Community reviews



Mar. 31, 2007
Pluses: everything is at or near your disposal, hiking, fishing, biking, river rafting, malls, etc. It's qiet on the low lands side.

Minuses: floods, power outages

A great place to... do everything
- tah82765
Mar. 30, 2007
Pluses: i own 160 acres just south of grover...been in family since 1920

Minuses: not much there when last i visit in 1965

A great place to... i now 74 and thought of alone///wife died
- edgewood2006
Mar. 29, 2007
Pluses: It is a good place to do genealogy.The John Logan College has a good library for research . We live in Indiana and have been in Carterville,il for a genealogy conference at the college.We enjoyed or stay and hope to get to come back again.

Minuses: None that I can think of.

A great place to... live in the winter it can get very cold here in Indiana and we usually get about 35 inches of snow. It would ba a nice place to retire.

My fathers family lived in Cambria,il and my Grandmother was from Carterville.
- housemouse

Pluses: I like Markham,IL

A great place to... yes, It's a good pleace to like.

I Like Markham
- Luelue
Mar. 28, 2007
Pluses: It is quiet and quaint. It is starting to have more antique and resale shops where people can actually come and enjoy a day of shopping and dining.

Minuses: I have never seen so much trash in my life. Does anyone have to do community service here? What do the prisoners do? Someone needs to get out and clean up the side streets. Do you have an annual trash clean up week? This is a lake town. A resort town. It should be clean and pristine. I think more people would enjoy the area and make Whitney a destination for the weekend if it was cleaner.

A great place to... Camp
- synthiasevener
Pluses: It's small

Minuses: Nobody has teeth

A great place to... raise a family
- srjandrew
Pluses: In my opinion as well as all Magnolians, it is one of the best places to live in Texas, and it is developing very well into a popular location.
Neighbors are friendly and business opportunities waiting for anyone that likes a good and honest chance.
Is it true that a very popular recreation and adventure for all ages may select Magnolia Texas for one of it's locations?

Minuses: Some say that it is far from main Houston, but how far? Just 45 minutes drive away? Is that far?

A great place to... A good place to settle down and a good place to have an office! Definitely a good place to do honest business.
A good place to participate in special occasions.

Magnolia Texas has a profound history, and is a developing city. It is a 45 minute drive outskirt of main Houston Texas.
- julesjane
Pluses: Winchester is a wonderful small town where everyone knows each other by first name. People aren't afraid to go to bed at night with their front doors unlocked. We just got our first fast food restaurant, which is a Subway. We have one gas station, a funeral home, a bank, a pharmacy, the post office, a dairy bar, and a small diner. One big plus is the Appalacian Highway is on the edge of town and it runs right into Cincinnati, so it's convenient. If you like a small, quiet town that is surrounded by country/farmland, you'll love Winchester!

Minuses: It's a 45 min. drive to the edge of Cincinnati, so if you hate to drive, Winchester is not the place to be. The nearest grocery store is in Seaman, and it's a very small store. The nearest Wal-Mart is in West Union, which is roughly 25 minutes away. If you live here, you have to love to drive.

A great place to... Winchester is a wonderful place to raise a family. I grew up here and there is nowhere else in the world I would want to raise a family. It's quiet with very little crime. Everyone at school knows each other. My graduating class was 88 people, and that was in 2002.

Every year, we have village-wide yard sales in the spring for 3 days, and every labor day weekend, we have the Caramel Festival.
- csds02
Mar. 27, 2007
Pluses: Small town attitude
- honor1905
Pluses: For the most part, Rockmart is a beautiful city. I'm sure everyone is excited about the Walmart coming and all the revenue and new jobs it'll bring. All in all...i like it here. It's very peaceful.

Minuses: There is so much trash on the side of the roads its incredible. I just moved here from Chattanooga about 3 mo's ago, and enjoy this city very much. All except for the trash. Ive lived a lot of places and have never seen such a problem with ppl throwing trash onto the highway/road side. I ride my bike generally 4 times aweek down the Silver Comet trail, and do what i can to pick up what i can, but the problem is seriously enormous. I know other cities utilize inmates to collect trash...this might be a consideration for this city also. Please take a look around and you'll understand what im talking about.

Also there seem to be a lot of 'loose', hungry dogs wandering around. I see packs going down the road in front of my house. Im an animal lover and have 'adopted' a few and feed them due to the fact that their ribs are showing. It's sad really. The dogs around here either seem to be tied to a tree or let loose to roam.
- nearbeauty
Pluses: Great people live there! And the snow removal is efficient in winter. There's lots of rolling hills all around with lovely forests and lakes as well.

Minuses: It needs more of a sense of community spirit. It doesn't have a parks and rec building or other sizable meeting hall to inspire gatherings to build that spirit. I stand to be corrected, however, since I visit only once or twice yearly. This is where I grew up and where my dad was born and raised. The VFW and the American Legion and our small local church were the main gatherings in my youth. There's also no bicycle lanes or any outreach for bicyclists in the area. An indoor heated swimming pool for year round exercise and fitness would be a great asset to the community. Humidity and mosquitos are minuses
No nearby train connections

A great place to... Paint scenery
Photograph beautiful autumn scenes
Walk the hilly streets from Sparta Avenue up to the hospital on the hill
Read books
Meet friendly people
Go to a County Fair just a few mi. away in Branchville the first week of August
View and purchase beautiful paintings of local artist and instructor, Roz Hollander

About 60 mi. from NYC
A couple hours to some Jersey Shore spots
A few hours from Philadelphia
An hour from Newark, NJ airport
Has a giant Shoprite grocery in a diversified shopping area at the edge of Newton that draws people from all over the county region
This shopping plaza even has a Marshall's; sadly, there is no TJMax or Trader Joe's
- shortie
Pluses: near water
oldest town on Cape

Minuses: high taxes

A great place to... live
- pampriestley
Pluses: People are wonderful, friendly and unpretentious. Amazing sunsets on the water. Great History and museums. Old restored buildings. Love the River Festival, Christmas Festival and Soul Food presentation. Columbia is a town about the arts; downtown is an awesome art center for the people by the people. Lots of eco tourism and water access for canoing and fishing and hunting. Columbia has a deep water marina with lots of boat slips and facilities. There are a few real fine churches. Great water front visitors center with museum, patios with rocking chairs, boardwalk and 24-hour facilities.

Minuses: Columbia on the Inner Banks in only a good half half from the buzzing Outer Banks and eventually the buzz will unfortunately catch up to the charming, historic Victorian water front town. A lot of developers are checking out the Inner Banks and that means that the taxes will rise.

A great place to... Build a house and raise a family or retire. Great schools, low crime. 4-H education & conference center is a wonderful place to get married.

