Community reviews



Jul. 31, 2007
Pluses: Some pluses about charlton...hmmm there are many.
One is that it is an old town, and many old houses still exist, especially in downtown.
For the most part, charlton has good sports, including softball, baseball, basketball, football, and soccer.
The town also has many farms,including dresser hill used to be an old farm with cows ect, but they now have dresser hill ice cream/clam box there.Their ice cream is GREAT.
It is also close to some of the main highways, such as the mass pike, route 20, and 290.
And the schools are great, k-1 in one school, 2-4 in heritage, 5-8 in CMS(Charlton middle school.), then 9-12 in shepherd hill.

Minuses: Some minuses come with sports.They softball fields could use a little updating, where as the baseball fields are nice.But they are,however building a new snack shack....hey thats always good.

A great place to... Charlton is a great place just to live.It is very spread out, and often quiet if you dont live right next to the is also a good place to grow up

Charlton is pretty much awesome
- softballqueen1
Pluses: Family still lives there

A great place to... visit with family and to remember the old times
- pattiepet
Jul. 30, 2007
Pluses: Friendly people

Minuses: Longer warm weather would be nice

A great place to... Live and Vist
- rbeck

Pluses: Please tell me how to get in touch with the proprietor of Blue Ridge Cemetary where my mother and grandparents are buried. I believe there is still space in the family plot, and would like to confirm.
Thank you
- swalther
Pluses: good restaurants

Minuses: small town

A great place to... eat, raise a family
- rreubanks
A great place to... vacation
- drcuje
Jul. 29, 2007
Pluses: ocean.sun rises.air quality.nice people

Minuses: rocky

A great place to... live
- sharkwolf
Pluses: Quiet, beautiful little college town. Serene is a good word for Greenville. Low crime rate (essentially near nil). Close to major cities (Pittsburgh, Cleveland), yet Greenville has a definite small town feel and appeal. Greenville gets its fair share of lake effect snow through the late autumn and winter months, sometimes into spring. However, it's a dry snow and since our road maintenance people are ready for it, Greenville streets are always clear, after even the worst of snowstorms. Great medical care, especially if you're over 40. The nearby lakes are wonderful for fishing and boating. Overall, Greenville is a lovely little town. BIG PLUS: Real estate prices are unbelievably good (for the buyer).

Minuses: Unfortunately, when steel left the area, so did most employment opportunities. That being said, physicians specializing in cardiology, vascular disease, neurology, geriatrics, opthamology, and orthopedics would find Greenville a very lucrative and lovely place to move their practice. Low rent, low real estate costs, low taxes, and high medical emphasis/demand make Greenville a desirable place to practice for any physician caring for adults and the elderly. BIG MINUS: Real estate prices are unbelievably bad (for the seller).

A great place to... Retire, hunt deer, fish, boat and watersports. A good place to relax.
- cagibson
Jul. 28, 2007
Pluses: Snow fun.

Minuses: Cold

A great place to... think.
- HOWIE4321
Pluses: Beautiful historical New Jersey town. Many historical, beautiful homes that have been restored to their original decor. Close knit, friendly community.

Minuses: Not nearly enough local commerce.

A great place to... Live if you like living in a quiet, beautiful historical town in an older home that you will probably have to invest alot of money into restoring and renovating it to it's original state.
- pkoe123
Jul. 26, 2007
Pluses: Cheaper housing

Minuses: Sand, Birds

A great place to... pass through
- meh2007
Pluses: Andrea Lee Apartments, 327 Sunrise has completely renovated their property, has removed all criminal element, added grass/garden, and is in the process of repairing the parking lot. The improvement is lovely and makes the neighborhood look much better.

On that note, the duplexes on the 300 block of Sunrise/Hempstead, Sandridge Apartments, and Shade Tree have been sold to an excellent company out of Austin. I personally spoke with one of the new owners and one of the managers of another one of their properties, and they informed me, they are renovating their property soon. They also apologized for the extra tall grass on Sandridge (empty lot) and said it will be mowed soon. These lots are in desperate need of renovation and will soon complete the improved look of the Sandridge/Hempstead/Sunrise block area, as well as giving our community members a wider sellection of choice in renting apartments.

Minuses: Can't say here without recrimination.

A great place to... Get the best candles is Ashley's Attic.
Keep your kids safe and check for convicted child/sex offenders. Free online search at the following site, just enter your zipcode:
- sher78
Jul. 25, 2007
Pluses: Quiet, relaxing, very nice people

Minuses: No major shops, restaurants; very small town, really nothing to do on the weekends.

