanted to get out of there. I would give anything to live back there after I graduate from college

Minuses: It is a small town and if you do something, trust me, the whole town will know about it. But they don't always know the truth either.

A great place to... raise your children and live peacefully with some excitement, if you want it. You just have to look for it or make it yourself
- wheelers
Pluses: nice

Minuses: small if like bigger city

A great place to... live

seems really nice
- backtofla
Pluses: Its small enough that you know lots about other people. Sierra Summit ski resort is an hour away. Three, realtivly close lakes: Shaver , Hunington , Milerton.

Minuses: Its getting bigger. It often gets to hot. Its realy hard to buy a house. To expensive to build a house and drilling a well is more.

A great place to... Enjoy road side vendors. We have a library unlike any other with regular teen and adult programs.
- dirtclark
Apr. 21, 2007
Pluses: Family friendly envirioment; not too expensive; close to Washington yet for enough away to exist on its own history.

Minuses: From March to October, the Old Dominion Speedway blasts noise into the southern edge of Manassas three nights a week. This was fine thirty years ago, when the area was largely rural, but now consists of nice, residential communities. County government seems to overlook this negative aspect to living in this part of the county.
A great place to... drink wine
- flinstone
Pluses: Is it close to shopping, hospitals, etc? What are the real estate taxes?

Minuses: Crime rate, cost of living

A great place to... Retire on a fixed income?
- peewee
Apr. 20, 2007
Pluses: It has it's own park, not very big, and down town is just alittle walk away

Minuses: no matter where you live in mazon you can hear annoying trains they go through the center of town

A great place to... a good place for picnicks is the town park....
- countryjunky
Pluses: Nice country village but you can get that anywhere.

Minuses: The taxes are very very high for a small community. With these taxes little to no services are offered by the town. No water, No Sewer, No Trash removal, Nothing. Best to buy real estate outside of Waterford so at least you get something for your taxes then just visit Waterford.
- dingdong812
A great place to... meet new people

Love coming here
- Laceym1087
Pluses: Good, humble people.

Minuses: Growing way too fast and not getting ne roads done fast enough. Traffic in Denham and Baton Rouge is horrific. It is amazing how bad the traffic lights are! All that has to be done is syncronize them. Get it done!
- tallberel
Pluses: Gorjus in summer, small town- no traffic, great (walk- to) library, not much to do, great place to retire and not be bothered, summer festval, small summer (outdoors) and fall (indoors) craft and art shows, minor crime

Minuses: Too cold in winter, unless you are young and can enjoy winter sports, snowmobiling, skating, skiing, building snowmen. People are very reserved, old fashioned ideas, (open to new ideas,(not so much)--- perhaps shyness prevents them from being friendly to strangers. ie newcomers to town. People want things to stay the same, stay the same.stay the same.

A great place to... call home. to visit. to be from
- uppseedaysee
Pluses: Sheridan is very clean and friendly. Everyone treats each other with respect and they all work toward bettering there community.

Minuses: They dont offer alot of programs or hang outs for teenagers.

A great place to... start a family
- JennaVeeVee25
Pluses: Small working community that has only a small market and a post office. The town is within Nelson County and the residents usually refer to themselves as Nelson County residents instead of Arrington Residents.

Minuses: Arrington is a poor working community. Many of the houses in the area date back to the turn of the century and still have no indoor plumbing. Newer sections of the town include many properties with newer manufactured homes and larger farms.

A great place to... Raise a family. The county schools are second to none. The town is off the main highway far enough to keep the area quiet and peaceful.
- clutchdoc
Pluses: Community Support

Minuses: Crime, Traffic
- Randyarmon
Apr. 19, 2007
Pluses: It' a neat place to visit without driving far from Las Vegas or Boulder City. Lots of old stuff to look at and enjoy. From the mining town it's a short drive, then a short hike down to the Colorado River. Very scenic. The people that own the property with all the old treasures are doing a good job of keeping it a fun place to visit.

Minuses: No place to buy food or drinks, but if you know you are going there, you can bring a picnic lunch and hike to the Colorado River

A great place to... bring a camping chair, book and read and picnic........and take pictures.
- snookyanne
Pluses: jobs, schools, population

Minuses: crime, racism, drugs

A great place to... visit for entertainment purposes
- raebee
Pluses: There's something to do year-round, for the family or just the adults. From music to fresh catch, festivals take over the town! Numerous movies and documentaries have been filmed in town, maybe you'll catch a star or two! There are several places to relax & unwind.

Minuses: The traffic is horendous! From April through November you're backed up, sometimes for as long as half an hour. As a resident, I cannot get our children to baseball practice during the summer! Another minus you don't see as a tourist is the ghetto element. Newport is home to many subsidized housing complexes and the tenants that come with them. Parks are overrun with obnoxious, unsupervised children, and on occasion adults reeking of alcohol and intimidating the children you've brought to play.

