Community reviews



Aug. 31, 2007
Pluses: A unique part of Historic Route 66 in the Mojave Desert. Roy's Cafe, Service Station, & Motel were a great photo op that has been there since at least 1953 when I traveled through to Los Angeles, as a young boy. Now has a new owner, who is renovating the property.

Minuses: The new owner of Roy's said they had problems drilling new wells.

A great place to... visit history and photograph. Volcanic crater in the area.

A great place to visit on Route 66
- Mainstreet66
Pluses: Homes used to be more reasonable here but have gone up to compete with the surrounding area. Property taxes increased this year.

Minuses: Dont move to Marionville if you have school age children. The schools here have more violence than the inner city schools. Fights in the hall are a daily occurence.

A great place to... Leave.
- bgbdbb
Pluses: Nice small community type town. Friendly people. Almost equal distance between Dallas and Ft Worth. More city like life only a few minutes away.

Minuses: Speed trap between Alvarado, Venus, and Midlothian. Verizon is the only telephone comapny you can get. No DSL service, only wireless highspeed(and high priced) setups. Dogs that roam free. Its a Dry county (no alcohol sales).

A great place to... Live if you like the country life and things a lil slow.
- lthrwolf

Pluses: Quiet - good for old people. I'm not old.
Walmart - rules the world. Hmmm... is that really a plus?...
Schools - are in La. We have terrible testing scores, but I'm an honors student so IDC.
New MHS - escrusiatingly bright colors. (Lemme guess, you're wondering when "escrusiating" became a good thing, huh? Don't worry, it's still bad.)

Minuses: Everything. Hope this helps, have a nice day, then drop dead, honey.

A great place to... Veg out in your living room watching old movies and then run off and drink margaritas @ Nicky's. OH, wait that's in Dixie Inn, huh? OPPS! Yeah, IDK what there is 2 do in Minden, but I'm thinking... nothing!!

About what? Oh well i'll improvise. I'm awesome, Minden ain't and i need 2 move!
- Sabryal
Aug. 30, 2007
Pluses: a fine place to be born in
- alamiss
Pluses: born there 2 wjk 3rd. MY FATHER, singularly the sweetest, dearest and most sensitive man I've ever known. West Park Lane. More than an a lovely, storybook layout of the perfect American ideal villiage.

Minuses: in the day.. a dark history. Do your own homework.
- LkKohler
Pluses: Toquerville has gorgeous mountain views, scenic drives on either side, north or south. It's like driving through a postcard. Volcanic black rocks freckle some of the nearest mountains and the line where mountain meets sky is the most striking contrast you'll find on a horizon. Ash creek is lovely and peaceful. There's a place of worship in the center of town. The post office has a friendly post master. 3 miles from the nearest gas station and grocery store and 5 miles from theatres, restaurants, and specialty stores. Strangers wave at each other. The sun is almost always shining, but when there are clouds, they ride below the mountain peaks, which is a sight to see. In winter, there is a little snow. There are ample places for four-wheeling, off-roading, hiking, running, biking, and walking. See Toquerville Falls. Red rocks and sand make great scenery and also a really tough work-out for runners or bikers. Get fresh milk, nuts, eggs, or other produce from neighbors. Enjoy the breeze.

Minuses: You can't really rollerblade much on the bumpy roads. The wind can get to be a little much. It's hot. You have to get your mail at the post office. Pizza won't be delivered. Everybody knows each other's business (this can be good or bad).

A great place to... Off-road, hike, run, or otherwise spend time outdoors.
Go to church.
Meet good ole boys.

Became a city in the last decade when population exceeded 2,000.
Several new homes and housing developments have gone up recently and the value of land has sky-rocheted along with St. George.
There's a rich pioneer history here.
The city is named after a Paiute Indian Chief.
A new stretch of freeway is in the plans to change Toquerville Boulevard into a nice main street and direct truck traffic through a backway.
- katrinangel
Pluses: small picturesque town

Minuses: Constable is overzealous , gives out tickets if you stop at a stop sign for less than five seconds . This is no joke !

A great place to... Relax .
- kejaaa
Pluses: Shopping, antiques, crime, demographics, etc.

Minuses: crime
- djbarron
Pluses: Shopping, schools,

Minuses: city management

A great place to... live
- rmsides
Aug. 29, 2007
Pluses: Small town atmosphere; overall good family values; excellent school; everyone knows just about everyone else

Minuses: too many people from big cities coming in and trying to change it! taxes WAY WAY too high

A great place to... raise a family
- AuntSly
Pluses: Lived there all my life, pluses are, well South Bethlehem, grocery store, gas station, vidio store, banks, bus stops, drug store, every thing is with in blocks, walking distant if your healthy. Lehigh University's South Mountain, or the Look Outs, beautiful to sit up there and clear your mind. Still can sleep by open doors, I always did, but moved after 47 years, had to.

Minuses: " THE PROPOSED CASINO"! More drugs, as well as way bigger police force will be needed, may create jobs, but its more a down fall, its going to bring in major "CRIME". And some of those city streets are already crime polutted, mostly drugs, only good thing is you leave them alone, they will not bother you, unless your not familiar with the streets.

A great place to... It once was a very good place to buy property, not any more with the casinos coming in, being built. South Side is way to small for Los Vegas type casinos.

I still think Bethlehem is much cleaner the Allentown, or Easton Pa, depends on the areas. If you are looking to move into the Lehigh Valley Area, I would suggest Bethlehem.
- mama59bear
Pluses: Close to shopping, friendly people, happening place. And
it seems that soon they are going to be adding more
business to the area. They also have a great school system.

Minuses: Drugs.

A great place to... live

If you want to feel at home and enjoy your day, come to Oceana !
- Greta
Pluses: Sunny most days, major road run parralell to 118 Freeway.
Senior friendly , although bus services leave much to be desired. Trains too although great idea their infrequency does not spark enthusiam except for the most ardent.
Traffic along Madera road races toward the freeway. This is a conservative town, the Ronald Reagan library attests to.
Liberals need to tip toe with their agendas.

Minuses: Public transport leaves much to be desired.
Full use of the storm wash route underdeveloped.
People friendly but not warm.

A great place to... Live if you work in LA and need to get out of quick.
Raise children relativly safely.
Easy access to the ocean about 30 odd miles, or 45minutes.
Pluses: Seat Pleasant police are more noticeable, and in force. I'm glad we now have more than 3 patrolling officers for the city as compared to 2 years ago.
Very Metro accessible.

Minuses: The City administration is a joke. They have public meetings every 2nd Monday of the month, but is anyone really listening to the concerns of the residents?
Especially the residents who have lived here for decades.

I'm never able to reach the City Administrator with my concerns outside of the monthly meetings, which all that is said is "he will investigate, and follow up with me".
I'm sure they are all busy indeed, but when there are issues regarding safety, and hazzardous conditions who do we turn to for a timely remedy?
- spresident
Aug. 28, 2007
Pluses: None.