A great place to... get away if you want a nice, quiet country feel
- tammi
Pluses: Rural, growing community, with opportunities

A great place to... Raise families, work, play, and visit
- JGrebmeier
Pluses: Mostly a calm enviroment. No real smog issues, though issues should be addressed sooner than later. Strong police presence of city, county, state, with conservation popping in and out within a population of 5000+, so your fairly safe out in the open. If you keep your nose clean you can be easily overlooked.

Minuses: The inside and outside influences of our governing municipality. Stifling social and economic growth to meet other agendas. Helping people aquire debt, more so, than eliminating any. Advertises a sence of community but practices a more time honored social segregation value.

A great place to... ...let a little power give you a Big head, lol. Great place, or state even, to homeschool your children.

..or make a great name for yourself if you are an undercover federal agent who believes the oath taken unto them.

Has it's good parts and it's bad parts. It's what you decide to do with what you know, or think you know for that matter, that determines how you will be in Winchester.
It really does have some nice points but it is just hard to get around the clutter that keeps this town from being a community.
- Kryptiik
Jul. 24, 2007
Pluses: kids are safe to ride their bikes around town without fear of being kidnapped....if they would be by a relative since everyone is related anyway.

Minuses: everyone wants to be in your business...and they love to gossip because most people here don't have a life.

A great place to... fall asleep

3 restaurants.....4 gas stations.....1 department store...1 very small grocery store....1 museum.....1 park.
- luvgstr8
Pluses: It's a small town that doesn't have much crime. Myerstown is a pretty town where you see very few homes in a state of disrepair. There is so much about Myerstown that is positive that it would take up too much space to list it all.

Minuses: The biggest minus is that there isn't too much for the kids to do, but that seems to be a problem in almost every town.

A great place to... raise a family.
- imisslebco
Pluses: looking to move there from east san diego, seems like a wonderful Old Timey place to live near Main Street. Has a great Old Downtown tree lined Main Street. Great restaurants, great large mature tree'd parks, nice people. Great homes, great prices for what you want in a home.

Minuses: -0- so far,,,
- sizzlemee2
Pluses: They have a great festivble there, with a HUGE parade with tons of candy. Also when they have that parade the Potatoe Festivble is going on, also great for the kids and plenty or adults. This takes place September 9,10,11.Me and my family have been going up there since i was 2 weeks old. We have a small house up there also. But if you come up here for your first time, everyone in that town know's each other.

Minuses: They don't have a gas station. It closed because the town was so small it didnt need one. But there is a gas station in Roger City(about 20/25 miles away) or in Hawks(15/20 miles away).

A great place to... Have FUN!

Its a ALL Polish City. If your not Polish then you won't belong. Everything we do up there is Polish. The partys the festivbles the Parades. So if your Irish then don't come here.=]
- xoAESxo
Pluses: Morgan County is beautiful and quiet. For the most part the people are nice. I have enjoyed living here.

Minuses: The court system in Berkeley County is a joke. The prosecutor is horrible and spends lots of taxpayers money trying trivial cases. The police have been accused of harrassment and much more. The drug problem is out of control and nobody seems to be doing anything about it. Complaints to the mayor go unresolved. Morgan County is yet another County that pays no heed to the over-whelming prison population and allows taxpayers to pay $50 a day for accused criminals to sit in jail when what they really need is a reform program.
- xonly4us2x
Pluses: smaller and close knit. You can still go and enjoy a great county fair!

Minuses: Not enough well paying jobs. Home prices are out of reach for many

A great place to... raise a family, attend school (all levels) spend time in the summer enjoying the lakes, fair and bounty of fresh grown fruits and vegatables
- csherron
Jul. 23, 2007
Pluses: County Life is wonderful

Minuses: Unfair local politic

A great place to... Live in the county
- buster4
Pluses: Close to Draper on the south

Minuses: Close to Midvale on the north

A great place to... Drink water. I always thought we were picky, and then a nationwide survey came out naming our tap water the best in the nation.

Live close to hiking, horse, bike trails. If you're the outdoorsy type, you'll never be bored.

Find all walks of life. White City at it's heart, and the "train station" and the likes above Wasatch.

People who live in east Sandy tend to be really good looking.
- summergale
Pluses: Beautiful village setting.
- ilya
Pluses: Beautiful. I'm a native and have never grown tired of this gorgeous area. The climate is very nice, with more sun than rain or snow.

Minuses: The traffic is horrendous. Recreation is anything but affordable when you have a family. Cost of living is terribly out of balance. Many people, no matter what statistics say, just scrape out a living.