A great place to... Eat - bar & grill setting, freshest seafood & famous New England clam chowda, al fresco, and local winery.

Shop - local handmades, nautical gear, quirky treats, famous maker clothing.

Relax - a book in the common, picnic on the cliffwalk, stroll downtown, ice cream on the wharf, sunbathe at the beach. says it all!
- jvhen2001
Pluses: Adirondack Park
Distance to Montreal
36 Hole Golf Course
Titus Mountain
Almonzo Wilder Farm
Awesome School District
Easy to buy property

Minuses: Our Correctional Facilities skew census figures and other data.
Hard to sell property
Hard to find good-paying jobs

A great place to... raise children.

Star of the North, Gateway to the Adirondacks, Small Town USA
- madadwoman
Pluses: Beautiful and historical area that is rich in early Pa and american history.

Minuses: Does every spare piece of land have to be built up? More and more of PA and Schwenksville's history and heritage is being lost due to the the nonstop building of new homes, on the few emptly parcels of land that are left. Not only is it a shame to see all this unnecessary building going on, but it is only contributing to the flood problems that many of us are beginning to face. The more we build, the less places there are for the water to go, thus causing major flood increases and damage to many of our homes.
Instead of spending money developing, money should be used to restore some of the beautiful old structures that still stand today, therefore preserving our town's heritage and beauty!
Keep Schwenksville beautiful!

A great place to... find antiques and old fashioned items of interest is the Trading Post on Route 29. You can find all kinds of interesting items from furniture to china, to items useful in home restoration projects.
Great place to eat is Moccia's Junction and Restaurant, their food is always good and absolutely fresh. Freindly service too!
- Anglosaxon5
Pluses: Home of Jacksonville State University

Minuses: Not enough week-end fun such as festivals.

A great place to... live
- Cricketmk3
A great place to... find history
- guitarlegend
Apr. 18, 2007
Pluses: Location to NYC 40 minutes by train, same by car but the LIRR service is one of the best on LI (Two lines cross at Hicksville) and I worked in NYC for many years without ever buying a second car for commuting.

It has a mix of pre and post war housing meaning some of it looks like Levittown yet other parts are quite distinctive.

Taxes (for Nassau) are lower

Minuses: The downtown area was gutted when the LIRR elevated the main line leaving half of the main street Broadway with very little character and not much of a downtown compared to Glen Cove or Port Jefferson.

A great place to... Raise kids
- Longislander
Pluses: Close to several larger towns-Indy, Lafayette, Terre Haute.
You know almost everyone-of course that can be bad too.
Lots of room to breathe.

Minuses: small town mentalities, trashy-looking town, vicious gossips, local police are overzealous, schools are very clique-oriented
- localyokel
Apr. 17, 2007
Pluses: tell me about the weather in nalcrest during the months of january, february and march

A great place to... is nalcrest a fun place for married people over 65?

what is the temporary housing situation for a couple staying for 3-4 months?
- epodunkus
Apr. 16, 2007
Pluses: i was born in ky so the tree covered hills are very reminiscent and increasingly hard to find. please take good care of them.

Minuses: downtown needs lots more developing. i think more attention should be devoted to the downtown area. there seems to be a lot of building going on everywhre except this area. that's a shame

A great place to... eat, ride, walk, fish, canoe. just about covers every activity
- miamiv
Pluses: Nice suburb- close to everything

Minuses: It's next to Rensselaer.

A great place to... raise a family
- RevWillyG
Apr. 15, 2007
Pluses: Great motorcycle hill climb at Greasy Ridge.
- granny
Pluses: hase cascades.

Minuses: no dairy queen

A great place to... live

i have family here.
- kitty12
Pluses: Beautiful small town with friendly people
Very affordable
close to nice mid-sized cities of Rochester, Syracuse and Ithaca
Nice Hotels

A great place to... Get married
Start your wine tour
- mikeny111
Pluses: A small town feeling yet only about 88 miles from OKC, 123 miles from Tulsa and 110 Miles from Wichita, Ks. The city has a spread out appeal, yet with alot to do in the area.

A great place to... raise a family, be a peace with yourself
- longrider57
Pluses: Good schools

Minuses: Not diversified

A great place to... Raise children
- jampa
Pluses: its a beutiful community

Minuses: Need to clean up the waterfront

A great place to... live
- tlinda
Apr. 14, 2007
Pluses: Great place to live!

Better place to raise a family!

Lots of outdoor recreation!

Nice small town!

Large Clear Lake & lots of trees!

A great place to... live in peace and start a family!

Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce 580-584-3393 for relocation or tourist information log on to
- chamber
Pluses: There is nothing like Bethel Island, it is fantastic. It has nice people, beautiful boating, horses, and great restaurants.

Looking for a place to buy that is adorable and unique, go to Bethel Island. I have been an islander off and on my entire life and am finally moving back. I feel like I am going home.

Minuses: Can't think of any right now, but will try as time goes by. haha

A great place to... live, partake in water sports, eat, dance and kareoke. Absolutely one of the best places to have a boat.

I am the new Pet Groomer, dog and cat and also will board pets. "Rose Arbor Pet Grooming and Boarding".

I plan on spoiling my clients (dogs and cats) wonderously and keep them looking spunky and healthy.

Will be there on June 1st as a Groomer and Boarder.
- gailpahl
Pluses: none zip a bad place to live

Minuses: if your not in the good o boy network your are screwed The hood I live in looks good from the outside, but after you live here for awhile you findout how nasty some people can be to other people

A great place to... move away from
- wildchild2
Pluses: None

Minuses: Unfriendly people

Back in 1979 my car broke down in this lovely little village. No one wanted to help us, they acted like were trying to steal something. I belonged to AAA but the local member a Husky Gas Station told me he did not work on cars, but he was working on one when we arrived! So much for Western Hospitality.
- traveler
Pluses: Cornucopia is a tiny town in one of the most beautiful areas of the Midwest. The population is a little more than 200. It lies in a bay (Siskiwit Bay) defined by two points: Romans Point and Mawikwe Point (formerly Squaw Point). Mawikwe Point features some interlaced sea caves that are so unusual and beautiful that kayakers come from all over the country to view them. The town features two restaurants, each with a tavern, and a series of touist art and gif shops. Ehlers Store is a classic general store offering groceries, alcohol, hardware, clothing, videos and other lines. There are two beaches on Lake Superior. You can buy fish caught that day from a commericial fishery. Just east of town there is an artesian well.

Minuses: There isn't much to Cornucopia. If you want to buy something beyond the basics, you'll need to go elsewhere.

A great place to... Relax and enjoy the beauty of Lake Superior. There are wonderful hiking trails nearby. In warm weather, you can swim here. You can charter a fishing trip here or rent a kayak or bicycle from nearby Bayfield.

One of the restaurants has frequent fish boils in the summer. Both restaurants offer good food and a collection of beer and wine that go beyond the "usual."
- mnstoryteller
Pluses: lots of open land

Minuses: in two counties

A great place to... buy fruitcake
- hopeful
Apr. 13, 2007
Pluses: It is an awesome experience. It is a small town that is really safe and fun!

Minuses: Too much dirt! A bit pricey, but not as bad as SA's fiesta

A great place to... EAT, HAVE FUN, and meet people
- vcarr
Pluses: A beautiful place along side the river. No wonder my Mom talked about it all her life. She was born in the Higden area.

Minuses: I cannot think of any negatives.

A great place to... Visit.

I would love to see pictures of Old Higden. If anyone would like to share, I have some pictures of my Mom's family.
- joannbrewer
Pluses: police department
- mlynnangel
Pluses: It's a great community...for me, it was great to grow up here and to have the right people around me to show me the better judgement on all aspets of life. By living in a small town, i know just about everyone, and by that i have alot of great friends. Im only 16 but living in princeton gives me and my friends the freedom to do the things that we want. We dont ever have to worry about the things that you would in a big city. In a way Caldwell County is like our security blanket. By knowing everyone and just about were everything is, we feel safe. Princeton is also great for the adventures, and adventures are what my friends and I have. We love being in the country and knowing all of the backroads like the back of our hands. I guess that everyone has theyre own opinion, but for me and my friends, we love living in this small town, and i love going to church and worshiping God, and here that is what is expected and i love that! and just being the true country girls that we are.

Minuses: in a small town does have it's minuses....knowing everyone and everyone knowing you would be the thing that everyone mostly hates...there is too much drama going on about this certain person and that....but what else would you expect out of a small town?

A great place to... Grow up.....adventures never end.
Grow Old with the love of your life
Settle down and have a family..
sit on your front porch on a cool summer night and gaze at the stars.
Be yourself

all in all....Princeton is a great town and i wouldnt live anywere else :)
- Chell
Apr. 12, 2007
Pluses: Friendliness
- elyse333
Pluses: It's a small town where you know most of the people. It's a medium-paced town where there are things to do if you know the right places.

Minuses: There isn't much advertisement of things that are going on in Quincy. We are constantly growing, but at a slow pace.

A great place to... Raise a family, especially if you love the arts.
- angieb
Pluses: Small community. Just about everyone knows each other. There are stores which are very close to your home.

