Community reviews



Jan. 31, 2007
Pluses: It's quiet.

Minuses: It's part of Pensacola, which was disliked even by William Bartram in 1777; and is bordered by the oppressive areas known as Ensley and Nine Mile Road.

A great place to... Visit family, or build a house on Pensacola Bay if you are wealthy enough. But why? since Pensacola is really a dead city with nothing to do except jet-set out of it.

Pensacola is strange. It is a weird mix of rednecks and very progressive-minded people, who are usually high school kids. It is not a recommended place to relocate to, however. Pay is very low unless you are white collar. The entire area is known as Flora-Bama, if that gives any hints. It's not really Florida, as many understand Florida.
- barrowwight
Pluses: it is a beautiful town
- mercier
Pluses: Close to Charleston

Minuses: No locus. Bedroom community. Very urban. Little shopping.
- lynnanstine

Pluses: Picturesque town. Location near Charlottesville.

Minuses: Real estate prices too high!

A great place to... Live

Have stopped to eat at a great little restaurant in Lovingston when traveling. Seems as if it would be a nice place to live. But, find houses too expensive.
- lynnanstine
Pluses: There aren't too many. Some of the surrounding wooded areas are nice. The town is small enough that you can walk anywhere that you need to go. Casinos are just over an hour away, to the north.

Minuses: Clarksdale is a very impoverished place and living amidst dilapidated shacks and people who have been on welfare for generations is tremendously depressing. There's absolutely no nightlife and very few restaurants, and most of the buildings and stores are ancient. Those who might be attracted by the blues history should be aware that there's no thriving blues scene and the Delta Blues Museum is a small five-room house. Any normal person would feel sympathy for the town's situation. However, living there was a nightmare and felt like the overture of some horrible doom. Not recommended.

A great place to... Become an alcoholic or develop suicidal tendencies.
- cwl187
Pluses: A blend of the best elements of small town and city life. Lots of diversity, lots of variety in restaurants and shops for a town its size, a very low crime rate, and easily-accessible natural areas for camping and hiking. If you're looking for a Chicago-esque metropolis, this isn't the place for you, but Lexington provides the best balance of variety and serenity that I've experienced. Rent's also very cheap if you look in the right places (e.g. north Lexington, away from the college). If you like horses or whiskey, this is your Mecca.

Minuses: Traffic is a nightmare during rush hour and UK basketball games, so it's best to find alternate routes. The locals' devotion to basketball is sometimes scary and cult-like.

A great place to... Visit and live.
- cwl187
Jan. 30, 2007
Pluses: You offer lots of city amminities and a safe enviroment with a police department and fire department that rates in the top 1% in the nation in response time. Your parks and library system is superior.

Minuses: Your back door attemp to create revenue .Your attempt to penalize landlords who helps provide affordable housing to those people who got displaced by your eleminating the lower end housing by giving your big developer the right to evict the poor. Now you want to further your support of major development by running off the individual landlords so your developer can corner the market. My son is a member of the ACLU and I had him forward a copy of a letter I got from the NKC Landlord assoc. and he said it sounds discriminitory to him. What do you thing? I forwarded a copy to the ACLU's office in St Louis Since you have become so intrested in the condition and the reputation of the city I will be glad to forward addresses that are in need repair and is affecting my property value it is right behind 1408 e 23rd please contact the property owner (who is not renting by the way) and demand some paint and repair as I have thousands of dollars in a investment.
- hagen3727
Pluses: very laid back town lots of farming , hunting , fishing, and good eating. cheap peaceful living

Minuses: no champagne dry town

A great place to... cafe on highway 82 good southern food . also good hunting clubs to join. mulbery creek good camping

if you are looking to get away from the city and enjoy nature maplesville is a great town very small but i love to go back and visit. the people are so nice.
- auburn2004
Pluses: Although Lafayette is a county seat of (walker) with 3-law enforcement agencies,they don't really mess with you.It is very laid back here.

Minuses: Too many to mention!

A great place to... Have lots of kids and die young!
- shubadeeboo
Pluses: has good locations

Minuses: crime rate

A great place to... to do touring

very hot
- carlos
Pluses: It's a beautiful and inexpensive place to live.

Minuses: There isn't enough industry to support the population where jobs are concerned, so a lot of people are moving away.

A great place to... raise a family.
- Margie
Pluses: Quiet, Landscaping,

Minuses: Traffic, Narrow streets

A great place to... Raise a family, Walk the dog, Relax
- svanarsd26
Pluses: 1. city life without large city traffic and crime
2. lots of entertainment options: movies, sports, opera, off broadway plays, museums, Keeneland, ets
3. University of Kentucky
4. lots of excellent and highly rated restaurants
5. safe and beautiful neighborhoods
6. excellent school systems with lots of choices
7. growing economy and infrastructure

Minuses: 1. poor city planning with regards to roads and development
2. only one airport, very limited flight options

A great place to... live if you like basketball, horseracing and a laid back approach to life.
- dgrannis
Pluses: 1. very safe
2. everyone knows your name
3. everyone is friendly
4. beautiful farm land

Minuses: 1. stagnant economy
2. very little to do for entertainment
3. lack of restaurants or commercial businesses
4. political infrustructure based on name recognition
5. average educational system, with no options outside public school system
6. racial tension still high
7. dry county

A great place to... relax with little worries.
- dgrannis
Pluses: nice university, some shops, nice new developments for housing, several schools

Minuses: if you were not born in magnolia then you are treated like a second class citizen, the restaurants here are sub standard, the county will not allow liquor licenses so you may not choose for yourself if you would like a glass of wine with supper, but you are welcome to drive 20 minutes to a liquor store in Louisiana to buy alcohol (makes no sense), people here seem generally uptight and very judgmental, but don't worry you will see them all at the drive through liquor store in Louisiana, however they will not recognize you!

A great place to... NOT sure
- daninick
Pluses: weather

Minuses: employment

A great place to... recreate
- joanhill3
Pluses: southern hospitality most of the time

A great place to... live, raise kids
- mandyhale
Pluses: Open area, large wildlife population. Easy proximinity to NYC and major Highways. Caring citizens. Wonderful services, RE: fire etc.

Minuses: Proposed expanding housing . Limiting younger population due to high home prices. Large taxes. Transportation for senior citizens and for non drivers lacking. Expansion of Stop n Stop scares some citizens. Downtown area propsal taking a long time and citizens are worried about excess traffic and noise.

A great place to... Live
- briarcliff
Pluses: scenery

Minuses: weather

A great place to... walk

- beans18
Pluses: Its a great neigborhood with families, children and friends.

Minuses: none that I can think of!

A great place to... Raise a family and get to know your neigbors
- dwbradley
Pluses: I grew up there and had the chance to make many memeories with a lot of great people!

Minuses: Its really small and it has no mall or restruants!

A great place to... Meet some good ole' country folk and expierence some country living!

Its small,when i left it had one blinking light,there was like 2 paved roads in the whole town,it has a lot of great people there.
- tabithadeal
Pluses: Linglestown was a classic, Mayberry kind of town. I lived there in my youth. This was a special place to grow up. I here things have grown since I haunted this hamlet.

Minuses: I love the flagpole, but...

A great place to... Ride your bicycle, hike and enjoy fall leaves. Grow tasty beef steak tomatoes. Visit local fruit stands. Excellent plums, cherries, apples, etc. March in the fourth of july parade as a kid, with your baseball team in uniform. When it snows, this place is a winter wonderland. Ski touring on the local golf courses is as fun as skiing at any resort.

This area has some of the best pizza in the country. New York included.
- hidesrt
Jan. 29, 2007
Pluses: Wellington is a great smaller community...

Minuses: There is not a lot for the kids to do. Growing up in Wellington was hard just because as a Kid there wasn't much. They do have a skate park, and a small park but I feel there still needs to be more for the kids.

A great place to... Wellington is a good place meet people and become involved in the commuity.

Wellington just supersized it's grocery store. They are adding more and more stuff to accomodate the people of wellington so they don't have to drive all the way into Fort Collins to get stuff..

There is also good fishing with the lakes around Wellington.
- Whisperingwind
Pluses: I love your library and the pleasantness of the personel in the geneology section. Looking to move to Ga in the near future.

Minuses: na

A great place to... Do family research and winter

My family names are REDD,LOWE,TAYLOR,WRIGHT,HARRIS,JENKINS,KIMBALL Just to name a few.
- nubian1343
Pluses: Beautiful, Quiet and safe

Minuses: Average person cannot afford to live here.

A great place to... Retire
- 8up
Pluses: I love Rainbow Lake, and my neighborhood! They are doing a great job of trying to clean up Haskell and make it look like the town it deserves to be! Unfortunately, I am afraid that the children in this town are not going to let it stay beautiful for very long. Our knit of friends give it one month before there is some sort of grafiti on the new building. My best friend only gives it a week. How sad!

