Community reviews



Feb. 28, 2007
Pluses: Sun is always shinning. People are very friendly.
Safe to go out at night alone.

Minuses: Summer, to hot for to long. Electric bills are high.
Not much to do in summer. To many winter vistor's in winter, traffic bad.

A great place to... go for a drink and play pool is the Showcase Lounge, 2703 S. 4th Ave. Open every day.
- deleany
Pluses: None

Minuses: YOUR bigoted city council.

A great place to... Be discriminated against.

Your city council scares me more than any terrorist ever could.
- LoriL
Pluses: Its always been a small town with a big heart to me.

A great place to... Live and raise a family.I was born and raised there .I love Four Oaks, It is my home town.
- myredminpin

Pluses: It's a quiet little "Podunk"...(I live here)... It's loaded w/ yuppies & retirees... Surrounded by 3 highways (easy for me to get to work)... As a matter of fact part of my wife's e-mail is podunk

Minuses: You can't get around during game days or concerts... Because of the stadium...

A great place to... retire

Very little industry... Mostly small businesses so taxes are a little high
- ronor
Pluses: I have had good ambulance service from this city.

Minuses: It is not growing as a community & still seems to have a VERY small town attitude as far as the concerns of their citizens. I understand that the city is under funded, but small town thinking will keep it that way. What I have observed happening in my neighborhood, not allowing us to grow & improved as a community, has given me very little pride in our leaders of the community. My only choice in the up coming elections is to show my disapproval by my vote. People in public office are there to serve the needs of the public, not their own. There action in this case is doing me more harm than good, it will downgrade my area by now allowing new homes, property valve will drop & less people will move into this area.

A great place to... Can't think of anything, no good schools, no dining areas, no shopping, not much to offer.
- lilbit
Pluses: Good Fishing

Minuses: Looks dumpy

A great place to... vacation
- agap
Pluses: Quiet place

Minuses: Tsunami Zone

A great place to... Relax and take photos

- imc
Pluses: None

Minuses: The traffic is unreal! Cabot has the worst road system in the state of Arkansas. Maybe in the whole country.
Only a crazy person would choose to live here.

A great place to... Wait on trains, wait on school crossings, sit in traffic!

Run, don't walk away from Cabot. It is the most stressful place to live in Arkansas!
- Guitarmanou812
Pluses: Great restaurants, whispering swan, white gull (fish boil), great shopping, excellent location, close to everything-- trolley tour at the park a must.

Minuses: none

A great place to... harbor guest house is amazing, it is the best location with the best view, very nice accomodations, very clean! Great!
- danas
Feb. 27, 2007
Pluses: cheap housing nice climate, the lakes

Minuses: Some of the worse drivers in the world did they not teach drivers ed here? Entitlement issues drivers sit in the fast lane as cars struggle to pass them on the right . Cant park either high demand [arking areas with cars taking up 2 spaces . Everything is more expensive: gas, food, electricity, long distance etc

A great place to... Not live in anymore
- johnwayne
Pluses: I was born 3 miles south of dewitt school but we moved to weldon in I think 1935. I remember Cassie Reeves a school teacher. I remember Kings grocery store Railsback grain elevator the lighted croquette court. At that time we were in depression. My dad had a radio shop and played in the citizens band. I remember Chris Crosen played a trombone the same as my dad. I would love to correspond with some of the old timers. I am 79 but I can still punch keys on my key board. I remember on the curve going out of Weldon there was a gas station owned by Jim Cottin and if I remember he was a bootlegger. My relation were the Wests who lived on highway 48. I remember the Charlie Halls that lived on the north side of the park. I remember the Russ Denison family. Don Ayers Philomath Oregon
- loneranger
Pluses: As a disc golf fan (disc golf is golf but its played with a frisbee!)i had the pleasure to work hand in hand with the Allegheny County parks & recreation.A countless number of volunteers & I helped pave the way for the newest disc golf course in allegheny county and i think in the state, it is located in Deer lakes Park in the town of Russellton. It is a 18 hole championship course!
The course meanders through some of what i think is the most beautiful scenery in the county! There are also 3 large fishing lakes at deer lakes park stocked every year with truckloads of trout! Its loaded with hiking,Mt.biking,walking(paved paths around 2 of the lakes)and horse trails!
Bring your cameras too folks because if you like to take pictures of wildlife this is the place!Whitetail deer ,squirrels,geese,countless other birds& wildlife.

Minuses: none

A great place to... have a beer after you play a round at the deer Lakes Disc Golf Course is a small bar right down the street from the course ...its called Carolines cafe. nice people & nice environment
- discgolferjason
Pluses: Resources of every kind. If you can't buy it at Gallo's or what was once the Bargain Center, you don't need it.

Minuses: I learned to shovel snow before I could walk.

A great place to... Grow up!
- hoops
Pluses: Low taxes; great schools; proximity to Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC; variety of churches available; slower pace of living but still vibrant. 3-4 hours away from snowskiing in one direction AND the beach in the other.

Minuses: As a transplant from another state, I know a lot of people think Fort Mill is growing too much, too fast. But I disagree. The only minuses that I have seen since moving here are lower salaries and fewer cultural opportunities - but they aren't impossible to find so I wouldn't even say they are minuses.

A great place to... raise a family and still be able to afford going out every once in a while!
- Transplant
Pluses: I don't really have any pluses,they have pretty nice summers if that qualifies

Minuses: There's bad weather in the winter,once in a while we'll get a really bad winter.There aren't any places for teenagers to really gp and hang out,so it's pretty boring for us here.Basically we go to school and go home.

A great place to... Sticky Lips Barbeque is a great place to eat,they have good nachos :) But don't go to the beach because it's really really really dirty.

- adele91892
Pluses: Great place to raise a family, or to retire. Natives are, for the most part, friendly and old-time helping hand still part of the culture.

Small town atmosphere, with big city amenities close by. Almost any type entertainment desired is within one hour's travel time.
- Levi
Pluses: During the 60's and 70's, Rushville was a fun town to grow up in.

Minuses: No progress in the past 30 years.

A great place to... grow up, then move on.
- Hoosier
Pluses: Morris a quiet friendly village.

Minuses: No hardware store in the village any more.

A great place to... Raise children.
- BobThomas
Pluses: Nice and quiet
Friendly folks

Minuses: Property tax too high

A great place to... Fish, Relax and visit antique shops
- billbutler
Pluses: Motrocycle Rally every month

Minuses: none

A great place to... meet friends
- wellshep
Feb. 26, 2007
Pluses: good library

Minuses: the people are sometimes rude and snooty. If you like to gossip and listen to gossip come to aurora.

A great place to... stay away from. it is the reason jesse james went crazy and started robbing people.
- mrschevette
Feb. 25, 2007
Pluses: Close to freeway nice parks plenty of gas stations

Minuses: Nothing for teenagers to do high pollution from all the bus routes too much petty theft school administration poor road maintainance too many vacant commercial and residential properties open lottery school district no long term future for residents declining class of people visiting and living

A great place to... Get gas, alcohol, and lottery tickets walk your dog visit parks

Affordable place to purchase home if you plan on staying
Pluses: two beautiful rivers, lots of shopping; outdoor sports, no snow!

Minuses: lots and lots of rain, paper mill (pew)traffic congestion going through downtown

A great place to... live & work
- ddm
A great place to... Raise a family
- kaolson
A great place to... investment

a growing city
- sophia0923
Pluses: What is prices of lots in the area for parking an RV on during different times of the year for perssonal usage.

How restrive are the building codes on this type of useage

Minuses: Tell me about the negatives of residing in the Northport area of Washington.

Where are the closest Big box type stores located in relation to Northport. (Wal Mart, Costoc, etc

A great place to... What recreational activities are there abavailable in the Northport area

What types of restrauants are available in the area.

What types of lodging are available in the area.

What is the average weather for the area.
Average snowfall
Average rainfall
Average high temps in summer
Average lows temps in winter.
- stoney
Pluses: Outdoors

Minuses: far from city

A great place to... have a family
- Shivaniv1
Pluses: small town, friendly, know everyone

Minuses: small town, every one knows all about you

A great place to... grow up
- kenhart
Pluses: Small town, low crime rate, neighbors help each other

A great place to... Raise children, live life and retire
Pluses: A small town with friendly folks!

Minuses: Windy weather most of the time, hot in the summer but the winters are mild.

A great place to... Raise a family.
- ratty
Pluses: Its beautiful!
- smithweather
Pluses: Small town not a fast pace living

Minuses: Not many jobs

A great place to... Eat Ft Davidson
- arslinkard
Feb. 24, 2007
Pluses: It's rural
- cjohnson1392
Pluses: Trilogy!
Don't miss a truly wonderful dining experience at The Bombay Bistro~ ask for Paul and Pari
Any of the Boulder Creek festivals

Minuses: The rude management and poor food at The Boulder Chop House and Tavern
The crowds at The Rio
The filthy bathrooms at the Foundry
- epicurean
Pluses: proximity to Charlotte, healthcare, restaurants, lakes
- ettman3865
Pluses: Love the nice green lake warm sand Minnesota rules great ice fishin too

Minuses: none
- kanthonysletta
A great place to... stay is the MicroTel. It's clean and the staff is friendly.