A great place to... Hike and bike
- priehl
Jul. 21, 2007
Pluses: small, SAFE, community. Everyone knows you, the parish is a wonderful asset to the town. You don't realize how great it is growing up in a small town without all the temptations of gangs and drugs and traffic that accompany a large city.

Minuses: residents (my father included) often choose not to further their education beyond high school, and with the economy and job market today, a college education is becoming a must to obtain a secure job to support a family.

A great place to... raise a family. get a grade school and high school education.
- falcon98
Pluses: It's growing, if one likes growth.

Minuses: It's racist, it's culturally bland and very provincial. I find it the most restrictive place to move around in for any person of color. It is segregated by neighborhood and by business location. It has very little to offer in terms of entertainment, extracurricular activities or arts. It is very popular with chain stores, but very little remains of Cobb County historically to make it unique. It's really a microcosm of Atlanta, Georgia, a place also not interested in preserving its historical past.

A great place to... Shop (unless you are African American and have a car).

Cobb County fought the hardest fight of any other outlying (metro Atlanta) county to keep itself segregated along racial lines during the 1970s. It refused access to Atlanta's Metro Transit system (MARTA) and instead opted to create its own, which consists of buses that piggyback onto Atlanta's system and offers its ridership a discounted fare rate while using the same streets and access train stations as MARTA--and providing none of its own. Cobb County's police department continues to exercise its own brand of racial profiling and incarcerates black people at rates exceeding most other counties in Georgia for misdemeanor offenses. Generally, the public of Cobb are quite adept at making their hostilities known, while keeping up a good pretense at hospitality whenever company comes to town. That is what Cobb County will probably always be known for.
- Menkhera
Pluses: Good beaches, good fishing, laid back and not crowded.

Minuses: Lack of grocery stores. Very few restaurants or bars. There have been some good places in the past but many have been destroyed by hurricanes.

Hurricanes: This place seems to get hit HARD (Ivan, Katrina, Georges, Eleana, Frederic) every few years.

A great place to... Take a vacation. Go fishing, rest.

Generally a very laid back place. Small town on the beach. Mostly beach houses which are for rent. Very few if any hotels. The only bad experience we've had was at a bar called the Pelican Pub. The bartenders were very crusty redneck women who were downright rude.
- hiplib
Pluses: The town and the surrounding area are pretty and fertile. The homes in the well-to-do white sections of the area are well-maintained and attractive. The community is cohesive and conformist, with little respect for different traditions.

Minuses: A bigoted, racist town, long lost in the mists of a vanquished, evil era and cause: perpetuation of African-Americans as second-class citizens. Look to Google for the latest news about Jena's reawakened persecution of blacks, beginning with the persecution of high school students. One would think one was back at Ole Miss in the Sixties.

A great place to... Hang out and watch rampant racism come to the fore. Be sure your room reservation is secured. Watch out for the local police and militia.
- GMacC3
Jul. 20, 2007
Pluses: the Village is on a U.S Highway it has a good School district The village is right on Lake

A great place to... raise a Famliy, start a Bussiness and good Fishing

Clayton has a Population of 507 (2000 Census ) the Village has a BP Amoco,School,Veterinary Care, Service Station,Greenhouse this is just some of the Bussiness's located in the Village Clayton is a Commuity with Parks and a great downtown area.
- storm54888
Pluses: great weather
- ccvtv
Pluses: good trash pick up/easy layout to the streets

Minuses: treats it's munipical employees like little stupid school kids/huge ego and arrogance run the town which is headed by a puppethead. The DARE officers live by the rule do as I say not as i DO//The town is made up of millions of lies and half-truths run by a government that thinks they deserve everything they think they should have coming. also//the pay sucks compared to other towns our size

A great place to... buy beer with a fake ID
- barnabus65
Jul. 19, 2007
Pluses: We are a close knit community. Neighbors still care about each other.
You can drive 15-20 minutes and be at the beach. On the same day you can drive about 30-45 minutes from your walk on the beach and be hiking in the forest. What a wonderfull place we love in.
Tillamook County is great for those who are history buffs. There are many historical homes here.

Minuses: The flooding every winter, early spring. But that's part of the adventure of living here in the city of Tillamook.

A great place to... Raise your kids. Work. Live.
- Katyler
Pluses: my whole family is from there

Minuses: i dont know them

A great place to... find myself

call me
- jusbrag1
Pluses: highway 61 /49 leaving no not really

Minuses: every thing

A great place to... go to jail or go to hell!!!!!!!!!
- antonio
Jul. 18, 2007
Pluses: Small town, everything is nearby, low property tax, not much traffic.

