Community reviews



Jun. 30, 2007
Pluses: Great area with lots of memories.

Minuses: None I can think of

A great place to... Live and enjoy the great things the area offers

I lived in Framingham during my childhood and all my relatives lived in Saxonville and some of my best childhood memories where visiting my cousin who lived across from Twin Maple Farms a big dairy. We would go there early in the morning during the summer to watch them bottle the milk and watch them load the trucks for the home delivery. I just wish the kids of today could experience this but with the new automation these things have gone by the wayside. I will always remember this and the great time i spent there.
- thomaswm4
Pluses: Near Beloit Wisconsin, several parks.

Minuses: High housing costs, poor schools, mean population, ugly landscape.

A great place to... leave
- danieljluebke
Jun. 29, 2007
Pluses: Low housing costs, diverse population, beautiful river, exceptional education and facilities, nice people, good shopping, small town service with big city amenities.

Minuses: Near the City of Janesville.

A great place to... Meet new people, explore, attend festivals.

Beloit is a city located in Rock County, Wisconsin. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 35,775. Beloit is the location of Beloit College. Beloit is home to a Hormel plant, the world's largest can of chili [1], and the Beloit Snappers baseball club of the Midwest League. Beloit lays claim to such inventions as the speedometer, Korn Kurls and Appleby's twine binder. Korn Kurls are credited for for the founding of the snack food industry, and resemble present day Cheetos.
- danieljluebke

Pluses: It's a small town with one stoplight. Many of the people here are very friendly. The churches in Laverne are Baptist, Penecostal, Assembly of God, and First Christian Churches. We have a florist, 2 convenience stores which close at 10PM, one pharmacy, one grocery store, one lumber yard, a bar, a Western Auto appliance store, a newspaper, a liquor store, a farmer's cooperative, 2 insurance agencies, a senior citizen center, one resale shop, an old fashioned soda and sandwich shop (which has very good food), a Mexican food restaurant, and a hamburger joint.

Minuses: We are being over run with the Mexican illegal immigrant population because of the hog farms which moved in almost 10 yrs ago. The grocery store closes at 7PM everyday. The pharmacy closes at noon on Saturdays. We don't have a 24 hour convenience store, no Walmart, no place to buy household items, linens, baby clothes, adult clothes, nice gifts, kitchen needs, etc....We have no shopping mall, just mom and pop run businesses that don't really sell anything that is in demand. We don't have a Veterinarian anymore, but the previous vet will do emergency services. Many of the people here are of the "senior citizen" status. There is no recreational activities for the kids except for a park and a pool, they have no YMCA or Recreation Center. There is only one motel with 10 rooms and we need another one, no dry cleaners, no one hour photo shop, no flea market, and the restaurant closes by 2pm on Sundays. The real estate here is undeveloped and there are not many new homes being built.

A great place to... Laverne is a safe place to raise children.
- taralee63
Jun. 28, 2007
Pluses: NO ONE knows where we are!

Minuses: Obvious name problems...
The sheep have stopped backing up to the stumps.

A great place to... Marry your sister.

Origin of the nation-wide dance ..'the Brokeback Bude'

You better axe somebody!
- jackboulder
Pluses: None

Minuses: The People are rude
No decent fast food joints
The Bank isn't open on Saturdays
The Jubilee's prices are OUTRAGEOUS
No decent place to shop
The people here have no manners

A great place to... die

Don't move here if you want a life
- missylou9
Pluses: dont know

Minuses: air quality

A great place to... live
- cdjfamily
Jun. 27, 2007
Pluses: Nice people, very helpful with the tourists, nice vacation homes

Minuses: Some people might not like the fact that there are several ghost legends are located here...but I like it!

A great place to... Tour...visit the cemetary of Minnie Quay, the old quay house and such..

Old lumbering ship port...
- quaygirl222
Pluses: small town atmosphere

Minuses: no gas station

A great place to... live among friends
- moonduster74
Pluses: ....a beautiful place with lots of mountains and scenery
....lots of wonderful and friendly people

Minuses: good jobs to be found
....starting to be overloaded with people from other parts of the country who don't agree with the quiet and peaceful way of life

A great place to... visit or to live in retirement
- chuckles
Pluses: I grew up on Tangier (from 1960-68) and moved back a couple times during my adult life. It is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. It's a very close knit family type life style, where everyone looks out for each other. I still have numerous friends there and will always consider Tangier my home.