Minuses: Drug deals going on right in front of me and my children. Known drug dealers loitering until all hours outside their apartments on Ringwood Ave with no consequence. With these things going on, and the police don't seem to do anything about it, no wonder kids today have no respect for authority. They are trying too hard to be these kids' "friends" rather than an authority figure. You ARE suppose to have some sort of fear of the police.....
I had heard that realtors don't take prospective buyers through Haskell when they are showing a house in Wanaque, they go directly over skyline drive. This is also sad!

If there are ideas you have for the community to help stop the drug dealing and defacing of property in our neighborhood, PLEASE let us know! You know we want to feel safe in our neighborhood, and we would do anything to help
- kebbs32
Pluses: Country life is nice, and everything you need is right nearby. City is not far away if you need to get to a bigger city.

Minuses: Majority of people have been here for years or have grown up here and don't accept people from other places. Some can be down right mean. But it's the good decent people that keep me hanging on to our hopes to stay here. I love small towns alot. I love the slow country life.

A great place to... Raise a family.
- myhometoo
Pluses: a serene village full of history and beautiful homes
nothing busy about it
small population
caring people
museum open on Saturday and Sunday afternoon
Beauty shop
Trucking business
Machine shops
Sign business
Car wash business
Auction some weekend nights
electric CoOp
Logging businesses
Gas station
small resturant

Minuses: no night life
travel 3 miles to grocery store,or hotel, B/B, and hospital
(and this is done on a main highway with very little traffic)

A great place to... put down roots and call it home
lead a happy contented life
visit and tour the county of Beaufort, containing the oldest town in NC "Bath" is only a few minutes away
- Jenny
Pluses: Great Community!

Minuses: Very Expensive!

A great place to... raise a family
Jan. 28, 2007
Pluses: Gloucester City used to be a great place to live. Growing up I had a wonderful experience. All of the neighbors used to sit out on their porches and chat while all the children played in front of the houses. Everyone in Gloucester City looked out for each other.

Minuses: Going back to where I grew up has been a sad experience. The feeling I get when I come down Essex Street is one of total depression. Gloucester City used to be such a thriving, home like place to be. Now, there are few family businesses left. I remember going to the Gloucester City Pool at Proprietors Park. Now, its a mound of dirt. The King movie theater was right behind my house and was a great place to go without spending a lot of money. Now, Gloucester City is nothing but burned out, vacant, boarded up houses. It's very sad to see the city now, knowing how wonderful a place it used to be.
- pcipolla
Pluses: quiet and freindly affordable

A great place to... retire
- janicebentley
Pluses: cute little town
- Melicans
Jan. 27, 2007
Pluses: good schools
- baraksan
Pluses: nicely located, good weather, "The Spindale House", Isothermal Community College.

Minuses: Spindale could be a showcase for Rutherford County and the region. There has been a good deal of effort over the past years to "Beautify MainStreet" but there is so much more to Spindale than main street.

Yes, Rutherford County as a whole has been hit hard by losing the textile businesses and the support infrasture that went with it. Spindale should be exploring opportunities to encourage new business and locate entrupenuers to invest in the community. In order to do that Spindale must show pride in their own commnity.

You eat a whole elephant by taking one bite at a time. There is major litter problem in Spindale and little action (or concern) by the community leaders is occuring to correct this problem.

Take a look around and if you could see through the "Clutter" you have a beautiful place to live. Once you can see the beauty, you can help other people see the beauty. It is there!!!

A great place to... Enjoy a relaxing afternoon, in the porch on the front swing, drinking ice tea and .....being content.
- berlyn
Pluses: Nice Village, so far so good

Minuses: none

A great place to... raise kids
- shgu
Pluses: Great place for kids to go to school and grow up in nice small town neighborhood.


A great place to... Relax at the beach during the summer
- katlestu01
Pluses: Great town with lots of hunting, fishing and watersports available. Low cost of living, great school, low crime rate. Very high community values - great kids summer rec program. Shopping needs easily met between construction co, plumbing/heating, feed mill and small engine shop (both of which supply more than just what their names imply), post office, cafe, bars, trucking co, school, gas station, service station, canoe rental, 3 churches, lawyer, land excavating co and a grocery store. Whatever you can't find here can be found within 20 miles at either Boscobel or Prairie du Chein, or you can drive 1 1/2 hours in 3 different directions to go to LaCrosse, Madison or Dubuque, IA.

Minuses: No motels/hotels in town.

A great place to... Raise a family. Outdoor sports. Research history in the area.
- manymopars
Pluses: it is quiet alot of the time and mostly every body is nice to ya and get along and its a small town

Minuses: nuttin realy

A great place to... live and just look at its amazing
- samdavis
Jan. 26, 2007
Pluses: KI is the best place in the world to grow up

Minuses: none

A great place to... relax
- zamp33
Pluses: Close knit community

Minuses: Cold
- jmeckel1z
Pluses: Great scenery

Minuses: Not the best fire department

A great place to... Live
- cowgirl19143
Pluses: Great Small Town for raising a family. It's a bedroom community were people live but the majority don't work or shop. Super Shopping areas are only 5 to 10 miles away and 2 miles for food places and small stores.

Minuses: Possible Hurricanes in August and September

A great place to... Its a good place to live and enjoy life with your spouse and kids after a hard days work in the big city. Has a great Kids park and wonderful walking area. Only 35 miles from Mobile and Pensacola.
- SilverhillVineyards
Jan. 25, 2007
Pluses: Heaven on earth! A recent transplant from Florida, and I LOVE it up here. Best of everything....your seasons, not too hot, not too cold. The people arre all so kind AND EVERYTHING is so much cheaper. Also the views are breath taking.

Minuses: only thing I can't stand is the clay!

A great place to... live is Lynchburg VA
- conrad647
Pluses: I want to thank the city of Golden for their excellent efforts on snow removal of the roads. With my job, I drive all over the Denver-Metro area. I am amazed at the horrible road conditions I have encountered in other cities. It made me realize that I am very lucky to be living in an area that cares about it's residents safety. Thank You.
- sriessland
Pluses: quiet

Minuses: really podunk

A great place to... for the most part
- gymbluebird
Pluses: Housing

Minuses: Schools

A great place to... Spend night

Farming Communities
- shewolfkani
Pluses: There arnt alot of people, the crime rate is low

Minuses: Its boring, and people are hicks

- Kristina
Pluses: beautiful land, and waters great people except for the politicians

Minuses: DOC allowed to work on employees property, like to plumbing problem at 1204 Lillie, inmates been there 3 times this week. They shouldn't work on Co. Comm pvt. property either. I could go on and I will if this DOC goes through..churches DONOT supervise these people at church, walmart bathrooms or anywhere else, dates and names to come later if necessary.

A great place to... work, play and pray
- xanadu
Pluses: The great schools, community, FAIR is great. The schools have the whole community support.

Minuses: There is no income

A great place to... Heavenly Things, Football and all other sport games. Pizza Pete
- kfreeman985
Pluses: The Decatur area is diverse, with manufacturing, farming and services. The village is home to Special-Lite, a world-reknown local manufacturer with their corporate offices in the Village of Decatur. They manufacture aluminum doors and entrance systems. Midwest Fasteners Inc. is a warehouse and packaging facility also within the Village Limits. Both employ many local people in their businesses. Downtown Decatur hosts a variety of businesses including restaurtants: Hard Times, Nettie's, Subway, Hungry Howies. Nearby is Little Burger Joint Drive-Thru. Other businesses: First State Bank is locally owned, Decatur Pharmacy, Warner Supply a Do-It Best Center, Decatur Lumber Co & Tru-Value Hardware, Decatur Republican -locally owned printing and weekly newspaper, Curves for Women, Decatur Plumbing & Heating, M-40 Bar & Grill, Scooters Saloon, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Village Market, Moose Logde/Salon. 4 Auto Repair Facilities - 3 Dentists, Lakeview Medical Center & 2 Car Washes.

A great place to... Make new friends quickly. Lots of places nearby to fish & hunt. Great schools with a new High School. Low taxes and full village services.

The picture shown does not really represent Decatur. It is consicered Paw Paw, MI. The mailing address and telephone exchange are Paw Paw. Decatur has a portion of a much larger lake within it's boundaries. It is Lake of the Woods. There are two youth camps on the side opposite the village portion. On the village's. portion is the beautiful Red Woolfe Park. It has restrooms, concession stands and is the only inland lake in Van Buren County with lifeguards. Swimming lessons are available during the summer months and many local children have learned swimming and Red Cross First Aid from the instructors.
- carlwickett
Pluses: love the small town veiw

Minuses: loud mouth people

A great place to... ron's
- bob1569
Jan. 24, 2007
Pluses: Great!

Minuses: Curious about the date of the image of the Oberlin, OH, bookstore, on this site.

A great place to... Probably a good place to live.
- billyjames1
Pluses: Lots of stores

Minuses: too congested

A great place to... meet your friends at the stores

I lived here for the last 20 years before much needed traffic lights were even install but now it needs widen roads to hold all the traffic from all the vacationers, which is fine to keep up with much needed revenue for all the small business owners,to keep what truely is the POCONOE.
- karoreilly
Pluses: Incredibly beautiful...

Very, very quiet, at least once up over the ridge to the Southast away from Interstate 80...