Minuses: Even though household trash service is available, the county allows burn barrels and you can seemingly burn anything. The TCEQ upholds the county's right to set burn policy even though it violates the state rules.
Also, don't bother calling the sheriffs office about anything. They will not call you back with answers to any questions.
Bosque county is for folks that can't live in the modern world.

A great place to... Stay away from.
- patricke
A great place to... beautiful place to live
- jmh8286
A great place to... moving to mildred ,like to know info about town
- hollyfoulks
Pluses: nice town
- flyonthewall
Aug. 27, 2007
Pluses: Good safe water from 400 ft deep wells

Minuses: Schools are very bad
Town is falling in

use to be a beautiful place but now run down no life all stores are boarded up
- Vassr4
Pluses: The people are very friendly everybody gets along well we are all family here.

Minuses: very small nothing to do but play baseball

A great place to... do nothing
- bigdee
Pluses: Downtown Columbia is great! The Courthouse: a must see!

Minuses: Probably one of the biggest drug-moving towns in south Mississippi; Just as long as you stay out of that part of town.

A great place to... Spend a Friday night at. Very Quaint!
- hecallsmebud
Pluses: small town, good schools, excellent police, 30 min drive to populated areas, great place to raise a family

Minuses: 30 min drive to populated areas, very few casual dinning restaurants(breakfast, lunch and dinner). Taxes,

A great place to... Raise a family
Pluses: is it fun

Minuses: is it safe
- bertie
Pluses: My husband and I really love the drive to the rivers and the woods. It is just so peaceful from the hustle and bustlel of the city. The scenery is picture perfect . Not only that I lived here as child and it brings back memories .

Minuses: The condition of the Austin Hotsprings area . We would really like to enjoy the hot springs , however everytime we go we notice it gets worse each time .People are just trashing it. leaving garbage, broken bottles , worse yet human waste along the roadway and behind every tree, dirty diapers line the river. carpet lines the river bed. There needs to be porta pottys and garbage cans placed up there and possible fine signs for littering. Its such a shame that a tranqiul place is becoming a safety issue.and pig sty.
- robinrice
Aug. 26, 2007
Pluses: I like to spend time there because it is far from the maddenig crowd. I currently live in my rv with my dog in black canyon city but would appreciate any info on "Homsteading" a place in bumblebee.

Minuses: A general stor and an open saloon would be great! I'm willing to help!!

A great place to... Find yourself and what you're really meant to do...

beautiful scenery, wonderful air and views.
- nreason
Aug. 25, 2007
Pluses: The town is small and housing is very affordable. The teachers in the schools of this county are wonderful.

Minuses: The town has had several factories leave town which is an eyesore. The socioeconomic climate is low. I find the people to be very unfriendly and indifferent. I think that people are generally unhappy because of the huge loss of jobs and area stability.
- kc2002
Pluses: Cheese factory

History of Cheese factory
- dbroschart
Pluses: Good people,small rural communties,lot's of charm

Minuses: not enough entertaiment

A great place to... relax
- Pamda65
Aug. 24, 2007
Pluses: Small and Quiet

Minuses: Every One knows your business

A great place to... Live
- samchase
Pluses: I lived here for 5 years when I was growing up from age 7 to 12 years old. I loved the water the people and the school.

Minuses: I recently went back to visit, even though I do not know anyone there anymore, but the town seemed really bad shape to me, looked to me like a lot of drug use there.

A great place to... To drive through, because if you blink you just might miss it.

I would love to see it get cleaned up and a small diner put in, it would be a fabulous vacation area to own a home.
- tcraigen
A great place to... Eat is at the Wagon Wheel Cafe. They have the best chicken fries steak around lampasas county. On friday's the have delicious all you can eat catfish.
- skrubio76853
Pluses: There's a great little beer distributor just about a mile south of town. They have over 100 different beers, ales and lagers in stock. They are open year round. And it's a convenient drive through. For more info go to
- jeff69
Aug. 23, 2007
Pluses: Price compared to Virginia Beach
- spande
Pluses: Very Little traffic/Congestion
Close To Columbus
Low Property Tax

A great place to... Raise a family
- tjdjr1001
Pluses: Forsyth is a progressive, vibrant small town located 15 minutes from Macon, GA and less than an hour from Atlanta. A full complement of social opportunities and recreational facilities is paired with convenience and access to major Georgia cities.
- obooker
Aug. 22, 2007
Pluses: Growing like crazy. Development everywhere.

Minuses: The Lakeway Mayor and City Council are not interested in providing adequate emergency services to the community and help contend with the growth. Great service providers just are not getting the funds to keep up with the growth. The mayor is seeing to that!

A great place to... relax and wind down
- medicjohn
Pluses: Solon is a very friendly town. There are constant visitors with the two lakes in the area so there is no "record scratch" feel when you walk in to a local establishment. The school system does a great job of including the community in events and the athletic teams have a wonderful tradition here. Travel to Iowa City and Cedar Rapids is often faster than if you lived in the direct suburbs of the cities. Solon has recently been focusing on its parks and roadways to make life here even more enjoyable. With two golf courses, a state park, an off-road vehicle park, two lakes, bike trail, and numerous recreation areas you really can't beat it for outdoor activities. The past few months have seen new businesses coming into the area as well to provide more social opportunities, gifting options and restaurants. And of course, Beef Days, our annual community festival, continues, although I hear it is not as crazy as it used to be - but still fun!

Minuses: Restaurants have traditionally struggled here due to the fact that most of the local residents actually work in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City. There is a local gym, but not a pool or indoor track in town. There are two rec centers within a 10 minute drive though. There are no hotels or bed and breakfasts in town for visitors of family members here. Affordable housing is tough to come by as is inexpensive older adult housing.

A great place to... Raise a family, go boating, get married, have a glass of wine, enjoy a picnic, take a day off! Have a fire! Go to a funeral. Seriously, when the fire whistle sounds buildings around town empty out - there are a lot of volunteer firefighters ready to come to your rescue! The color guard from the local American Legion is amazing to watch, even if you didn't know the person, you can't help but get misty watching these gentlemen in action. Both are truly heartwarming middle america Norman Rockwell moments. Recreational opportunities abound, there is a new library, new high school, new recreation complex with softball fields, many new businesses, lakes, golf courses, etc.

You won't find a large grocery store but we like the one we have. We were once known for having seven bars (I hear), some of a wilder reputation, now we still have seven with the Solon Station, American Legion, Lake Macbride Golf Course, Saddleback Golf Course, Joensy's, Savvy, and Brusters, if you count the restaurants and golf courses that serve beer and they are usually pretty tame! Brosh Chapel and Community Center also has a liquor license for special events - lest I forget! There are many growing subdivisions in Solon. Our home prices do shock some of our visitors from bigger cities, they often come here thinking they might buy a nice home on the lake with an acre for $150,000. WE WISH! However, there are usually homes available in most price ranges. We have been blessed to live in a wonderful area and it is well cared for, you may pay a little more to live here, but you won't be disappointed!
- msproul
Pluses: Much of my family history is in Bolts Fork, KY.
Isaac Bolt was my great, great grandfather.
My grandmother was Elizabeth Bolt Ross, and Ross Chapel was named after her.