Decent breakfast can be had at Maggie D's and Traveler's Restaurant.

One of my favorite things about going back to WNY is being able to get a decent chicken wing. Ohio just doesn't get it.
- tedibear39
Pluses: Monson is a great little town. I've lived here for 15 yrs. and love it. I feel it's a great place to bring up my kids. It still has that small town feel to it (neighbors helping neighbors etc.)
- Shyler
Pluses: Small town. People know each other and are typically willing to help each other

Minuses: With the small town atmosphere comes the gossip and secrets

A great place to... Grow up. I spent many happy summer days riding my bike all over town. No fear.
- lhurst
Pluses: Located halfway between Washington and New York City. 32 miles from Philadelphia, yet completely rural. Salem was once the Jewel of the County, all the facilities and utilities in place, much industry, but primarily a farm area. Some of the most beautiful and historic churches in New Jersey, dating back to the year 1675. Many homes are listed in the U. S. registry. Some have fallen into disrepair and abandoned to be used as rentals. With the government's guaranteed rent, landlords have turned them into a haven for the very poor.

Minuses: Population decrease from 10 to 6 thousand in recent years. The affluent middle class have moved out leading to much public housing and assistance. Which in turn has created crime and probably one of the poorest small towns in the State. Businesses and other commerce have abandoned the City, only the County courts and offices still remain, since it is the County Seat. When the pleas for State funding are met, politicians are optimistic there will be prosperity. With the highest real estate taxes in the Nation, people move out and the most dependent tenants from througout the State move in, with the usual subsidies. The school system, now mainly minority, has been down-graded. The real estate market reflects the lowest prices for single family homes in New Jersey.

A great place to... visit, but not to live. When the 7=11 store, J. C. Penney, Eckerd Drugs, Kentucky Fried Chicken and other stores that were in business, for years, move out it tells you something. There was a time when each street was lined with trees and the downtown shopping district, with stores of every type, boomed.

This is a "one party" town, (Democrat) where all of the City officials run unopposed, for years. At election time there is nary a Republican in sight, therefore the plan stays the same, since private investment is gone, the only monies that comes in is from grants and other forms of handout. It could be concluded were the County offices moved out, the City of Salem, could wind up in the same manner as Camden, New Jersey. There are some good people who are trying to avoid this, but unfortunately, it could happen.
- ontoo0401
Feb. 23, 2007
Pluses: many retail options
- jaydholland
Pluses: It's really powerfull feeling when you come closer to the point of great veiw. Hard to take glance off this place.

Minuses: the weather may not allow to get this felling again

A great place to... to inhale the freshness of the air.

we are truck drivers and its great pleasure to be able to see such amazing places
- adventure
Pluses: a small close knit community , neighbors are like family
- nette
Pluses: The downtown area has recently been beautified. Niles is a very nice looking city.
- wdudgeon
Pluses: Biking, walking, the town square, town events like Victorian day

Minuses: Far from everything except Pennsylvania!

A great place to... Relax on your front porch
- Bluemoon
Pluses: the people in tropic are very friendly! they make you feel like you are apart of their family, even if it's your first time meeting them.

Minuses: not enough time in the day to take in all the beauties the small town has to offer.

A great place to... raise a family! live in peace, under one of gods most beautiful creations.

I moved to tropic when I was 10 years old... now I am nearly 20 and enlisted in the military, I never really knew how beautiful Tropic really was, untill I could not see it every day!
- jeremygerber
Pluses: A nice artsy town with a good feel to it.
- etiff99
Pluses: small town everthing is close

Minuses: boring,too many punks

A great place to... live,raise kids,relax
- thekid122
Pluses: Sparta is quietley nestled between the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and the wonderous New River. A fabulous place to experience family life, exposing children to wildlife, agriculture, and recreational resources. The Blue Ridge Parkway, local state parks and trails are an added attraction for all that wish to experience their beauty. Other benefits to living in Sparta are helpful store clerks, supportive school systems, interesting artisans, inviting muticultural restaurants, various churches, successful community college, and a well rounded friendly community. If Sparta doesn't have what you desire "that day" whether it is a food, movie or even a job, you're only 30-60 minutes in any direction away from your hearts content.

Minuses: The cons of living in Sparta: finding certain specialty ingredients for cooking (However, Lowe's Food did order two items for me and they still remain on the shelf.), not having a shoe store that sells "Good" childrens athletic shoes, no cinema and the "one" movie rental store is too expensive. Terrible huh? HA!

A great place to... Sparta and the surrounding community is a great place to hike or bike the trails, fish the streams, hunt the game, make new friends, take up new hobbies, join art classess, participate in community service work, attend festivals, enjoy a local lawn mower race or crash-up derby, utiize the Rifle Range, and most of all taking in a breath of that fresh mountain air.
- gutentag
Pluses: Great climate,friendly people,This area has really fit me right. I come from alabama,and I like this way better.

Minuses: None at the moment

A great place to... See old sights,enjoy water -related activities

- Anthony2175
Pluses: friendly people

Minuses: nasty mean people

A great place to... Hang out with friends

its in osage county
- SkiatookChick
Pluses: up and coming cultural hub

Minuses: To many New england snobs
- hartforddiva
Feb. 22, 2007
Pluses: small "country" town

Minuses: no shopping, people aren't very friendly

A great place to... live

we like it here but it will be growing so we are told, new houses are coming in
- bslatt
Pluses: Diversity in people, culture, religous beliefs, outdoor activities.

Minuses: The traffic is starting to back up!

A great place to... People watch, learn just about anything you can think of, eat just about any kind of food, play outside, hike, to view waterfalls, listen to live music, dance and more.
- guidedhere
Pluses: Only a half hour from Denver, close to 5 major ski resorts. The place the gold rush started, Idaho Springs is still quaint and charming, not at all pretentious.

You'll feel like you've experienced the real Colorado when you stoll through the Historic district with its library was built by Carnegie and shops that have thankfully retained their old flavor, but now house a variety of fun shops and good restaurants!

There is also an old hot springs where you can soak your weary bones and an old gold mine, or two that are available to tour! Hiking, biking and flyfishing are avaible as well as a horse back riding through the mountains.

Minuses: On first appearence you think some parts of town are run down, but look further! Things are evolving and this is a REAL town, not one solely manufactured for tourists. But they do appreciate tourism!

A great place to... Rent a bicycle built for two, or one to ride to the top of Mount Evans! Fly fish in Clear Creek, Hike up one of many trails.

The other sport would be eating and drinking. My fav's include:

People watching at MANGIA! on the only patio downtown, Great spot for lunch or dinner or just a drink ~They serve authentic grinders, pasta's, pizza and steaks and the very hip bar features Martini's, and a very nice selection of wines and imported beers. Mangia! has live piano entertainment in the Piano Bar!

Meet the locals: in the Westwinds Tavern. Live bands on the weekends, Kareoke during the week. Also, Paco's is the other live band hot spot on the weekends ... both across from each other on the block for bar hopping & two stepping~!

Breakfast and a Bloody Mary at Cafe Aimee! Chef Elaine cooks right in front of everyone in a small cozy cafe with a french flair.

For a more dive breakfast choice, Jiggies is it. Good simple homecooked stuff.

30 miles from Denver, up I 70.
- tancyndy
Pluses: Before 1984 and before it was a City it was really nice. I good place to as a child to grow up in. I was able to hunt, ride motorcycles, fish and be carefree. I still love Oakley but it has sure changed for the worse. I been here all my life, 40 years so I know.

Everyone was nice and new each other.

You could travel to Brenwood or Antioch with Ease.

Minuses: It just to big, I feel like I'm a trapped animal now. My kids will never know How it was before. Too many Cars, everyones in a hurry. You cant ride your motorcycle, hunt fish and wander around Oakley because its either illegal, fenced up and posted keep out. I feel like Im an outsider in my own town now.

Paying more taxes for less attractive place to live.

Nothing for the kids to do anymore after school because its all full of houses.

Hwy. 4 totally Sucks!

Fast food in every Corner.

Way too many trucks on hwy. 4 and way too many Pot holes that never get fixed.

A great place to... Start thinking about moving away from.

Fix hwy. 4 before they build new homes.

I guess its to late for that Idea.
- rall
Pluses: It is a very nice and safe area to live and raise children. School system is great. Transportation is fine.