You find lots of information about Columbia on the fine Greater Tyrrell County Chamber of Commerce website or see even more photos on
- ilemme
Mar. 26, 2007
Pluses: I remember Dewitt for its fall festival. I think in 1944 I played horseshoes in their tournament and won a sack of laying mash. I was 16 years old at the time. I also worked for Roy Twist as a hired hand. Old memories. Don Ayers Philomath Oregon
- loneranger
Pluses: its a small town so there would be no crime, cheap housing, and beautiful scenery

Minuses: its a small town so it would be hard to get a job.
- ptangirl
Pluses: Beautiful countryside, wonderful, friendly, talented people.
Lots of crafts, antiques, plant nurseries. Country living at it's best

Minuses: Need more jobs

A great place to... Live and raise a family.
- dianaherrin
Pluses: Unlike Myrtle Beach and N. Myrtle Beach, Holden Beach is non-congested, quieter, and has less traffic.

Minuses: The number one minus for Holden Beach that I can think of is there is not enough parking space for those that come to the beach from inland areas. Although there is a new free shuttle bus that runs over the bridge, it would be awesome to have a parking deck built on the island. An ideal place would be behind Candy Man's / across from Paradise Cafe. This parking deck would be beneficial to visitors attending the festivals as well!

A great place to... relax, fish, paint, read, enjoy fellowship with friends... just a good ol' place to get away!
- saltair4me
Pluses: Small town feel, friendly warm people. Children oriented town. Police patrol constant, no hanging on corners, no loud loud music.

A great place to... Raise children.
- Luv2Muv
Pluses: small town little crime lots of freinds

Minuses: far from stores and services
- connie316
Pluses: Small town, great community

Minuses: no convienent stores in walking distance

A great place to... raise a family!!
- kazual90
Pluses: Dowell is a quiet place surrounded by farmland.

Minuses: It would be nice if we had sidewalks! And animal control!

A great place to... Try and become mayor to improve this cute little town!

I think we have 1 policeman
- mawsnpaws2006
Mar. 25, 2007
Pluses: better then arizona

Minuses: miss my family

A great place to... have fun outside activities

my uncle works here
- antabellam
Pluses: Allentown has a lot of highways, which makes it very easy to travel all over the Lehigh Valley via automobile.
- jjm422
Pluses: The food, the people, and the Buffalo Sabres.

Minuses: Winter cold, lack of job growth, rust belt economy.

A great place to... Relax and have a beer.
- rpmadskilz
Pluses: none

Minuses: high taxes

A great place to... eat and drink
- jmwalsh1357
Mar. 24, 2007
Pluses: I have lived near mooresville NC all my life and would not live any where else. I am an artist, photographer, and writer and could live anywhere in the USA, but find Mooresville almost perfect. Mooresville has a quaint downtown with art galleries, giftshops, antiqueshops, clothing store, and restaurants. I August, there si the Cotton Ketchie Arts Festival sponsored by the Mooresville/ Lake Norman Exchange Club to raise money for child abuse prevention.

Minuses: The traffic situation along I-77 is getting to be a major problem.

A great place to... to spend a day roaming the stores and shops of downtown or visiting the race shops, and museums.
- cotton0744
Pluses: Mt Ulla NC is in western Rowan County and is still mainly farmland and has many historical homes and buildings still standing. It is very beautiful. I am an artist an photographer and find the entire area to be a wealth of subject matter to apply my trade.

Minuses: There are no minuses. Everyone who lives in the area are extrememly friendly and helpful.

A great place to... Unwind at Sloan Park at the restored Kerr Grist Mill.
- cotton0744
Mar. 23, 2007
Pluses: Living at Cobb Hill is peaceful, and a beautiful, scenic place. Part is in The Daniel Boone National Forest. There are historic places to visit nearby and only a few miles away. Natural Bridge State Park and The Red River Gorge are only about 25 miles from Cobb Hill, with access either from mainstream highways or scenic back roads. Ravenna, sister city to Irvine, is only 8 miles away, Irvine being only ten miles away. Although on a "mountain", there are modern utilities such as electricity and city water. Television can come from an antenna or from a satellite dish. One can choose to live with main road frontage, or on a country lane in a more secluded area. School buses deliver our children to school and bring them home in the afternoon. There are fresh water springs spewing from mountainsides all around. There is a volunteer fire department at Cobb Hill. Sometimes the moon seems close enough to play volleyball with, and stars are not faded by city lights.

Minuses: Locals refer to the road that begins Cobb Hill as "the mountain", because it is a steep, upward climb to the top. But, Cobb Hill is only about 1,200 feet in elevation, so the top isn't very far away. Local officials see that Cobb Hill, and another mountainous community called Barns Mountain, are salted when ice and snow falls to insure ambulance and fire trucks can reach people if needed, which isn't a minus at all. There is a hospital in Irvine, a larger one in Richmond, which is 20 miles from Irvine, and of course larger hospitals in Lexington. But, recently, roads have been improved so traveling isn't as long going. There aren't a lot of jobs in Estill County, so going to other counties for work is the largest complaint for the entire county, not just Cobb Hill.

A great place to... Get back to nature without giving up modern conveniences. Live near good people who care about each other.

The entire county is in battle with drugs, which swept through here as they have done almost every town and city in the United States. If you are a drug dealer, stay away from Cobb Hill. We want this community to be as it was when we were children, peaceful and safe, with modern advances in productive ways only.
- Muffiny
Pluses: The good thing about Chuluota is that it's quiet. You can live on a good piece of land and not live too close to your neighbors. The people seem to be friendly.

Minuses: The bad thing about Chuluota is that there has been several break ins in the area . I don't feel safe here like I used to.
- mgemuendt
Pluses: It has a lot of history

Minuses: It's fallen apart and everyone is killing each other and having babies

A great place to... Visit sometimes

I love my hometown but wish it was better
A great place to... Live because of the nice, calm neighborhood
- sugabear1212
Pluses: Military Town, Diverse Culture. Meet new people everyday, very fast paced city

Minuses: Traffic, Cost of living is high

A great place to... to do business

Warner Robins is growing at an incredible rate which might end up hurting the city
- Randyarmon
Mar. 22, 2007
Pluses: Not crowded. Adorable. Growing.

The Last Best Place

Minuses: Needs more industry and jobs.

A great place to... Live
- Curlew
Pluses: great atmosphere.lots of things to do,
geat scenery,never boring,people always nice

Minuses: traffic, prices going up,

A great place to... retire and relax
- dennishauser
Mar. 21, 2007
Pluses: Channelview is a suburb of Houston, with downtown only being 15 minutes away. It is close to I-10 and Beltway 8, so you can get around easily. Also, you can get a bigger houses for lower prices. The school district is good. There are many new subdivisions being built, so there is a lot of growth right now. There is a local community college close with an extension center for a university.

Minuses: It is near to Equistar and Lyondell which are chemical plants. However, these plants are very involved in the community and are involved in giving a lot to the college and school district.

A great place to... raise your family near a large city without feeling like you are in a traffic jam all of the time.

Make sure you know where you are going. Sterling Green neighborhood has many streets with same name, which can be confusing. So, know the cross streets for the address you are looking for.