Minuses: The school district has no after school programs for children of working parents. Only one day care willing to accept by bus and wants $90 a week which many people cannot afford. They don't have a lot of activities for kids either during the school year or during the summer when the kids need something to do more than anything to keep them out of trouble. They have some small programs such as their basketball which isn't too bad but that is only for a few months out of the school year.

If you haven't been born and grown up in that borough or married to someone in the borough many times you are not accepted as a member of the community fully. My block is good but I've seen it in other areas.
- Kimmi
Pluses: Rural

Minuses: 10 miles from town shopping.
- ronefrey
Pluses: In the one year that I move here I noticed a great place to be. Compare this to LA this is heaven. You get ot enjoy freedom because the gang activity is a lot small from LA. People are here because they want a new life for their kids and this is what life is all about. Having peace because somehow crime in LA is not being taken care of by law enforcement. Here in Perris I noticed a lot of good people.

Minuses: Well the only minuses is that some homeowners are selling their homes either they are selling because they can't afford the mortgage or because they are ready to get their profit. I wish they put more stores so they can bring jobs to the people of Perris.
One problem that I noticed is that in order to be here you have to pay lots of services. This is different from where I used to be for 30 years. Taxes are so bad, pick up trash around 70 dollars every 3 months. Associations they all want their share. If only the government will help.

A great place to... Perris is a good place to start a family or start all overe again. We as humans need a change in our life.
- tino
Pluses: Near Lehigh

Minuses: Made up of people who are hypocrites who go to Church and pretend to be Godly but who would rather their neighbor die of allergic reactions than see their precious property values diminish.

A great place to... Put in the rear view mirror to avoid the locals.
- alnoma
Apr. 11, 2007
Pluses: racial mix
land and house value

Minuses: peace and order
earthquake prone

A great place to... study
- djp
Pluses: easy money, if you know ur shizz

Minuses: cops, but they protect the law

A great place to... if your good people

gtf out
- danimal5500
Pluses: Everyone knows everyone

Minuses: You have to know an elected official to get any help.

A great place to... raise a family
- noseybody07
Pluses: Riverhead is town filled with all the necessities of life - Home Depot, Target, 7-11, ect- yet still maintains the charm with local shops, a coffee house, at least 10 delis and great pizza and chinese paces.

On the outskirts of the town there's lots of farmland. Farmstands line the north road and the main road selling locally grown produce. In addition there are several wineries and dozens more in neighboring towns where you can taste local wines and take tours.

Riverhead has its own Fire Department and a separate Ambulance Department covering up to 72 square miles of residential, commericial and industrial zones.

Try Splish Splash, one of Long Island's water parks. Try the Tanger Outlet Malls. Riverhead has two locations for minature golf and lots of golf courses. You can camp at Wildwood State Park or Indian Island or Canoe on the Peconic River. There's the Riverhead Raceway. And Riverhead is also home to the East End Arts Council with monthly contests and exhibits.

Minuses: I think the school district is struggling a bit. And Downtown Riverhead, though on an upswing in the past 10-15 years, is still struggling to maintain local shop owners. Residential Development has risen to an all time high and maintaining the scenic open space and preventing over crowding in schools is an everyday challenge. And just like any town, there are some "do not enter after dark" areas.

A great place to... *get ice cream - SnowFlake on West Main Street
*Golf a Par 3 - Sandy Ponds on Roanoke Avenue (9 hole)
*have a great meal - Cooperage Inn (my personal favorite)
*hotels - Best Western or Holiday Inn
*find peace and quiet - The Peconic Herb Farm (River Road)
*women's networking organization - East End Women's Network
*races - Riverhead Raceway on Route 58
*night time music and open mic nights for ALL ages - Eastenders Coffee House on East Main Street
*Art Exhibits - East End Arts Council on East Main Street
*Business networking - Riverhead Chamber
* Visit and Aquarium - Atlantic Marine World

Riverhead has a couple of local newspapers - The News Review and The Suffolk Life. Both are a great source for "who's who" and "whats going on where". - business networking - business networking for women - wineries - farmstands
- Natasha2276
Pluses: Education
- rrhow68
Pluses: location,quite

Minuses: none

A great place to... live
- carrotop
Apr. 10, 2007
Pluses: It is a nice small town, with friendly people.

Minuses: No restaurants, so you can enjoy a cup of coffee, etc. with friends.

A great place to... Grow up in, especially in the 50's and 60's. We had alot family and friends. Very close family ties.

In the summer we enjoyed swimming at Jindra's landing, and renting a boat, so we could go out on Wingfoot Lake.
- Sedona
Pluses: The only thing that is good about it is that we know everyone in the town you dont really have a problem with to many people. There arent to many people that you dont know when they come in there.