Minuses: The village of kings point abuses their power. When you want to do improvements to your property, they make it extremely difficult as far as pooling permits and construction. You pay huge amount of taxex, but you really don't have any power to over rull them if they are wrong ,or abuse their power. There must be a higher authority to go to but we don't know any one other than the village board. They are very unfair many times and this is really getting to be annoying.
- Frieda
Pluses: artsy, diversity, great restaurants

Minuses: parking

A great place to... have a walk after dinner
- seeker93
Pluses: The beautiful natural splendor of the area, this area has so much to offer, there is two rivers, two lakes, I mean you just cant go wrong. The area has really made a name for itself. Only half an hour to Madison and 1.5 hours to Milwaukee, and 2 hours to Chicago, Pacific is truly a great place to live. It derived its name from the rolling hills that look like tho Pacific Ocean. Two Country clubs

Minuses: I have lived here for the last 10 yrs. and there has been a lot of development, by new development I mean new housing developments, I mean there nice but there just getting to darn big. People can be snotty, because they have all that money.

A great place to... Fishing, Walking, leisure drives, and just to check out the styles of homes. there is some million dollars views here. and the sunsets are unforgettable. All around a great place to live, whether your a young family or a couple retiring there is two country clubs.
- banksee
Pluses: friendly town

Minuses: none

A great place to... hang out

- cbeck
Feb. 21, 2007
Pluses: It's cheap and... oh, well, it's just cheap.

Minuses: It's crowded with the WalMart, Nascar set and it has a very generic, bland feel. It's like Atlantic City without the casinos or Fort Lauderdale without the warm winter and blue water. The traffic sucks, which is too bad because you need a car to do anything in MB. I can't imagine why anyone who is over 18 or who has been to a nice beach would want to go to Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach may be your beach but it will never be my beach. It's like the second choice for red necks, who could not get to Panama City, (because they are no allowed to cross state lines). You should save a little more money up and go some place nice. It's just an Ugly place and if you go in July or August, it is too hot to even lay on the beach for long.
- markrc
Pluses: Beautiful, natural, scenic, so much to do.

A great place to... visit with family - sea lions, whale watching, kayaking....
great to connect with nature and strengthen family unit.
- windsurf
Pluses: Home town, fishing, retirement, quiet

Minuses: location to major restaurants shopping, nightlife

A great place to... Fish, Golf, beach
- patmaggio
Pluses: Small Town

Minuses: No job opportunties and few industries.

A great place to... Live, bring up children. Schools are great, they really stress Parent Involvement.
- kimroberson
Pluses: Great community that host a diversity of buisnesses.

Minuses: There is a crime problem affecting the community.

A great place to... A good place to buy a home and start a buisness.
- ivyro
Pluses: A liberal/progressive side that is often not seen by visitors. This group is growing every year as evidenced by the number of artists, new agers, natural healers and others escaping from Atlanta to Dahlonega. Real estate is still afordable, The Holly Theater offers great community theater and a great Unitarian Universalists Church

Minuses: Still have some locals who are not tolerant of others but that is changing

A great place to... Hike, enjoy the theater, enjoy nature, have dinner at the Crimson Moon with a great show.

Visit a great eco friendly bed and breakfast, Cedar House Inn and Yurts. They even serve vegetarian breakfast.

- mountainlover
Pluses: The people, the boats and the land of peter pan!

Minuses: raining and blowing, not enough beautiful women ( a few but not enough!)

A great place to... be in the summer. or... be from in the winter
- alascion
Pluses: I think it is an awesome place to live

Minuses: No minuses, every thing about is a plus.

A great place to... My friends house

Please come see Belhaven you will love it.
- sweetone
Where is the more good area to live?
- CCalles
Pluses: Great little town to live in. We first came here in April 2005 and purchased a 100 year old building in the small downtown in October 2005. We live in an apartment above our antique store just like they did 100 years ago. The town has about 12 Antiques store and many artist shops.

A great place to... Florence is a good travel destination for tourist and a great place to invest in the future. Seems to be one of the last places on the Front Slopes to be reconized for it historic town.
- maves
Pluses: Beautiful scenery, removed from the Eugene area, and lots of trails.

Minuses: A large amount of drugs, low income, slumlords, and small town politics.

A great place to... hope for a turn in the quality of residents.
- bratty
Feb. 20, 2007
Pluses: beautiful scenic views, quiet, Finger Lakes Trail, great whitetail hunting, interesting fossils, restful woods and creeks

Minuses: They are considering industrial wind turbines which will ruin all of this!

A great place to... hike, rest, hunt, live, breathe fresh air
- Turbo
Pluses: I believe the small town atmosphere and affordable living are all positives. Do you know that you can still buy a nice home for $350,000 now to my good friend Roy that may not be a bargain, but lets try that in Seattle. Ok maybe you can buy a 1 bedroom condo in Seattle for $350,000 but not 3 bedrooms and 1 3/4 baths. Umm how about the Sounder Train for commuting, 30 minutes to Seattle. And you want to know what else makes it great are the pepole who live here. The pepole of this community are always willing to help out whether its raising money for the YMCA or the local food bank.

Minuses: Really good restraunts, sorry Applebees is good but it's far from fine dining. I need my seafood ,Thankfully Tacoma is a close drive. Tall skyscrapers .

A great place to... See small town entertainment is the Auburn Avenue Theater, great plays and actors "No its not Broadway but hey its still fun to watch. Now you want great? the White River Amphitheater has some really good concerts and probably something for all age groups.

I work here and I am involved in this community and if my wives kids weren't so settled in there schools I would be living back here. Yes I love this town I like sitting outside of Starbucks at Fred Myer on a warm spring day enjoying a Mocha and running into friends and I haven't seen for awhile.
- TonyG
A great place to... LIVE...We moved here 9-21-2006 & love every minitue of it
- rmarino
Pluses: Your schools are great

Minuses: charging way to much for electricity. get rid of pca charges.
- susie
Pluses: Quiet community set in rural Idaho. Six miles from Balance Rock and Balance Rock Park. Home of the Castleford Classics Auto Show. Auto show is usually in the month of August usually around the middle of the month. Close to Hagerman Fossil beds and the Snake River. Travel thru countryside for a panoramic view of Castleford farmlands.

Minuses: needs development

A great place to... explore Idaho countryside see Idaho 40 years ago. Castleford has not changed much in 40 years. (Maybe longer!)
- pansyp
Pluses: community activities

Minuses: crime rate

A great place to... eat, and shop

general info
- abc123
Pluses: grew up there and still after 30 years have the fondest memories

A great place to... to grow up in
- moutsoulas
Pluses: nice name for an urban area, near the water on both sides, close to a lot of major great stuff...the arts, the beach, historical buildings and parks, a great little community!

Minuses: more buildings than open space

A great place to... live and make a living while not being totally yuppy-ized. it's not a trendy place....that should be in the PLUSES catagory

try it you'll like it!
- woodthrush
Pluses: IT is a very small city but cool.
- sweetgirl07
Pluses: I like the lake environment, the new homes, the people that have moved there, the new and clean shopping centers, the style of the homes and communities, the homes are inexpensive and the taxes are a little lower than murrieta, I also like the fact that there are many 1 story homes. Murrieta mostly has 2 story homes. It's peaceful

Minuses: The radon is higher, the soil is very rocky and hard; makes it hard to garden, its still developing so it is far from many things, (which can also be a good thing because it is very quiet and residential) Its unincorporated so along with that comes a shortage of public services (ie police department)

A great place to... retire, raise a family, enjoy the activities on or near the lakes
- timmers
Feb. 19, 2007
Pluses: Good family environment
A lot of new economic growth
Charming town square
Close to Memphis, TN

Minuses: Very little entertainment
Must drive to do anything

A great place to... Raise a family and settle down
- mimilush
Pluses: low crime rate

Minuses: no shopping establishments

A great place to... live and raise a family

what kind of business will be feasible?
- kwoodson
Pluses: Only remember it from early years. Spent little time there with my grandmother.

Minuses: Bugs

A great place to... rest

family history interests me now!
- joanlewis
Pluses: I need information regarding the volcano in your back yard. How old is it. How large is it. Anything you might be able to provide would be useful. Thank you for your time
- fillmorebeaver
Pluses: Dobyns-Bennett is a great high school with a wide variety of activities including a JuniorAirForce ROTC program.
Great prinicipal! It is very family oriented and there is alot of beauty here.

A great place to... Vacation and relocate here because the state theatre in Abingdon, Virginia is not very far away. Weather is above average. People are very friendly.
- coyote7062
Pluses: I can only find pluses. It is peaceful, natural, people have respect for one another. I can't find one thing I can say that would be remotely derogatory about this beautiful place.

I can honestly say that this is the way that God wants us to live. This is the way it should be all over the country but it is just that people in the cities have lost touch with themselves, God and humanity.