Minuses: There are no jobs, where a single woman can afford to take care of herself or live. The watermans way of life is no longer the norm for our men. Drugs are really creating a problem on our once sheltered Island.

A great place to... Live, eat, raise a famil, or retire.
- judybugthree
Jun. 26, 2007
Pluses: Low crime rate.

Minuses: City trys to tell you how to keep up your property. But doen't keep up their roads and alley ways. Before you tell someone else what to do you need to take care of your own first.
- Twyla
Pluses: Good location in central FL.
- tonkasmine
Pluses: it has a lake

Minuses: a little small

A great place to... relax
- pierremueller
Pluses: It's calm

Minuses: No protection

A great place to... live and visit.
- EE
Pluses: wonderful people

Minuses: can't think of any

A great place to... live
- csomers
Jun. 25, 2007
Pluses: I remember that the first courthouse for Pender County
was at Watha. Why has there not been a marker put
up there on that conor or at least mention it in Pender
County history? There is also a cemetery there that used
to be called the Garriss grave yard that needs some
kind of attention. There are some stones there (some of
which were David Brinkley's grandparents) and some
Garrisses. Many of the wooden head stone have long ago
rotted away. Does anyone know who owns that property?
The cemetery has been vandelized and some of the stones
have been repaired to some extent.

A great place to... Start some kind of business as it is close to the ll7
and I 40.

I no longer live in Watha, but I have a deep love for that
little town and would love to see it prosper and grow
instead of shrinking.
- daisymarie
Pluses: Small town , neat and well maintained landscapes.

People generally take pride in their town.

Minuses: Not much opportunity for young people.

A great place to... Be from
- Riparian
Pluses: haven't found any yet

Minuses: the crime, the drug dealers mostly on the hilltop
the police don't care. the mayor could care less about anything but making public appearences at the usless June festivals. the city manager is a joke. sold our golf course to the extreme religious unniversity on the hill, could have built the new elementary school there but no they built it out on a wet hillside. TO BUY A GOLF COURSE IN ANOTHER CITY???????????????????????????? What gives them the right to do this, should have been an election.

A great place to... buy drugs, get killed

the whole city is a joke to the surrounding area
- Sadie72
Jun. 24, 2007
Pluses: I have lived here all my life and I probably will for the rest of it too. I love it here, there isnt always anything to do, but I love it anyways. And it is small, I could never live in a big town so Corydon is perfect for me!

Minuses: not always stuff to do it gets pretty boring and we only have one real food store, but I guess that is enough because there arent many people

A great place to... just live in general. You never have to worry about not being safe, no matter how old you are you are always sofe
- Christian04
Pluses: Small Friendly Community

A great place to... Raise your children.
- LMChamber
Pluses: I grew up visiting my cousin up on Greenville mountain and I love the quaintness of the village as it seems to be timeless. It seems clean, friendly, and everyone knows folks from way back. I am promoting a concert with my brothers and our family name: Paashaus and people I met in the coffee shops knew my uncle and dad, etc. from back in the forties. Young people seem to carry on the tone there these days.

Minuses: Not too much to say - change happens slower in Port

A great place to... Have a family get together, kayak, and visit.

My brothers and I are sponsoring a concert at UPAC in Kingston September 29 and I hope many old friends will consider it a reunion! Love to all. While I am plugging, the profits go entirely to Malawi, Africa to AIDs orphans.
- danlee
Pluses: Right in the middle of two fairly large cities easy ride to anywhere. Excellent family events happening all the time. Just the right size to raise your family.Growing right now

Minuses: Were growing right know lots of construction,Otherwise a great town for young families.

A great place to... Be with your family

HOUR(or less) FROM buffalo and Rochester
- jelnel
Jun. 23, 2007
Pluses: Great School District!!!
Good area, nice people. Close enough to the city, but not too urban. At the same time, just enough rural.
Winery Area
Missouri River is a +
Site of the first Wal-mart Supercenter ever opened in 1988
Small town feel and charm
3rd largest Fair in Missouri - the washington town and country fair.

Minuses: Just now currently gaining business like Target...

A great place to... Stroll by the river, enjoy watersports, tour wine country, tour historic sites.
Build a family
- ndhill
Pluses: Ummmmmm.