Minuses: Very conservative, dry county, no entertainment (i.e., no theaters, malls, theatre, museums, etc.), limited public transportation, 100% of the county is two-lane highways (makes it slow traveling a lot of the time), no FM radio station or TV station, poor selection of grocery stores, no men's clothing stores.

A great place to... Buy a Confederate Flag or a hand gun.
- malco23
Jul. 17, 2007
Pluses: It was settled by Mormons
- susha
A great place to... Live a slow paced relaxed life....
- vickw64
Pluses: good college
good education system
good city government services
attractive town
walking trail
flowers in town
good hospital
good family town

Minuses: relatively isolated - rural community
no book stores, no clothing stores
inadequate social opportunities for all age groups
bad place to be single
scarcity of employment opportunities

A great place to... raise a family
grow old
- jfs7
Pluses: The plus side of Cromwell..... Well, there are many. It is a really small small town. I think there is a clinic, a post office, a grocery store, a bar/liquor store, a nice modern convenience store.... and more. There are lots of farms around, but most just have horses, maybe cattle or dairy cows. It seems like a lot of people who live in the country with acreage make hay either for their own animals or to sell. I'm not from there-- just started hanging out there recently. There are several beautiful lakes. Gardens grow well there and people take pride in there gardens and flowers, however small the gardens may be. It's like a little slice of paradise!
If you're in Cromwell sitting out on your deck, don't be surprised if a neighbor stops by if he or she spies you hanging out with your cup of coffee or can, I mean can, of beer. It's like living on a lake and having pontooners stop on by. Very laid back is Cromwell, MN. People seem to have strong accents there, too.

Minuses: There isn't really anyplace to get organic produce or whole foods sype things. One would have to go to Cloquet, Duluth, or Sandstone, MN for such things.

A great place to... Live! Have a beer or a good famer's midwestern meal in the fall.
- crystaljade
Pluses: Quiet living in the system

Minuses: miles away from grocery stores and resturants.

A great place to... raise a family
- momofdnd
Jul. 16, 2007
Pluses: community feeling, no crime, beautiful in summer, very good hard working nice people, great arts community

Minuses: harsh winters, lack of employment, lack of good roads

A great place to... raise a family!
- epodunkfunk
Pluses: Crime Rate

A great place to... live

Where is the largest town located and how far is it from the Gulf.
- janeatf
Pluses: I've been to the Runaway Rapids water park twice in the last month (late June/early July). Both times I took children of friends to have a good time. We did have a good time at the water park. It is well run and there was lots to do.

Minuses: The BIG MINUS at the water park is the parking. First, you must have quarters only to feed the meter. Their website does not inform you of this. Secondly, you have to guess how long you will be at the park - you must pay up front for parking. Third - the Keansburg Police are right on top of the parking and give out tickets almost immediately if your time runs out and you haven't made it back to the car. I speak from experience. On my second visit, two summer camps arrived shortly before my time was I up and I lost track of the two kids I had with me. I had them paged three times to no effect. I finally found them, got them and myself dressed, and left as quickly as possible. Although I allowed and extra 45 minutes to get in and out of the park, I was about 10 minutes late. I got a ticket at six minutes late - cost = $30.00. I do not plan to return because of this. I live locally and would have been a repeat customer.

A great place to... Get a parking ticket at the water park and amusement park.
- Local
Pluses: small

Minuses: jobs

A great place to... raise a family
- charshels
Jul. 15, 2007
Pluses: Very few, initially, it was just to get a bigger house with a little bit of yard for a reasonable price 10 years ago. Now, that is not a very big difference from close into metro New Orleans.

Minuses: The local Parish politics are stereotypical of Louisiana corruption and inability to get even the simplest things passed. It is truely incredible. A simple thing like building a much needed animal shelter has languished for more than 9 years now, even after significant funds were allocated. The entire time hundreds and hundreds of family pets and stray dogs and cats are killed due to a lack of space in a primitive facility with rusty corroding cages and pools of water the animals have to live in day and night. Disgusting.
One Parish Councilman was even found guilty of failure to pay state income tax for 3 years, got off with no jail time and acts like nothing happened.

A great place to... Find alligators in you back yard.
- nightdiver
Pluses: Close to DC Metro
Pluses: Quiet

Minuses: No movies

A great place to... relax
- she
Jul. 14, 2007
Pluses: The ever increasing business boom with-in and aroung the parish.

Minuses: A Parish as large as St. John has become it is sad that there is no public transportation. The revenue generated alone from workers going to and from the plants between Norco, to just Garyville should have been considered. How can Terreborne provide transportation for it's citizens and not St. John?
Pluses: gorgeous!