Minuses: The people in punxsy love to talk and everything. it dont matter if its good or bad but its definately a problem/ .The cops follow everyone no matter if you ever get in trouble no matter if your a good kid and just walking around town youve got the cops on you plus they follow you around like your gonna go do something you arent sapposed to do

A great place to... Hang out or have fun is the skate park harmon feild is a good place to do that. We can just have fun and not have a problem with any of the people ni town our group hangs out there and doesnt ever have a problem with anything just relax and hang out have fun and goof off with each other
- nolder06
Pluses: Small rural community not yet discovered by tourists.

Minuses: Don't think there are any.

A great place to... Enjoy clean air, experience good neighbor living, appreciate God's creation
- tcbprez
Apr. 9, 2007
Pluses: fishing looks to be good.
- moleary
Apr. 8, 2007
Pluses: Seattle, of course. Most of Southern King County is an extension of Seattle. Federal Way borders the Pierce County town of Ruston, and it's easy to walk from one to the other. Seatac (named as a contraction of Seattle-Tacoma) is the home of the major airport in the region. Enumclaw is rural and beautiful.

Minuses: Urban sprawl gone crazy. Shitty traffic.

A great place to... Start a business close to Seattle without paying Seattle taxes or having to deal with Tacoma's crime rate. Also, to catch a plane, or stay at an inexpensive hotel close to either city. The rural parts are great for hiking.

Pierce Transit and King County Transit meet here at Federal Way. It's actually possible to get from Binghamton to Portland using just local public transportation, for cheap. However, this take forever and a day, so don't try it unless you're very bored.
- WanderingStar
A great place to... Have lunch.
- mary63
Pluses: friendly

Minuses: humid

A great place to... visit
- riley
Pluses: Fun stuff to do!!!
- ChoirSparkle
Pluses: The DC Metro, Union Station, the monuments, the Smithsonian, U Street, Dupont Circle, The Eastern Market on Sunday afternoons, ice skating in front of the National Archives in winter, Theodore Roosevelt Island, the Kennedy Center, Adams Morgan and Ellington's on 8th.

Minuses: Anacostia. Crime. Extreme poverty in the face of opulence which makes the cruel dichotomy of this place apparent to all but the blind. The fact that Congress can override any decision the City Government makes, and frequently meddles in local affairs. The lack of Statehood, which means no congressional representation.

A great place to... Get an education. Seriously. There are just so many monuments and museums here, most of them free or really affordable, that a kid growing up here can't help but become highly educated, if they have the curiosity to pursue it. The Library of Congress is free and open to the public, so you can read any book your heart desires.
Also great for networking- it is a true statement that everybody eventually comes to DC for some reason, even if only as a tourist. You have no idea who you're going to meet here-but once you do, you'll find that you've made some very good friends, indeed.

There's more to DC than just the 1 square mile by the National Mall that almost all the tourists flock to. Believe it or not, there is a distinct local culture here, and it's vibrant and alive and fun. Go to U street, check out the Bohemian Caverns, explore the jazz and hip-hop culture here. There's even a local variety of music you won't find anywhere else-it's called Go-G0, and it's not what you think it is.
Despite all the charcoal suits, the nightlife here is wild and carefree.
Come explore the DC you won't see from the Tourmobiles.
- WanderingStar
Pluses: King Street, the Torpedo Factory (a plaza containing several art galleries and studios), the waterfront, Beautiful architecture, close to DC.

Minuses: Expensive to live in, and pretty homogenous.

A great place to... Go shopping! There are so many art galleries and small businesses along King Street, great restaurants, and wonderful music venues.

The Yellow Line makes a stop close to King Street.
- WanderingStar
Pluses: St. Peter's Hospital-the best care anywhere.

Minuses: Strip Mall Suburbia. A little rednecky. Has a bad reputation for being a little backwards.

A great place to... Buy cheap household goods. On the busline to Olympia, so if you live in Oly and you need something cheap (i.e., if you are in college there), this is the place to find it.

Very easy to get to and from by bus.
- WanderingStar
Pluses: Close to DC, not far from beautiful natural settings such as Front Royal and Luray. IBM has a major plant here

Minuses: Rednecky as all get-out. Hyper-macho culture here. If you're not all about guns, the Old South, and fundamentalist christianity, you might want to pass on this one.

A great place to... Rest on your way to other places. It's right on the edge of what could be called the Greater Capital Region, and it's proximity to both DC and the rural parts of Virginia make it an excellent waystation.