A great place to... find ones roots

There is much history that lies in some of the overgrown backwoods of the community. For instance on the old Henry Jacob Ross property. (Hannigan?)
- Betsyevans
Pluses: Country Setting
- Mechelle62
Pluses: the town that killed JFK and gave GWB his start. If those are two good things, then Dallas is the town for you

Minuses: Lousy schools, the public library has been declining for the last 15 years, local liqour laws have created feed lots on the outskirts of the city. There may be lots of restaurants, but they all serve the same things, purchased from the same wholesaler, prepared by the same chefs. Anything resembling a neighborhood is being bulldozed and replaced with McMansions.
- TomGordon
Aug. 21, 2007
Pluses: Focus on the Family is a wonderful organization and we are extremely pleased that it is located in Colorado Springs.

The Pike's Peak scenery is obvious testament to an intelligent creator.

The people are friendly.

Housing is affordable.

Minuses: Need more good quality restaurants.

A great place to... Find hiking and horseback riding trails.
- rminer4070
Pluses: good food

Minuses: people fighting

A great place to... live
- cespinal1120
Pluses: I want to move there, I currently live in Atlanta, but am planning on moving in April 2008. I love the climate and the people. Also my sister and her niece have lived in Pueblo since 1993.

Minuses: Can't think of any yet, except maybe the extreme heat and lack of rain.

A great place to... live, and enjoy the beauty of Coloardo
- Marilynmc11
Pluses: When I was a kid growin up in the 90's Maxville was the perfect place for a child. The nieghbors were friendly, you did not have to worry about anything.

Minuses: State route 668 runs straight through it. Dump trucks and other automobiles would fly right through when the MPH was only 35, now it is 40mph.

A great place to... A couple of places that I enjoyed as a kid was at the Maxville School House playground, under the old twp Bridge and behind my parents house in the woods, where you could walk behind the old Stone Quarry and see the cliff from where they mined it out I would presume.
- crystalk2001
Pluses: Hello , I used to live in Mountain View and still concider it
to be my home away from home . I currently live in Sunny
California . Most of you who live in Mountain View or know
someone who lives there . May know me as "Pepper"
Fosters' niece ...Stormy

Minuses: small town , not much more to say ...beautiful though

A great place to... it is a good place to raise a family and have your own
special hide away stuck back deep in the woods .
No Prying eyes <<< usually lol >>>
Aug. 20, 2007
Pluses: I think martins ferry is a great place to raise children because it is a small town and has that small town feeling to it.

Minuses: I feel there are a lot of areas in ferry that could use being cleaned up and make it the beautiful town that it once was.

A great place to... gather with friends and remember all the good things.
- loutammy
Pluses: Small Town Atmosphere

Minuses: Harrasement by City Fire Chief over parking on streets.
Sending letters to residents

A great place to... Used to be a good place to live.
Now the harrassment has gotten to be too much. It's not my neighbors fault that we have to live on a street that was put in place by the developer and ended up not being wide enough for emergency vehicles.
All streets in all developments should be targeted the same or not should be getting letters.
- Comanchebill
Pluses: Good location

Minuses: The park gets flooded to often.

A great place to... Live
- Zach
Pluses: It's way of life, simple, not in a hurry. People still have time to wave to you as you drive by.

Minuses: Not enough people live there to keep it going.

A great place to... show your children how farm life was in the "old days", the values people had.........the differences between living then and now..............what work really was like back then.

I was a city kid that got to spend summers in Bruno working on a farm.....doing my "chores".
- msmithre
Pluses: A very nice to visit with alot of history within the town itself. No matter where you go, what door you walk into, there is always someone there to say "Hello" making you feel welcome.

Minuses: The only Minus we have encurred is the Staff of Titusville Motors, between Hydetown & Titusville. Their ignorance of a matter that we were dealing with is real bad. The vehicle that we bought was not properly inspected as they had stated. We paid $1500 for a car & within 2 months, ended up dropping another $1200 into the vehicle in order for it to be properly inspected.
- Emtfire10
Aug. 19, 2007
Pluses: Quaint little town with friendly and courteous people. A constant presence of Police officers that make you feel it is a safe community and city.
The River, AHHHH! it is the most beautiful river. The thing that makes it special is that is is not too commercial. The picnic tables are nice but hardly used.
WE hope for a new wider ramp. It getting real rough.
The swimmers need designated areas. One of the things that make the river special is that is so private. I do hope that we get a new ramp there but I hope it does not become too will spoil the beauty of what nature has given Charleston.
The boaters bring a lot of revenue to Charleston, just yesterday I made pictures and counted 55 boats and water crafts on the river in two hours. That is a lot of gas, a lot sandwiches and a lot of revenue for the businesses in Charleston.
I like the older houses in Cleveland. I wish they were more visiable.

Minuses: There are some messy houses and buisnessess. We are paritial to Charleston and find very few minuses. Clean up is probably the big thing right now.
I would also love for Charleston to have a tennis court. Cleveland courts (Tinsley Park) are terrible and apparently they have no plans to do anything about it. I have never seen a public park with such terrible tennis courts as Cleveland has. It would be nice if the Park had a couple of courts so we didn't have to drive to Cleveland to play a game of tennis.
They are relatively inexpensive to build. You would probably have more tennis player than you think if you had one constructed. I know people who leave Cleveland and go to Chattanooga and Athens...because the courts are so bad at Tinsley.

A great place to... Picnic in the park.........A great place to shop for fresh vegatables and fruits. A Great place to boat on the river. Relax on the river and enjoy the peace and quite. For the most part the River is very quite during the week until around four.
The business owners of Charleston are so nice. They make you want to come back. I have never met an unfriendly person in Charleston.
We are constantly amazed and pleased at the presence of the Police officers and the TWRA on the river. It is very nice to know they are looking out for the people in the area.
Charleston is a down home kind of place, yet with smart business people. We love it!

Our only complaint is the boat ramp at the river. I hear there are plans for a new one. It would be nice if we get one and some docks. It would be nice to have a dock at the ramp so some of the senior citizen who still like to boat could get in the boat. It would also help small children and dogs. Yes dogs ...I can send you numerous pictures of people who take not only one but two or three of their dogs boating. We have to go to B & B to ramp if we want our parents to ride with us.

A Jette would absolutely ruin the beauty of the river and also only be a harbour for trash. Use boueys to rope off designated areas. The boats and swimmers could easily reconize those. A Jette will not stop the adventourous and who want to venture out. The will just go over it. Nothing stops them.
It would be such a shame to ruin the beauty of the river. Nature has given you such a beautiful place. I hope we don't destroy it the way most people have done. The fisherman and the boaters know the river.
- Aganwoods
Pluses: Absolutely beautiful; clear, clean, deep water; 75 - 78 degrees in July and August - perfect for swimming, very little wind in the summer + sheltered bays make for good water-skiing and wakeboarding.