There is a lot of history in Channelview and a diverse community to live.
- cbernal0824
Mar. 20, 2007
Pluses: the people are the heart and soul of machias..i was based at bucks harbor afs 1963 to 1965..i finally had an opportuntity to return and bring my wife with me. it was as if i had not left and the people that we spoke with were as friendly and outgoing as when i arrived in aug 1963. i plan to send to you a story about my arrival in machias and hope that you will print. my wife ask me why i wanted to return to a small town in maine and i told her that the people and town made a huge impression on me. had i been able to find work in 1965 i would have stayed in machias..

Minuses: the winters are brutal..i remember back in 1964 the tempt stayed below or around zero for 30 days...

A great place to... raise a family..

i plan to return this summer of 2007 and spend more time looking around and enjoying helen restaurant cooking...
- jfey001
Mar. 19, 2007
Pluses: Quiet, Great Schools

Minuses: Lack of Entertainment

A great place to... Live
- Randyarmon
Pluses: close to everything, not a bad location

Minuses: crime rate are blooming, not a save neighborgood

A great place to... not known

- raerae
Mar. 17, 2007
Pluses: This is a great place to go in the winter.

The crowds are less, and you do take your chances with the weather, but if you stay for a few days you will probably be rewarded with some spectacular views.
- podunker
Pluses: Good neighborhoods, easy access to anywhere, relatively inexpensive real estate, many big projects that should change the face of Worcester, many gems (i.e art museum, Higgins Armory), numerous quality colleges

Minuses: Dirty downtown, greedy unions

A great place to... raise a family, dine inexpensively
- Jaybo
Pluses: Think I still have some family still living there. My mother
is in the NO NAME cemetery( I think) died in 1946, AM TRYING TO FIND GRAVE.
- rsaville
Pluses: Three Rivers seems to be trying to revive it's historical charm.

Minuses: The city imposes unfair codes such as snow removal by homeowners from city sidewalks. If a code is violated a ticket is sent in the mail with no warning. Also, this is a depressed area and as a result questionable individuals walk the streets and even approach homes looking for money.....or worse.

A great place to... Visit the downtown area, there are unique shops and eateries.

Check the area and the codes.
- mcspouse
Pluses: Comanche is the county site of Comanche County. It is a small town with good neighborly people. There is a good hospital, several doctors, good schools with teachers who care about the community and the children and many good churches. There is an excellent geneological collection housed at the Comanche Library and a museum with multiple rooms full of memorabilia and artifacts about Comanche County history. The county was formed in 1856. Two annual events that draw crows from other areas are the John Wesley Hardin Day (3rd weekend in May) and Pow Wow a festival held the last weekend in September.

Minuses: No malls, no theaters, not even a major department store. Comanche is only 25 miles away from a college town with shopping. We have a Brookshire's grocery store and a western wear store. There are several antique shops and restaurants.

A great place to... Live quietly, get to know you neighbors
- Delwal
Mar. 16, 2007
Pluses: It is a small town with friendly and familiar faces.

Minuses: You have to drive at least thirty miles to find a walmart
- countrygirl807
Pluses: #1. The very best thing is the Healing Temple. Sit and meditate while you wait your turn for healing because it just feels so good to sit there.

#2. It is nice to be surrounded by people of like mind. No one thinks you are weird for your beliefs.

#3. The service on Sunday. Wonderful and very uplifting. The lectures are always good the music is powerful.

#4. The message services at the stump.

#5. The private reading with resident mediums.

#6. Last but not least, the classes.

Minuses: The management of and at the Maplewood Hotel. I do not recommend that you stay there.

Can't get a cup of coffee or tea after the cafeteria closes.

A great place to... Relax.
Be yourself.
Connect with spirit.
Commune with nature.
Heal and be healed.
Get away from media and TV.
Take a class.
Feast you eyes on the cute houses and gardens.

Go with an open mind. Recharge your human battery. It will be hard to leave but you will be refreshed and in a higher vibration. It is hard to describe, go feel it for yourself.
- snickab
Pluses: Low crime rate, friendly people

Minuses: We need more tourism

A great place to... Live

If you are in to hikeing we have a lot to see. We have several nice lakes for fishing in the county.
- woodcarver
Pluses: quiet, safe, your close to shopping, (6-7 miles out) but not so close to feel closed in.
We may not have a grocery store, but I can find almost everything I want at the marathon gas station:
deli, grocery store, and DVDs to rent.
We have some fun shops (craft, antique)

Our Library is small, but the customer service is awesome. If they don't have a book they get for you.

Minuses: Library is not open on the weekends

A great place to... Live, walk your dog, and raise kids

Living out of the city limits, has some great views, suger loaf mountain, rolling hills and farm land.
- SheilaKay
Pluses: Charleston is a small city, but is very cultural.

Minuses: There is only one Indian restaurant.

A great place to... Hang out by the riverfront during regatta.

Two rivers run through Charleston. There are three interstates that run through Charleston.
- nutnature
Nice bank
- Dealer
Pluses: Nice little town,

Minuses: Water bill, the punk kids that roam and cause trouble, and some of the upty people

A great place to... raise your kids, and send them to school at.
- mommyt4
Pluses: Friendliness of people and businesses. The ease of access to information. The professionalism of the schools.

Minuses: Relies to much on MemphisWest Memphis for its future

A great place to... go to church and spend the afternoon with family.
- steelpatriot
Pluses: I honestly believe that the house values around here will greatly increase over the next few years. It is quiet and doesn't have the hustle and bustle of city life.

Minuses: Small town close-mindedness. It just seems like some people have nothing better to do than drive around town looking for things to complain about. Everybody knows everybody else's business.

A great place to... raise children if they are born here. Also, if you like to be near a river, it is a great place.
- willowC
Pluses: good places for family living
- mary2004
Pluses: good place for growth

Minuses: have to far to go for work and shopping

A great place to... to live and have your children grow up in

lived here 2 years and love it
- littlemo
A great place to... Get fresh produce during the summer.
- tinapipes
Mar. 15, 2007
Pluses: Small town that is located close to larger cities such as Grand Rapids.
- jrcrawfordke
Pluses: reasonable rents in Center City, good restaurants, historical sites

Minuses: crime, no real police presense, homeless in the upscale areas of Center City, 1 department store (Macy's that has only opened last September) in Center City

A great place to... visit if you are an American History buff, but think twice about living here until the gangs, guns and resulting crime is addressed by a serious mayor and a professional police commissioner (but don't hold your breath!)
- YankeeFan
Pluses: My daughter's fiance comes from Absarokee and his family has a great sheep ranch!

Minuses: I haven't found any yet.

A great place to... visit and meet friendly people.

The people in the local grocery store are very friendly.
- nasterec
Pluses: they are building the place up

A great place to... get started in buisness
- kunisha
Pluses: cool summers
- redman
Pluses: Cheap Rents for some.
Police work real hard trying to keep the residents safe!
Some places have Beautiful views of the bay, Downtown.
Curtis Bay is GREAT PRIME real Estate for large corps. looking to invest. Up scale living & shopping.