The Bull Run River, mighty as it sounds, it actually more of a small stream. Manassas National Battlefield Park is beautiful, and a great place to get a sense of history.
- WanderingStar
Pluses: The MAXX (the local light rail), downtown, great gay scene, excellent nightlife, Powell's City of Books, Jantzen Beach, excellent music scene Close to some excellent beaches along the Pacific Coast

Minuses: It rains ALOT.

A great place to... Enjoy the alternative culture, jazz culture, and coffee-and-bookshop culture of the Pacific Northwest. Quirky (state laws say it's illegal to pump your own gasoline), fresh, smart and funny-Portland is like an unpredictable bon vivant friend who's always fun to be with. Be forewarned-if you come here, you will probably want to stay.

Portland now is what Seattle was back in the early 1990's, before it got famous and everybody moved there looking to buy a piece of the cool. It's still a largely unknown place, but that just makes it all the more wonderful.
- WanderingStar
Pluses: Point Defiance Park. It's just absolutely amazing, and something you could explore for years and never get tired of. The waterfront is beautiful, there's a ferry to Vashon Island, the businesses along Pearl Street are charming (check out the Antique Sandwich Company-it's a must see), lots of bookstores and a few cute little bars.

Minuses: ASARCO built a chemical plant here some years ago, and dumped tons of industrial waste here. After the locals started reporting higher than normal occurrences of rare health problems, investigators discovered the toxic soup left behind when ASARCO closed it's doors. Now, it's one of the largest Superfund sites in the state. There is a huge pit where machines work day and night to remove the toxins from the soil, and many locals were dismayed to have their yards torn up duringt he cleanup process.

A great place to... Go hiking! also, to visit the Antique Sandwich Company on Open Mike night, when a local radio station broadcasts the Puget Sound acts that show up tom play. The Sound to Narrows footrace passes through here.

The ferry runs to Vashon Island several times a day, and it's cheap. You can see orcas and sea otters come right up to the boat. It's also close to King County, so it's a short walk from either Pierce Transit or King County Transit.
- WanderingStar
Pluses: Quiet, sleepy little town on the outskirts of Olympia. Nice local library, and the home of the Washington State Library. Good schools, extremely low crime rate, several state offices are based out of here.

Minuses: No nightlife at all.

A great place to... Raise a family. Work, and live close to Olympia, and yet live live in peace and quiet

This is the home of the State Department of Health
- WanderingStar
Pluses: The Evergreen State College (!), a beautiful downtown core with lots of coffee shops, bars, a few theatres. It's all very well-maintained, the bus system is cheap, reliable, runs frequently during the say and until 10 at night, vibrant youth culture. LOTS of festivals, birthplace of the Riot Girrrl scene. Extremely vibrant music scene. The waterfront is gorgeous., great hiking, beaches next to the Evergreen Campus, beaucoups bookstores, coffee shops, and art spaces.

Minuses: If you're not going to college here, you'll soon find Olympia to be very very dull. Despite it's many pluses, it's still a tiny little town.

A great place to... Go to school! Evergreen is by far the best liberal arts college in the country, and the entire city is set up to support that.

It's cheap! It's fun!
- WanderingStar
Pluses: Excellent school system. Close to Albany, but more quiet. The city government does a better job of maintaining the place than Albany- the snowplows are out almost as soon as the first snowflakes hit the ground. The library here is top-notch, and there are some inexpensive stores where you can buy cheap goods. The University at Albany's East Campus, which houses the School of Public Health, is located here.

Minuses: Suburban strip-mall hell. It's all chain stores here, very few small businesses, and the ones that exist are mostly craft stores. Locals tend to be pretty conservative. Few people shovel their walkways, even when the snow gets to be 5 or six feet deep. Not very walkable, as there are few sidewalks anywhere. Few restaurants, bars, coffee shops or bookstores. Absolutely zero nightlife. Gated housing communities with cookie cutter homes, bland architecture everywhere.

A great place to... Raise a family. The crime rate is almost non-existent, and there is an abundance of fire departments, the police are friendly and there are few places where a kid could get into trouble here, except for the lack of sidewalks and safe street crossings. The YMCA is huge, the library is nice, and it's a quiet little town.

This town wants you to drive a car. If you don't, you'll find it very difficult to get around in. There are buses which take you to Albany, but they only make a few trips during the work-week, and none on weekends. The whole town shuts down at 10 o'clock and on holidays, and it seems like they've rolled up the streets.
- WanderingStar
Pluses: It's very close to Albany, and it costs less to live in. Downtown Rensselaer is actually pretty nice, with some beautiful buildings and a few local businesses.

Minuses: Industrial area with alot of industrial pollutants. The air smells awful here.

A great place to... Live close to Albany without paying Albany rental rates. Alsom close to the University at Albany's East Campus.