Minuses: Too crowded evenings and weekends in the summer - boat wakes make it too rough during those times for wakeboarding or waterskiing, although it is great for tubing and jet-skis. Limited public access - Honeysuckle beach has gravelly sand and is small, and it is the only public beach. Public boat ramp there is crowded. Only one marina that sells gas on the lake, so prices are high.

A great place to... Waterski, wakeboard, fish, swim.
- tomthespud
Pluses: Farms

A great place to... Live
- caralparris
Pluses: The Shoreline Boat Cruise was great! A little chilly, but it was very fun and informative! People were very friendly.

The Sister Bay Craft Shop was fun -- the lady there was also friendly. Lots of neat stuff in there!!

Minuses: Why are the majority of the people here and throughout the county so crabby? You'd think being in the customer service business that people would be overly friendly. We've not found that to be the case here in Door County. It's frustrating too that many of the workers don't speak and/or understand english very well.
- Melsie06
Pluses: Keller ~ The exact middle of nowhere, and soon to become the exact middle of everything!

Halfway between Virginia Beach, Virginia and Ocean City, Maryland, on the DelMarVa Peninsula. That's about as far east as you can go without getting your feet wet!

A great place to... VISIT!

Keller ~ The Capitol City of the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

.............................. More to come .........................
- AnnaandMom
Aug. 18, 2007
Pluses: In recient years. There aren't any pluses. Taxes are higher.

Minuses: The politics of this town are the pits. You have to be in the in croud or you won't get anything done. A very snooty town. The people think they are better than, they really are

A great place to... move away from. I have been trying to move from here. I guess they love me so much they want to keep me here.

Unless you are willing to Kiss A** Stay where you are. It has to be better that here
- genebo5
Pluses: Since the metro stop arrived, the area around it has slowly improved, and more improvements are planned, or already under construction. Strong, though not unnecessary police presence. (this is the perspective of a resident of 3 years)

Minuses: Still doesn't feel safe walking the streets after dark, but it does feel like it's getting better.

A great place to... Find an decent-sized apartment for an affordable price.
- AdamSteckel
Aug. 17, 2007
Pluses: No crime. Excellent views from many residential areas.

The locals are extremely friendly, honest, trustful and helpful.

Many historical buildings exist. Merchants are all mom and pop type. No "national chain" merchants exist. As a result, its downtown is in tact.

Hancock's downtown could capitalize upon this fact as it relates to its twin city of Houghton. Houghton is commercialized along the M-26 corridor which has been the demise of their downtown.

Five minute drive from all essential local destinations.

Four, well-defined seasons. Something to do in each.

Minuses: Winter is extreme and potentially lasts up to 5 months. If one is into winter activitites, this is not a minus.

Can be difficult to get to at a reasonable price if relying on airlines.

A great place to... Raise a family and educate in the public schools, vacation, purchase Victorian homes at bargain prices.

Very hilly terrain.
- jk311
Pluses: good home building oportunity

Minuses: don't know of any

A great place to... Retire too
- caronhalt
Pluses: Its a small town.

Minuses: its a VERY small town.

A great place to... visit my aunt

trying to find a funeral announcement for my cousin
- amijo
Pluses: I went to School there a looooong time ago and had
alot of fun getting my booty beaten off from all them
school teachers....but you know, I deserved about all
of them, LoL

Wish i could turn back the hands of time and do it
right and stop all that talkin' in class.>>!

Bill Davis "Class of 69"

Minuses: Not many... :-)

A great place to... Grow up, get your butt beat in school, and learn some stuff..>>! HEHEE

Those were the good Old days....kinda?
- billdavis
Aug. 16, 2007
Pluses: Forest Park with golf, horse riding, concerts, picnics and even a carousel...yes

Atlas Park

with restaurants movies and boutique stores Chicos, Coldwater Creek, Jos. Bank, that sort of thing.

Minuses: parking unless you have a home with a garage.

A great place to... raise kids and get a german or polish meal

Close to NYC, about forty minutes on a subway, mostly one and two family homes.

Off the Jackie Robinson Parkway linking you to the roads.

Forest Park with golf, horse riding, concerts, picnics and even a carousel...yes
- MatthewE
Pluses: We just moved here from the New England area. We first saw Princeton this past winter. We enjoy the area very much. We came from a small town and they have a lot more to offer here then up north. Plus the cost of living is a lot cheaper. We have not found a person yet, that is not friendly. We enjoy walking down main street and going into the stores. The hardware store is incredible along with the ham store.

Minuses: It could be a minus for some people, that Princeton is in a dry county.

A great place to... live, everyone is laid back and at a shower pace then many other states.

If you would like to live in a small town, that is slowed paced, friendly people and the cost of living is very good. Come on down to Princeton.
- orio
Pluses: In 2002, Frederick was honored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation by naming it one of the Dozen Distinctive Destinations.

In 2005, Frederick was given the Great American Main Street Award, also by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
- steven09
Pluses: Having grown up in Exeter, but having raised my children in larger areas, there was a lot less for my Mom to worry about when we were growing up than I've had to deal with. The major threats to our health were cars (at the few times when there were a lot of cars going through town) and our own childish stupidity. In fact, Mom has pointed out that she would have been sitting outside watching us every second (as I often did for my kids) when we went out had Exeter been more like Bangor or Portland.

Minuses: Apart from farming, there really isn't a lot to do for work in Exeter - and unlike when I was growing up, my husband and I simply can't afford to have me stay at home like my mom did.

A great place to... Raise kids, farm, and just enjoy the quiet life - the way Maine life should be.

Exeter is the kind of town that, if I were to win PowerBall or Megabucks so that I didn't have to worry about the money issue, I would gladly move back - even though most of my family and friends have moved off. It was in Exeter that I came to value the peace and quiet that can't be found too many other places any more.
- galadrielemm
Pluses: South Norwalk, SoNo, has a historic downtown that ends on the water. Excellent restaurants, night clubs, aquarium, children's museum, seasonal festivals, islands tours, lighthouses, beaches and water related recreation. You can visit by water, bus, train or car. Plenty of parking. Winter seal watch cruises from the Aquarium.
Easy access from I95 and Merrit Parkway, Rt15. Close to New York and part of the coastal New England tourist routes.

Minuses: The area can be busy in the summer due to an influx of tourists. Plenty of parking, but most spaces are pay to park. Low railroad bridges, cars had not been invented when the bridges were built. Some tour busses can not fit under the bridges. Traffic jams during festivals and seasonal events. Most beaches are for residents, but there are some state beaches farther along the coast. The cost of living is very high and housing can be too expensive for many.

A great place to... A great place to take the kids. Children's Museum and a Long Island Sound Aquarium. Many good restaurants for adults and the downtown has a lively night life.