Minuses: Drugs!
Properties that need cleaning up.
Absent Landlords located.
- jvb258
Pluses: Good place to grow up 45 years ago.
Pluses: Everyone seems friendly and helpful. I really like the way the town is laid out, it's easy to find whatever your looking for!

Minuses: Wish we had a Walmart a little closer! Well make that a LOT closer, lol, and of course a bigger library!

A great place to... In my case retire, kick back, enjoy the wide open spaces, and room for a garden and my dogs, plus the herd of cats!

Having lived in Los Angeles, a native Californian, Las Vegas, and Orlando, believe me this is quite restful, different, and believe me happy to have Jacksonville close, but it's great to live in a place, where I really can leave the door unlocked, well, at least while I check the mail, lol!
- moragand
Pluses: Great place for children. They cannot get away with much without their parents finding out. If you love to ride horses like I do, then saddle up and ride all over town. Everyone here is usaully willing to lend a helping hand with projects or mishaps. Everyone knows out-of-towners when they drive through and know when you have company (which can also be a minus) Alot of the rif-raf eventually move. You know everyones bad habits.

Minuses: Newcomers have to earn trust and are not always easily accepted. To many domestic animals dumped.

A great place to... Raise children, garden, cattle and live the farm life. A good place to fish the river. A good place to have a picnic. A good place to find yourself.

Blackburn has an annual Softball game on the 4th of July. Our town has two churchs: Baptist and United Methodist
- donnac
Mar. 14, 2007
Pluses: Chunky is a quiet town just close enough to "town" without all the traffic and confusion. Great School System.

Minuses: No gas station/store

A great place to... retire, raise a family.

Hwy 80 runs straight thru city limits, I 20 is less than one mile north of city limits. The Chunky River graces the south end of Chunky. Prior to 1903, Chunky used to be named Chunkyville. The Chunky Cemetery located just inside city limits, just south of I20 exit, can be dated back to the graves of the Confederate soldiers who died during the Civil War.
Mary E. McCraw, wife of S.A. McCraw died July 5, 1871, and William H. Thompson died in 1872. These are two of the oldest, legible, grave markers in the Cemetery.
Some graves in Chunky Cemetery also have markers carved from different shapes of rocks. These do not have legible names or dates, and some have no names or dates.
- patticake
Pluses: It has a beautiful landscape.
- buffalos
Pluses: good location, easy access to hwy 270 and airport,
quiet neighborhood east of florissant road,

A great place to... live
- dcarder
Pluses: Newbern is a great little town--the old fashioned town where everyone knows everyone or knows someone related to everyone. Neighbors watch out for each other and each other's children. Crime rate is low and schools are good.

Minuses: Not a lot of shopping or night life, but that is probably what keeps our town so peaceful.

A great place to... raise a family, retire, or just enjoy living.

Every September, our town has a festival that incorporates several events culminating in the Depot Day Festival Event (usually the third Saturday in September.) Events include beauty pagents, horse shows, golf tournament, and the downtown festival includes yard sales, vendor booths, children's inflatables, Hobo Stew cookoff, gymnastics demonstrations, dinner theater, and the longest continuous cake walk in Tennessee. The event was begun years ago to raise funds to restore and maintain the train station for Amtrak to make stops twice a day.
- tranney
Pluses: Being the 13th Colony, Savannah is like living in history 200 years ago.
- danielbonnell
Mar. 13, 2007
Pluses: beautiful mountains

Minuses: overpopulation, polution

A great place to... go in hot springs
- sandmglass
Pluses: Beautiful, never too hot.

A great place to... Take a nice, long nap.
Pluses: You know everybody and you don't have to worry about robbers or theives. It is a great place to raise a child.

Minuses: No MALLS. We need some more shopping spots but we will live, right people!

A great place to... go shopping is wild flowers gift shop in downtown murphy.

Small town with sweet people. Come on down, yall and see whats up!!!!!
- supershadygurl1990
Pluses: weather
- msheaton
Pluses: It is a very peaceful and scenic town

Minuses: Not many activites for teenagers

A great place to... Raise children. Low crime rate
- deano
Pluses: Central location in Michigan

Minuses: Lack of vision of and purpose as people. Most don't want to be a better person than they currently on.
- djmaxey
Pluses: Small, freindly community. Lots of diversity, community cont
ains an unique mixture of personalities and professions not usually seen in a community this size.

A great place to... Vacation and live, raise a family.
- tdalsanto
Pluses: Very interesting wildlife there (deer, racoon, porcipine, muskrats, otter, fisher, & turtle. Lots of beautiful eagles-families of them!

Minuses: The only thing in this town is a very tiny tavern. Most of the people that go there on the weekends are from Chicago area & have cabins there. The wildlife is CRAZY there. Swamp land everywhere. The mosquito's are masive & in mass quantities. No bug spray works to keep them away. The local town people (all 12 of them) are.... different. Think backwoods Louisianna. Very unusual town. The army has a bombing range just a mile out of the town. Several times per year they test bomb. It is very intense & shakes the entire town. It used be the rattle snake capitol- but once the bombing range moved in, all the rattle snakes left the area.

A great place to... Hunt- if you dont mind the bugs & the swampland!!

This town is right at the edge of two counties- very remote area. It takes police or ambulance a LONG time to get out there (30-45 minutes!!) The closest town for gas/groceries is 30-45 minutes away. If you want to be left alone, dont mind wacky-but friendly people, enjoy wildlife, and dont mind swampy muk year round with mosquitos that kryptonite wont kill...this is the place for you!!
- 080805
Pluses: places to rent

A great place to... live
- michaelj525
Pluses: great friendly people
- hammy
Mar. 12, 2007
Pluses: Beautiful, friendly, not too big, not too small, great elementary school!

Minuses: Can't think of any!

A great place to... Make maple syrup! Raise a family and some chickens!

Could use a better grocery store.
- Bunnuh
Pluses: great place to grow up and go to high school

Minuses: more stuff for kids to do

A great place to... raise a blue coller family

former sleepy village
- ftlaudcop
Pluses: great diversity

Minuses: too much crime

A great place to... party

was a very hot party town, but has cooled off
- ftlaudcop
Pluses: Pugh Park is a hidden gem. On the weekends, the lower part of the park is great for swimming and socializing. The upper part of the park has some great natural features and is a good place to kick back and relax.

Minuses: Pugh Park is not well maintained. There is litter and household trash along the cliffs from table 21 to the end of the park. Most people who go to the park for recreation stay at the lower end of the park and do take care to clean up when they leave. The upper end of the park has beautiful cliffs and rock formations that are hard to enjoy because of the litter.
- usmc8541
Pluses: I grew up in Cumberland, it a wonderful place to raise children. Fort Hill High School is among the Best. The major crime rate is low and scenic view can not be beat!