Minuses: Quite cold at night, especially in winter, but even in summer. Can be hot during summer days. You will have wno to contend with

You had better know how to survive in
a relatively remote wilderness area.
You might even want to buy have a GPS
transceiver to keep on you in case you
get injured and need to be rescued...

A great place to... Retire. Recuperate from the stress of living in a large, overpopulated metropolitan area.
Compose music.
Invent things

Teach what Wisdom one can

Located in the Sierra Nevada,
west of Lake Tahoe, at an altitude of
about 5100'
- khalsayogi
Jan. 23, 2007
Pluses: well its a small town so everybody knows everybody and your basically friends with everyone so not much drama

Minuses: its small so there isn't much to do, plus there isnt much buisnesses so there isnt much job oppurtuinity

A great place to... its a good place to hang out with good friends and raise a family
- justme20
Pluses: everything is new and the people are friendly.

Minuses: not enough stores for shopping for big ticket items

A great place to... It is located close to the main transportation route and the weather is fantastic.

the growth is very quick and property is drying up as far as availability.
- wforget
Pluses: Warm & friendly and I have great memories growing up in the area and graduating from Central High School.My wife and I always like to revisit New Rockford especially when there is a reunion etc.

Minuses: New Rockford really needs something to keep the population steady. Needs a doctor.

A great place to... Raise children and has plenty of fresh air. Good people there who volunteer for ambulances, fire dept. etc.

Looking forward to a All Class Reunion in 2008.
- hedinr
Pluses: Real estate prices are terrific

Minuses: Few jobs, poor shopping.

A great place to... Live. Convenient to the outer banks and the crystal coast.
- ronjm23
Pluses: Nice Community

Minuses: Not much for shopping

A great place to... live
- lwollast
Pluses: you don't have to worry about getting lost, the people live really close to you if you ever have a problem, you are never alone because you get to have a lot of neighbors you can depend on.

Minuses: there isn't really any places to go to just to hang out, except for the creek or to Larry's corner store! There needs to be some kind of store or something.

A great place to... to get away from the real city. if u love the country this is the perfect place to be. You can take walks, swim in the creeks and ponds and won't get into any trouble. it is a very peacful place to be.

there is a corner store, a church, softball fields, a VERY old school, and a tire shop
- lewischick2010
Pluses: Beautiful Views

Minuses: Remote in some areas

A great place to... Live, Retire
- ronvadala
Pluses: Red Oak was a small quiet mid-west farm community in the 1950's. It was a great place to be raised as a kid growing up.
There were places to fish and hunt as a teenager and places to explore, such as Indian Gulley out south of town.
It seemed to be filled with hard working people who both farmed and worked in town to make ends meet.
The town square was always beautiful in the summer with trees and flowers. The center piece was the fountain built with river rock, it was lite up at night with lights and quite nice.
I was raised Methodist and there was a large community of people who attended the local church. Rev. Wells was the pastor while I grew up there. Many of my teachers in school attended there too.

Minuses: It was hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but we had no air conditioning at that time. The home we lived in was an old farm house built at the turn of the century and not well insulated, but it was comfortable.
There was no bus service to South Hill when I was a child so you walked or road your bike everywhere, even when it was below freezing, going to and from school.
Red Oak was isolated from most big towns, so you had to drive an hour or more to get to the Bluffs or Omaha to shop.
Red Oak was a farm community, so everything revolved around farming. Most of the part time jobs were very low pay as a teenager.
Most of the towns that we competed with were miles away so it was hard to attend the games when they were out of town.

A great place to... We lived on South Hill at 410 Park Avenue, so we attended Jefferson Grade School both in the old building which is no longer there for the 5th grade and the new addition from Kindergarden on thru the 4th grade. The Sixth Grace was held in the Biology room of the old Red Oak High School due to lack of room and growth.
The old Red Oak Junior High was still in place at that time and I attended 7th and 8th grade there. I went to the old High School thru the 9th to 12th grade where I graduated in 1964 with four years perfect attendance and never missed a day.
We lived on 5 acres and it was at the south end of the city limits. So we had a lot of room to grow, and play. We raised horses, had cows and chickens and a lot of yard work to do.
Both parents worked so we were latch key... kids. Dad was the Chef at the Hotel Johnson and Mother was Head Cook at the hospital, they both worked long hours. Dad passed away in 1965 at 61. Mother when home to be with the Lord on May 3rd 2006 at 93.

I remember gas selling for $.16 cents per gallon, you could buy 3 loafs of bread for $1.00 or 3 pounds of Ground Beef for a buck. The picture show was $.25 cents and Cokes were nickle. Hair cuts were $.75 cents and Browns Shoes Shop charged $.35 cents to have your shoes pollished. The owner, Buster Carson always did a nice job.
I remember the Carbon Plant on Hwy 48 where they made batterys, most of my relation worked there at one time or another fo make a living.
I worked at the Red Oak Wholesale Grocery after school, Jenkins Standard Service and Highland Acres next to the old hospital until I graduated in 1964.
At that time Red Oak was a growing community of over 6,000 people and it was a good place to live.
We lived next door to Barb and Beverly Swanson. Their Dad was Randy Swanson, a local builder and I worked for him too in the summer when school was out.
At that time there was no such thing as Wellfare, Food Stamps or free rent, everyone worked and unemployment was low.
- PaulSmith
Pluses: I Love Indiahoma, I grew up there. Growing up was great you knew your neighbors, you didn't have to lock your doors. It was the same people who watched over you. If you were out too late, they tell you to head home. I am native Comanche and all the people got along together. Native and Whites. It just seem that some families had more than others. I believe we had the most. my family was Lightfoot's and Mowatts. We had riches because we had a big family. Everyone would come over to my grandmothers Racheal and Spencer Mowatt. Anyobdy reading this know who they were. I used to look out my grandmothers window through the condensation of beans cooking and see the mountains. We used to ride our bikes and feel free. In Indiahoma I am home and feel free.

Minuses: There was no malls.. If you wanted anything you have to drive to Lawton. Some people would think there wasn't anything to do. But not me.

A great place to... Live and raise your family.

I spent most of my life in Indiahoma. I grew up and went to school with the same 12-14 kids since kindergarten. The people who stood out to me was Dixie Hill she was a bus driver and cook at school. She was very nice to me and the other native kids. If you like the quiet life, where the sun set and rises with a grace watch it from you window in Indiahoma.
- comanchegrl2000
Pluses: slow pace, has not changed in 50 years. Wonderful hiking and biking trails, great lake to swim in, skiing one mile away at Belleayre Mountain. Community center for many things including where there is a Farmers Market and many Native American gatherings, playground, no malls, great library with 4 computers, great places to stay at for reasonable prices, great place to rent a house or apartment for the summer for your family, great school system, the best water, arched bridges, intelligent people, 2 dollar bus to Kingston, Pine Hill trailways bus stops in town many times a day also, in fact
You can get anything you want at our little town


A great place to... raise a family, visit to rest from the pace of NYC or anywhere, to ski, to swim, to hike, fish and bike

We only have a few business' in town here that are visable due to the zoning laws in this town. We are down to 2 restaurants(we had 4 last year), one gas station with sundries, one sewing shop, one arts and crafts store, 4 hotels, Ithaka House, Colonial Inn, Pine Hill Arms and The Birchcreek Retreat. But we have many artists of all kinds who live in this town and love the quiet here so they can creat what they were born to do.
- Joymoon
Jan. 22, 2007
Pluses: New Library in Plainview called the Plainview Community Library.
Beautification Committee trying to spruce up the downtown area (Main Street).
Steeped in history.
One of the most beautiful and well kept parks ever.
Celebrating 100 years of being a town this year.
Great festivals and 4th of July gatherings.
Places to get your hair cut, places to eat, hardware store, vet, doctor,local plumber, local heat and air service, auto repair shop, and many more local businesses.
Cost of living etremely low.
Great alternative to city life, here things are less rushed.

Minuses: Most of the young people only have sports to occupy their time. More youth activities are needed.

A great place to... Raise a family and live in a safe community without violence.
Get into horses, gardening, hunting, fishing,four wheel riding,...

There are mountains and a lake to enjoy. Crime is almost non-existent.
- SmallTownPreferred
My 25 Year old son is moving to the area. What do young adults do for fun and in what area would be a good place to live?
- Kim23
Pluses: Russell Aubry Hibbs, M.D. (1869-1932) a pioneering orthopaedist, the third surgeon-in-chief of the New York Orthopaedic Dispensary and Hospital, was a native son.

Minuses: Hibbs no longer lives there.
- eoatman
Pluses: great place to live....central to alot from where I live

Minuses: a little bit longer of a drive to work, but other than that its just fine

A great place to... live and hang out....raise a family
Pluses: community

Minuses: crime, schools are awful, too many people on welfare

A great place to... eat: Does, Sherman's

I'm moving out as fast as I can.
- sunburst38701
Pluses: the weather how cold in winter and how hot in summer,
Parks, and areas with pools, walking area's that are safe for seinors. The people , are they a friendly lot , or do they hang in there own clicks, we are friendly folks and like to talk so would like to be able to at least say HI and have a smile.