South Norwalk is a historic area. The first oyster steamer sailed from SoNo. It is still the top oystering area in North America. Many 19th century buildings still active in the downtown. It was once the lock making center for most of the US. After a downturn during the mid 20th century it is now blooming with new vitality and becoming popular with tourists and new residents who like living in an attractive and fun place. Movie companies are becoming a common sight in the area and a lot of films are produced using the area as an attractive scene for their work.
- John23
Aug. 15, 2007
Pluses: good location for access to ports and I95.

Minuses: High taxes. Poorly run city hall. Not at all business friendly. Fees for everything. City hall spends large amounts of money on large cars and SUV's and has a care less attitude to business owners. Just spent several million dollars for a new city hall and guess who is paying for it? Good ole' boy, in your pocket, town. Worst schools in U.S.A. and that's documented ! Too far from beaches to be convenient.

A great place to... warehouse.
- thiekrepus
Aug. 14, 2007
Pluses: Chatfield is a small bed room community whose residents primarily work at the Mayo Clinic or IBM in Rochester MN. The town is very scenic and is close to local bike, snowmobile and atv trails. Chatfield is the "Gateway to Historic Bluff Country" one of the fastest growing tourist spots in the mid-west. Chatfield is also headquarters for the Pope and Young club and home for their museum. The Pope and Young Club serves bow hunters and the recording of trophy animals. The museum is wonderful for anyone who loves the outdoors and is a must for any bow hunter. The greater Chatfield area is also home for several well stocked trout streams. There is one motel (the Vala Lodge), one large and beautiful bed and breakfast (Oakenwald Terrace), and two guest houses (Lund's Guest House) available for visitors. Chatfield is also home to the only Brass Band lending library in the United States... possibly the world.

A great place to... Chatfield is a great place to raise a family. The size of the town makes it very "kid friendly". With the possible exception of December, January and February (unless you are on the snowmobile trails) Chatfield is a great place to visit. The unspoiled beauty of the entire bluff country area attracts people looking to get away from the fast pace of their daily lives. The entire county (Filmore County) bosts only one stop light (in Chatfield) and no fast food. There are no golden arches in the entire county.

Population about 2,500
7 churches
3 taverns
7 eating establishments
1 hardware store
1 furniture store
too darn many insurance salesmen
- BobLund
Pluses: good food

Minuses: every yhing

A great place to... not all every one knows what you are up 2 and if the cops dont like you thay will run you out of town

cool place 2 stop and spend the day
- fullflavor66
Pluses: Still trying to figure that out

Minuses: The Borough Council

Only certain people can purchase land in Ursina & build a house an or move a mobile home onto it. Unless your a chosen person I guess you have to sit by & watch everyone else get away with it. It's a small Mayberry type town, everything's illegal.
- confluence15424
Pluses: Plenty of clean decent housing including new homes

Minuses: New Homes that are being built outside of the Enid Metro area, are they safe, are they being inspected by anyone that has any knowledge of building codes. Do they have smoke detectors, arc fault breakers in the bedrooms, GFI's in the kitchens and bathrooms, do the bedrooms meet emergency egress requirements and many more requirements that make the homes safe.
- otobear11552
Aug. 13, 2007
Pluses: Essex County is one of the most beautiful County's in the Country in my opinion. It has the highest mountains in NY State, known as the high peaks and some of the best trout fishing in the north east. The wildlife is incredible and the little quaint towns have some really great restaurants that would surprise even the pickiest of eaters. If you like shopping, many of the towns have great little shops that sell anything from Adirondack furniture, maple syrup, outdoor supplies and virtually any kind of woodsy knickknack you could think of. From Lake Placid to Lake Champlain its an outdoorsman?s paradise.
Its safe to live, and the traffic is low even during the busy tourist seasons. If you need to go to a bigger city for something, Montreal is not far and Burlington Vermont is just a short ferry ride across Lake Champlain.

Minuses: There are not a lot of job opportunities in Essex County.

The real estate is priced for people from down state or other states who make more money.

A great place to... if you find a good job, retire, vacation, or own a seasonal home or camp.

....if you like hiking, skiing, fishing, hunting, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, warm summers and cold winters.
- Moosehead
Pluses: Quiet, Peaceful, Small

Minuses: A Whole Lot Of Nothing

A great place to... Raise Your Children, Retire, etc.

It Sits Exactly 2 miles outside of Pensacola, FL. It also sits on Perdido AND Styx River.
- dirtyranja
Pluses: Pittsfield, takes in a number of little communities including Pecktown and Hoboken. Names forgotten by all but us old folks. Agricurtural communities where farming has nearly died. What once was a way of life is now nearly gone. The days of living on the farm, working from sun up till sundown seven days a week, 365 days a year are only memories for many a senior having lives and worked in what for me was the early 50's and 60's. Stores and merchants who suported the farming community, they to have passed into memory.
Life was difficult, the job never got easier, the days were made better or worse by the weather and your health. Time off came at a price. The chores were there with or without you. Through it all though it was a good life, there was no time to get in trouble. Friday or Saturdey nights were fun, all you needed was a couple of bucks in your pocket and a place to have a coke maybe go to a dance with your girl or drive in if you had a car. And moms cooking.

Minuses: New York can dish out some or the worse weather I've ever seen and I've seen a lot. Winters with -20 below and bone chilling winds. Rains that could beat a a crop to the ground and summer heat that would make working in the fields a living hell. Then there were the days and weeks of no rain. No matter what, the bills had to be paid, cows needed to be fed and milked. Equipment needed to be kept going and always the milk check had to stretch far enough to pay everything. If you had a crop of sweet corn or enough oats to sell, that you could bring in extra cash with that was good. Summer vacation from school ment helping with all the many tasks of farm life. But you know what? Compared to city life, I wouldn't have changed a thing. My life was full, I slept good at night and always found people to be good and decent and like me, fully aware of the meaning of work. There was no time for TV, there were no computers, gas was .17 cents a gallon. $100.00 could buy you a good used car.

A great place to... If I had it all over to do again, this is where I would raise my family. This is where you can find the basics. Folks have moved into the area from down state and New Jersey as well as other parts of the country trying to add some meaning to their lives.
The wild life is all around and can be enjoyed from your your back yard. No need to look for a bike trail. Country roads do fine. The river is still a great place to fish and swim. Geese, ducks and turkey are still there for tha taking as well as trophy deer. You can walk the streets at night and not worry about being mugged. A flashlight might help you avoid crossing paths with a skunk. People do stop and say hello.

Pittsfield and the small communities that make the community life style of south central NY are rural, and agricurtural. New homes, mostly of the mobile home varity make up a great deal of homes usually on large sections of land. Drilled wells and septic systems are the norm. Power is usually not a problem Outages from weather related storms can leave you in the dark provided you don't have a generator to fall back on. Schools are rural and nearly everyone rides the bus to school. Small grocery stores provide the usual house hold needs however larger items or good prices on large grogery items can be found at Walmart but you might need to drive 30 miles or so to get there. Gas and fuel are much higher priced. The only real good restaurant is located in New Berlin at New York Pizeria where the prices are excelent and the food is that of the finest Italian to be had. Churches are very clickish, but you would expect that in small towns. Local cops are like Maybury RFD with attitude.
- Rivenburgh
Pluses: pros- the kaolin parade is pretty cool. its considered the town get together, in other words its a family reunion of sandersvillians that get the chance to catch up on all the latest gossip.