Minuses: traffic

A great place to... live, vacation.
- caitlyneck143
Pluses: Close to shopping and services, the Jackie Robinson Parkway is a border (in the cemeteries) which gives you access to the rest of NYC's roads.

Subway lines connect with Manhattan and Brooklyn, approx. 30 minutes to Times Square. Also numerous bus routes.

Minuses: Parking is awful, when I grew up here you could play in the street and hardly find a car to use as a base. Now well awful sums it up.

A great place to... Be in NYC without the extraneous baggage.

You can live a blue collar/white collar life without having to impress or explain yourself to anyone.

Hopefully it will remain so...

Rentals are usually in two family houses with four to five rooms.

Several playgrounds and parks, one Forest Park is a hidden NYC gem complete with bandshell, carousel, and even a golf course.

A few new condos and houses being built, and the renovated "Atlas Terminals" supply movies and shopping with restaurants in one spot. Otherwise ethnic German, Polish, etc. retaurants are to be found and enjoyed throughout
- Longislander
Jul. 13, 2007
Pluses: Cat City is a great location. It is less than 10 miles from Palm Springs Airport and Downtown Plam Springs. It is not far from the major shopping area of Palm Desert and El Paseo. But you have to like it HOT! Property is generally less expensive than the nearby cities but it is an up and coming area.

Minuses: No really a minus but I keep reading about the crime rate. Some will quote statistics but generally we find CC to be pretty safe - day and night.

The roads can be a pain. Date Palm Drive is long overdue a make-over especially between Ramon and Gerald Ford. Moreover the Date Palm - Ramon crossroads is also just too awful for words.

A great place to... live being less expensive than other nearby cities while still being convenient to get to nearby areas.

The Authorities are to be commended for the new sculptures dotted around the 'entrances' to the City. That on Date Palm just off the I10 is great.
- roland500
Pluses: Recently I wrote a book called DO OVER: PEG WAltz and the Brain Trust and put New Carlisle in it. In fact I am supposed to be adding on to my website right now, but I am obviously just not doing that. When mom was alive my life partner, Mike, and I were down doing repairs and couldn't find what we needed in town. I was grumbling and he said, "This town is like a Norman Rockwell picture, you were so lucky to grow up here." and he was right. The town is filled with friendly faces, low crime, and a comfort level of really knowing your neighbors...which is a negative if your 16 out of town and doing something you shouldn't be doing...because someone from new carlisle will see you and tell. The main street is extremely attractive and I suggested to the mayor in Elkhart he look at it as a model. The restaurants are many and I've recommended them all at one time or another, and what could be better than the Black Cat Lanes for an evening of fun..sounds like a "Call me Earl" segment.

Minuses: I like knowing everyone, but I also like a certain amount of anonymity and a larger town provides that. While there is some night life and culture..if not in town, close by..I guess that is not a negative. Grocercy shopping for can goods and cleaning products are pricey but meat and vegetables are cheaper than in a bigger city, and fresher at least they were three years ago. While a smaller school system offers more opportunities for students to be part of extracurricular activities, it also does not allow for the full curriculum that a larger school has.

A great place to... kick back, have a picnic in the park, take a roadtrip for lunch; and yes, by aaaaalllllllll means, bank a golf ball off a tombstone.
- pabmew
Pluses: A vibrant and diverse economy with a solid foundation in Universities, State Government, and private industry.
Great geographic location, three hours to either the mountains or the beach.
Good interstate highway access to four points of the compass.
Well-run and easily accessed international airport with access to the world.
Great healthcare availability.
Small town feel in urban settings.
Climate is wonderful with mild winters and hot summers.

Minuses: Growth has some negative consequences.
Great schools are hampered by continuing growth that stretches resources.
Streets and Roads are sometimes inadequate and less well maintained than they should be, as a result of growth.

A great place to... Relax, recharge, learn, retire, live with family,
- mikejaquish
Jul. 12, 2007
Pluses: small town America;

A great place to... a great place to raise children

generation after generation stay here because of it's little pleasures
- emsampson
Pluses: Small town, friendly people, beautiful 4th of July show at Lake Frances, you can actually let your kids play outside and not have to worry about them!!!

A great place to... raise a family
- KarenDanielle
Jul. 11, 2007
Pluses: Wonderful place to raise a family! It has a historic feel with the Cahaba Homestead area. You can take a walk through the neighborhood and feel like you've stepped back in time. Or you get a very fresh and updated feel with all the new neighborhoods that are developing. There is so much near by. Wonderful new shopping areas and new Restaurants. The school system is Fantastic and continues to grow and bring new families to such a desirable area. We were listed in the top 100 of the desirable places to live in 2005.