I can only hope that one day I can retire and move there permanently.

A great place to... Spend the rest of my life in.
- renaaj914
Pluses: good things?

Minuses: are there problems from oil drilling, as in water contamination or any other cons?

A great place to... what is turley good for?

general info
- sunny2
Pluses: Moving to Amity in 2 weeks

Minuses: Have not found any

A great place to... Live by the water, bay, and beaches
- Ctarantino
Pluses: It is a very beautiful place to live in the spring time and in the summertime. Truly a great retreat from the big cities.

Minuses: In times of snowstorms in Winter, the roads are very treacherous. No street lights to guide you and it is best to just stay at home.

A great place to... It is a good place to live and there are very nice neighbors out there. Norval Dvorak and his family were absolutely great neighbors to have in the country.

Fox Hills is close by and so is Mishicot.
- ronele
Feb. 18, 2007
Pluses: Heaven on that I am OLD......wonderful to return to the mountain...breath in the fresh air, see the stars by the millions in the clear sky...visit old faces in familiar bodies, drive out of town and let my adult eyes see what I drove past in-a-hurry 45 years ago...Wonder if this magic still exists for the Quincy "children". A lot of us who experienced growing up here in the fifities are slowly drifting back....searching for the sights and smells of times past. Many of my "pillars" are gone now...I am moving up the pillar ladder and soon will be viewed in that way for those who will go after me.

Minuses: I want to see positive growth here..there are parts of the town..dieing..businesses that can not flourish, property that is not kept up, garbage scattered in place of children playing in Spainsh Creek, drugs thriving in the back country and making its way to our local youth. They will not be able to carry on if they carry that burden..and we need them.

A great place to... drag out old revisit dear friends, to search for that sliver of what used to be......

class of QHS...1962 Living in Quincy 2/3 time...for now.
- nancygf
Pluses: nice community easy to get around to different areas.
live in the country.

Minuses: the community is getting build up to fast.the people who run the area are always hiking up the taxes.they dont care for the older people that help this community is like they are trying to push the older people out.

am looking for old pictures of the old brookview railroad station.and more information about it.
- ray957
Pluses: "Almost" good work on downtown. Better work would be to "fix" the street (widening and straightening) leading to and past the old rr terminal. Martha Stewart can do only so much!!!

Minuses: The downtown streets allowing head-in parking is crowded and the buildings need a face-lift.
The airport needs to be moved permitting that land to be developed for ALL the people of Perris and the surrounding areas.......not for just a select few who like to jump from perfectly good aircraft. The noise of the slow moving aircraft is horrendous. Who wants to hear that droning 12 to 14 hours a day. Sitting on the patio's or having a conversation outside is almost murder time. The airport area would be a great place for a large and up to date shopping area and better full service restaurants as well as nicer apartments and homes. Ask Martha to come back!! That type development would bring in more money than the airport. THINK ABOUT IT.

A great place to... live if it weren't for the airport and it is a great place for developer's and planner's.

Prevent city political personnel from being any more involved in bringing more aircraft to MARB especially commercial. If you persist in that endeavor, people will not build or live least the higher salaried peoples. You made a mistake in backing the horrifically non-thought plan for MARB. Make Perris into a nicely thought out small town with down-home feelings and people will come and money will flow.
- breck
Pluses: It's conveniently located for people who travel from O'Hare or work in the loop.

Minuses: No real downtown, it's really a bedroom suburb.
- CMCK106
Pluses: a place that many years ago, we moved to Vermont so my father could try to help the mills---at that time a great many were going south---whatever he did, improved their situation and I love the entire area for it's beauty

Minuses: it's too far from where I lvie now

A great place to... Photograph and paint true Vermont
- ejmordasky
A great place to... spend a quiet weekend
- merowitz
Pluses: Nice town

A great place to... Raise a family
- Mainer
Pluses: beautiful

Minuses: too much growth

A great place to... relax
- catlink53
Pluses: friends

Minuses: nothing here
- Paticake
Pluses: Little traffic
Mostly quiet neighborhood

Minuses: Pima has NO civic pride whatsoever. If they have zoning codes they surely do not enforce them.

It is FULL of dilapidated, deserted buildings that should be torn down but are allowed to sit and rot forever. There are a very few individual houses that maintain their lawns and houses, but the vast majority are full of weeds and junk and have peeling paint and falling down fences. There is trash lying all over - nobody picks anything up - there is nothing to make a person want to stop and look around - no flowers except the few that grow wild. A typical lawn ornament in Pima is an abandoned washer, dryer, refrigerator, car or truck. It could be a nice little place, but people are standoffish and if you're not Mormon, they don't want to talk to you. My guess is that they want to keep the majority that LDS has now and that is why the place is so junky. I'm embarrassed when friends or relatives come to visit!!

A great place to... Clean up!
Plant flowers!
Plant trees!

No businesses whatsoever - just junky and junkier residential areas.
- yelrobom
Pluses: Northridge is actually part of Los Angeles rather than a separate municipality, just like most communities in the San Fernando Valley. It's a middle to upper middle class suburb with attractive residential neighborhoods, California State University at Northridge, very convenient shopping at the large Northridge Mall and elsewhere, a reasonable selection of restaurants, industry, and better-than-average schools. And, you can usually find parking when you go shopping or out to eat. It was NOT the location of the Northridge earthquake of 1994. It was discovered later that the actual epicenter was just south of Northridge in Reseda, but by then the name had already stuck. Northridge did, however, sustain the most damage.

Minuses: Traffic, just like the rest of S. CA. It's about 25 mi. to downtown L.A., so it's quite a commute if you work downtown. Housing is expensive.

A great place to... Live and rear children.
- maximus43k
Feb. 17, 2007
Pluses: I'm looking for information on Ghent, KY. My husband will be living there for a few months and we would like to know as much as we can while there.
- southernlace
Pluses: Pomona is part of my childhood. I remember riding my bicycle to the Pomona truck stop and eating at the restaraunt. They had GREAT fried mushrooms ! Also used to LOVE going into Watkins store and buying bottle of Pepsi? and Honey bun. Then there was the Skelly gas station. I used to go in there and load up at their candy counter.

Minuses: No minuses.

A great place to... For me , it is a good place to re-unite with family.
- dec81964
Pluses: lots of stuff to do

Minuses: it costs a lot of money

A great place to... meet new people
- amitchell2
Pluses: Its a great place to raise a family, close nit community and everyone in the highschool feels like a family. It has top of the line sporting facilitys at the highschool, a beautiful downtown with the river, and parks and boardwalks. Has everything you need. Close to Grand Rapids

Minuses: When the farms are fertilizing their fields, the town smells like manure

A great place to... Eat, Phil's Pizza, downtown Middleville
- ericaten
Pluses: bergen county suburn
good homes
school system

A great place to... live
go to school
- pburke
Pluses: I have been in Homestead for 2 days and the only thing I have found is a friendly hotel manager

Minuses: I had a automobile accident in Homestead on a Friday night @ 9:30 PM with 3 girls in a 2004 chevy malibu. They laugh at me for they were happy that it would be there word against mine is what they said. When the policeman arrived. One of the girls even stated that she has a policeman boyfriend.I knew I had been scam. The policeman would not listen to me and did only beliveve in the 3 girls as they laugh and laugh. The police office would not listen to any of my story. He gave a copy of the police report to the girls and never gave me a copy. When I asked. He stated I will have to wait 5 days in Homestead and then call the police department and then they will FAX me this report. He gave me a ticket and let me stranded with a car that would not run and no place to go to get help. I call 911 and they gave me a office that would be open on Monday @9AM what do I do?

A great place to... try to remember why did you come here

I have several pictures of Homestead finest policeman and his police car as he laugh and plays with the girls
- fjover
Pluses: nice homes

Minuses: water tax increase

A great place to... live
- ChrisnRyan
Pluses: I get to see my family

Minuses: It's too damn hot, and there's no nightlife.

A great place to... Get tan and go shopping for cheap.
- christierd
Feb. 16, 2007
Pluses: Amazing small town. Great restaurants, music clubs, warm people, antiques, quilters, crafters, and strawberry farms. Ponchatoula is as close to heaven as I've found. We moved here six months ago and found home. Prior to moving here we'd always lived in a city of over 1 million people. Now I've found home in a town of 5600 people.I'm never going to leave.

Minuses: None.

A great place to... Enjoy your life with less stress and more fun.

We entertain more, go out more and find more to do than we ever did in the city. This may not be indicative off all small towns but this town has a lot going for it.
- Nikki4612
Pluses: don't know any yet
- jproyalt
Pluses: summer home of robert frost, lovely trails
- smn
Pluses: Thinking of moving to Bynum area...small town atmosphere looks safe and nice by the river...looking for input, please.