Minuses: cons- OH MY GOSH, you cant have a private life. if you sneeze, everybody in town knows about it. Everybody knows everybody. Oh, its impossible to go to wal mart to pick up a few things without running into different people and you have to stop and talk to them, if you dont they think your being rude, and when you stop to talk, they GOSSIP! Ex- So & So is pregnant, So & So has been arrested, So & So is cheating. How about they mind their own buisness! Forget about having a private life if you want to live in sandersville. i lived there for ten years, i had enough, i moved to statesboro now and im loving it. i can go shopping privately. i will never ever ever go back. did i mention theres no job opportunities in sandersville for advancement. in sandersville if you want a decent job, their motto is: its WHO you know and not What you know. pretty sad huh? well i can go on all day and all nite with the cons. but i have better things to do and more important things to do. Peace.
- Andrews
Pluses: Small town atmosphere. Good schools.

Minuses: Aging population

A great place to... Grow up. Most people know each other.
- cwiehe
Aug. 12, 2007
Pluses: Surviving Route 66 Town, Friendly People, Great Food, Great Pet Friendly Lodging.

Minuses: None

A great place to... Eat, visit, and stay. Our only regret in our June 2007 visit was that our schedule did not permit us a longer stay. Highly recommend Joe & Aggie's Mexican - American Restaurant, best Mexican food ever and great service from people who enjoy people. We stayed at the Wigwam Motel and were totally delighted in the atmosphere and history of this great 66 icon. The old cars and trucks parked around the Wigwams gave a classic touch of the 1950's. Wish we could have stayed a month.

Loved Holbrook!!!!!!
- Mainstreet66
Pluses: Nice parks and interesting downtown.

Minuses: As a handicapped person, the local police were not interested in helping me with issues. I actually saw them laughing once at a frustrated and confused elderly lady who appeared to have mental health problems of old age. Other than my fear that the police show no respect, I know of no other minuses in Bowling Green.

A great place to... Some of the popular family style restaurants serve very good food! (To be fair to all I will not give names.)

Bowling Green is about a half hour from the Toledo area which has additional shopping and things to do.
- whyhope
Pluses: Well it was a very nice looing town and we meet an "ANGEL" Mr. Mike Coffman. He is on your police department, Our turck broke down yesterday on the hwy and he came to our aid. He stayed with us till the tow truck came, then brought us to the super 8 here in town. I must say we have 3 kids and it was very HOT yesterday 102 they say!!! So, I wanted you and your town to know he was our
"Road Side Angel"

Minuses: We broke down at 2:30 on sat and there was no one to fix our truck till Monday???? We are from Texas where someone needs help you help them no matter what day or time it is!!!!!!!
- mistyleofsky
Pluses: I've lived here for most of my life so it's home, it's community, part of who I am. The scenery is beautiful, there is plenty to do in any season, whether it be hunting, fishing or just going for a walk.

Minuses: The dynamics of the entire valley have changed with so many new people, businesses and subdivisions being built.
We're not "small" anymore.

A great place to... Live until you die.

I know I will never have my "hometown" back again and I'm accepting that but it does make me sad. My father was born and raised in Whitefish. He went to work for the Great Northern Railroad way back when but chose to live in Kalispell and drive every day rather than live in Whitefish. Now it's a fancy resort town? Wow!
- monak
Pluses: Small town that is expanding as people want to move out of the city atmosphere of bangor. Lower land prices allow for more acreage when purchasing or building a home. Expecting positive growth

Minuses: Town is very clicky and does not respond well to outsiders. Town Clerk and officers are very uncooperative and do not offer help when you have questions. The town needs to move into the 21st century. The town needs to be open to growth and new people moving in as bangore area expands outwards.

There is no take out in the town that is any all!

No full time fire department or police department.

A great place to... move into now on the assumption of positive growth.
- ktownrookie
Aug. 11, 2007
Pluses: small community where you actually know the few cops by name and wave to people as you pass them.

Minuses: it is 15 miles + to the nearest wal-mart and that's where you see people that you haven't seen in a while and catch up on what's been happening, until another person you know comes up and then it starts all over again!

A great place to... send your kids to school and learn! i have 2 in elementary and the school, teachers, and principal are the best to offer. There's alot more 1-on-1 and the teachers will call if they think there's a problem with grades and such.

Overall, Lone Oak is growing, which i'm not sure if i like or not because i like the small town-ness but then again, that 's more neighbors to meet!
- buffalomom
Pluses: I went to school there and the teachers were great. You
also get to know everyone in and around Max and neighboring towns. Everyone is so helpful.
- ringsaker53
Pluses: Really nice people, really nice people, really nice people

A great place to... Sit back and relax
- maxeter
Aug. 10, 2007
Pluses: Great place to live and raise your kids. I can prove it many times over.

It has the reputation for having excellent schools. Good adminstration through the years. Many high school graduates stay in Paragould and many college graduates return.


Minuses: \No railroad overpass, but fixed since I lived there.

A great place to... Live, eat, survive all things.

My email is [email protected]

I attended school in PARAGOULD. I taught music in the school system and directed a Television project there for a total of 20 something years
- JohnCooper
Pluses: beautiful
- mcnejs
Pluses: Peaceful. Wonderful friendly neighbors.

A great place to... Watch the sunset, raise children, pick muscadines & make jelly, rock on the front porch...just enjoy life.
- kmwishstar
Pluses: no running water

Minuses: Getting running water

A great place to... worst place in the world !

Crazy people !
- stvn
Pluses: nice community, they have people who have been down the bad road with thier families and they understand, alot of nice people

Minuses: we moved here from illinois, where the school system is kinda poor anyway, but my son went to conkwright when we moved here, and first of all the counselor, was mean to us, because we had just came from a homeless situation because of my son being deathly ill, and also from the illness batch, he has lots of specialist now, and u cant tell a child neurologist, or child nepholigist, that i have to have appointments at specific times, anyway, he had 14 excused absences and tardies from Dr appointments, and from october to feb. and they sent me a truancy letter, and said it didnt matter that they had drs notes, it still was reported as missing school, needless to say i homeschool now. and i am not the only complaint about Clark Co schools. i know others this is just my complaint

A great place to... let your kids run and be themselves
- pandrous
Pluses: Incredible Blue Skies, clean air and water, Good People,

Minuses: Focus on the Family is Headquartered here!
- mikedodge
Pluses: Kind of Mayberry, close to the big city but the feel of being away from the big city. Town activities that bring out the town plus others, such as the Frenchie Burke FiddleFest, Fourth of July Festivities, Christmas parade, etc. Crime rate is very low. Plenty of churches of varying faiths. If your car breaks down, it's an easy walk to the grocery store, hardware store, mechanic shop and City Hall to pay your utility bill.