Can be a little sketchy in parts, especially over by the Riverfront Park
- WanderingStar
Pluses: Cheap housing.
Thats about it oh and good hunting

Minuses: Corruption every where u turn . From the school system to the local super s grocery that refuses to accept change(quarters) to pay for your gas

A great place to... Go to jail, harrased and physically abused by the local police. It a place you could only describe as something out of a horror movie. If your not from there your not welcomed there. Your reputation and entire charecter will be judged and condemened and evetually the entire local community is in a team effort to take your soul and spirit right out of you. Its a very different world iI would not reccomend anybody to move there especialy ones with small children. Political corruption Keeps the town from economical growth so not many new comers look their way . They make up there own laws and courtesys along the way.

- Kreaves
Apr. 7, 2007
Pluses: What are the land grants given to the people by the Spaniards when it was first colonized?

Minuses: How much land (Land Grants) was confiscated by the USA Government which were legal grants given by the Spaniards?

A great place to... What part of Las Vegas New Mexico is the best place to live if one decided to move there?

I might be moving and have been considering Las Vegas New Mexico based on two factors:
1. Las Vegas is much closer to Pueblo Colorado where I have most of my family, and is much closer to the Taos area where I have many relatives.
2. Upon my death, my final resting place will be at the National Cemetary in Santa Fe, New Mexico which is very close to Las Vegas,NM
- ElroyoRA
Pluses: great college

Minuses: no boos

A great place to... have babys

loves it
- iandoyle
Apr. 6, 2007
Pluses: National Historic Landmark Community, Beautiful Genesee Valley location, Small Town atmosphere

Minuses: Developers are trying to turn Rt. 20A into Generica. Find out how to fight back at

A great place to... take a stand!
- PDDGer
Pluses: MMMMM, the smell of burning methane in the morning. My sinuses and the spot right between my eyes loves it the best. Most especially when taking a drive through the hills. Or should I say on one of the two roads left around here open to people who don't work for the gas/oil field. A recent article (local paper) showed where the cops get an average of $13.00/hour while a secretary is making $20.00/hour. Sounds fair to me. The greed that is running rampant in the valley anymore makes me want to vomit. Land that people couldn't give away 10 years ago is now going for an average of $10,000 an acre. Don't bother to come here to hike. There is next to nowhere to go anymore. We also have companies who want to drill new sites next to and on top of a nuclear blast site. God I love our government!!!!!! A huge increase in traffic and the town does nothing to help the congestion. Good luck to you if you get stuck in the traffic rush around here!

Minuses: I'm stuck here!!!!

A great place to... leave.

Parachute sucks. Do not waste your time or money moving here or starting a business. By saying this I am cutting my own throat as my place of work is in Parachute. No customers, no paycheck, but I just can't let people waste their time and money moving here. You won't be happy.
- Sickofit
Pluses: great community

Minuses: small full of junkies, black hole

A great place to... party, gwet arrested
- jdkobus2006
Apr. 5, 2007
Pluses: They have a McDonald's.

Minuses: No public trash system.

A great place to... drive through to get to Saint Louis Mo.

The whole city is one big ghetto.
- locoleo03
Pluses: cost of housing
- bhope
Pluses: Close to DC and affordable. Culturally diverse, home of the University of Maryland, very urban next to the DC border and very rural to the east. Offers something for everybody. Great Georgian Period architecture, generally open-minded population. The DC subway (called 'The Metro' locally) is kick-ass. The busses are pretty sketchy, but they get you there and they're cheap. There is a local county bus, but it's pretty inconsistent as far as the schedule it follows. VERY walkable place. Check out the parks along the Anacostia River.

Minuses: Crime and poverty. Unfortunately, the current mayor of DC's plan to clean up his city hasn't made the more violent elements disappear-they've just been pushed into PG County instead, because the other counties/cities close to DC are too expensive to live in. It's not bad along Route 1 or in the eastern half of the county, but close to the DC border it gets a little crazy (especially in District Heights). Best thing is to befriend some locals, who can tell you whether or not a particular location is worth passing on.

A great place to... live in and commute to DC from, hang out with college students, meet people from all around the world and experience what real diversity is like. Unlike the other parts of the Capital Region, which can be pretty exclusive or homogeneous, PG County really is the melting pot. Be sure to explore the diversity of it's landscapes, too. You can walk from inner-city urban centers to rural countryside in less than 1 hour.