Minuses: There really are not any minuses. The only thing I don't like is how others just assume people in Trussville are "snobby". My husband and I make a modest income, work hard to live where we live. There are unkind people in all cities but as a whole this is a very nice place, with a lot of nice Christian families. I think someone who is considering moving to Trussville would find it helpful to walk around the communities and visit the schools. They would soon learn how kind the citizens of Trussville are. We have been here 7 years now and moved from a neighboring city where we were told Trussvillians were "snobs" and we have found out that that is far from the truth.

A great place to... Eat: Cafe on Main, good homestyle cooking. Fontaras Mexican Restaurant Great service and food.

Check Trussvile info out at
- Trussville2007
Pluses: The pluses are almost too many to list. It's the perfect friendly 'burbs. Talk about location ! It's 20 minutes north of Annapolis and 20 minutes south of Baltimore, and about 40 minutes from DC.
It's small town-ish, without being too small town. There seems to be an abundance of new construction of 55+ communities, which is good, since there will be no additional kids to crowd the schools. There is plenty of police presence, which seems to make anyone thinking of committing a crime think twice. It's pretty quiet here, and I can't think of anywhere I'd rather live.
To the person thinking of opening up a business that would have late hours; although you didn't say what kind of business it is, Millersville is a great place to be, so good luck and come'on !

Minuses: Can't think of any at the moment.....

A great place to... Live and raise kids.

Plenty of nearby amenities.
- SharonS
Pluses: Most of the time clean air,exception is field prepartion for planting, or wind is blowing dust, from river bottom. A goodly amount of civic pride. Mostly clean town.

Minuses: Outsiders who come to Pima, and complain about residents here, instead of trying to get in positions, where if they think changes should be made will try to do this.
Big city people who move here to a small town and then complain because we don't have big city rules. This causes division.

A great place to... Raise a family, and retire.

Farming, education, mining, Scenic.
- sambo
Jul. 10, 2007
Pluses: Small-town feel; friendly, uncomplicated residents; friendly, small business operators; lovely old Victorian homes

Minuses: Very limited retail establishments; only one grocery store; mis-handled development

A great place to... Retire, and also to raise kids
- regis
Pluses: so cute and cozy! Very well organized. Two main drags!

Minuses: limited resources? expensive?

A great place to... stroll and see the galleries and enjoy the sun on the water.
- diamondsunlight
Pluses: I want to know some of the pluses. What about the Haynes Plant there?
- geegaw
Pluses: Great People, Wonderful schools

Minuses: Small town, not alot of night life

A great place to... Raise a family
- kmheil
Pluses: Its close to Tulsa

Minuses: We only have one good store

A great place to... get pull over by cops in not very well marked cars.
- klutch340
Jul. 9, 2007
Pluses: quiet,low crime,beautiful parks,as well as surrounding countryside,well kept propertrs,ie people seem proud of their community. Justa quaint quiet small town America.

Minuses: Little industry. Economy has died. Was born & raised in Franklin. I can remember it as a vibrant community in the 50s and even the 60s, but it is gone now. How sad. Another area suffering from the import everything syndrome.

A great place to... visit or maybe retire, not to earn a living.
- rikiticity
Pluses: The air is pristine and the scenery is beautiful.

Minuses: Most of the people generally do not like outsiders.

A great place to... visit in the summer and in the winter if you like cold and snow.

Hard to get to from Bethel, and once you are there be patient; you may be forced to stay longer than you want to. The flyint weather is always iffy.
- wfoulk2313
Jul. 8, 2007
Pluses: Active economic environment, driven by growth, NC State University, the seat of North Carolina State Government, and proximity to the Research Triangle Park.

Easy living, with reasonable traffic, many amenities, including parks and recreation, shopping, great medical care, excellent public schools, professional hockey, collegiate sports, and natural beauty. And less than 3 hours to the beach or mountains.

The climate is just fabulous.

Minuses: None worth worrying about.

A great place to... Live.
Build a business.
Raise a family.
Relax and recharge.
Meet many talented and interesting people.
- mikejaquish
Pluses: Climate, personal safety, low taxes, great amenities like parks, walking trails, schools, shopping.
Diverse housing opitons, from affordable to luxurious.

Proximity to Raleigh, including State Government and NC State University.

Availability of excellent medical care.

Minuses: Can be a little boring, but that is a personal choice.
Overactive Town Government meddles a little.
Crowded roads from growth.

A great place to... Live and be in business.
Raise a family.
Meet people.
- mikejaquish
Pluses: Good quality of life

Minuses: none

A great place to... grow up and live.
- mraven
Pluses: Relaxed, quiet city within a short distance to several other places, such as Houston, Galveston, New Orleans.