Minuses: Hard core far-left, secular-progressive dominated

A great place to... Get gas, dry-cleaning, buy some liquor
- WardCleaver
Pluses: Fresh air, Friendly people, Country atmosphere, It's home

Minuses: Police harrassment of certain people and free rides to others.

A great place to... Live, and a place I am proud to call home.
- TKharvey
Pluses: Markleville is a quiet town. The streets are quiet at 10pm. Not alot of noise. Friendly people.

Minuses: There is nothing in Markleville but a gas station, post office and a few small business. You have to go somewhere else for supplies, groceries and entertainment. Nothing really goes on in this town.

A great place to... Live away from the city.
- mintmarkle
Pluses: It is a nice small town where everyone knows everyone. There are a lot of close knit families and church homes.

Minuses: It is EASY to get bored there because there is not much to do.

A great place to... relax and and take a break from the hustle and bustle of life if you no longer live there.
- lovely
Pluses: pretty town, nice scenery, some good restuarants.

Minuses: boring, lots of dull people, lots of fat sceezy people, yuppie wannabes, ghetto wannabes, lots of punks and drugheads, some parking lots charge for parking, crappy bands, Famous for a rock, c'mon!!

A great place to... visit for 20 minutes then leave.

visit then leave
- aman123
Jun. 22, 2007
Pluses: Great Place to grow up in 40's to 60's
- beachbumwest
Jun. 21, 2007
Pluses: Small town USA

A great place to... Live
- Pjmsw
Pluses: Beautiful setting for a little city. The huge trees and clean streets makes you feel like you're in an enchanted forrest. City really keeps up on the mowing and streets. Plenty of places to eat at fairly reasonablel prices. Neighborhoods are kept exceptionally well.
On Thursdays, schools start an hour later giving even workers that extra hour to get to work. Really helps stay out of a slump.
Not too far from getting any direction in Houston that you may need to go.

Minuses: Kingwood Hospital needs better structure.

A great place to... Raise your children. Schools are great offering all kinds of sports and other extra curricular activity.

Not far from IAH Airport.
- jorogers
Pluses: Small enough to get from one side of the city to the other in about 20-25 minutes.

Minuses: All the good, trustworthy, specialists we had are either deceased or have moved to more profitable pastures. We really lack GREAT PHYSICIANS.
Enid is rated a "B" store city due to the population. We may have a Dillards but they are not able to carry ALL brands of cosmetics like ORIGINS!
Lowe's has the same rating along with Sears etc. We just aren't up with the times like we should be.
The payscale is nothing to brag about. Our city leaders like to advertise the community as a hard working community (in other words, we will work for low wages!) It is a right to work state so let's bring in a company that won't offer higher, competative wages.

A great place to... Go see an OKLAHOMA STORM USBL game. This community has organized a few of the business community as well as private sponsors to own their own minor league basketball team. The Mark Price Arena is a great place to enjoy the games.
- jorogers
Pluses: Wonderful multi-cultural suburb close to Manhattan

Minuses: Traffic in main streets

A great place to... Live
Raise your family
- nestor
Pluses: It seems like a very nice place to live.

Minuses: NONE

A great place to... To raise a family.
- chasetite
Jun. 20, 2007
Pluses: DW

Minuses: Traffic

A great place to... Boat
- Toe
Pluses: easy access to wichita and surrounding area but roads are questionable at times.

Minuses: Democracy doesn't live here. Water is sky high and poor quality. Local government is insult to your intellengence. Local businesses look more like they belong at rest stop on interstate. Has a Pride group that city won't support or even aknowledge . City not accountable to residents and at times irrated that they would even question what is going on. Voteing is a joke, city does what it wants and says they don't have to answer to anyone. Doesn't even have a Post Office. Only laundry mat in town is a wreak and most things there don't work. Nothing for the youth to do but hang out on streets like they have been for the last 30 years. If you grow up here leave when you can before your brain rots.

A great place to... has a decent senior center but only because the seniors made it that way and support it.

used to be a nice place to live until some people got greedy and made it their pet project for lining their pockets. Most legal matters are a civil matter and police say they don't deal with that, thought they were supposed to up hold civil order.
- deadreamz
Jun. 19, 2007
Pluses: near Miami International Airport
- joeligua
Pluses: Small town, everyone know's each other.
Plenty of stores and places to eat.

Minuses: Crime is overrunning this town. Last week someone was murdered over drugs, this week a State Trooper was shot.