Minuses: The job growth is low and wages are not high, if your a young person tring to start out and want to make something of yourself, this is not the place

A great place to... Visit or Retire

When I lived in Cumberland all I ever dreamed about was moving somewhere else, now that I live in a big city the big thing I have learned is ... I never realized how valuable knowing your neighbor was. Life moves fast in this world and sometimes when you visit a place like Cumberland where people know their neighbors and say Hi when you walk down the street, it makes you stop and wonder what are we all really rushing around for?
- Lorilu25
Pluses: Great weather from mid-Oct to mid-May
Lots of non-water outdoor recreation activities
Close to many scenic areas of the Southwest
Spring Training in March

Minuses: Very hot weather from mid-May to mid-Oct
Sprawling but laid out on a grid
Traffic and aggressive drivers
Used to be an inexpensive place to live

A great place to... Retire to
Relax in the constant sunshine
- mhouse2001
Mar. 11, 2007
Pluses: Small, but sophisticated historic community located in the NW corner of Illinois. Beautful rolling hills, a good place to raise a family or retire to. About 3 hours to Chicago and 30 minutes to Dubuque, IA. Great restaurants and shops.

Minuses: Lack of high paying jobs. Nearest airport is in Dubuque, IA.

A great place to... Relax, enjoy historic architecture, get away from hussle and bussle of big cities.
- kbookless
Pluses: I have not been to Piffard NY yet but plan to go... I didn't even know it existed...I'm from Canada and I was told my ancestors were from France. Now I'm discovering that they were from England.
- Piffardgi
Pluses: low priced housing
- ssheredy35
Pluses: Very Quiet, Mostly clean,very warm people. Very helpful town officials

Minuses: Some places need to be cleaned up for health reasons. Thats the only minus I can come up with.

A great place to... Live, raise children, have pets ( as long as you remember to bring them in at night). All outdoor activities. Annual Town meetings and get to-geathers.

Just an all around great place to live out ones later years. We will stay as long as we can take GOOD care of our home, enjoy the lake and our garden.
- hillman
Pluses: a good place for kids to be raised, little crime

Minuses: small town means you have to travel to get a good job

A great place to... live
- ney
Pluses: The most wonderful place to live. Easy access to shopping, eating, interstate and family.

Minuses: Can't think of any.

A great place to... LIVE
- snthompson17
Mar. 10, 2007
Pluses: It's a great place to live!

Minuses: None

A great place to... live and raise children
- nichole32
Pluses: Great place to raise a family

Minuses: lot of dirt

A great place to... retire to
- oklahoma
Pluses: I want to know about Hicksville?

Minuses: are there alot of "racist people" living in Hicksville?

A great place to... Is it a good place to live....?

I want to relocate there so I can commute to a Power Plant located in Long Island
- solomon1
A great place to... Eat, shop, Worship
- Jude
Mar. 9, 2007
Pluses: As a middle age couple what type job opportunities would there be?

Is there a presbyterian church?

Minuses: What is the down side of Mt. Airy?

A great place to... Are the folks in Mt. Airy welcoming to newcomers or simply tolerated?

Please indicate population, demographics and the main comodity for business in Mt. Airy
- ertrexler
Pluses: great place for a family

A great place to... raise a family
- willieandmary
Pluses: Rochester has a great list of nooks and crannies. The Clarissa Room is a great blues and jazz bar. The Little Theater is a survivor of the hay-day of movie theaters in the region, shows great independent shows, with a relaxed bistro in back. The Public Market draws from miles around and shows what a rich region this is, and not much beats browsing the bustling market on a beautiful summer day.

Minuses: Ok, so a common saying around here is, "You don't like the weather? Wait a few minutes, it will change." Personally I enjoy the snowy winters, no matter how much I complain about shoveling and driving.

A great place to... Find local musicians, bistros, browse exhibits at the George Eastman House, and bring the kids to the Rochester Museum and Science Center
- jjr
Pluses: Very quite/peaceful,but as all places you have your group/clan

Minuses: Big minuse---WG School--what do you thinks when 3/4 of your road pulls out their kid and take elsewhere?

A great place to... I believe so! As anyplace try to keep to yourself.

Get better people to run school,everytime they have a problem with the kids,they like to address the blame on them!
- nitetimeusa
Pluses: It will always be home.

A great place to... relax
- cltgirl
Pluses: its small almost everyone knows each other and are friendly to eacvh other and all tht stuff

Minuses: its small and there is not much to do here

A great place to... play sports we have a good baseball and basketball teams and not to mention the softball and volleyball for the girls
- staci
Pluses: Mostly Beautiful, quiet. Alot of the town folk are friendly. Most children have manners. Rent and mortages are alot cheaper.

Minuses: Fast food places are ONLY McDonalds, or the local food store's deli. Only 1 gas station is open 24 hours. so you better has gas.

A great place to... Raise a family, be able to become property owners, Relax.

Not the best place to live but alot better than alot of other towns.
- PurpleReesyCup
Pluses: I remember Dewitt as a little farm town. I remember the Twists on the south end of town. I remember every fall there was a fall festival. I remember in about 1944 I played horseshoes and won 3rd place. I think the prize was a bag of chicken feed which I thought was great as I was only 16 years old. I would like to see more people write in. Don Ayers Philomath Oregon
- loneranger
Pluses: none

Minuses: all of the people here have an attitude

A great place to... be sad

very very small... everyone is in everyone elses business
- hexx44
Pluses: Cannon Beach is an amazing and beautiful place, that i love.

A great place to... just relaxe
- pinkgrumpy
Pluses: Small town atmosphere; friendly people; little violence/crime

Minuses: Only one main grocery store; lower income area

A great place to... be outdoors-bike, fish, snowmobile, ski, swim, boat, etc; raise a family
- cblount
Pluses: Close knit community
- dsb
Mar. 8, 2007
Pluses: Its great if you like the small town drama and rumors

Minuses: The water is horrible, people are backstabbing, and the rumors are viscious.
- fake16
Pluses: my friend is there

Minuses: humid, hot weather

A great place to... work

good place to start a living
- lanbfe
Pluses: Quiet and Peaceful (very laid back)

Minuses: too many trains go through the main town of Carson very late at night nd very early in the morning

A great place to... Settle and retire in the surroundings of pure nature

Lots of Land .... Very Rural
- tompitch
Pluses: Quiet, Friendly, Place to live. Good Churches, School. Close to Winnsboro, Monroe and Vicksburg.

A great place to... A Good Place to Live or Retire

Small Village. governed by the Lawrason Act
- Baskin
Pluses: Small town.

Minuses: Too many rentals.
- Babe
A great place to... Ride through.
- Babe
Pluses: Close to wonderful beaches.
Amazing dining
local art walks
bayfront park

Minuses: EXPENSIVE! Getting very difficult to live here for many. housing prices are enormous, as well as insurance and taxes.
The traffic is the worst I have ever endured.
Sarasota has a "snooby & pretentious" air.