Minuses: If you don't want your neighbors knowing your business, Lytle isn't for you. Everybody knows you whether you know them or not. The town has started to grow, with housing additions cropping up on the outskirts. Tax rates increasing substantially as are housing prices with growth moving into the area. An active train track runs through the middle of town and I-35 on the outskirts. Lots of whistle toots day and night, but you get used to it.

A great place to... Sit back and enjoy life. Do as much or as little as you want. Listen to the birds (unless the train whistle is blowing), to walk without being run over, for kids to play and enjoy the outdoors
- CKennedy1795
Aug. 9, 2007
Pluses: It's small town USA. It's quite, beautiful. Ideal for family vacations. I've been in the early fall and the water is wonderful at that time of year. Navarre beach has an Island feel to it because it is an Island. You almost feel like you are on a small Island out in the Ocean. There are stretches of undisturbed beaches, no buildings, just the Ocean and the Beach. It's absolutely wonderful.

Minuses: It's small town USA. There are not a lot of Bars or Clubs in Navarre. Nor are there a lot of shops. If you are wanting to go out and party hard, you don't need to go to Navarre. If you like Panama City and that kind of atmosphere, don't go to Navarre!!! It's more laid back!!

A great place to... Relax... On the deck of a Gulf Front House. Sit on the deck and watch the waves beat against the sand in Navarre.

They have Sulfur Water on the Island. Don't drink it!!!!
- shelleyshelley
Pluses: charming village with interesting history and sites

Minuses: Belvedere Lake is a horrible scam
- imelorin
Aug. 8, 2007
Pluses: a good place to get out of the humidity

Minuses: not very progressive

A great place to... watch the sun come up
- backpackerjim
Pluses: Property taxes vary but are relatively low (an example: $1,485 a year for 6.94 acres). Views are long, summers are mild and breezy, and fall features a mind-boggling palette of colors.

Sapphire Valley Resort which is now Wyndham Sapphire Valley, have amenities that are included in any of the communities within Sapphire Valley.

The great Sapphire Mountain Golf Club golf course with views, waterfalls, undulated greens and scenic tees is just a short drive with deep discounts.

Other Sapphire Valley amenities include... tennis, golf & miniature golf, massage therapy, indoor & outdoor swimming pools, sauna, steam room, game and fitness centers, and downhill skiing.

Minuses: Anything that travels to the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau takes the same twisting drive, and getting stuck behind a land-yacht can add time and nausea to your trip.

Sapphire Valley which is located in unincorporated Cashiers, NC is dry, though brown-bagging is permitted practically everywhere. Alcohol can be bought in Highlands, which is incorporated, but laws there are complicated (some restaurants can serve wine, but not beer).
Nevertheless, many club communities have stocked bars and restaurants, and private restaurant clubs (membership fees range from a dollar a year to more than $100) have full permits.
- realtyrae
Pluses: great schools, libraries, beach, history

Minuses: outrageous property taxes

A great place to... raise kids
- BigEasy
Aug. 7, 2007
Pluses: nice parks

Minuses: nosy people

A great place to... move away from
- canyonglow
Pluses: In my visits to Oxford I have met many good people. The grade school is a wonderful place. The teachers my grandchildren have had have been quality educators. The people of the city have been very kind and supportive to my special needs grandson for which we are forever greatful.

Minuses: Unfortunately for the Oxford residents, the Oxford police, are the most corrupt and unprofessional I have ever seen from the chief of police on down. My daughter, a 10 year resident of Oxford has been a victim of domestic violence and the police have repeatedly failed to protect her. The police made an already horrific situation even more distressing by their unprofessional behavior toward myself and daughter and my husband who called the police department from a war zone in Iraq. My daughter has filed a complaint as will I. This is a familiar story from Oxford residents. The Mayor is as corrupt. Our family will do every thing we can to break this cycle. We have been promised backing by residents who have also been victimized, particularly by Grady Osborn and Art Keefer.

A great place to... A good place to get out of before you become a victim of the citys corrupt police department and Mayor. Or to those of you who have shared similar stories to our daughter, join her and her family in cleaning up the shame of an otherwise nice little town.

If you share our concern you may feel free to contact Mary at 785- 357-0671. We don't expect every citizen to agree but we believe there are enough of you who do agree to make a diffrence. IT IS YOUR CITY NOT CHAD BARTLESONS OR ART KEEFER OR GRADY OSBORN. Get the professional, well trained and educated people on YOUR police force and in YOUR city offices that you deserve.
- madmom
Aug. 6, 2007
Pluses: kinda picturesque setting in the mountains. norton traditionally has been the trade center of the area so you have most of whats available in the area close at hand.
good schools.
friendly folks.
a dedicated work force if given the opportunity.

Minuses: norton is located off the "main" roads and in the mountains so it feels disconnected from the main stream.
good jobs are few so the majority of children grow up to leave to find jobs. the result is a static or declining population that is older than the average area.

A great place to... raise a family.

coal drives this area of virginia. as coal declines so will this region.
- solidcitizen
Pluses: very good geographic location;short hauls to mountains or beach. dc in 2 hours, nyc in 6 hours.
weather doesnt get too extreme.
strong police presence.
good schools.
low unemployment.

Minuses: unfortunately this area hasnt gotten over the loss of the civil war and the civil rights movement.
poor public transportation.

A great place to... work and live if you have your own car.

things cost more in henrico, because people earn more in henrico. it doesnt mean henrico is better, its just the way it is.
- solidcitizen
Pluses: Small and Walkable
Very Safe
Lots of History and Culture

Minuses: Only Good During the Day
Overrated and Overpriced
Outdated Infrastructure (Roads and Public Transit)
Little Diversity
- jacobmcpherson
Pluses: Balanced politically with a dash of liberal considering a major university. Creative and most enchanting downtown arena with modern stores and an old fashioned look and feel. Lawrence is somewhat hilly here and there and it is a good thing and something I think people forget believing all of kansas is flat. Strong university academically with a beautiful campus. Clinton lake is just ten minutes outside of town which has excellent fishing and boating amenities. Only 30 minutes to the plaza in KC.

Minuses: Typical college town in the midwest in that it possesses too many rednecks with giant pickups that have no use except to raise the redneck upwards towards the sky in hopes god will think they're cool. Everyone believes in god which would be okay if one existed. Need to make city more bike/pedestrian friendly for commuting.

A great place to... Attend university, retire, own a small business or raise children. Also has excellent fishing near town. Biking is excellent for serious cyclists biking through and outside of town.

By the by, the person commenting it's hard left is two things: one, a person that hasn't traveled and two, probably a relative of rush limbaugh....why? must I explain?
- jackmason
Pluses: When you get off the highway, there is actually a nice area. It is not all a dirty slum which is what you would think driving through.

Minuses: Known throughout Arkansas and north Louisiana as the biggest speed trap around. You would think they would use some of the money from their speed traps to make the area look a little better.