A great place to... There is no good place to go in Potsdam, it's all fast food places and bars.
No place for teenagers to hang out.
No place for young adults to hang out.

Potsdam used to be a nice, quiet place to live. Not anymore.
- Reavan
Jun. 18, 2007
Pluses: All the festivals: Oktoberfest (a big one!), Irishfest, Riverfest, Weinerfest. Many unique, one-of-a-kind restaurants, well-preserved downtown with a great nightlife, good airport for a small city. Low crime. Beautiful views. The bluffs and the Mississippi River!

Minuses: Winters are SO COLD!!

A great place to... Go to college, raise kids, go boating on the Mississippi.
- jkk
Pluses: There are no pluses living in Beverly Hills.

Minuses: The police force does nothing but stop individuals for minor infractions and fasbricated violations. The best thing to di is to stay away from Beverly Hills. That's from Lucas-Hunt to Goodfellow on Natural Bridge Road. You endanger yourself to police harassment. So, stay out. Don't do business with any business there and file a complaint if you have been victimized.

A great place to... get a driving ticket for no reason. This pays the salaries of many officers in a city that has no crime rating but a high number of traffic violations. Imagine that!!

Stay out of Beverly Hills. Minorities subject to being stopped without cause and violated by law enforcement.
- Marshar
Pluses: it's a beautiful, undiscovered place. it is probable like what stonington and deer isle were before they become touristy areas. most of the people are friendly like the faimily that owns the Pitt stop. The Pitt stop is a good place to get a inexpensive meal too.

For late night the Pizza shoppe is the place.

the quilt shop has the most beautiful works of arts. She is a true artist!

Real estate is a bargain. Also there is no pollution and the short drive to Machias is beautiful. Sandy River Beach is one of the prettiest beaches in Maine too.

Minuses: The camp ground is the most run down camp ground I have ever seen. I think it is where the homeless of JOnesport end up.

there are not a lot of eating places in Jonesport.

It often feels like the wild wild west, there. that could be good or bad!

could use a bit of culture - a summer theater or something.

A great place to... buy a summer house before the prices go up and this place get discovered!

get lobsters or mussels directly from the wholesalers.
- gigip
Jun. 17, 2007
Pluses: Nonny's World Cafe at 351 Carolina Mtn Dr. is a great place to eat. Open from 8 am till 3 pm. Don't miss their tomato soup or brocolli cheese soup. Sandwiches are as good as you can find anywhere in the entire world.
- Johnh
Pluses: Friendly small town with a great Organization started for youth called The Christian Youth Corps or the CYC.

A great place to... spend an evening sipping coffee on the front porch
- christianyouthcorps
Pluses: cost of living

A great place to... raise a family
- ssalkow
Jun. 16, 2007
Pluses: chandler music hall
- daveandliz
Pluses: Beauty

Minuses: Distance to town

A great place to... to live??

I lived in Salyer 35 years ago, I like the area. I have environmental illness now and need clean air and water. Does Willow Creek fill the bill?
- K
Pluses: It is a quite area, maybe at times to quite. But, my family does like quite. ATV Sporting near by in the Valley of Fire is a great benefit and alot of fun.

Minuses: No real value in shopping here, most cases we wait monthly to take a trip to St George or Las Vegas to pickup well need items at a good value. It cost more to live here than it does in Mesquite. So we are deeply considering the move. Property value way to high.

People hear complain about the crimes that happen here, but yet when they see or hear anything suspicious they do not report it the police departments. I think they would rather complain than do anything to change it.

No real activities for children, no real structure for them, I see them everywhere, riding bikes all over the streets in front of cars and not aware of the dangers, nor does it seem that they care. Where are the bicyle saftey classes, for youngsters.

The dangers that families show with wearing improper safety gear if any at all when on ATV's. Young children driving units that are not over the recommedations. Like 10 year olds driving a 400 Suzuki.

I am shocked that parents are not aware.

A great place to... Nothing.
- lvhrses
Pluses: Not a lot of noise, great views, not a lot of air pollution. This is a plus and minus depending who you are, but Eagle Mountain is currently the fastest growing city in Utah County.

Minuses: There needs to be more major roads built out to the area. A freeway is currently being planned but will not be started till 2009.

A great place to... get away from the big city noise.