Minuses: Not too much going on within the city itself
If you enjoy live shows, you have to go elsewhere

Home to ExxonMobil's third largest refinery in the US.
- mykmess
Pluses: It use to have a fairly good school system, it use to have easy access to a number of businesses, it use to have charm and safety.

Minuses: It doesn't have the above pluses anymore.

A great place to... It use to be a good place to raise kids.

I grew up in Gloucester City also. In the 50's and 60's it was
an average small town that had lots of history and a quaintness about it. My family was from there so we went back a couple of generations there. Before that they were from Philadelphia.
The Delaware River was never a clean place and the park on Kings Road was not a very safe place to be. But the pool was great!
When people ask where I grew up, I always say Gloucester, but I always mention it along with other towns because I am embarrassed at the sight of Gloucester now. It is a shame how the generations of the past 30 years have allowed the city to go to hell.
- photoizbk
Pluses: Peaceful
Nice people

Minuses: Long drive to town

A great place to... Relax

Beautiful, Spacious, Refreshing && Exciting place to be
- jessicafnoble
Jul. 7, 2007
Pluses: Lynn is a great place

Minuses: Small---

A great place to... be from

very close to Tryon
- fravan
Pluses: good mountains

Minuses: big animals

A great place to... get away from ur city
- jerrydhernandez1
Pluses: Country setting
Hometown feel

Minuses: Away from malls
Jul. 6, 2007
Pluses: Good Hunting

Minuses: Not Many Women Folk

A great place to... Get Lost In The Woods
- archer
Pluses: Surrounded by mountains
The Train at Night

A great place to... live for a year, which I did from 1887-1998. Great experience.
- brewsterkid
Pluses: safety and lots of things to do

Good medical care and caring people

Minuses: TRAFFIC some of the worst and most inconsiderate drivers i have ever experienced

even gets worse (if that's possible) when the college is in session

A great place to... work and get together
- travelr
Pluses: It's a small community with beautiful scenery.


A great place to... GO FISHING
- jethrene
Pluses: they finally have a grocery store
- dolphingirl383
Jul. 5, 2007
Pluses: rural

Minuses: humid

A great place to... get away from city life

try it
- oldcoed
Pluses: Beautiful historic houses.
Top notch public school.
Very low crime rate.
No suburban sprawl.
No cookie-cutter, housing developments

Minuses: Very few good restaurants.
All the restaurants close early.
Must drive 30 in either direction for a movie theater.
TAXES!!! New York has the highest local taxes in the country! Be prepared for 5-7 thousand dollars in taxes.

A great place to... Retire
Be left alone
Find peace.
Raise children.
- jabrownell
Pluses: CAPIELLOS, Perrecas, Moon River Cafe, fall apple picking.

Minuses: There are vagrants permeating downtown, the local government tried to renovate downtown, but it is totally cheesy. The people look like something poisonous is in the drinking water, rents aren't as cheap as they should be due to the circumstances. Crack hit here big after it left NY, it is in full bloom.

A great place to... get lost if you are running from someone or something.

The name means "end of trail" and you better believe you have reached it here honey!!!
- Gaby66
Pluses: My dad?s family is from here. My grandparents who have since passed away are buried here. We have a family reunion every year in Richfield, We have it the weekend that they have Outlaw Days here, which is soo much fun, They have a big dance at the stockade bar on Friday, a parade on Sat, and a second dance that night, Everybody all around comes to this. It?s a small town of about 442. My dad have been coming to this with his brother and sisters for 50+ years.

Minuses: Can't say anything bad about this town

A great place to... Every year in June first weekend they have Outlaw Days. They have a parade on Saturday, a big dance on Friday night at the stockade bar (The only bar) and a second dance on Sat. Everybody all around the area comes to this. Its soo much fun

Except for June this a very small quiet town. I love it here.
Pluses: people

Minuses: education

A great place to... live and raise kids

- mvste
Pluses: good jobs

Minuses: no entertainment

A great place to... no where

boring town
- sikko33
Pluses: It's a redneck sort of town. I love that 'cuz I'm a redneck.

Minuses: It's hot in the summer. Really hot.

A great place to... I don't know now. It's been 11 years since we left Taft. It WAS a great place for familes and kids.
- lippydog
Jul. 4, 2007
Pluses: A very nice residential community, with a stable downtown area. A progressive mayor and council who are trying to improve parks, playgrounds, and the downtown area. An active business community and community gardeners who are doing their best to beautify the downtown area and parks.