A great place to... go to the beaches, shop, eat, wander
- lulugirl
Pluses: location, convenience.

Minuses: all the houses are the same.
- jjutah
Pluses: pretty , Good mickey d's..,cool emo kids..,pretty school., good sport teams.,

Minuses: no walmart to many food lions,smells' pollution.,no mall...nothing for teens to do.,deforestaton,No grand home furnishing.. GANGTERS GERMS!!!!!!!! PREPS!!!

A great place to... stink up the air!!! raise kids..

- bandc
Mar. 7, 2007
Pluses: Good streets
Pretty neighborhoods
Convenient shopping
Low crime
Good services
only an hour from Houston

Minuses: Mosquitoes
bad tasting water
gumbo soil
narrow, complacent people
poor high school ugly
too wet
too low

A great place to... raise kids
- Beemused
Pluses: Quiet until April through Labor Day.

Minuses: Hurricane-prone.

A great place to... live if you have money or a good job on the beach itself; and plenty of insurance.
- barrowwight
Pluses: Disney
- Animatrix
Pluses: Amtrac stop LA to SF, beautiful public beaches, small town atmosphere, clean and little crime.

Minuses: expensive

A great place to... live, surf

off 101 north of LA 84 miles, 10 s. of Santa Barbara
Pluses: Staggering Mountain and Valley Views

Quality of life. Town population of 760 and County of 4500.

Proximity to world class skiing in Telluride, CO

Endless supply of outdoor activity, i.e. biking, hiking, jeeping, climbing, hunting, fishing, camping, and whatever else you can imagine.

Community oriented mindset

Dozens of music/ art events year round

World famous Ice Climbing Festival in Ouray

Minuses: Less amenities than a MSA. Closes one is 25miles North.

Dirt roads in town that make for a mud/ dust season

Price of real estate can be prohibitive.

A great place to... A good place to be if you want to slow down and enjoy life in one of the most beautiful places in the nation. Also a great place for emerging tele-commuters who are free to raom the country and take their office with them. A hot spot for vacationers, retiree's, second homes, and yougn couples with kids.
- floydmagee
Pluses: nice hometown atmosphere
- sassi
Pluses: Santo Domingo is my home, this pueblo has been around before any one could remember. Santo Domingo is the capital of the 19 pueblos and is known for the famous artisans and the for the native traditions keept. Santo Domingo holds up to 3,600 or more people and is the best place to be when the feast is taking place. The feast is August 4th. Santo Domingo atract more the 5,000 people every year with the Corn dances, the native foods and the carnivals that are held for 3 days starting from August 3rd to August 5th. So come join us August 4th!!

Minuses: No minuses it is the best!!!
- maggot
Pluses: Great Town with a lot of beautiful farms and people. I came to this area in 2003 accidentally and felt the natural warmth of the people, the beautiful scenery, and was over taken.

Minuses: It didn't take long for me to find out that this was a surface experience and one that may have costed me my life. You see I was living in a basement apartment in Northumberland for the past 17 months, in an illegally built apartment, with no ventalation, in a basement of someone's home. I have been exposed to a substance called hydrogen sulfide from a septic vapor leak, invisable to the nose, like a silent killer. I tried to contact the local authorities however, it has been handled with great disregard to my health and am on my own to seek medical attention. I placed emergency phone calls to authoritive figures and in one incident have not received any response at all.

A great place to... A good place visit, but I have had enough.

If anyone has similar experiences, let it be know and maybe we can put a stop to this continuous disregard to the health of others. Its time we changed the way we live by getting rid of the derilicts in the Town of Northumberland, NY.
- billboss
Pluses: quiet, friendly community. Just outside Danville, which for a city its size has an unusually good shopping, and restaurant selection.

Minuses: High water table, prone to flooding. Has a poor storm sewer drainage system.
- Simmonsrl
Pluses: Is Wadell to be annexed to another city maybe like avondale or goodyear. We hope so

A great place to... live
- magli
Pluses: Location, Location, Location

A great place to... Live!
- mjoseph
Pluses: beautiful settings
- kari
Pluses: no people

Minuses: no people

A great place to... die

ghost town
- mrscott
Mar. 6, 2007
Pluses: It's near mountains =)
- CT73
Pluses: The winters weather is nice. The beach is pleasant if you haven't put a gun in your mouth during the drive there. The infrastruture is woefully inadequate.

Downtown is OK. There are some nice views of bridges and buildings and they have excellent fireworks. Rednecks do love an explosion.

The zoo is small but surprisingly nice. Don't miss the bonobos.

It isn't far from St. Augustine which is fabulous for walking and sightseeing.

You can grow a variety of plants in the garden including: bananas, oranges and loquats that won't grow further north.

If you are a professional, the pay is good because educated people won't stay here.

There are a few parks but they are not worth mentioning.

If you make the arduous drive to the few remnants of nature, there are armadillos, sea turtles, bison (near Gainsville) and other wildlife.

Contrary to popular opinion, the bugs aren't bad. I go outside a lot and have only had a couple of mosquito bites. I think they die in the heat.

Minuses: This place is ever so slightly better than the 7th plane of hell. I've never met so many rude, ignorant, illiterate and violent people in my entire life. Furthermore, they are mean and rude.

Traffic is expected in a big city but this one comes without the ammenities of great museums and other culture. The traffic horrible, the driving is extremely agressive and stupid. The rule is: if you can pass a sheet of paper between cars you are too far from the car in front of you.

The urban fabric is just plain ugly, awful-awful. This city is a series of run-down strip malls, strip clubs and ramshackled trailers with bleach bottles and other flotsam in the yards and that's the good parts.

It's the only place I've seen commercials start,"Are you a methadone hostage?"

Don't go outside in the summer unless you are a bedouin tribesman.

Let's not forget the crime. Going our at night isn't the best idea. On the bright side, I've only had a knife pulled on me once this year!

A great place to... leave.

I know that the great citizens of Jacksonville will take exception to this but I am not worried because they can't read it.
- ihatethisplace
Pluses: Country living

Minuses: politics are run by the good ol boys

A great place to... raise kids
- gramato2
Pluses: seclusion, close to a large city

Minuses: Must travel for entertainment, gro. and modern conveniences

A great place to... start a family
- jfair
Pluses: The city is near the interstate and mall.

Minuses: The city is kind of old and depressed looking.
- sk77
Pluses: quiet and safe
- jwilliams5482
Pluses: Mostly everyone knows each other.