There is a Golf course, a few restaurants, a gas station, a hair cutting place, a dentist and a few other businesses.
- Leah
A great place to... Education and Standard of living
- mliscano
Jun. 15, 2007
Pluses: Beautiful, peaceful location. Water ican be found all around from oceans and tidal marshes to rivers to lakes, so it is an excellent place to enjoy the scenery. The entire area is a perfect place for landscape artists. The weather in summer can be absolutely delightful, although the proximity to the ocean makes for many days each summer for fog. However, this too can be beautiful.

A real working community and fishing port for lobsterman.

I enjoy the peacefulness of the place. I am truly at home here.

Minuses: It is a poor place generally and the differentiation between the "haves" and the "have nots" is readily evident. Many of the yards are bit junky with all manner of stuff found there.

It seems as though the wind is constantly blowing and there is almost always either an offshore or onshore breeze. Oh yes, there is the fog... hate it or love it!

In the wintertime, many people might think of the place as being more than just a bit isolated, and remote.

All the stores all close by 8:00PM. You can give up on the idea of trying to find anything to buy after 8:00PM. Not a good place to be if your car is nearly empty on gasoline.

It?s a small town (really small) and there are few secrets among the population. Outsiders are often treated with suspicion.

To keep your sanity, I would advise against getting involved in town politics - although attending town meetings can be a real source of amusement.

A great place to... Escape reality. Be an introvert. Be an artist. Live a peaceful life.

Needs more real restaurants and sometime to do for the children and young adults.
- Griggy
Pluses: hidden

Minuses: crooks

A great place to... stay away from
- ferdinand
Jun. 13, 2007
Pluses: clean, great education system, city council that works!!
New center that is wonderful!!

Minuses: none

A great place to... bring up a family
- hamilton60
Pluses: Nice small town. Very nice people

Minuses: typical small town

A great place to... Raise family
- eagle84
Pluses: Charming little community close to the ATA bike trail, great river rafting, Ohiopyle, the Frank Lloyd Wright houses and other attractions. The town is big enough to include several markets, a couple of banks, several good restaurants and other necessary amenities without sacrificing a very small town flavor. It also has some really fun festivals throughout the year. The people are friendly and helpful and the town has a real sense of community.

Minuses: Drugs seem to be a problem, but that could probably be said about most towns in America. Jobs? Good luck. Nemacolin is a big employer. Otherwise try public assistance or be creative.

A great place to... raise a family and enjoy life at slow pace.
- grager
Jun. 12, 2007
Pluses: Akaska is a really quiet little town on the prairie. It's a nice place to see gophers and cottontail rabbits. It's a nice quiet place to listen to killdeer and morning dove. It's a nice place to smell the fresh morning dew evaporate from wet grass. It's a nice place to hunt ring neck pheasant and white tail deer. It's a nice place to catch 10-16 pound Northern Pike, 2-5 pound Walleye Pike, and 1 pound Croppy. It's a nice place to grow large tomatoes, cucumbers, and other hot weather garden produce. It's a nice place to read books and paint pictures. It's a really nice quiet little town on the prairie.

Minuses: Winters can be cold. Summers can be hot and dry.

A great place to... Visit, vacation, or seasonal live.
- dkh7861
Pluses: It has many lakes and is quiet
- jandkids
Pluses: I always loved going to Leonard when I was a girl. I grew up in Dallas, We would go to Leonard almost ever other weekend and on Christmas and during the summer. I liked it best because it was a safe place. Where you could walked the streets and everbody watch out for you. I had always wanted to go to school and live in Leonard. I also loved going to the Leonard Picnic ever year. My Grandparents lived two blocks away and you could hear the music all night.

Minuses: Everthing closed at 8:00 at night.

A great place to... A good place to visit and make new friends. A safe place for everbody.

My Great-Grandparents, W. T. Little and Elritta Goff, My Grandparents. Arthur Little and Flora Russell, and Beadie Ferguson-Broyles and Johnny Broyles, My Parents Elmer Little and Doral Dene Ferguson. All lived in Leonard and all are burried in Leonard, Texas
- littletrnty
Pluses: We were in Elgin for the weekend of 6/9/07 to 6/10/07 and we would like to thank Lori and Marty widger for showing us such a great time.We learned alot about the history of Elgin and surrounding areas.We had alot of fun over at Genoa at the NOHVA Jamboree.We were quite impressed with all the thousand + quads and motorcycles that were there.Lori was so informative about the history of Elgin.They are very proud to be a part of your community.We wish we could could visit more often.