Car theft is a major problem in PG. If you're driving, make sure you don't leave the car running unattended, even if you're just warming it up. Most of the car thieves are teenage kids, and they're not violent or anything, but if you leave them a target that's just too easy to take, don't be too surprised at the results.
Housing is also a problem close to DC. PG's main advantage is that, unlike the rest of the Metro Area, it's affordable to live here. The downside is that everybody knows this, and most of the available housing has already been taken. Some landlords have caught onto this, and offer housing that's clearly inadequate by most standards, and some I've seen are borderline illegal. Before you move here, check out the neighborhood and come to see the unit you're renting. If it's too small or too rough a place, keep looking.
- WanderingStar
Apr. 4, 2007
Pluses: nice small, home town atmosphere. Good down home folks. Just big enough to keep you happy with where you live but small enough to where folks really know one another.

Minuses: Folks knowing just about everything about you. Not enough thriving food establishments(mom and pop).

A great place to... live

WHS class of 84 graduate
- MPeele
Pluses: friendly
- gingerprin
Pluses: Its a nice quite place to get away from the rat race!
- patriotwon
A great place to... It will be now that we have a new mayor & alderman for Ward 3
- lilbit
Pluses: My husband and I were stranded at Adair during the blizzard. We were treated with such kindness. The whole town came together to help all of us that were stranded.
I wish things like this were published more of how wonderful a community came together to help the stranded. Good food, sleep arrangements, shelter. Thank You Adair.

A great place to... Get stranded
- margeamiller
Apr. 3, 2007
Pluses: The Memorial to the OKlahoma City Bombing. The art museum downtown. Bricktown.

Minuses: Outside of downtown, there are virtually NO sidewalks anywhere in the city. Not very walkable at all. Everything is a strip mall or a chain store outside of Bricktown.

A great place to... find American Native artwork to buy.

Go to Bricktown. It's very nice :)
- WanderingStar
Pluses: Point Defiance Park and Beach, the ferry (go see the whales and otters-sometimes they come right up to the ferry), deliciously seedy bar scene, lots of great coffeeshops, good public transportation system. VERY walkable city. The youth culture has a great sense of humor here (generally speaking).

Minuses: Crime. It's an industrial town, and the locals can be a little crusty. It's also right next to a military base, so there's a real macho-culture sort of vibe here. Very heavily polluted. The former ASARCO plant is now a Superfund site, and the pulp mill in downtown creates the infamous "Aroma of Tacoma".

A great place to... Run the Sound To Narrows footrace, attend the Taste of Tacoma festival, see the Dale Chihuly (he's a local) glass museum, work and live and go to school.

Be sure to see the Point Defiance Park-it's a rare gem
- WanderingStar
Pluses: Park/Meigs Neighborhood, Monroe Avenue, Highland Park, University at Rochester, Rochester International Jazz Festival, High Falls, beautiful parks, nice architecture. University Avenue, East Avenue

Minuses: Poverty. Crime. Locals mostly have a dismal view of Rochester's future. The burbs are rich, but the city is destitute. Heavily polluted by Kodak, which used to be the city's major employer and patron. Lake Ontario and the Genessee river are very heavily polluted (the Genessee has the distinction of being the Most Heavily Polluted River in America.)

A great place to... Attend festivals, visit museums and art galleries, visit coffeeshops and interact with idealistic young people with fresh ideas and hearts of gold.

The bus system is kinda sucky, but it's way better than alot of places. If you'd like to swim, go to Hamlin Beach instead of Ontario Beach. The water's much cleaner there.
- WanderingStar
Pluses: Roger's

Minuses: Roger's hours

A great place to... laze by the lake

- KathyL
Pluses: University of South Carolina has a great creative writing department

Minuses: Distance from the coast

A great place to... get an education
- shwamin77
Pluses: Lowest Property Taxes in Grundy County, area is growing and the schools are good.
Great community and family oriented.

Minuses: Diamond has issues with their water causing mixing valves in washing machines to fail. Several reported already in new subdivision.
Not updating roads especially with new subdivisions that are being establish. Diamond City must project outward and prepare for much traffic arriving in the near future.

A great place to... live. Also were located off the interstate allowing easy access the town is small and quiet.

The issue with the water causing washing machines to fail are known...still trying to determine if council members/ major are addressing the issue. April 4-2007
- aarias4
Pluses: Its beautiful, green grass, laid back living

Minuses: people are super nosey
- moms7heaven
Apr. 2, 2007
Pluses: Wide open

Minuses: not many trees

A great place to... get away from crowds
- philup
Pluses: nice place to visit but so small its gone before you know it
- plumber43
Apr. 1, 2007
Pluses: Beaches

Minuses: inconvenient

A great place to... visit
- rubydmd
Pluses: close to the ocean

Minuses: close to lava flow

A great place to... visit
- sharkwolf
A great place to... live because it is small
- sintriago
Pluses: Cost of Living, friendly people, businesses in area

Minuses: Bad reputation for closing companies

A great place to... Live, raise a family, drink and eat
- Deniseromeo
Pluses: Beautiful homes
- pletikos

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