Minuses: Its a really small town.
- sandragoodman
Pluses: beach

Minuses: traffic

A great place to... live
- mom2kormas
Mar. 5, 2007
Pluses: the rent is cheap and most everything is in walking distance

Minuses: the crime rate is troubling, there are more sex offenders than i cared to know about. you get woke up each morning by someones rooster or some loud tejano music. the crime rate. there are plenty of slum lords in case you prefer to live like an animal, hell some times the animals live with you(ie, rats, mice, big furry spiders, etc)you can get your car or home, sometimes both, broken into on weekends in broad daylight. drunk mexicans will make cat calls and disgusting remark at you if your walking. the neighborhood is also overrun by crackheads, someone really should exterminate other than the potholes and crappy security, its an ex-convict's paradise. born, raised, and grew up in cloverleaf

A great place to... cloverleaf is a wonderful place raise a future felon. many of the offspring specializes in muggings, auto theft, breaking and entering and various drug charges. cloverleaf is a good place to call the hood. it rivals the crime rate of the more infamous compton or bronx

generally speaking i personally would rather sleep under the highway by a better neighborhood than ever return to that hunk of crap neighborhood
- bbygrl1079
Pluses: Good education
- Nadia
Pluses: nice slow town to live in

Minuses: taxes
- charliezipp
Pluses: Nice Swedish display by the road and at the Swedish museum. An interesting cemetary.

Minuses: Not much else there really.

A great place to... Stop to visit the museum.
- Grabben
Pluses: small place to be

Minuses: nothing to do

A great place to... just relax
- baby89gyrl89
Pluses: It's a small quite town,nice & friendly people and cotton fields all around.

Minuses: Everyone knows everything,nothing to do really boring

A great place to... raise a family
- gdawg021
Pluses: I will like to know how is Dover now
I used to live in Dover about 20 years ago.

A great place to... to visit and have a good time

I will go to visit soon
- Lydia2007
Pluses: A quiet small town with beautiful old houses, surrounded by creeks and rivers where I spent my youth.

Minuses: Winter weather, summer mosquitoes, stagnant economy.

A great place to... Be born and grow up, then leave.

Only 40 miles to Toledo and Ann Arbor and 60 miles to Detroit, Tecumseh is located near major cultural and shopping centers.
- LaPrad
Pluses: my grandson likes the school

Minuses: too far from every place

A great place to... live
- grandma
Pluses: its a small unincorporated area-has stores close by neighborly country feel.

Minuses: road repair is county-lots of roadside trash nosy people who want to incorporate the area and make it a town with all those headaches and taxes

A great place to... raise kids, have farm animals, buy land
- kandym
Pluses: A good small town to grow up in. Almost a sure guarantee that you would and would continue to attend school with the same group of kids all the way thru school. I miss the close friends.

Minuses: The cold and the snow.

A great place to... Get to know almost everyone because of the small town atmosphere.

Graduate, Walled Lake Western 1974. Move to Arizona 1980. Love it here but still have heartstrings tied to MI.
- mikatr
Pluses: A beautiful, tranquil setting, near a major metropolis.

Minuses: typical, small town gossip.

A great place to... be from

from the early 1950's to the late 60's i resided there. i am a polar, for good or bad, and always will be. i knew the great and not so greate who lived thier lives there.. it was at the time, a complete town......before small town america was encompassed by the chain store empire.
- DennyD
Mar. 4, 2007
Pluses: secluded, private

Minuses: expense and lack of family priced restaurants.

A great place to... walk on the beach

good beach
- kryczek
Pluses: nice people

Minuses: none

A great place to... raise a family
- baanprida
Pluses: schools are good
- twithrow
Pluses: nice friendly people
small town closeness

Minuses: nothing to do for fun
a ton of bars
people are very judgemental, but i think that is in all small towns
- icee101
Pluses: good high schoo district

Minuses: small
- tigerfan08
Pluses: Affordable housing, lots of wide open spaces, a lot of skilled laborers, very low crime rate, good schools, and only one hour from Birmingham or Tuscaloosa. This is truly an American Town of yesteryear.

Minuses: weak business district, crumbling front street, lack of vision.

A great place to... live like a millionaire for very little.
- townsmith
Pluses: None =The town is run by a bunch of crooks they use town money to benefit vehicles are used by town employees for their own personal gain.
- justme01
Pluses: The town has improve some

A great place to... A nice place to visit
- ladydiva
Pluses: beautiful historic sights

Minuses: too many crackheads

A great place to... retire
- brynp54
Pluses: very nice marina, very friendly people

A great place to... fish
- smittii1947
Pluses: Some of the 4-lane with 65 mph speeds are on outer limits of Russellville.

Minuses: Theres speed trapping on the 4-lane headed to Littleville. Russellville is in a DRY COUNTY. All the hustle & bustle, no alcohol. No healthy places to eat unless youre looking forward to angioplasty. I once saw a kid eating at Russellville's Captain D's get food poisoning and hurl puke all the way down the aisle-way to the bathroom. Disgusting experience to say the least. On Sunday, local church people like to go there for buffet while taking turns at trying to clog the toilets. Theres a little steakhouse called Jonthans on the right across the tracks. If youd like to see where all the inbreds go, stop by this little Quincys-wannabe. They should hire midgets to serve you, at least you could get a good laugh on top of the agonizing heartburn. If coming through, keep going.. Stopping for gas is ok, just dont start any chit chat because just up the road is the Shoals and Florence. At least Human DNA in these areas appears to have mingled about rather than fester in the same dunghole.

A great place to... Leave..

Enjoy smalltown life somewhere else. In the opinion of this submitter, this place is pretty worthless.
- nwaxtreme
Pluses: It has many roads that leave here.

Minuses: You do not get much for your tax dollar. Basically there is no such thing as snow removal, so any older folks or people that have a hard time getting around in the snow, too bad. City water smells like the city sewer plant and not fit to drink. Most all truck traffic can get away with any speed they desire going through town. Must be much easier to pick on the regular citizens as they are on their way to work in the morning as they pass the post office.

A great place to... Be from or move from.
- lincolnmt
Pluses: location

Minuses: City government, overpaid City attorney and judges, kangaroo court, Americans snubbed in favor of illegal invaders.

A great place to... be Mexican

One of the nastiest places in Georgia.
- inou
Pluses: Diversity, Resources, Tourist related activities, Historic locations

Minuses: Road Ways,street signs, parking
- harriskm
Mar. 3, 2007
Pluses: Very wonderful veiws of the Mountains

Minuses: Not anough family activities

A great place to... Vist

Small Town
- kottredeb
Pluses: It's a nice place to live and visit. The winters are hard, but beautiful scenery.

Minuses: Winters are too long and cold.

A great place to... Visit
- dlspjp6z4v
Pluses: Country atmosphere, next to mountains to play in! Good people and great friends n family.

Minuses: The folks wantin to change Spring City into something it's not.......a big city!

A great place to... Live, play and die!
- inj2020
Pluses: Rural setting with potential. Nice school district with good strong academic programs. Nestled between Hwy 271 and Lake Gladewater, this little community has tripled in size in four years with most new homes being 3 bedroom brick single family dwellings.

Minuses: No city sewage yet. The exceedingly rapid growth of Union Grove is a pressing issue for the city. Parks, trash, water, and roads are just a part of what comes with this type of growth and U.G.s city officials should check the plans for future development.