Minuses: Our only regret is that we live on the other end of the state.And with the price of gas !!!!!!!!!! Well you get the picture.

A great place to... Elgin is a great place to raise a family!
Thanx again to Lori,Marty,Dylan, & Kira for showing us such a great time.

Lea,Dale,Ed,Dale E.,Cole,& Rylee
- leanna
Jun. 11, 2007
Pluses: wide open spaces

Minuses: traffic

A great place to... live
- pattim
Pluses: The best place ever to grow up

Minuses: To many changes

A great place to... gather with old friends

I miss the 60's
- ducky
Pluses: Small town America. Very nice people. Very good school system.

Minuses: Not a lot to do here. Area is trying to grow. County and city involved in better hometown, etc. Old Hwy 25 now being 4 landed as part of Savannah River Parkway. Also, Hwy 21 is being 4 laned as part of srp. prime time to lure new business. Lot of traffic from Savannah to Augusta!! Lot of old buildings need to be demolished around county and in city limits of Millen.

A great place to... Raise a family.
- eagle84
Pluses: All the benefits of New York City in a place where you can still have a big yard, sit on your porch and listen to the birds. We have beautiful old architecture, the most wooded areas in all New York City, renowned cultural institutions, the country's most beautiful means of commute in the Staten Island Ferry, an extremely rich history, a great local newspaper, and a number of great restaurants.

Minuses: We have the longest commute in the nation. I live on the North Shore and it still took me an hour and half (by public transportation) to go 15 miles to Midtown. With White flight from Brooklyn and open immigration from the rest of the world, Staten Island is now extremely overcrowded. Unscrupulous builders have, with the connivance of cowardly politicians, covered almost every remaining square foot of land with the ugliest cookie cutter "homes" that any town has every been punished with. Subsequently, our streets are a nightmare to navigate, as traffic has become unbearable. Real estate prices are out of control. The average price of a new home is a million dollars, making home ownership on Staten Island out of reach for normal people. At one time I said I'd never leave but now I have no choice.

A great place to... live if you really have to be in New York City. Despite it's flaws, it's still better than the other boroughs in terms of affordability and safety.
- staten1
Pluses: Excellent location, five minutes from I-44; 10 minutes from I-270; 15 minutes from downtown St. Louis

Older homes made of real wood and brick instead of vinyl and plastic; Large lots, old trees; good walking community

National treasure, i.e., Grant's Farm, located in Village

Minuses: All white, mostly Republican

Town board is not aggressive about saving the 200-300 year old trees that are a part of President Grant's legacy.

Town is in transition from one generation to another;

A great place to... walk, garden

Town consists of three separate areas: Old Grantwood and Forest Haven are 100% residential.

Ironically, Forest Haven incorporated and then annexed Old Grantwood to form the Town of Grantwood Village.

Except for national historic sights of Grant's Farm and Whitehaven (the former home of President & Mrs. (Julia Dent) Grant, only three acres of land are commercial. That includes Sam's Steakhouse and half a dozen (very) small offices.

The entire Grant's Farm complex and Clydesdale Farm are located within the town boundaries.

The town is in the Lindbergh School District and Seven Holy Founders parish.

Real estate in the town seldom stays on the market for more than a month, regardless of the general climate.
- CharMason
Pluses: Small community, nice golf course & lake.

Minuses: Have to drive farther to shop at larger retail stores.
- Brian87
Jun. 10, 2007
Pluses: Great place to live. Moss Lake is wonderful, peaceful and quiet.
The people are friendly and very helpful and welcoming. Traffic isn't too bad and stores are conveniently located.
Property taxes are lower than most counties.

Minuses: Decent paying jobs are difficult to find. The price of food and clothing is a bit high. And of course, the price of fuel is outrageous. It's higher here than on the border of South Carolina.

A great place to... Boat, fish, make friends and live.
- linnibin
Pluses: Nice beach, friendly people, affordable houses.

Minuses: There are not many jobs.