A great place to... Slow down to see the trash on the roads and the houses that need to be condemned so you will not get stopped by the Bradley police.
- RealityCheck
Pluses: I left Nashville in 1943 but still have fond memories of the small village. My parents had a general grocery store there and I taught in the 2 room school for one year. It was a community of good people that saw to the needs of others. My memories are of a time before ww2 and a world that will never be again. The village consisted of two churches, three grocery stores, a combination post office and barbershop and a wide dirt main street.

Minuses: It was typical of the times..a community that had little to do for entertainment which was difficult for the young people.
- ms366446
Aug. 5, 2007
Pluses: Small town everything.
If your looking to raise your kids in a small school, little crime area, farmers, churches, and all around country life, this is it.

Minuses: You have 1 grocery store, 1 dentist, 1 pharmacy, 1 bowling alley.
That's about it to this town.
If you want a place that everyone knows your business and talks about you when theres nothing else to do then this is the place for you. Like most small country towns, There is nothing to do except for Go to church, go drink at the local diner, or go to the boring bar, which is always being closed for one reason or another, or go to the 2 liquor stores, or out on the river where every other drunk in town is then your in the right place.
Heaven forbid if someone gets board and they see you talking to the opposite sex then you will be the talk of the town till someone else comes along and then they change to them.

A great place to... Raise your kids and the Schools are great.
If your kids like Basketball, Track, Baseball, Softball your in the right place.
No Football here.
Teachers are caring and very helpful.

Glasgow is not a bad town.
It's just a normal small town that you will have to drive to get to work, go major shopping, or to a hospital.
Over all perfect place to retire, or raise your kids.
Older kids here do get board and want to do things that are not right, you just have to keep them busy outside of this town.
The people for the most part are friendly and is willing to help you if you need it.
But they will talk.
The town revolves around farmers, the Cathoic Church, and the sports that the Public School Plays.
If you don't want to drive more than 20 mins (thats the closest WalMart) or shop at just one grocery store then Glasgow is not for you.
- talkofthetown
Pluses: Newer & rapidly growing city, very low crime rate, pretty setting, most shopping & services available, good place to rear children, friendlier people, very active Chamber of Commerce, new businesses opening all the time, & only 30-40 minutes from L.A. The conservative element in town is trying to turn Santa Clarita into a Stepford; fortunately, proximity to L.A. prevents that from happening.

Minuses: Very expensive housing, growing faster than some of the infrastructure can keep up with (especially roads), killer summer heat here in the high desert--92-113 temps, very little nightlife, most restaurants are the chain variety, little ethnic diversity, & expected to reach pop. of 300K by 2010.

A great place to... Bring up a family--IF you can afford it.
- maximus43k
Pluses: Small town feel but growing fast. Nice surroundings.

Minuses: TRAFFIC

A great place to... Raise children and unwind

Easy commute to Dallas Mesquite area
Pluses: Lake

Minuses: the Braxton County Fair at Holley Gray Park, I'm from a neighboring county and saw the news breif about the county fair in the spencer newspaper, thought it wood be a nice outing for my 6yr old son and myself since I'm a working mother. when we were in line to enter the charge was $12 a piece for us since I had stopped at the atm machineto get money($50) I reach out and gave the money to the man in return I received $1 backin return . after we parked I checked my money and found I had only $16 , before getting the $50 I had two $5 bills on me so the atm machine gave me one $10---two $20 so in all it would have been $60 I had. $24 to get in the gate and only $16 left in my wallet so instead of $25 to the attendent he receive $45 and I got $1 back I had gave him a extra $20 a loss that I really couldn't afford. I admit it was my mistake but I dobelieve that person should have been honest and returned the extra money to me. fest. envirement was one I don't want my son at again. GROSS

A great place to... not take you family, the dirty envirment at Holley Gray,the bathroom stink, the spitting on the grounds, the dog droppings, the line jumping for the rides the long wait in line , over 1hr for the rides each , to say the least what I thought would be a fun day for my son and myself turned into a nightmare that I wish I had never entered with my son. The Braxton County fair was not a fun place for young children.The food experience at the local fastfood hamburger place ( name withheld) was something too. workers complaining , the service and food needs to be reported tto the company headquarters which I intend to do.The fair board need to clean up the fairs&festival celebration before all the out of county families decide that its not something they want their chidren around
- hammonds
Aug. 4, 2007
Pluses: Mountain beauty

Minuses: weather

A great place to... raise kids
- newtosc
Pluses: Real estate for sale

Minuses: water

A great place to... invest

How many people live in Golden?
- Kuhne
Pluses: shopping and hospitals?

Minuses: crime rate?
- bugman
Pluses: weather

Minuses: none
- ellisonc
Pluses: It's quiet and peaceful, Danby has beautiful moutain views.
- TChrystal
Aug. 3, 2007
Pluses: got it all

Minuses: you can keep that to yourself

A great place to... sit around with beautiful people being comfortable

excellent ballet
- jumboben
Pluses: Great Parks! Janesville is definitely a family oriented town. If you're single and living in Janesville, you probably wouldn't be happy here, however if you have a family and are raising kids, Janesville is the perfect place. Janesville offers a whole host of parks and activities for kids and their families for little or no cost. The Hedburg public library is a great library that I use all the time.
Janesville is also perfectly located right on 90/94 between Madison Wi and Rockford Il, making commuting to either place for work or a great dinner out very easy.

Minuses: Although it's getting better, there are really limited choices on fine dining in Janesville. Mostly, you're stuck with all the chain restaurants. And if you want some cultural diversity, you have to go to Madison or Rockford, but again, they're both equidistant down the highway.

A great place to... raise a family
have a park picnic
eat at a chain restaurant
- heimer
Aug. 2, 2007
Pluses: good people

Minuses: poverty

A great place to... eat bbq
- gatordan
Pluses: Small community feel and easy to get around.

Minuses: Small town politics here are very vicious. If you were not born here they will not accept you. Most young people that I talk with believe that when the old ways of thinking are gone it will be a better place.

A great place to... To own acreage for a farm or to relax in you own private location.
- scottandras
Aug. 1, 2007
Pluses: sunny. warm .close to ocean

Minuses: close to lava

A great place to... live

is adout 30 feet above sealevel
- sharkwolf
Pluses: Has a Post Office.

Minuses: My husband and I drove through Panola, we saw the post office but didn't see any grocery stores or other businesses, but there is another town about 6 miles away called Wilburton.

A great place to... be alone

There are hill size mountains out there that have been divided up and sold for homestead lots. They were nice. There are about 100 or more lots up there. Big trucks drive up and down the mountain because it is mined for natural gas, as are most of the hill mountains are -- but the roads up there are kept up for that reason.

The mountains are mostly rock with a layer of dirt as topsoil. Husband and I noticed that trees fall over during bad weather because the topsoil isnt deep enough for the roots to grow into.

Didn't see any wild animals except a roadrunner bird, and we walked around alot.
- podunkcookie

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