A great place to... Live and raise kids.
- swright75604
Mar. 2, 2007
Pluses: interested in location
distance from boston, ma
- jody
Pluses: The plus about Waterproof is, it's a family town. My family originally came from Waterproof. My mom, grandparents, great grandparents, and even my great-great grandparents. I remember growing up as a child, this town was a caring town. If a family was in need , or had a family emergency. The town would pull together. Even if it ment cleaning out your clothes closet,pantry, or even your wallets. As a town we did what ever it took to keep each other afloat. It's because of memories such as these, that I have recently moved back home to (Waterproof). It is my prayer that the town of Waterproof can once again rise up and began to shine as it once did.

Minuses: The minuses about Waterproof is the life of the town (appears) to be gone. Notice, i said, appears. So many paople have moved away or passed on. And the town seems rather empty. Old stores,banks, and doctor offices are closed. And we must travel a good distance to get the things that we need. The roads need all the work they can stand. But through everything I still belive we can bounce back.

A great place to... The Oalwood Baptist Church, is a wonderful place to go. You're sure to be spiritualy feed and blessed by the Holy spirit.

The town of Waterproof has only two gas stations, Bubbas's convience store, and Higginbottom Place. Both stations are located on highway 65 across from each other.It has two banks, Cross Keys and Tensas State which is a drive up only bank. There's one grocery store, David's. Only one prison, Tensas Dentention South.There are three junk joints, Annie Mae's 86, Mercadise, and Lee Coopers Place.Waterproof has nine churches, that you must come and visit.There is only one diner, Anna's Place. And belive it or not there is no school in the town of Waterproof.
- tjstampley
A great place to... A good place to go to relax just down the road to Potato Creek State Park.
- Freddy
Pluses: Rio is a great town i used to live there and its safe clean and i love it. there are many bars and a cute little grociery store run by mark waters. the cops in rio are also the best because they dont try to get u in trouble they try to help u and keep you out of trouble. The school in rio is also great the teachers are the best and its just a really great school.

Minuses: there arent that many stores, and a lot of rumors go around and theres always gossip.

A great place to... Rio is a good place to get away from big towns ans cities. Rio is a calming little town

Rio has a grociery store called marks market and a gas station called mobile. thers about 6 bars and a restaraunt. there is also a nice little park that people go to to relax.
- chynna
Pluses: small town lets kids have freedom to play art minded community

Minuses: thinks affordable housing is anything under 250,000 very very white genteel atmosphere- not enough cross culture of society.

A great place to... retire

gentrified colonial town
- ellosasm
Mar. 1, 2007
Pluses: A small town atmosphere where everybody looked out for one another. You could trust you neighbors and could borrow a teaspoon of suger, a cup of flour just about anything except any amount of money as there was not much around. There was a lot of card playing especialy pitch. Popcorn,home made bread,coffee and politics especially in the upper 20s and lower 30s. People were poor. People used home medicines but my generation survived. We would have great picnics at the Weldon grade school. The citizen band played concerts every Sat night. Croque was played under lights. I have a lot of memories. Don Ayers

Minuses: none
- loneranger
Pluses: Beautiful natural environment.

Minuses: Trashing of natural environment.
- byronann
Pluses: Becoming a nice place

Minuses: Not enough places open yet.

A great place to... Live
- Ovation
Pluses: Having lived in DeRuyter for almost 20 yrs I found very few pluses. The community is not an open one. There are very few services you do not have to pay for, a school district which has never mergered with an outside community and cost far to much in taxes for the size of the system. An attitude that change is not good and a real lack of interest or attention of anything out side of it's bountry. There were a few very good open people there but not enough to keep on living there forever.

Minuses: Most of the minuses are listed above. The most important is a lack of employment in the area which includes low pay scales. Housing is not prime in the area there are to many unkept homes. If you want to be a "contractor" move to this Area never saw so many in one place. Interesting enough most could be found in the towns 2 Bars.

A great place to... When moving here the idea was the was hope to find a very friendly , out going communtity. But in a little less than a few months that idea was shattered by the out right feeling of being an outsider and no hope of belonging unless you fit the profile of birth residents and all of thier beliefs. Be prepared to hear all about the big bad city but dare not defend it even tho most of the "bad" you will hear is from people who never lived there and don't want to hear anything negitive about their town.

Moving to DeRuyter was good tho it showed that your own beliefs about different communities big and small are not always true. Leaving a city in NY much bigger than this town was not what to look for if you are interested in seeing how other people live and being an adventureous soul. DeRuyter looks like one of those wonderful sleepy postcard towns but living there is not all cracked up to that.
- roadrunner
A great place to... go for the pickel fest, and st. annes holds an amazing fish fry!
- lilchristensen
Pluses: Close to parkway and turnpike

Minuses: people who litter and walk down the middle of the road and let their dogs go to the bathroom all over the place and not clean it up, let pit bulls run loose
- PeggyKline
Pluses: Beautiful land & water - very peaceful

Minuses: No real decent stores in the immediate area

A great place to... Go boating, jet skiing or fishing.
- rdavis
Pluses: A great small city! We have a great supportive community.

A great place to... Raise a family.
- aloetteat
Pluses: none that i know of. city does a lousy job of communicating with important issues and basically supresses the rights of it's constituancy

Minuses: taxation without proper representation,believes in forced compliance without input from taxpayors

A great place to... Leave
- al3109
Pluses: Warm, friendly people; great places to work, including Solutia, Fuji Film, and Park Seed (; educational opportunities at Lander University and Piedmont Technical College; outstanding health care at Self Regional Hospital; numerous civic organizations, including Rotary (, Sertoma, Kiwanis; many churches, and almost as many restaurants

Minuses: Not many! Would be nice if a few more chain stores opened up (e.g., Kohl's, Best Buy)

A great place to... make friends, raise a family, eventually retire
- ckuhl
Pluses: Alot of my relatives live there

Minuses: none

A great place to... visit , fish, crab
- davodog57
Pluses: Copake is serene, lovely, calm and beautiful!!
Summered there all my young life, and visit there
every summer.

Minuses: Only one, I dont live there!!!!!

A great place to... kick back!
- Lizzietish
Pluses: Potential for growth

Minuses: Slow to change or consider new ideas

A great place to... Get away from it all
- north
Pluses: though it may be the inverse of what everyone in the area similar to me in age may think. I think capitan was a great place to grow up. It is a small community, therefore it is hard to get away with "it". The circles are close. It changes often but, it doesn't change very much. It is quiet, peaceful, and a very quaint place to settle down.

Minuses: A large portion of the "cons" section pertains mainly to families with children. The educational system is mediocre at best and there are very few jobs for young people. There is very little work in general. The few jobs to be had hold very little chance for advancement.

A great place to... Capitan is a great place to settle down, or retire. It provides a fun, and generally safer enviroment for children.
- JakeWhite
Pluses: I am looking for information from others who live here on the pluses......

Minuses: What are minuses?

A great place to... Is this a good place to retire in?
- ohiovsca

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