Minuses: What about the water? Any thoughts on the future development of Bynum or surrounding areas? Thanks for sharing!
- charley
Pluses: country setting,people nice for the most part

Minuses: everyone knows your bussiness,some people dont believe life exists out side those county lines

A great place to... an awesome place to be is at all the surrounding waterring holes and i dont mean the top of missouri street

grew up in potosi now i live in the heart of st.louis sometimes i wish i could drop the city life and go back to my roots. then i visit my parents and snap back to reality, just kidding. i miss potosi some times and the school friends i made the and all the teachers
- potosigirl
My Father and Mother lived in Keyes in the 20's. Mother Narrah Bishop ran the Beatrice Creamery and my Father "Butch" Ashley Bishop ran a butcher shop and the grain elevator. Mother was pregnant with me and another woman was pregnant at the same time. Mr. Keyes said "Which ever had the first baby, would be named "The Sweetheart of Keyes and get a five dollar gold piece" Well, July 6, 1926 ,I was the first baby born in Keyes, Mother said I never did get the gold piece and I am just wondering if my name went in as the first baby of Keyes?? I have never been back, but my daughter, husband and I are planning a trip this spring, probably my last, as I am now 80 years old. I want to go thru Keyes and try and find the old creamery(We lived in the back of it) Does anyone know where it was?? Respectifully Submitted, Erma Louise (Bishop) Basden. [email protected]
- flbasden
Pluses: quiet

Minuses: boring

A great place to... raise children

friendly community
Pluses: I am actually trying to find out what everyon ethinks of Amber because my cousin Bobby Killman (Bodie) tells me its a wonderful awesome place and I would like to know what kind of places are for rent there because I maybe moving there .
- frostyfirecat15
Pluses: Residents pay less tax than those in the city of Stevens Point; they also have a smaller government which allows them to conveniently provide their own services at their own expense.

Minuses: The government of Park Ridge sometimes needs help from the city's services.

Not technically allowed to be incorporated as a village.
- ime5892
Pluses: I want to see pictures of the old colonial home at the end of main st, and in particurlar, the waterfalls, in the back.
- kemallory
Feb. 15, 2007
Pluses: Close to showdown and Bob's bar and Grill has great food and a fun time in the outside hottub

Minuses: none

A great place to... Eat, camp, rent a hotel, and get away from everday life.
- jelmlaurie
Pluses: Beaches, resturaunts, bars, boardwalk bands on wednesday nights

Minuses: The fact that there is no Amusement park. I grew up in Sea Isle and always thought of the day I'd be able to bring my own children back to ride the same rides I'd ridden long ago. Now, when we come we have to go to Ocean City and it's just not nearly as fun. Any chance an amusement park will be coming soon.
- akbutler
Pluses: Its a small town, schools are great.

Minuses: The city of Walnut Grove does not verify reports that are made to them. They just come out and give you a citation no matter if the complaint is true or false. The mayor is not very friendly. The worst subdivision to live in is Emerald Cove. To many busy bodies trying to get in your business.
- doodles63000
Pluses: Very friendly people

Minuses: Expensive Utilities

A great place to... Live
- kandilina
A great place to... A good place to live. I love all the trees that surround me. Love the smell of the pine and all the nice, wonderful people.

I lived there once upon a time!
- sara
A healthy workplace is in the best interest of the community in general. To this end some doctors on Seabrook and Kiawah Islands are starting a free medical clinic on Johns Island. The Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic will serve the people of John?s and Wadmalaw Island. For more information call 843-810-3333
- ireland
Pluses: It's beautiful! An oasis of green with lots to look at.

Minuses: Some neighbors don't appreciate or take care of the homes or farm buildings that they own. These are signature structures for Shacktown!

A great place to... ...............come Home to...........
- bosswench59
Feb. 14, 2007
Pluses: Quite country/farm living
No traffic
No noise
Good deer hunting areas

Minuses: Increase in drug traffic and use
City and unincorporated areas are being plagued with litter
No industry other than some logging
Short on police or sheriff protection

A great place to... Retire
- hurstmaloid
Pluses: Sophia, WV is within close proximity to schools -- Coal City Elementary, Independence Middle School and Independence High Schools. The town is incorporated with a Mayor's office, police department and volunteer fire department.

Sophia has a small library and some local organizations and clubs. There's a small medical clinic in the town as well.

Minuses: There isn't much culture or diversity in the town of Sophia. And it is a small town. So don't look for much in the way of a lot of shopping, or store that remain open after 6 p.m.

A great place to... Raise kids and retire. Not much for the 20 - 30 set.

Sophia is known as being home to Sen. Robert C. Byrd. He actually grew up a few miles from Sophia, but I believe he attended schools in Sophia, W.Va.
- Reeney67
Pluses: Quiet, friendly

A great place to... eat, drink and relax
- jlboyle10
Pluses: the waterview is fantastic, beautiful, great to walk along in any weather.

Minuses: parking close to home is nill!

A great place to... live peacefully
- Joann
Pluses: Friendly atmosphere. Very family oriented residents. Long time family history of residents.

Minuses: Decline of town and residences.

A great place to... Raise a family

My home for the past 41 years, my father's home for 66 years, my grandmother's home for 83 years and her family before here were the original Harrison Family.
- mstory
Feb. 13, 2007
Pluses: The weather is Heaven most of the year. If you like heat, it's great all the time! Most of the days are sunny and bright. Palm Springs has a great small town feel with friendly people everywhere. That's because you feel like your on vacation when you live here. Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Hiking, Museums, Shopping, Gambling and Relaxing are just some of pastimes. Diveristy is well accepted here.
- RickyMartinRealtor
Pluses: lots of businesses

Minuses: small

A great place to... sleep

- smokincowgirl159
Pluses: don't know
- hardyhorse
Pluses: Herb and Harvest Fest in September and the Farmers Merchants picnic in August.

Minuses: Can be extremely windy

A great place to... Go to College

Small town, friendly people - close to Lima and Findlay
- CharleyBlue
Pluses: it is beautiful and quiet. Not overly populated... yet

Minuses: not enough night life

A great place to... eat lunch is at PJ's Acfe in the center of McDonough
- aberthet
Pluses: Greatest small town village in the USA

A great place to... It does not get any better than the New Haven River in the summer.

A wonderful place to shop and eat.
Pluses: nice ranch people
- harleygirl82637
Pluses: weather, folk festival, TX hill country!

Minuses: It's too far away from me in New Orleans

A great place to... heal yourself
- Suzannah
Pluses: Quiet, large wooded lots. Well kept homes. Not postage-stamp, homes are all different.

Minuses: Possibility of new apartment complex behind Deer Run which would put more traffic than our streets could handle.

A great place to... Sit in your easy chair and look out your window at the creek (if you are fortunate to have that view).

Easy access to I-65, downtown.
- lorettna
Pluses: a small town where we all work for the better of mankind

Minuses: Not enough businesses and jobs for the towns people.

A great place to... retire and spend your last days in this world.
- halex
Pluses: My ancestors are from the area and I hope to travel there soon and do some research in the vital records dept or wherever births, deaths, and marriages are kept. I'm excited and hopeful that what I need will have been preserved.

Minuses: I live several hours away in another state so it requires time off from work or finding a holiday which unfortunately means the local government offices will probably be closed too. I want to visit the Presbyterian church where I've been told I have relatives interned particularly my great grandmother and great grandmother. There names are William Keels and Effie Buddin.

A great place to... Find old family members and you never know, new friends.

I will be looking in the Presbyterian church in hopes of finding some of my ancestors graves or perhaps marriage records in the church. Our days are limited to Sunday and Monday so if we find it is complicated or time intentive we may have to continue at home.
- wallspriggs
Feb. 12, 2007
Pluses: Abundant DPS employees(officers)

Minuses: I-35 traffic

A great place to... start a new life
- guruji
Pluses: There is good shopping in Sugarland approx 15 minutes away.

Minuses: Approx. 45 minutes from downtown on the weekend. more during rush hour up to 70 minutes. Several prisons in the area.
- sharon60
Pluses: It's not Houston(Murderville).

Minuses: Channelview is a refiney town. So it smell like chemicals all the time.
- sharon60
Pluses: It's small, but a great place to live and have your formative years there. Close enough to a major city to enjoy the city things.

Minuses: It's small.
- LaVergne
Pluses: It looks very good in your rear view mirror.

Minuses: racist, small-minded, greedy, fundamentalist mentality rules.
Homophobic in the extreme.
A corrupt, lack-luster goverment aided by a syncophatic press. Notre Dame controls much of the governnment. Power is in the hands of a few, the poor are miserably treated.
This is a petty, hateful place.

A great place to... leave.
- quakerite
Pluses: The people of Rhodell, W.Va. are very friendly. I think they are naturally warm and kind people.
It is quiet in Rhodell. There's not a lot of traffic. So you will find things are quite peaceful.
We have a post office which is closeby and of course the Rhodell Health Clinic.