A great place to... live and raise a family.
- mavissara
Pluses: good income

Minuses: in ms

A great place to... start a family

close to jackson
- scotth
Pluses: There are a lot of great things about Upton... I grew up in hardin county my whole life so I was always familiar with the area, but until I moved here with my 3 kids and my husband Inever really knew much about the place. Pluses include: a very friendly community, its realitivly quiet at night, great place for kids to be able to play in their own backyards, close to nolinlake and green river, there are "big" towns in either direction (e-town and munfordville) in my opinion its great that there aren't a lot of restraunts, its very historical, close to sonora and glendale which are steeped in history

Minuses: the train that runs past the house about every 15 -45 minutes at night, not a lot to do in town9we have to go to e-town), the town is litterally cut in half one side being hardin and one side being larue counties, even tohugh I'm on the LaRue county side somehow I wound up paying Hardin county property taxes which are much higher, this being said my kids attend larue county schools which are better, much much better,

A great place to... come to relax and antique shop
- jlm
Jun. 9, 2007
Pluses: LOVE the old homes, the large properties, the tree line streets, the antique stores, the friendly people, the politicalness, the unity of the Amityville Village and south people, the beach, the private beach, the yacht club, a great museum, our own police dept. ,great restaurants, Mike's pizza too.....ect...ect...

A great place to... live, antique, to be a community
- meanmammameg
Pluses: Small enough to be relatively safe. Lots of older retirees.

Minuses: Wind blows HARD for months at a time

A great place to... Enjoy wide open sky in all directions

More than an hour to a hospital. Don't get sick or hurt.
- rainbowrabbits
Jun. 8, 2007
Pluses: Quiet enclave, winding roads, large shade trees and estate-like homes make Essex Fells feel like a piece of country only 22 miles from New York City. Ten minutes to the nearby direct trains and great access to shopping districts make it's location convenient. The town has a spring fed private pool and also has the Fells Brook Country Club. Essex Fells has natural artesian water wells and sells it's water to neighboring towns keeping the tax rate low. Essex Fells was planned with glens tucked everywhere so it has a very wooded private feel. Most homes sit on large lots and the elementary school is highly regarded. The meadow is dammed in the winter and families ice skate all winter...picture postcard perfect. The residents have great love for the town and many families have lived there for generations. One drive through makes anyone understand why you would want to live there. Lots of cache.

Minuses: Low housing inventory, shares high school with neighboring Caldwells (though a great school).

A great place to... Ice Skate in the winter
Bike and run

Only appx 750 homes, neighbors Roseland, Caldwell and Verona.
- sarjon
Pluses: small town close knit

Minuses: certain pubs

A great place to... relax

- trlucas
Jun. 7, 2007
Pluses: PROS:
The town itself is pretty, at least around the "mall'' which is by the middle school that used to be the old high school. The streets are usually calm and peaceful and well watched by police.

Minuses: CONS:
The people are really snooty! It seems most of them think they are better than you but, in reality half of them are in bankruptcy or barely making it paycheck to paycheck! Nothing wrong with that but dont act like you're better when you know your not!! The Utilities Board sucks!!!! They are rude and very uncaring for the citizens they serve. One day they will get paid back for all the rudeness and then they might stop.
OH, and for all the little spoiled bratty teens driving these new cars, when YOU pay for them and NOT YOUR momma and daddy, then you can stick your nose up. Until then stay out of the way and slow down, and stay off other cars rearends!!!!!!!!!
Pluses: Lots to do, good weather, trees and rivers. Good choices for higher education.

Minuses: Traffic, sprawl, and humidity breed hostility in everybody

A great place to... Visit or grow up, but I would never have moved here from somewhere else.

Vistors and singles should stay in Atlanta proper (ZIP code 303**) or Decatur. Most families with kids head to the suburbs, thinking that they can avoid crime or they need a bigger house. Then they end of working so much that they never see it.
- Rdhanson
Pluses: peaceful, quiet, excellent gas station
- gildraper
Jun. 6, 2007
Pluses: Hometown into football

Minuses: Everyone is racist it sucks so if there are black people reading this Ill protect you
- fishsticks
Pluses: A very small town to live in and not to far away from a bigger town to shop. I like to live here and i know you would to. It is all most like living in the country. If you want chickens you can have them.

Minuses: A few people in town think they are better then you. And they are very noisy and they think you should do what they say and want. And others are very nice. My neighbors are very nice. And the few people that think they are better then you are only about 5% of Oneida. And when they do things here they don't like to post it or tell you about what is going on in town. They don't ask what the people in town think. And they like to talk about people when they need to think about themselves. And start rumors that are not true. And one of them likes to call you and tell you what to do with your stuff that is on your own property. And was asked if they can sell the property that the city owns and they said yes but don't know if they want to sell it. And if they did you could only do what they say, and you can put only the things they say you can put on it and do with it. And I don't think that is right. Its only because of who you are and what your reputation is(not perfect).