Minuses: Crime in the area and of the price's of rental's the average run, even in motorhome parks. is there a lot of bugs like spiders, and other crawler's that we should know about (snakes) that would take some learning about?

A great place to... we are over 50+ and would like to know more obout your city and surrounding area to move down to for our later years.
- roadrunner67
Pluses: Beautiful countryside, very close to Mt Lassen Water shed, it was stated that it's on the Susan River, Not correct, it's near the Susan River. Eagle Lake is very near, great fishing and home of the Eagle Lake Trout.

Minuses: Not much to do in the Town itself. I lived there in the late 70's and found the town folk mostly racist and uninterested in what was going on in the world. Some of the local Ranchers were very kind for the most part. The Native American people of the area were shunned. Not a whole lot of choice for restaurants and the prison makes it very uncomfortable to live there. I worked for what was then the Mt Lassen Hotel as a cook and played music in the Western Room among a few other Bars so I got an inside look at the place. People are not fond of change or strangers.

A great place to... Chill out if you want to get away from the City but don't expect to be treated well as a tourist. Centralize yourself to explore the surrounding area.

Lots of places to visit in the surrounding area. Mt Lassen is an active Volcano, Eagle Lake is a great camping and fishing spot, Pyramid Lake to the south is an interesting place to visit. The Diamond Ridge, the last mountain range in the Sierras, is located near the town and very beautiful. The Rodeos are mediocre and the restaurants are adequate.
- truevoiceman
Pluses: Quiet and everything is located conveniently around town

Minuses: people parking in front of my driveway while going to the post office
- nozokiyayo
Pluses: my family lives here

Minuses: unless you have the right last name there is no law enforcement for you. if you aren't part of a certain group you have no protection. but if the group decide to press charges on you , you will be prove required. the cops are crooked ,the da hides from the public and drug dealers are all powerful . so don't move here unless this the life you want

A great place to... sell drugs and commit crimes
- icantbelieveitstrue
- jetaylor
Pluses: Beautiful scenery. Great atmosphere and food! Lots of shopping, and some wonderful local wines.

Minuses: Nashville is VERY crowded in the fall - specifically October. The area is beautiful in all seasons! Come in the Spring!

A great place to... A place right in the middle of town. There is a restaurant/speakeasy they call The Ordinary. The food and people are wonderful. Right across from the courthouse is the Nashville House, and the HobNob. Both are wonderful places to eat.

Avoid the Harvest Moon - you will be forced to wait way too long on mediocre food.
- tmjdel
Jan. 21, 2007
Pluses: Excellent in the arts and getting better.

Minuses: No community transportation!

If you agree that there is not enough community transportation, take the online survey about community transportation. You can also leave comments on our blog. 77.html?mode=reply

Peterborough Gen Xy Committee
- genxy
Pluses: Small school district. Special education department for pre-school is very considerate.
- kevannon
Pluses: A great place to shop for home furnishings, Mudd Lake Furniture. Barn full of accessories, furniture and more. Family run, Bob Kratch owner, NFL alum, exceptional design source. Who knew?
Celebrations, all are welcome, tons of fun.

A great place to... feel at home. Family values, small town ambience. Trustworthy businesses
- Josie
Pluses: -There is a hidden park (kennidy park) near FDR middle school.
-Old houses
-many kids
-its quiet around here

Minuses: -my road is not paved just because it is a dead end
-the new houses that were just built next to my house. They are to big

A great place to... -make freinds
-hang out
- WB4life
Pluses: Great community to live and shop.

Minuses: Traffic is getting heavy but that can be expected with the tremendous growth we're experiencing.

A great place to... Shop and eat in the Historic District and please try out The Brass Pig Cafe and Victoria's Gifts. Two of the best places in town.
- bmjbear
Pluses: Small

Minuses: Government a joke, police department abusive.

A great place to... Get lots of traffic tickets

Mind your P's and Q's and keep on going.
- jfkrn9960
Pluses: good middle school, many friendly people

Minuses: teens w/out much supervision running around, unleashed & unchained dogs

A great place to... drink
- jgk
Jan. 20, 2007
Pluses: Close to major shopping etc........Convienient location.

Minuses: Everyone in metro uses our roads for shortcuts,surrounded by major freeways.

A great place to... Buy a home by the airport and be held in limbo,while all the construction turns your neighborhood into a rodent infested,Home damaged jet fuel dumping ground.
- redt2fly
Pluses: they have a great fire department and they have a school

Minuses: the water in the town sucks and if you try and do anything about it people will cover for Mike Weathers he is the water superintendent there

A great place to... There really isn't one
- oklahomagirl18
Pluses: close to train station

Minuses: not a big enough community
- laurabanks
A great place to... is anybody ( police ) doing anything about the recent vandelisium and thefts. Dont they do stake outs anymore.My uncle , when he was detective had a new stake out car every week.
My brothers car got hit ( vandelized ) just today and the cop that came out basicly said the police cant do anything. When do we elect a new police chief. Thank God we have a new mayor that WILL do something
- cableguy223
Pluses: Quiet, small, friendly and a great place to raise a family. Great schools, nice park district, great library for such a small town. Several faith denominations from which to choose. Easy moving place.

Minuses: Not much in the line of shopping, restaurants or entertainment. Of xoueaw you can save a lot of money by not having these things readily at your disposal.

A great place to... Raise a family. The norm is a large family with five or six children.

Great skies for star gazing, Nice open spaces.
- sb943
A great place to... retire to
what is the weather like all year around?

How do go about getting a survey done?
- Willhod
Pluses: Small town; Most everyone knows each other and lends a hand in times of need. Low crime rate.

Minuses: Cold weather.

A great place to... Raise a family
- ctrygrlinthecty
Pluses: It's a small town.

Minuses: The cops are not very good or friendly people, they pull you over for little things.

A great place to... I don't have a good answer for this.
- bokoshequeen
Jan. 19, 2007
Pluses: there are very nice people here willing to help you out if you need it. and they will stop to say hi to you.

Minuses: i don't think there is any that i have seen.

A great place to... well if anyone knows me i like to go play bingo when i have the chance.

if you know where i live then please stop by and you can meet my family.
- sweetheart6048
Pluses: The King Ranch tours are very worthwhile. Combine with a visit to the Kenedy Ranch museum in Sarita.

Minuses: Town apparently lack substantial economic base. Delapidated main streets and housing.
- chamberlaincourt
Pluses: Wonderful small museum about the Kenedy Ranch founders and area history. Definitely worth a stop off of Route 77. Allow 2 hours.

Minuses: Not much in Sarita other than the museum.

A great place to... Visit the wonderful museum about the history of the area. No interest for children.

Very small town, originally the center of Kenedy County.
- chamberlaincourt
Pluses: Conservatively religious and focused solely on promoting "normal" families. The Library system has very recently undergone a recreation. One day soon, they've have books worth reading! Compared to other large Florida cities, Traffic is not bad. Compared to other large Florida cities, the incidients of violent crime in most white districts is low. If you love to fish, hunt, go to church, and you have no more than modest educational ambitions, you'll have a strong community base of support. If you enjoy the concepts of Theocracy and religiously controlled social order, you will greatly enjoy this city! Jacksonville is home to the largest fundamentalist evangelic Baptist group in the Southeast. Also, the KKK is very active in Jacksonville so, bring your sheets. You don't have to worry about homosexuals here either. They have been run off. We do still have a wide selection of strip clubs, pool halls and other necessary recreational adult shops however.

Minuses: All of the above if you're gay, black, a democrat, straight progressive, open minded, from the North or crave the arts. Jacksonville is a city "on your own" where there is nothing to do and bordom creates the majority of minor crime. The vast majority of murders, rapes and so forth is economically depressed black areas which are virtually ignored by the white population. The attitude of "it ain't us" prevades in prevention to solving the violent crime problems. There is very little trust or faith in the local government from experience of those who most need its support. Be prepared to host a slew of insults, middle fingers and jeers if you have the gumption to have a political bumper sticker on your car which goes against the Repulican white majority in this area. Racism and politics are married in Jacksonville and the Baptist churches are the main conduit of support for the "old south" system of social order and government here. Here, $10 an hour is considered "good money".

A great place to... pass through on your way to South Florida, Orlando or Ft. Lauderdale.

Traffic conditions are compounded by the hire-the-handicap policy of the local government contracting the services of the blind to architect new roads. I found a newspaper article today from exactly ten years ago talking about the problem with the 95-S Fuller-Warren bridge which just starting work this week! Also, one of the local high schools is named after a Grand Bubba of the KKK and the city council REFUSES to have the name changed. In order to get the feel for Jacksonville, if you're stupid enough to consider moving here, is to drive backwards into the city. It will prepare you for the thinking and living conditions. Unless of course, you're a confederate Right wing looking for a place to conspire. Then, you're home!
- LordScorpius
Jan. 18, 2007
Pluses: close to Chapel Hill and Raleigh

Minuses: crime

A great place to... to watch basketball
- Rocketman2
A great place to... eat is the new Culinary Gardens. GoodFood and Good Service.
- Rieck
Pluses: I grew up in Princeton, leaving there in 1948 for the U.S. Army where I spent 24 years, serving in both Korea and Vietnam. After retiring from the army I was hired in Federal
Service where I spent 30 more years for a total of 54 years of Federal Service.