Minuses: There aren't many places to shop. The places that are available close pretty early. So if you are craving that big gulp at 11 a.m. -- forget it until the store opens the next morning. Most places close around 6 p.m.
Rhodell is probably about 11 miles from any major grocery stores or shopping outlets.

A great place to... RETIRE. The slow pace of life there is perfect for retirees. I wouldn't really recommend it for the 20+ set. It's a decent place to raise kids though. Though you won't find much in the way of softball, baseball or soccer teams, unless you drive the 12 or so miles to neighboring Mullens, W.Va. or Beckley, W.Va.

Rhodell was once, like most town, a booming coal town. But population counts have decreased. Many of the folks who did live there today are related or from the same family. I would think Rhodel has less than 2000 residents there.
- Reeney67
A great place to... Stay if going to the races at Budds creek
- astewart
Pluses: small town charm. The people

Minuses: The current elected officials. Small Town politics made up of the good ole boys.

A great place to... get a hamburger.
- FairwaysandGreens
Pluses: No traffic. No smog. Nice 20 acre lake in park with lots of water birds. Local middle school. Local High School will open September of 2007. Local Air Field for private planes. Reasonable housing compared to other areas in Kern County.

Minuses: No grocery store. Not much job opportunity. Long way to civilization. Not much in the way of good eateries. Prices of land has increased by 400% in 3 years. Prices of houses have increased by 150% in 3 years. City doesn't maintain its streets or water system. City seems to be run by the good-old-boy system. If you got a friend in high places, you can get things done, if not, good luck.

Hot in the summer - up to 115. Cold in winter - recent low in December of 2007 was 15 degrees F.

A great place to... Fly a sail plane, ride desert vehicles, see some fabulous early morning and evening skys.

30 minutes to Edwards Air Force Base.
55 minutes to Palmdale, California
50 minutes to Tehachipi, California
20 minutes to Mojave, CA
- efittery
Pluses: Hiking trails

A great place to... Vacation with a family
- smusto
A great place to... have a happy childhood
- finely1
Pluses: It is a small town that eveyone knows eveyone which means we are a close community

Minuses: Meth is every where.there is a lot of people moving out
- dmklmk
Pluses: What is the community like! Is it in the mountains and what is there to do there?

Minuses: Is there much to do there - casinos, horseracing, etc.

A great place to... Where is there a good place to go there.

Are the houses - 5 bedrooms, 2-1/2 bathrooms expensive? What is the going price?
- csoka111
Pluses: great people, great schools

Minuses: nothing to do

A great place to... live

i lived there for 16 years, all my family lives there now.I have 3 nephews on the football team
- newton1
Feb. 11, 2007
A great place to... is it a nice friendly town?
- boydjackie
Pluses: Hampstead is a safe place to live. We sometimes forget to lock our doors at night. Also, Hampstead is clean and has beautiful landscapes. Hampstead is a great community to raise small children and watch them grow.

Minuses: Most stores besides the 7-11 close at 8 PM during the week. Also, there aren't many stores to go shopping. Hampstead has a Wal Mart, 2 Weis grocery stores, and various over priced "mom and pop" stores. The closest mall is in Westminster,and it takes about 20 minutes to get there depending how close you live to the connecting road (RT. 482).

A great place to... EAT is at Genova's,a family owned resturant. Another good place to eat is Peking No.1,which serves excellent sushi.
- eppstacy
Pluses: Purple Potato Restaurant, Kings Muffler, Salmon's furniture, Cold Stone Ice Cream, Bowling

Minuses: Tractors on the road, unfriendly police officers, hot weather in the summer

A great place to... A good place to eat is Purple Potato
A good place for ice cream is Stone Cold
A good place to take your race car is Kings Muffler
A good time is to be had at Vida's
- brooke
Pluses: safe

Minuses: white

A great place to... walk
- Sawna
Pluses: Beaches

Minuses: Lack of downtown upscale nightlife

A great place to... chill
Pluses: lots of tress

Minuses: not many homes

A great place to... visit

- commodore
Pluses: Former rural mini-city

Minuses: The threat of traffic clogging sprawl from Backus Motors to West Stafford!!
Feb. 10, 2007
I myself need to know pluses and minuses of Presque Isle ME to move there.
- makbar
Pluses: endless outdoor activities

Minuses: not enough jobs
- Erich
Pluses: pretty area

Minuses: lack of access to official information, such as Township Code, via internet
- libby
Pluses: nice

Minuses: hot

A great place to... shop
- jameschapman
Pluses: wonderful view of the mountains
- livn4him4ever
Pluses: I am thinking about relocating to rockland
- tnrter
Pluses: No bars! some cars, peaceful, polite, safe. An abundance of wildbirds, sparse population, great place for artists and writers. Only two scheduled boats to the mainland in the summer. In the winter usually a morning boat leaves Ewell at 730 and returns to Ewell at 1230 from Crisfield.

Minuses: Many mosquitos, black flies, greenheads and other flying, biting insects in the summer!

A great place to... Live, relax, write, paint, photograph, meditate, kayak, fish, birdwatch, watch spectacular sunsets, listen to cicadas, create art, read, visit, walk, ride bikes...

Captain Terry Laird runs the "Jason" which leaves Crisfield at 1230 and 5pm, and his boat leaves Ewell at 730 am and 4pm in the spring and summer, less frequently in the winter. It's best to call if you are planning a winter visit. He can be reached at: 410 425-5931. Other information about the island and things to do can be found by phoning aram or miriam at 410 425 2053, or, emailing, [email protected]
- aram
Pluses: Close to Houston without the big city stress. Very diverse. Great small town feel.

Minuses: No department stores. No Target. Alot of alergens in the air.

A great place to... Find a house hidden away on an old street and live a happy quiet life.

Older than Houston.
- aaronvelez
Pluses: convenient for shopping

Minuses: very small

A great place to... explore
- 1nisia
Pluses: historic buildings, friendly people, and good schools and a library

Minuses: child molester lives nearby, some mischevious children, and winter storms

A great place to... enjoy annual Morrisonville festivities such as the Morrisonville Picnic, the world's largest frog-jumping contest, Old Fashioned Christmases, and Downtown Days in June. Also the local public school district hosts a carnival annually featuring games, lemon shake-ups and a talent show. Morrisonville is also a great place to meet new friends because you are always excepted as part of the small town family when you are here.

Morrisonville has an interesting history dating back to 1869
- morrisonvillebrad
Pluses: this is one of the most beatiful places in the country or anywhere iv'e traveled in the world. the people are honest and kind. i belive this is where id raise my children, because of the strong morals and religious values.i love the fact that people want less governtment involvement. ( they get that) because the govt. takes it from them and uses it to promote there own agenda. too bad we don't look out for the people who mostly give from the heart .This community is so caregiving and looks out for there own.

Minuses: trash, trash, trash!. it saddens me to see so much litter and to witness people throw there morning breakfast garbage out the window on there way to work. Look at your road sides. The only time i have seen so much litter along the road,is leading to the dump. i would love to see some type of recycling program here. its estimated, we as consumers, throw away 50 million plastic bottles away daily. Try a 10 cents tax on bottles and get those returned back to the companies that make them, not to say even at 2 cents tax on that return you'd probably get the money for the schools and help the people that are all ready out there collecting the cans for the money. it would help greatly to clean up this state and ive seen the results personally in michigan. the leaders here are nothing more then (the good ole boys lining THERE! pockets for there own profits). i guess i shouldnt be surprised. the trail they are leading this state down has been used so many other places in this great country!

A great place to... a good place to enjoy life,freedom, and liberty. to be able to choose for ones own, destiny, Not be worried about being spied on by big brother.

i would love to have someone interview me because as a new resident i have a outside view and anoligy of whats going on here. i dont have the answers, but i have some good ideas that could lead to the solutions.(as for my spelling , i too am a public school grad...need i say more?). recommend private or home schooling.
- mrziggy
Pluses: nice in summer

A great place to... relax
- jberch
Pluses: I do not live there. I may move there because homes are affordable and there is a university nearby.

Minuses: I like the big city, and it is far from Baltimore, Washington, and Philly.

A great place to... I am hoping it will be a relaxing place to escape the rat race. I currently live near Seattle, and feel that if Cumberland passes the "Bellingham test" (B'ham is a college town on I-5 between Seattle and Canada), I might wish to live there.
- playfair
Feb. 9, 2007
Pluses: Great area to live

Minuses: trash pick up

A great place to... live quietly
- ruggieronick
Pluses: Small town many memories

Minuses: Too hot

A great place to... Make great friends and raise children
- corinna
Pluses: It is absolutly gorgeous in the spring and summer. The down town is amazingly quaint and wonderful. The entire town is exqusiste and lushously historical. Ever seen Gilmore Girls? Tecumseh is just like Stars Hollow. Just real. ; ) The snow in the winter is beautiful, and the first snow is to die for. the amount of snow days arnt bad eiather.