A great place to... To raise your kids. And for peace and quite.
- Queen
Pluses: The area is beautiful
The people are friendly

Minuses: Its recycling program, or lack thereof...There is no curbside recycling. The sites I have gone to drop off my recycling are poorly maintained and limited as to what can be recycled.
- Stella2
Pluses: Rural, laid back, and very nice people.

Minuses: no phone line high speed internet!!

A great place to... Hunt, fish, and breathe fresh air
- missylin
Pluses: Lower cost of living...housing, food, etc....
Homes that have a front/backyard and look like a real home. Castle Hill area is like a small town, real people and almost everything available.

A great place to... live...
- nycjtcrane
Jun. 5, 2007
Pluses: The only town in Fairfield County that is a true New England Village. Lots of antique stores, and a lot of specialty stores. If you think service and old fashion charm are gone, think again. Visit this town and don't miss M Milestones, DS, Design Solutions, Gramophone, Beauty on East, Cuda Spa and Fitness, The Summer House, Zumbachs Gourmet Coffee, Ivy Lane Florist, and Gelitissimo. Be sure to contact the Glass House before you go there and sign up for a tour. Tons to do.

Minuses: The town is changing quickly. Over 15 stores have shut their doors in the last 18 months. The residents have to get back to town and reaquaint themselves with the local merchants.

A great place to... Shop and explore. Hop on a train or get in your car. Everything is accessible by foot.
Pluses: Great community, growing monthly but infrastructure is in great need.

Minuses: Water & Sewer monthly rates are outrageous. monthly fees are averaging between $85.00 to $120.00 per month. Got a bill for the month of May and total bill was well over $480.00 .Called about a possible leakage or meter defective and was told that the reading was correct but that the meter hadnot been read correctly in the prior months. Also was told I had used over 1800 gallons of water in 1 month's time and there are only two people in the household. I do water my grass but only on a three times a week basis and only at 30 minute increments.
- mthammer
Pluses: great diverse county, exploding with growth

Minuses: no cheddars

A great place to... raise a family grow old and retire

I am running for Constable in Denton County precinct 5
- deputyhammons
Jun. 3, 2007
Pluses: Hot

Minuses: Hot

A great place to... Grow cacti

I am looking for more information
- bosco
Pluses: Im tired of reading nothing but bad things about bagdad. Ive been here for about a year and a half and have enjoyed it here the whole time. It is a very quiet town and without your city traffic, and or major crimes. It has many places to see outside of town if you are active and wiling to go look. I mountain bike, and trail ride in a small Samurai and find something every weekend, including fishing. Its all up to how active you are and what you want to see. People are very kind here and not without heart. Bagdad is a very nice place to raise a family. I guess in conclusion what I want to say is, its no city and no big malls near by, but its really a nice peace of heavan here.

Minuses: Ya its about 80 or 90 miles away from any major town with shopping malls, and the houses here are run off of propane, but you dont see tanks around, and its no trailer park.

A great place to... Its a great place to raise a family with moral fibers. Its a great place to hike, hunt, catch and release fish, oh yea and bike and off road. Mostly enjoy life
- bridgestoneOlebouske
Pluses: aviation communities availability

Minuses: taxes
- Msadams1
Jun. 2, 2007
Pluses: cheap homes, clse to downtown austin, close knit communtiy

Minuses: right next to an airport

A great place to... buy a house and raise a family

trying to buy a house there
- steveo
Jun. 1, 2007
A great place to... A good place to go back to and relive some
wonderful memories and visit with great friends.
- gsansom
Pluses: diversity, good pastors, and opportunities

Minuses: gangs, youth needs direction

A great place to... start

clayton county is said to be known for a crime as opposed to outlying counties, but i have yet to have it effect me as my apartment complex is generally quiet.
- Rayvan
Pluses: Education is good

Minuses: To much violence and gangs

A great place to... At the park with my friends feels really safe
- gladysivetted
Pluses: Would like to communicate with someone from Clarksville. I haven't lived there since 1963. Is it true that there are very few people living there anymore.
- vburn
Pluses: small town

Minuses: not enough grocery stores

A great place to... retire
- rhastajul

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