Minuses: The economy of the area makes it difficult for the local government to do all of the things that they wish they had the money to do.

A great place to... raise a family.

One of the only remaining Democratic Party strongholds in Armstrong County.

While Armstrong County voted for George Bush in 2000 and 2004, Leechburg voted strongly for Al Gore and John Kerry. In 2006, Armstrong County voted for Lynn Swann for governor, while Leechburg voted for Ed Rendell in numbers that matched his statewide win of 60-40. In addition, for U.S. Senate, while Bob Casey won Armstrong County by only a couple hundred votes, he won Leechburg by a margin more reflective of his statewide totals, 60-40.

Leechburg is represented in Congress by John Murtha (D), and voted for him 60-40 in the 2006 election. Murtha won Armstrong County by only a handful of votes, 50-50.
- wpa
Pluses: A quiet and clean place. i visit my mother in law in Howard every now and then.

A great place to... enjoy the peace of mind. a few stores to shop at,
- summer45
Small village in central Illinois
- LarryReed
Pluses: the lake, the parks

Minuses: city government is too clicky, too many ordinances unfair administration of penalties, too high of taxes, old delopitated businesses on main streets, crime is on the rise, city lots not maintained, cronyism is rampant, very few citizens care, over 10% of homes are rental properties, builders only get things done through kickbacks to city officials, businesses are leaving,

A great place to... leave or pass through
- tomanderson
Jul. 3, 2007
Pluses: you are forced to drink yourself into a grave.

Minuses: people are stuck up snobs and the beaches are LOADED with tons of rocks - WOST BEACHES EVER! - unless you have a pass or get thru the guards... overall the people on the island have their noses in the air and think they are way better than everyone alive. - absolutley no dining with the exception of one place - nobody should waste their time there.

A great place to... send your worst enemies and tell them that they'll have a blast!

no fast food, movies, shopping nor mall! - total waste of money! It is the reason behind the saying why New Yorkers are the way they are...
- jacob93
Pluses: It was a lovely area to visit .The views are amazing ,but...

Minuses: I think it is terrible how the residents throw all their trash and garbage (steel and just plain junk)into the ravines and drop offs in their backyards .They say that there is no code enforcement .I just think that for an area of people who are always trying to get assistance to keep their environment in its natural state they might want to start with cleaning up their own backyards of debris and clean up their own environments!

A great place to... drive thru
- prtybby34
Pluses: It was a plus to grow up in a small town with good schools, good school sprit. Forty plus years ago most everything a person needed was right there in Sedgwick.

Minuses: I have nothing negative to say about yesteryear Sedgwick.
It's sad to me that most of the businesses are now gone as well most of the people I knew, however there is effort to revive the town. It's not apparent yet, but there is promise on the horizon that the town may actually flourish once again.

A great place to... A good place To go back to once or twice a year.
- louie107
Jul. 2, 2007
Pluses: Small tight-knit agriculturally based community.

Minuses: Small tight-knit agriculturally based community.

A great place to... have grown-up.

Malta High School (The Mustangs) closed its doors ten or so years ago if memory serves me. All of the 7-12 grades were absorbed into the DeKalb school system. The population has remained just about the same over the years.
- PhilsBar
Pluses: 60 years ago when there was a flood we cranked up the old 36 Plymouth and went to Glasgow to watch the floodwaters rise.

Minuses: Now I cannot even determine what the weather is in Glasgow. NOAA flips me over to Columbia or Kirksville.
- janeslogin
Jul. 1, 2007
Pluses: Potential

Minuses: No foresight

A great place to... by pass

not what it was
- terrestrialman
Pluses: Convenient location
Low taxes

Minuses: No real business district
Untapped business district or downtown
Housing mix too eclectic
- JerzyJim
Pluses: I Like the Water

Minuses: None

A great place to... Relax
- Bharon
Pluses: Nice is a nice little community tucked away near Cherokee lake. We spent 2 days driving around Morristown trying to get a feel for the area as we were looking to relocate from Miami. I found the people generally very friendly and helpful, not at all like Miami.

Minuses: I thought the main roads through Morristown were ill planned with 2 major roads running parallel on the south side. Traffic flowed fairly well though with little congestion. The trip to Jefferson city was a bit dull and I wish there was a better highway between the 2 cities.

A great place to... MOVE TO! We haven't moved yet and have been to Tennessee 4 times in the last 2 years looking at different areas. Morristown in still one of my favorites and maybe we'll end up there yet.
- thomastee
Pluses: lovely town, very nice people

Minuses: very cold in wintertime, but a beautiful place

A great place to... downtown shopping
- beatriz

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