Minuses: it gets rather bitter and cold in the winter, and the entire town is dead on Sundays untill 12. The government has a slight stick up their butt. But the town is still great.

A great place to... the Daily Grind! All the cafes I have ever been too, this one is by FAR the greatest. The chocolate Vault is also a great place to go. Classic malt shoppe, but with a wide assortment of things and creations of all sorts.

since the Tecumseh Products moved I am not sure how the economy is doing. But it dosent really matter to me. It is the best town I have ever lived in.
- coffee4two
Pluses: Country living is peaceful
- greg67
Feb. 8, 2007
Pluses: I grew up in Brainard, ny...I loved it there! I lived there from about 1972 until 1980.
- kimdoom
Pluses: mostly friendly people

Minuses: no money in this town
- kittenstuff67
Pluses: Cost of living
Gay Community

A great place to... live
- lilywidget
Pluses: Well, Scotlandville is one of Baton Rouge's first African American communities. It is located in North Baton Rouge, and is home to the historical black college known as Southern University.

Minuses: Scotlandville is known for its poverty and low income housing. The crime rate is pretty high in the area due to its conditions and surroundings.

A great place to... Southern University would be the best place to visit when in the Scotlandville area. It is the most popular black college in Louisiana and most of the southern states.

The Baton Rouge Metro Airport is also in the Scotlandville area.
- trel00ellis
Pluses: Great down to earth place to be, Friendly people and for the most part caring hard working people.
Beautiful views!

Minuses: The city of Frostproof Water is out of control! someone realy needs to look into this matter. A house with 2 adults who work all day, how can they have a $300 or more water bill? and they are not on a sewer line! This is CRAZY! No one in town can explain this, It seems everyone is to scared to ask questions, I would like to have answers? anyone know whats up?
- babypictures
Pluses: pleasant historic small town close to interstate

Minuses: prices slightly higher than in the big cities

A great place to... bring up children

Chickasha puts on one of the finest lighted Christmas displays in the country
- richardedwards
Feb. 7, 2007
Pluses: 10 casinos
- cstadler2
Pluses: SC Taxes and Vehicle Registration
Charlotte and Carowinds nearby

Minuses: Too many people moving here

A great place to... Raise a family
- fastmover1
Pluses: wide open, trees, prop goimg up &up

Minuses: none

A great place to... shop
- emay2222
Pluses: Beautiful rolling landscape

Minuses: Beautiful rolling landscape littered with the overbred, lowest lifeforms.

A great place to... give to another country
- imme
Pluses: Beautiful place with wonderful schools and libraries.

Minuses: Far from major market stores.

A great place to... live and raise a family.

Great place!!!
- bfee
Pluses: I grew up in Calwa when it was a very nice neighborhood. I'm hispanic and we had black and white neighbors.

Minuses: Too many bad families started moving in the neighborhood in the late 70's.

A great place to... leave.

There's always some good in most people, hopefully Calwa still attracts decent people.
- eleyva
Pluses: Great Weather

Minuses: Housing Costs

A great place to... do outdoor activities

Well located
- chrisj
Pluses: Friendly people both residents, snowbirds and venders. The property is gorgeous and perfectly groomed at all times. Lots to do regardless of what your intrests are. Plenty of shopping, dining and night life.

We have been in the Villages since the first of November and can't imagine living any where else now.

Minuses: January - April it is very crowded with the snow birds, but everyone is so friendly. Must learn lots of patience,

A great place to... Live, golf, swim and play

When buying a home, be sure to look on both sides of 441...the historical side has a certain charm that you can't find in the newer sections.
- karinAllen
Pluses: Safe and very peaceful.

Minuses: Not enough diversity. I wonder why?

A great place to... Start a family and raise children
Feb. 6, 2007
Pluses: it is a beautiful place

Minuses: it is far of the city

A great place to... it is a good place to see the woods
- victor
Pluses: Beautiful, scenic, and homey

Minuses: Too far from me to visit more often

A great place to... Vacation

My brother has a place there
- lolo4u
Pluses: Awesome restaurants!

Minuses: Nothing for young people to do

A great place to... Live and raise small children
- Chartownrn23
Pluses: Fort Loramie is small peaceful town that has an excellent school system.

A great place to... raise a family.
- cncjim
Pluses: Pretty in the Spring and Fall

Minuses: Not enough restaurants
Ugly buildings need to be torn down
Need condos or nice apartment complexes

A great place to... visit
- cshepherd
Pluses: a very quiet community. You feel like you are out in a rural area, but only minutes from city. The best school in this area!

Minuses: Not enough eating places, or things for kids to do.

A great place to... Raise your children.
- puryeardonna
Pluses: quiet

Minuses: some ornery neighbors

A great place to... start a family
- teya
Pluses: Many kids

Minuses: Mean people

A great place to... La piazza

- elisalibret
Pluses: The wheather seems to be better along the shoreline for the most part.
We don't get as much snow usually as other parts of the state. There are many things to do and greta places to eat.
It also fun to be at the beach.

Minuses: There has been a increase of crime in the downtown area.
I personally have a long drive to work everyday. The drive to go through Long Wharf or over the Q bridge is enough to make you crazy. If you'd never experienced road rage chances are you will through the merge.

A great place to... Food uis plentiful and delilous. Easy access and the parking isn't too bad either.
- seehowur
Pluses: Government willing to look to the future for growth and stability. Great schools.

A great place to... Raise a family and develop long lasting relationships.
- Upbeat
Feb. 5, 2007
Pluses: There are 3 churches inside the town of Woodford - St. John's United Methodist Church on Church St., Bethlehem Baptist Church on Williams Street, and Breaking Chains (an interdenominational church) on Savannah Hwy.

The businesses located inside of Woodford are Argoe Screen Co., Chavis Tractor Repair, Woodford Produce, Livingston Farms, Blackie Collins Knives, and Vern's Beauty Shop.

The town is surrounded by fields of vegetables and cotton.

We have a Community Center that is quite nice with good kitchen facilities that is utilized a great deal for town functions. We also rent it out to private citizens.

The town government consists of Mayor Charles Stoudemire, Council Members - Anne Johnson, Timmy Jefferson, Adrian Martin, Vernetha Williams and Municipal Clerk Jeanne Derrick. The council meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 in the mayor's office.

We have a strong Litter Control law and the citizens work together to keep all trash picked up inside of the town.

A great place to... Woodford is a good place to relax and feel good about yourself and your family. The atmosphere is friendly and caring. There are people of all ages that band together to enjoy each other.
- JeanneDerrick
Pluses: nice people, quiet, wide open spaces, small town feel

Minuses: not enough restaurants or services

A great place to... relax, retire
- hickorygirl
Pluses: Nice country setting with beautiful views

Minuses: Small town, everyone knows everything about each other, meth capitol of the world.

A great place to... live and raise a family, if you are away from town and don't get to know the locals
- katteekissem
Pluses: Wonderful country atmosphere.

A great place to... Farm
- ruthmarge
Pluses: an up in coming area

Minuses: still under developed

A great place to... work and live
- kurt
Pluses: beautiful, original craftsman homes circa 1920 to 1930. affordable home prices. Large well kept park anchors the neighborhood. alot of renovations happening throughout the neighborhood. close to downtown, east atl, inman park, grant park and liitle 5 points.

Minuses: No retail or commercial sites. yet. still a little rough around the perimiter of the neighborhood.

A great place to... first time homebuyers looking for a classic home thats affordable and intown. .
- shangie
Pluses: mountains and beauty
- julie79
Pluses: Historical
Beautiful mountains

Minuses: To conservitive
Mostly Republican
Not willing to see the issues
Closed minded

A great place to... Visit
Meals, Great Restaurants
- WaterDancer
Pluses: good summers
pretty area
many lakes
friendly people

Minuses: hills
cold winter
high taxes
poor street care

A great place to... look for a wife
- pillbones
Pluses: beautiful

Minuses: expensive

A great place to... live

love it
- gregkristile
Pluses: Well Clarks is a small town . Slow life near hwy 165. At one time this was a nice town but she has gone down hill. The new mayor is trying to turn the town around, he will need a lot of help

Minuses: Pit bulldogs go un checked ,there are hundred of trash cars and trucks all over town. The smell of horse poo is strong in some place around town. The town at one time was a nice town but now it some what looks like a dump

A great place to... Franceses at top of the hill in Columbia
- eebucke8
Pluses: Great People

Minuses: Cold and Snow for to long
- keyboss
Feb. 4, 2007
Pluses: you know all your neighbors

Minuses: roads are not always "up to date"

A great place to... get in touch with nature
- dryhillstar
Pluses: small town usa

Minuses: smaller town usa
- raymond
Pluses: lots of museums, parks, bike paths, and close to many bigger cities
the river

Minuses: the winters are AWFUL!