The pluses of Princeton is that it is a small community and was, at the time I lived there, a friendly one. However, as I visit there from time-to-time I no longer see that same friendly atsmosphere. Still, I enjoy coming back and visiting with old friends and relatives.

Minuses: It is too small and doesn't provide the accomodations that I and my family have become accustomed to having lived all over the United States and Overseas. Too, the populace isn't the friendly people who lived there when I grew up. Princeton should look at what Hopkinsville and Clarksville have done in the past 35-years, how each city has expanded and are continuing to do so. They had a vision, and a motivation to grow and did so while Princeton remained as it was when I left in real change in population, just an expansion.

A great place to... Drive through....if you are careful.

Forthcoming at a later date.
- TomCee
Pluses: nice, caring, warm people; decent school system with good teacher to student ratios; small town feel; beautiful scenery; has all 4 seasons; the people are from all over the area including NYC (five boroughs) Rockland County, NJ, and local Orange County towns; close enough to NYC to enjoy the wonders of NYC and also still commutable to earn a "Real Decent Wage"

Minuses: not enough big Industry that will pay decent salaries so that you don't have to commute to NYC and Westchester; small town mentality can be stifling; not enough to do for young people AFTER they graduate college; need more opportunities to stimulate economic growth; I WILL PROBABLY NOT RETIRE HERE AFTER MY OWN KIDS GRADUATE COLLEGE; It's too expensive and too boring

A great place to... raise your family

Beautiful to look at in all 4 seasons
- ridemima
Sheldahl, IA. was founded in 1888 by my great great great grandfather, Osmund Sheldahl. It was named after him.
- lov2bblonde
Pluses: It is an old River Town with lots of charm, has a lot of potential if someone would just run with it... Beautiful Historical Homes, a River Front to support many outdoor activities in winter and summer, some of the most beautiful views of the Mississippi River can be found here... I have traveled all over the world and no place was ever any more beautiful then right here....

Minuses: A lot of time has went into restoring the downtown historical area, but there is no businesses that are coming into the area that offer any kind of jobs to be had by the locals, usually those moving in are just one man bands, and they don't usually last long because no one helps support the business... there is so much we could add and so much potential here... if we would just cash in on it... we don't have any big business here no factories to speak of but we have so much more.
We could have a Gold Mine here if we would just stop feeling sorry for ourselves and do something about what we do have... I suggest you visit Eureka Springs Ark. they never had big business there and their potential was limited but hey they are up and booming.... It is almost standing room only, six months out of the year... do we not have a planning com. here in our city? Can they not look around and find what would work for us???

A great place to... to retire in... but bring a fresh mind and a lot of ideas

Good fishing, hunting, boating and camping...
- kitkat41380
Pluses: Quiet

Minuses: Too quiet

A great place to... retire

- ningchu22
Jan. 17, 2007
Pluses: Small community

Minuses: very nosy, destructive people, the police seem to turn their back where they are truly needed.

A great place to... retire but not live and raise a family, work is not available
- tammykay45414
Pluses: beautiful place and community on warrior creek ch rd is where i live it's a very beautiful place

Minuses: the drugs and thats all

A great place to... go would be near my grandparents grave
- amber
Pluses: Beautiful area, rich history, quiet.

Minuses: Crooked cops, no jobs, too many people who gossip

A great place to... A great place to raise children, go fishing & hunting, sight seeing, ride the parkway, go canoing. swimming, fall in love.
- winddancer
Pluses: I was born in a Hosp. at the circle in 1937 October at 6.10 a.m. i was the first one born there and weighed about 11 lbs. which was a lot!The Chaffee newspaper wrote a small article about this. My question.Is it possible to get a copy of this paper or the small clip???? Could you please help me as you can see by my age time is important.Also my Daughter would like to see it. Thanks you very much [email protected] Phon:314-487-9639

Minuses: None

A great place to... Retire to.

We lived at 418 Helen St.With my Grandmother&Grandfather(Cora anr Richard Ahlsted. He was a manager of transportation on the Frisco Railroad!!
- ElwoodAhlsted
Pluses: beauty

Minuses: no Southwest airline

A great place to... hide out

come for a rest
- sayitisso
Pluses: Great beaches, diverse population, wonderful winter climate, major airport allows for competitive fares to most other parts of the country, large cruise ship port, good proximity to Miami cruise ship port as well. Plethora of dining options.

Minuses: Traffic is horrendous, drivers are some of the rudest in the nation. Cost of living has exploded exponentially over the last 3 years and wages have not kept pace. Long hot summers (May 15 - December 1). Population figures are misleading as they are for Fort Lauderdale only. The south Florida metro area starts in Homestead, FL and continues non-stop without breaks for 80+ miles past Palm Beach. There are 6 million people in the tri-county area and you can't tell when you've left Fort Lauderdale and entered Pompano Beach to Deerfield Beach to Boca Raton, etc.

Violent crime is increasing rapidly, caucasian is officially in the minority in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, and property taxes and insurance easily cost more per month than your mortgage.

A great place to... sink your toes in the sand, enjoy the turqoise colored ocean and stay warm in the winter.

Crowded, rude, and Costly.
- ge65
Jan. 16, 2007
Pluses: My father was born here. I am looking for information re: Edgefield which is why I subscribed to this website.
- Matilda
Pluses: Lynn is a very small community and growing very rapidly.

Minuses: There are too many houses and too many changes taking place.

A great place to... grow up in. A very close knit community.
- Sonny
Pluses: Top places to live in Fall River are above Langley, preferably above Valentine. The Highlands historic district is a great area to own an old Victorian. Prospect is a nice area as well as Hood Avenue to mention a couple. The upper area of the 02720 zip code is the best area not only for home ownership but as well as for elementary schooling.

Minuses: Middle school and high school in Fall River are not nearly the best. The community needs to do a better job in reducing the prescence of youth gangs which would deter drugs and other negative exposure that pressures the youth of Fall River.
While the community is viewed as an industrial city, Fall River needs to "say no" to the chatter of highly hazardous facilities built too close to the population of Fall River.

A great place to... Spend time in the Higlands Historic District, visit Battleship Cove, learn about the rich history of wonderful Fall River.
Try some of the Porteguese dishes in the restaurants of
Fall River. Afterall, the world famous chef, Emeril got his first
peek into a restaurant kitchen right here in Fall River.
Embrace the good organizations such as Magruder Color which brings jobs to the area while serving as a keystone to the storied and ongoing industrial presence of Fall River in the metro area.

Alex Flor, at the time of this Fall River entry, is presently a full time Florida resident who takes a serious interest in storied, historical areas of our great country.
He would like to see a stronger community commitment and involvement in making all of Fall River a better place for everyone to live, learn, work in and visit.
Learn more about Fall River, Massachusetts today.
- alex
Pluses: i have not found any pluses about hollandale ms . my dad was killed on your streets on 10-18-2005. and we found out that the young boy that did this is totally in fault and your toun gave him a failure to yeild tivket well i dont know about you but my dad is worth more than that . i always thought that life is worth more than a $130.00.

Minuses: that is my minuse.

A great place to... no where
- cccavin
Pluses: small town leaving is a plus as well as knowing your nieghbor and everyone is friendly

Minuses: building up to big town status

A great place to... raise your children
Pluses: small town

Minuses: too many drugs and crime like little rodchester

A great place to... work in farming

stay away from pepole that mean you no good
- candy
Jan. 15, 2007
Pluses: The turnout that the grade school has at their school functions, (excluding PTA meetings.) Their open houses, their spring festival, and their christmas program. The Memorial Wall. The pool being fixed. Knutson Park. Fun Days. The New October chili-cook off.The view coming into town on Rutland Street.

Minuses: The look of main street. Please don't stop main street improvements because of no union help on the job site. Maybe have a certain theme the store fronts and business' can follow. Offer the business owners an incentive. Love the new look that Victoria Grace's has given Main Street. Very,very classy! Was wondering if I was in Marseilles. What a draw a new beautiful designed Main Streetwould have. How about lending business' a volunteer hand. Like the pool. Manual labor, not materials.What a good way to get to know your towns people, and what pride all would have driving by certain places, knowing they helped with the way our Main Street looks. Maybe we could incorporate some of our children to help, after all its their future city, and maybe the adults would turn out like they do for the school programs.

A great place to... sit and enjoy yourself (weather permitting) is outside of Bobaluk's at their sidewalk tables. Just love to sit their and watch the business of Marseilles roll by, (with a Gyro), of course. But, when you're sitting out there it's such a comfort to know you are taking the time to enjoy Main Street, that someone has given you the comfort to sit right there, wave to those you know, or don't know. Have a quick conversation with who goes up or down main street. Not to many travel the sidewalks, Hum, wonder why? I hope Bobaluk's never take those tables away. I always want to enjoy this part of Marseilles, Main Street. Thank you Bobaluk's for the memories you have made for me.

Property taxes will eventually devastate the future of Marseilles. Clean up Commercial street, (Main Street entrance). Again, PROPERTY TAXES WILL BE OUR DOWN FALL.
- kinker
Pluses: Genuine care and concern about fellow neighbors. Incredibly quick and easy access to outdoor activities. Safety and security to raise a family.
Reasonable and affordable homes. Good restaurants. School System is good. Downtown is revitalized.

Minuses: Cultural activities are 40 minutes away.
No local sports teams except high school sports. Longer than average winters. Major shopping areas 45 minutes away

A great place to... grow up to experience a community with a strong spirit and genuine concern for fellow neighbors. Retire to because living expenses are so reasonable and there are plenty of neighbors available if you need a hand with something.
- troutlaker
Pluses: I am looking to visit there and want to know where I can find out more information about the Caverns here and also if I can drive from Peaach Springs up to Eagle Point without going through Kinngman. After I have been here at Grand Canyon Caverns, i will post what I think of the area.
- JewelComp
Pluses: Nice place to raise a family
Beautiful scenery
Plenty to do if you enjoy the outdoors

Minuses: Not so much going on.....a little quiet

A great place to... raise children
- MissGredenko
Pluses: Fewer reasons to move here every every year unless you like having your socks taxed off.

Minuses: The quality of life is rapidly deteriorating, the village board is intent passing ordinances that have excessive harsh fines and seemed determined to make life more difficult while collecting excessive taxes for frivilous and unecessary priojects that will hang a tax burden millstone about the houseowners neck for decades to come. They seem intent on distroying street trees and doing away with resident and visiting geese plus other birds. A lot of hanky panky goes on between the board and the Hustisford State Bank which seems suspect. I can go on and on, but you seem to get the idea....

A great place to... Avoid if you are seeking a good place to live .... very unlightened and harsh attitudes prevail.

It was a very pleasant village thirty years ago prior to the new wave of changing lifestyle and a concentration camp attitude. You would probably be better off in another town with fewer condos, harsh
local ordinances and narrow minded attitudes, there is also a sub-rosa clannish group that likes to settle matters prior to any open discussion.
- rongillen
Pluses: near the water

Minuses: getting expensive!

A great place to... take your dog out
- medgett
A great place to... My husband and I are looking at finding a place to retire. We have family in Amherst, NH. and a friend in Keene. We know there is snow, but I would much rather be cold than hot. We have lived in the Phoenix area for 20+ years, and being a New Englander by birth, I just couldn't adjust to the desert. I am looking for pros and cons from this site to help us find where we will be happy. My husband is of Mexican descent, having been born in the US. We are looking for cultural diversity, closed-mindedness is something we want to steer away from. Any comments?
- oman06of07
Jan. 14, 2007
Pluses: parks good

Minuses: not much

A great place to... nature park

- anna
Pluses: Great New England town. Keeps its spirit, charm, and still stays fresh and alive.
A wonderful place to live. Proximity to NYC and Boston a real plus. Easy to get around to airports. Train service etc....

Minuses: Could do better with decision making in govenment, a bit slow and not very progressive, or creative.

A great place to... live, work, belong to a community.

Worth checking out if you want to live in a town that isn't run over by malling and yet has all the benefits of modern life....
- bwhiteman
Pluses: it is a community that is rich in history with a lot of historical building.

Minuses: it is in need of more developers.

A great place to... invest, it is a place that is under developement.
- kevang89
Pluses: A great place to live. Friendly, very clean and attractive small city only 40 minutes from Indianapolis. Home to Wabash College, an all men's liberal arts college. Economy is good. Has a rail-trail, park, 3 golf courses and also near 2 State Parks

Minuses: Needs more shopping

A great place to... raise a family and buy a good home at a fair price.

17,000 in population in the city and county has 36,000.
- paspas
Pluses: quiet country setting

Minuses: only one good hang out if over 21
nothing for young kids

A great place to... live

close to madison milwaukee
- krups
Pluses: Milton Hershey went to the brick school and lived on a farm with an aunt and uncle on noble road. We are also near the town of Christiana, Which was a main hub to the underground railroad. It is beautiful farmland that alot of our amish nieghbors work, raise families and join in the community!

Minuses: A lot more traffic than there used to be. We are high in elevation so the wind gets pretty nasty! Our main intersection is a hazard, People fly up and down rt.896 like it's a 4 lane highway!

A great place to... A good place to grow up, If you grew up in the 70's. But all in all a "just out of the way" little village that hasn't quite caught up with the rest of the world!

No gas station, Just a small blacksmith shop. No mall, Just a Mom and Pop quik grocery store. Mostly handmade signs, telling what service or produce they provide! Handmade brooms, shoe repair, halters, even Goats for sale! I always say IF YOU BLINK YOU'LL MISS IT !
- hollowgirl
Pluses: Vancouver still has a small town feel and has good schools and is close to Portland, Oregon with easy access to the arts and theater. Rich in Northwest history beginning with Lewis and Clark discovery and early military history. Also was the first major fur trapping post.
Vancouver is cheaper to live in than Portland, 10 miles across the bridge. Housing is cheaper and property taxes are lower.

We are on the Columbia River which is beautiful. We have many beautiful vistas and still have some evergreen trees. The air is clean and we are close to mountains and wilderness. Fishermen love this area. The growing season is conducive to beautiful berries and fruit as well as many veggies. Summers are lovely with heat during the day but always cooling off at night for comfortable sleeping.
We have some of the best microbreweries and blues music just across the Columbia River in Portland.

Minuses: The city has not been respectful of the value of aesthetics when it comes to development issues. Every area has pockets of "po-dunk" snout homes built in the boom times to keep the developers happy. The codes were tromped on under the guise of special "waivers" for this and that. For a long time anyone could be licensed to build homes if they could pay the fees. That has changed somewhat but now there is a slow down of urban sprawl. Infill is the new thing and again, the city is allowing all of our green spaces to be taken over with pockets of new construction changing old neighborhoods. The City allows personal fireworks within the city limits for several days after Independence day much to the chagrin of neighbors.
Vancouver is a bedroom community of Portland, Oregon and thus we have a heavy traffic snarl every work day.
Very few really good restaurants so must travel 10 miles to Portland for a good dinner.

A great place to... Walk along the promenade at the Columbia River edge in downtown or visit the year-round Farmers market downtown.

Watch the Christmas ships in December while dining in one of the restaurants on the water.
- rubyred
Pluses: Very walkable city

Minuses: Parking is tight, cost of living is a bit high.

A great place to... Stroll around and discover. Full of museums, activities and attractions.
- coffeesnob
Pluses: Very small town. Not much crime and easy highway access. City got only three homeless people who are liked by everyone.

Minuses: Limited services, no national bank or major grocery. No major franchise restaurant excluding few fast foods and nearly all hotels are old and run-down (excluding a new Comfort Inn).

No long term investment potential, property value is inflated excessivley.
- Phenon
Pluses: Small town with a big heart. Located between Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio. Great schools, churches, shopping, restaurants.
- arabab
Jan. 13, 2007
Pluses: my brothers live here

Minuses: i don't
- hillbilly
Pluses: Growing, available for veterans to access VA Hosp easily. Killeen is very close to Fort Hood and provides quick transport to and from Fort Hood for the soldiers that are stationed here. We have upper level educational institutions that are very repitable in the area to include an Central texas college which offers an Associates degree program.

The opportunity for small business ownership is offered here. The area although very military supported will test any business and it's ability to survive. If your business will thrive here chances are it will survive anywhere. There is the challenge of competition and change in patron flow because of military deployments that offer the test bed for suucess or failure.

Killeen is a melting pot of all nationalities and walks of life alot like the big city feel in a laid back enviornment, somewhat like Austin TX.

Minuses: Hot , the heat index rises way above 104 degree's at times.

The distance to the Ocean keeps ocean lovers missing that demension.

The job market is not very promising for young folk who pursue a college degree and what a very financially promising career or job.

There is a need for more jobs with competetive salaries.

We don't have our own football, basketball, or any other city team. We don't have a mega stadium to house those big games. "Probably would channel to much money to the area"?!?! I don't know. But our Modo is the "City Without Limits" That has a good ring to it but, the realty is you can see the limits that we are placing on ourselves.

The roads are too is time to upgrade...the magnitude of trafiic is incredible especially in the walmart areas. Instead of building more golfcourses lets build more parks, museums, and things that would attrack people to come to our great city without limits.

City Taxes are too high.

City Ordinances...?

A great place to... Retire. Because of the availability of veteran services and the location,( center state), easy accesability to travel east, west, north or south Texas.
- wgill
Pluses: Klamath is a friendly town. With fewer than 1000 living here, it is not a small town, but a large family. There is little crime, mostly 'feuds' and 'growls'. We are a tourist/sport fishing based economy. The environment/ecology of Klamath is a major asset. We are nestled in between the giant Redwoods and the Pacific Ocean where the mouth of the Klamath River empties its cache of water, salmon and steelhead. The weather is mild, hardly varying 5 degrees summer over winter temperatures. One always needs a sweater in Klamath.