A great place to... raise a family
go to chiropractic school

home of Palmer Chiropractic College
- ucmama3
Pluses: climate; entertainment-media capital; geographic diversity; beaches.

Minuses: Traffic; bad schools; gangs; too spread out.

A great place to... Enjoy nightlife, including restaurants, bars, clubs.
- Tjent
Pluses: A great multitude of cultures and traditions in one place.

A great place to... Work
- Amie
Pluses: Lots of fine stores and great places to eat. Quite, low crime, diverse and the best of all, it is just minutes away from downtown Houston.

Minuses: Some road construction under way as of 2-1-2007 but not to much of a slow down.

A great place to... Make Home. What more can I say
- turner774
Pluses: friendly people, most of the people are lifetime residents

Minuses: alot of the people who make up the town are getting up in age and unfortunately over the next few years may not be around, the few people that are starting to move in don't seem to have the same values and way of living as the long time residents and alot of unwanted and shady activities have occured over the past few years,the town seems to be going down unfortunately and is getting rundown.

A great place to... good place to live the country life on the outskirts of the town.
- slapshot
Feb. 3, 2007
Pluses: I would like someone to contact me about Fern Creek KY.
What kind of neighborhood is it? Is it close to shopping, schools etc. Also what is the median income for this area?
- Maggie
Pluses: On the lake. Peaceful between labor day & memorial day. Fun to visit in the summer.

Minuses: City services leave alot to be desired. Many zoning issues. Property maintainance needs to be strictly enforced. Facades on the strip could use alot of work to entice tourism. "speed trap" main source of revenue in off season. Trying to upscale with overpriced"lodge". Ashtabula property taxes high considering median income!

A great place to... Visit in the summer. Go fishing. Get drunk!
- JANAL615
Pluses: St. Paul has a low crime rate, good school system, and is quiet.
Excellent place to rear children.
A true small town where most neighbors know and care about each other.

Minuses: Currently St. Paul has a town council that are too self absorbed and egotistic to work together and set personal issues with each other aside.

There is no cell phone service.
Shopping is very limited.
No type of theater...
No where to dine in the evening expect for fast food....
Too many of the boards and governing bodies seats are occupied by the same people who serve on the town council.

A great place to... Retire
Step back a decade.
Pluses: Quiet

Minuses: No city sewer
- tdubb92000
Feb. 2, 2007
Pluses: quiet for the most part
nice residential area

Minuses: close proximity to Roosevelt Blvd.
occasional traffic delays

A great place to... raise a family,
- donnarob
Pluses: Los Angeles International Airport is located within Westchester. LAX provides excellent transportation options as well as millions of dollars of direct commerce inflow to the area near the airport.
- WestchesterLAX
Pluses: Otis College of Art and Design and LMU provide energy and vitality to the well established Westcheser area.
- WestchesterLAX
Pluses: interesting apartments, good shopping, access to good food.

Minuses: the people can be extremely rude. it is a very violent and corrupt city. horrible weather. and my god ! the accent when people talk !!! uugghhhh

A great place to... visit. long weekend.
- florida1
Pluses: I love Little Falls! It is a small, home-town community with easy access to big-city attractions and all the amenities a person needs. The history is rich and diverse and the future looks bright. The town is just right! Not too small and not too big. What more could you want?

Minuses: Winter

A great place to... Raise my young family, volunteer, visit great attractions: Charles A. Lindbergh Home, History Center and State Park, MN Fishing Museum, Pine Grove Park ZOO, MN Military Museum, Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Museum (local historical society) and so many beautiful parks. It is also a great place to enjoy the beautiful Mississippi River and refreshing lakes.

Little Falls is easily accessible from Hwys. 10, 27 and 371. We are centrally located in the middle of Minnesota on the Mississippi River. The city limit population is over 8,300 inhabitants with surrounding residential areas totaling about 14,000-15,000 people. We are only 30 minutes south of Brainerd and 30 minutes north of St. Cloud. Little Falls was established in 1848, making us one of the oldest communities in Minnesota!
- gabriellevan
Pluses: Beaches are a great vacationing spot. Most people are friendly.

Minuses: Traffic, poor living conditions in some areas, and to many lazy people.

A great place to... visit ocassionally.
- baddkittyl929
Pluses: lots of resturants, shopping center, affordable homes and condos

Minuses: doesn't have a convient transit

A great place to... live and shop
- Project1
Pluses: Plenty of children
Good schools

Minuses: lacks diversity

A great place to... raise children
- Blondie020101
Pluses: Beautiful scenery. Foothills of Berkshires. Absolutely gorgeous. Small town mentality.

Minuses: Has attracted too many weekenders/vacationers/transplants from NYC. A very rude group of people who believe they know what is best for the town into which they've just located.

A great place to... Enjoy a quiet way of life.
- cidiot
Pluses: Summer Friendly, Lots of Festivals and Music

Minuses: Too much winter---long stretch between January and April!!!!
- sochagary
Feb. 1, 2007
Pluses: i would like to know,considering moving there if someone can tell me how to locate my property in hidden valley ranchettes
- patgracy
Pluses: centerally located

Minuses: growing to quickly

A great place to... raise a family
- rayjarrell
Pluses: beaches small town beautiful

A great place to... raise children
- bunty
Pluses: Beautiful mountain and snow vistas. Gretchen's Cafe Culture rocks! Friendly people. Town has a quaint, tucked away feeling.

Minuses: No Jobs!

A great place to... Go boating. Gift shop. Meet locals over coffee.
- steveisme
Pluses: beautiful houses North of I70! It has a nice community of people who seem to care about their town.

Minuses: Even though it has Waynetown and Northpark shopping centers, there are a few major stores missing and quite distance away.

A great place to... raise a family
- miladyk
Pluses: Historic downtown, Lake Memphremagog, great nearby skiing in the winter and golf in the summer. In addition to year-round outdoor activities we are in close proximity to our Canadian friends to the North!

Recreation, culture, food and International flair are just a few of our offerings. For many, this area - and this City - has become a Haven from the busy world of the 21st Century by holding on to the charm of Vermont's past. But don't be deceived; we have all the amenities you have come to expect from larger, more congested areas.

The truth is, there are too many pluses to include here. How can you put a character limit on how many offerings we have? Especially when we have so much character!

Minuses: Not many people know about all the gifts our little city by the lake has to offer - and maybe that's a plus, because your won't feel cramped walking along the boardwalk on the waters edge or traversing around the lake on our beautiful bike path.

A great place to... Ski at nearby ski areas Jay Peak and Burke Mountain, walk the mountains (when you take the high road or the low road around here it won't matter who gets there first!).

You can swim in many of our beautiful local lakes that include Salem, Willoughby, Crystal, and, of course, our own Lake Memphremagog. Each is also a great place to boat or fish - ice fishing in the winter and Bass fishing in the summer).

We have world famous clean air, with great schools and strong, friendly communities. Of note is a large and growing arts community.

For years the area has been know as the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont - and Newport is a jewel in the crown.

Our location is convenient to Interstate 91 and we have one of Vermont's most beautifully restored old libraries - Goodrich Memorial and we are home to one of the state's best hospitals (North Country Hospital), and our fire department, ambulance and public services are celebrated for their efficiency and effectiveness.
- newporter
Pluses: Downers Grove is located strategiacally with easy access to Chicago by train or by car. The village is friendly with a Newcomer's Club. and neighbors who participae in the annual Heritage Fest held in the heart of Downers Grove. It s great to come and see all your neighbors enjoyng themselveds at this Downers Grove Festival!

The community is educationally concerned and there are many very involved parents in the public school district. My wn children are college graduates, having been well-prepared for their academic and career future. There is a Friends of the Library support group and Friends of the Gifted and Talented support groups comrpised of parents and educators to enhance educational experiences for talented youngsters.

The Park District is incredible--full of classes for all ages and the Parks Department is wonderful. There are more parks than anyplace I know, ready and waiting to be enjoyed by all for walks, exercise, picnics or sledding.

Minuses: I cannot think of any negatives living in Downers Grove.

A great place to... Celebrate with neighbors at community celebrations like the many foot races, international bike races, Heritage Festimal, the Ice Gestival and arts and crafts festivals, parades, and so on!

In the schools there are Great Books for discussion programs, Art Appreciation run by the parental volunteers, an extensive district Science Fair co-sponsored with school and parents, a great YMCA, etc.

Additionally, medical, health and human resources services are abundant in DOwners Grove. Nondenominational organizations along with the churshes house 'homeless people' temporarily and help them get redirected, run large food pantries, and support a group that helps women reentering the workforce find clothing and jobs.
- gavinm

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