Minuses: Shopping of any kind is a drawback to Klamath. We have two markets, both practice "winter hours" which leaves the full-time residents some grief. The Tribe runs the only fueling station; diesel, gasoline and propane along with a convience store and a Subway sandwich shop. No video rentals, no movie house. We do not have high speed internet and cel service is poor in some areas.

A great place to... Klamath is a good place to retire. Life is slow here, no one is in a hurry for much of anything. It is not uncommon to make a quick run to market for bread and milk and be gone an hour due to chattin' up the folks you meet along the way : ) Klamath is a good place to vacation, if you like to fish, whale watch, bird watch, hike or just lay back in the hammock and watch the clouds.
- FlowerFairy
Pluses: A community of friendly people. A friendly church with a genuine welcome to all. A rich history going back to before the Civil War. The man, Thomas McGinty, whose name the community bears, served in the Union Army from 1863 to
May 1865. Several men from the community also served in the Civil War. I remember that several men served in
the U.S. Army during both WW I and WW II.

Minuses: The one grocery store that served the community from 1900 to the 1950s was closed leaving the citizens to drive to Greenbrier and Conway to shop for food and household necessities.

A great place to... live if one likes the country.

Located six miles East of Greenbrier on Hwy 225. Greenbrier Schools serves the students from these parts of Faulkner County.
- bdm
Pluses: great family vacations

Minuses: not any yet...

A great place to... boat, relax, fish
- lquintin
Pluses: The people are really friendly and hospitable. The old homes and churches..(especially the church bells ringing throughout the day)

A great place to... Live and raise kids
- teachwithmyheart
Pluses: Not crowded, very quiet. Decent shopping. Low crime rate.

Minuses: Property taxes are too high. You really need a car to get around. Public schools have a poor reputation. You have to go all the way to Cherry Hill for the good high-end stores.

A great place to... Relax.
- tbobb
Jan. 12, 2007
Pluses: the view of the mts. is beautiful. Being out of the main city of phoenix is nice with less congestion and alot more peaceful.

Minuses: car vandalism, burglaries seem to be happening more often.
- lidajoele
Pluses: Increasingly cosmopolitan, good restaurants, the economy is rolling, very affordable housing, great for sports fans, best high school football in the country (if you include the 'burbs), the light rail system is growing, traffic is not bad for a city its size, DFW aiport can take you almost anywhere in the world, and downtown is showing signs of life.

Minuses: No great university, the never-ending summers, no good bookstores, sports play too big a role in the city's psyche, very few quality city parks, and bad smog in the summer.

A great place to... be a football fan and make money.
- gunnardallas
Pluses: West Orange is a diverse community, the major ethnic groups being asian, hispanic, caucasian and african american. Much of the emphasis in this town is placed on the educational system, making it a prime area for families.

Minuses: West Orange is divided by a "up the hill" and "down the hill" theory. Families who live "up the hill" are supposed to be middle to upper class while families that live "down the hill" are supposed to be lower to middle class.

A great place to... West Orange is a good place to raise a family. The educational system is focused on very much in the town. West Orange is also a good place to be if you think that diversity is a good thing and that it helps to move us forward.
- monet
Pluses: it is small

Minuses: it is too small
- Hollowwood
Pluses: Rochester, NY is a great place for historic sites and a great place for people who like technology.

Minuses: Has to improve on the economy.

A great place to... Rochester is a GREAT place to vist, especially if you like technology and history. Rochester always has many things to do like the Eastman House, the Eastman Theater, Science museum, Susan B. Anthony House, Planetarium, and many more attractions and amusements.
- roc1city
Pluses: Good live music, best bookstore in region, very affordable, cute neighborhoods, extremely laid back, and lots of coffee shops.

Minuses: Traffic on I-35 and 280 can be frustating. Also, job market for students not so good.

A great place to... escape the hustle and bustle (and conservatism) of Dallas.
- gunnardallas
Pluses: Cambridge is a very relaxed place to live

Minuses: Unfortunately for the young, it doesnt give many resources.

A great place to... Visit
- lucylift
Pluses: Historical and a great day trip for tourists.

A great place to... eat at Perini's
- wendytx
Jan. 11, 2007
Pluses: Good people live there and they have great churches

Minuses: There is hardly any business at all. Not like it used to be.

A great place to... raise your children.
- benrachel
Pluses: We have great people in Benton Harbor.

Minuses: We are misunderstood.

A great place to... Enjoy basketball games and track & field events.
- lashai2007
Pluses: Nice community between Ithaca and Cortland, NY. Has its own power authority thereby lowering the cost of electric by at least 50%. Olde Home Days every August, usually with rides, midway and many community events.

Great place to raise kids and stay "homey", yet is close enough to benefit from Ithaca, Cortland, Auburn and Syracuse attractions and activities.

Minuses: Sometimes it is difficult for new businesses wishing to locate there to do so because of the many "hoops that have to be jumped through". While this is, in and of itself, not necessarily a minus, and can, in fact, serve to protect the community, there are times when "new blood" needs to be encouraged.

A great place to... Raise kids, volunteer, observe the community as your family grows.
- 13073
Pluses: Can't really boast about Cape Carteret. It is probably the most Podunk place I've ever inhabitated! Only PLUS is the ocean and a few outstanding teachers at West Carteret High School.

Minuses: Everything a Podunk Place is made of: small minded; old fashioned; visually notable was a marked % of uneducated population; slow life styles; weak community investments; poor attention to sufficient public beach access; severe lack of Public Parks and Recreation for the community's youth; most areas in this location could use serious beautification of their communities.

A great place to... Hmmmmmmmm......I can't even find the words....really!!

This area is a very strange place for me and my family. If you're not a native to the South, then you're really not socially accepted at a genuine level. Nothing happens here that is really worth a lengthy visit. It's more likely to be a much older genre that filters in and out of this super sleepy North Carolina beach area. It's actually quite boring.
- MoonAtNyt
Jan. 10, 2007
Pluses: Nice friendly people.

Minuses: nothing to do for the younger generation.
- Janice
Pluses: NJ Monthly magazine rated Barnegat the #1 town in NJ. WOW
It has so much of everything. Several Active adult, over 55 years, communities, some still being built. YET our high school just goes to the JR year this school year. In the 07 - 08 school year we will have our first graduation class.
Lots of antique shops at Route 9 and Bay avenue supper little downtown area, not just a zip code a real town center.
Bay front homes or lagoon front homes that are still reasonable. Huge parking lot at the bay with a public boat launch. A bay swimming beach. For land lubbers thea pine barrens are on the other side of the Garden State Parkway, great large tracts of land with mini estates.
Barnegat is located at exit 67 in the middle of OCEAN County. Moderate income folks from all over the state with the idea that there is or to life then concrete and ashphalt. Route 72 cuts through the town and it provides the only road to Long beach Island. Life doesn't get much better then BARNEGAT.

Minuses: Not many... No huge shopping malls in town so you need to have a car. i'm thinking... when i get some more negatives i'll write them out. Got one NO STARBUCKS unless you count the one on the Parkway.

A great place to... LIVE

email me, i'll show you around.
- marc
Pluses: weather, 4 seasons but mild winters, rolling hills, good sports teams (pro)

Minuses: politicians, crime, traffic

A great place to... visit, not to live
- mpschaaf
Pluses: It is a small hometown place. I loved it so much as a kid that after I moved away for 10 years, I have moved back to make this my hometown again.

Minuses: It is growing really fast and I am afraid that we are going to lose that small community mentality.

A great place to... Retire
- kmills
Jan. 9, 2007
Pluses: historic districts, incredible diversity of friendships, caring and nurturing school, tiny blue spot (but growing) in a very red county, a place where people really care about you!

Minuses: developers have found us

A great place to... rear your children and live out your life.

epodunkers should know that our median income is skewed downward because census figures include college students
- BobW
Pluses: Dansville Balloon Festival on Labor Day weekend, East Hill in the fall, a beautiful setting in the Genesee Valley, a terrific public library

Minuses: commercial signs on Main Street need to be made more consistent and classy

A great place to... Hike through Stony Brook State Park, enjoy the Dogwood Festival, see a slew of hot air balloons
- cyn
Pluses: Variety in eating establishments. Lots of really nice and friendly people.

Minuses: No variety in shopping. Wal Mart has squeezed all others out. Traffic is horrible in the business areas.

A great place to... Raise kids.
- mario1
Pluses: Beautiful scenery, close proximity to the mountains, as well as Yellowstone National Park.

Billings has grown to be a thriving metropolitan community with a small town atmosphere.

Minuses: In certain times of the year, the air in some parts of town carries the smell of nearby oil refineries and the sugar factory. Another minus is that it takes a long time to get to Billings, from pretty much anywhere. But Billings does make a nice stop-over if you're headed farther out west.

A great place to... Receive medical treatment, stop on the way to somewhere else, learn about the history of the region, raise a family, buy a car (no sales tax in Montana!) etc.
- doghostage
Pluses: Greenbush road is full of adorable farmhouses. Great for swimming (Lake Champlain, town beach), biking, sailing, cross-country skiing, leaf-peeping, light hiking (Mt. Philo) and covered bridges (three).

Minuses: not many restraunts or businesses. no public transportation.

A great place to... raise a family, see real Vermont, spend the summer.
- loserarmstrong
Pluses: Mama Mia's pizza dipped in bleu cheese, the Bronze Bear fountain in the center of Main St., Memorial Day parade (in which the parade goes down, then back up the street), high school where everyone knows your name.

Minuses: College kids who are terrible drivers.

A great place to... come home to during the holidays to catch up with the whole community.
- Emily
Pluses: a beautiful place to call home...lovely scenery

Minuses: not enough jobs
- localgal52
Pluses: Fanning Springs offers, to those who are looking, the simple beauty of tranquility. It can be seen through reflecting sun beams dancing off of the Suwannee River waves, and the sun light that gently penetrates the foliage to reveal hidden treasures and creatures whose shadows give them away as they scurry to conceal themselves from human view. It is a most enjoyable and pleasant area to live in.

Minuses: The only minuses would be those who have a negative view and cannot see the treasure they have hidden within this area.

A great place to... Fanning Springs State Park and anywhere you can walk, or ride to get to.

People are very friendly and wonderful to meet. The hospitality is incredible.
- 1Miller
Jan. 8, 2007
Pluses: Great place to live.

Minuses: If you were not born here you have a hard time getting involved in community projects or events as well as the programs for kids.

A great place to... Observe the political process.

- 3rw3393661
I need information on st. bethelem as for as state's geography, economy, and history
- kaylaeste
Pluses: Small town atmosphere, historic setting, picturesque community, national park, good employment, recreational opportunities, close to larger cities, proximity to beaches and mountains

Minuses: high cost housing market

A great place to... grow up, raise kids
- ksherin
Pluses: jobs, people, how friendly, and economy

Minuses: schools, jobs, and weather

A great place to... live and is it safe for children

how are the people and how many people as far as population.
- electriccc
Pluses: Acting Mayor Bob Wilcox, the Idle Hour, SUNY Geneseo, AP English, Main Street

Minuses: Traffic, February

A great place to... Ride horses, hunt foxes, ride bikes, walk, gossip.

Home of Geneseo International Airport, SUNY Geneseo
- JimM
Pluses: Fairly diverse, extremely openminded, quirky, fun, beautiful, amazing restaurants. Like nowhere else in the world!

Minuses: The cost of living, getting way too crowded!

A great place to... do anything but especially the absolute best place to grow up in and to be a native of!
- monkeyfish
Pluses: The people are friendly. Good public schools. Low crime as compared to other Mississippi Delta towns. Great food. Good selection of churches. DSU is a plus. Nice downtown area and thriving businesses. Real estate still sells and bargains can be found. Two hours from Memphis and Jackson.

Minuses: Not much to do. Schools can't offer too much extra curricular. Poverty is high. Unemployment rate significant. Not many places for teens to work. Apartment rent is HIGH for a small town. Property taxes just went sky high as much a 100% increase.

A great place to... feel the blues.
- Pennybatt
Jan. 7, 2007
Pluses: Located just north of bustling Ellicott City and Columbia and less than half an hour from Baltimore, Sykesville/Edlersburg is a quiet, reasonably priced, and well-educated place to call "home".
- chungds
Pluses: Kodiak Island is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and stunning places in the world. Great green mountains offset by a vivid blue ocean during the summer, a dark pensive place during late fall, and of course it's snowy, albeit severe, late winters.
Sound temperatures, a proud community atmosphere and a variety of interesting job opportunities make the island (affectionately called 'the Rock') both a long-term and short-term adventure, be you a traveler on your merry way or a long term resident.

Minuses: If anything, there is a lacking in mainstream economical benefits, such as large mall centers or fast food chains (save for the infamous Mickey Dee's) like Anchorage has to offer. This is hardly a setback, however, for Kodiak has long been known for it's originality in any profitable aspect.

A great place to... Grab a lunch from any of the restaurants along the mainroads and hit the harbour, Dead Man's Curve (due to reconstruction of the road, residents jokingly refer to it now as "Wounded Man's Curve") or any spot on the rocky beaches and enjoy whatever you rest your eyes on!

Anyone looking for some excitement physically and perhaps a way to freeze your ears off should hike the dangerous *tempting, I know* side of Barometer mountain, which overlooks both the Coast Guard base and Kodiak Town itself.

I have recently transfered to Virginia with my family and miss the place sorely, hoping to make my way back within the next two years. I'm even looking into different tattoo's of Kodiak Island itself....Now the question is where to put it......
- Brandon
Pluses: beautiful area; I really could go on forever.

Minuses: people with lots of money trying to make it very exclusive

A great place to... vacation, raise a family, etc.

as an individual that has been coming to Long Lake for 24 plus years, it is important to get to know every in the community. the culture.
- gutz
Pluses: Small, close-knit community where Kenyon College is located. Gambier has great small town charm. The people are friendly and the rural environment is idyllic. Gambier has a unique intellectual environment; the college provides great theater, music, and lectures. Nothing compares to how beautiful Middle Path looks in the fall and when it's lit up for the holidays!

Minuses: Night life can be limited, if you aren't interested in campus parties and the one bar in Gambier.

A great place to... attend Kenyon College! Gambier is a great environment to learn without too many distractions, but Columbus is only an hour away.

The Middle Ground, Gambier Grill (aka the Cove), and the Deli are the most popular hang-outs. You can get a good (sometimes pricey) dinner at the Kenyon Inn. Don't miss exercising on the Kokosing Gap trail!
- Emily
Pluses: Quiet, peaceful community nestled along the Sheyenne River. Summer kayaking, biking, birding, hunting, fishing. Winter cross country skiing, downhill skiing at Bear's Den Mountain (300 vertical feet), Ice fishing, ice skating, snowmobiling. Located along the North Country Hiking/Cross Country Trail spanning from New York across the northern plains. Tight-knit community, friendly people open to outsiders, tourism is the local economy.

Minuses: Very rural, at least 30 miles from shopping, movies, hospitals. Limited professional job opportunities in the area.

A great place to... Raise a family, relax and unwind, write a book, retire. Solitude at your front door. Plenty of outdoor activities available.
- reisjackson
Pluses: warm friendly sleepy small ideal location

Minuses: hot in August

A great place to... eat --- KFC
- Doug
Pluses: A wonderful small town that's experiencing a rapidly growing cultural/wine/arts theme. Great little shops.

Minuses: Not very much for "big city shopping". Even Walla Walla doesn't have a Mall anymore. Wal-Mart though

A great place to... Raise a family or retire.

check out the web site "historic dayton wa" will bring it up on a google search.
- julz6769
Jan. 6, 2007
Pluses: Small, quiet community

Minuses: Lacks theaters, entertainment

A great place to... Get acquainted with neighbors
- elizabeth
Pluses: Wonderful place to visit !!
- milklady58
Pluses: Humble, TX has a rich history from the early oil boom days. The historic main street is relatively well preserved and still has many active businesses and restaurants. A large town with a small town attitude.

Minuses: Over the last twenty or so years, Humble has undergone a major demographic and cultural shift largely due to the massive influx of illegal aliens. These aliens do not respect the local culture or customs and threaten to transform Humble into a third world slum. The crime rate is skyrocketing and property values are plummeting. The local school is a seething cauldron of Latino Gang activity because it has been overwhelmed by these cultural barbarians. My wife and I have stopped shopping at the local wal-mart because the latino community will deliberatly treat you with a biased and disrespectful manner if you are not latino. We and many others that I know now go out of town to do our shopping. Many businesses have closed down and moved out of the older part of town for that very reason. The local HEB closed because of theft and low sales. Kroger is the only grocery store left in town and it's really gotten run down.

A great place to... have a business if you are willing to hire illegal alien criminals to increase your profit margin. Many greedy business owners who live outside of our community hire almost exclusively Illegal Alien Criminals. This is the contributing factor to our problem. If however, you are an unethical greedy fat cat wanting to make profit, well this is a good place to find laborers.

After living in Humble for more than twenty years, I have to say that I'll be moving soon and I wouldn't recommend moving here or investing in property here unless of course you happen to be an Illegal Alien Criminal!
- scottwar
Pluses: I found out my g grandfather is buried there. Name of Sumner Manning. I am still looking for his 2 wives. A nice quite town and the people are friendly.
- l2828
Pluses: Increasingly mild winters. Affordable housing. Great arts scene (be sure to make the annual jazz festival). Lots of recreational opportunities - biking, boating, skiing.

Minuses: Struggling economy. Young people leaving in droves.

A great place to... attend a minor league baseball game (the Red Wings).
- epodunk1
Jan. 5, 2007
Pluses: Food, down-to-earth people, history, arts.

Minuses: The mayor. Manayunk.

A great place to... live, work, raise a family.

I am shocked how Philly is portrayed in most movies. Once you get out of downtown Philly, it all starts to get real nice.
- beefman500

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