Community reviews



May. 31, 2007
Pluses: We have our own Wal-Mart.

It's also nice to be within decent driving distance to Orlando, Sanford, Daytona & DeLand.

Minuses: Too many people have moved to the area, there is hardly any woods left. Because of the constant growth in population there is always road work being done somewhere near by.

Deltona has a few good points and a few bad. It was a great place to grow up, back in the 80's & 90's but things have most certainly changed. It's sad that it's nothing like it used to be.
- iskakh
Pluses: Peaceful, with beautiful quiet tree lined steets. Lovely parks and playing fields, magnificent arboretum with pond and fountains. Practically crime free. Superb schools. Wide variety of available homes from less than $400K to over $1.5 million. Just 18 miles west of midtown Manhattan. Rapid transportation via bus or train to New York City. Speedy access by car to major highways.

Minuses: There are no negative aspects to living in Glen Rock NJ.

A great place to... live for families or young couples just starting out.

Only 18 miles west of midtown Manhattan. Glen Rock NJ is the smaller and quieter next door neighbor to Ridgewood NJ. Ridgewood, with a per capita income among the top 5 in the nation, has fine shopping and dining to rival cities 10 times its size. Ridgwood's facilities are only minutes from Glen Rock.
- AndyCurshen
Pluses: beautiful lake, no traffic, trees

Minuses: meth issues

A great place to... relax
- sailor21

May. 30, 2007
Pluses: very quiet place to live...i grew up in this town......majority of the people have a church home

Minuses: not a place to work

A great place to... retire or spend a get away weekend

everything shuts down at 10pm
- gajunkman
Pluses: It's a great place to raise a family, and right now, if you're in the technology industry, it is a great place to work with CGI and Northrop Grumman locating facilities there. Check out for jobs at both those facilities and other Southwest Virginia jobs available.

A great place to... enjoy nature, trails, rivers, and family.
- returntoroots
May. 29, 2007
Pluses: Low density zoning, affordable housing, great water access to Gulf of Mexico, 15 miles of bike paths, many good restaurants, a fine elementary school, beautiful rural land, in general a low key atmosphere

Minuses: Not many places to shop

A great place to... Ride bikes, kayak, fish
- Erika
May. 28, 2007
Pluses: The pluses are: It is a small town. It is for the most part a quiet town, not much in the way of major crime. It has many people who are friendly country folks that will give you a hand if needed. It is not dirty from big factories or noisy like most big cities. People have lived here most of their lives and know each other and each other's family. It is a pretty place with mountains, creeks, rivers and ponds. Most scenery includes cows, horses, goats and maybe a llama or two, farms, country roads with views of barns and farm equipment. The town itself has one grocery store and one traffic light. No, wait , another was added so now there are two.

Minuses: The minuses are: Because there are no big factories left there aren't many jobs left. Saltville is nestled in a valley off the beaten path of a major roadway and that makes it difficult to attract and retain many jobs. People leave the area to go where the jobs are. Most jobs that are close are low wage jobs and/or they don't last very long. Because it is a small town with no major fast food chains, with the exception of one, and no major retail shopping outlets people have to drive many miles to have these extras. By the time you factor in the cost of driving to another town or city for employment and again for an evening of shopping and a quick bite to eat for today's multi- tasking families many people see that it can be a little expensive and inconvenient So they look elsewhere for a place to call home. And people DO know each other and each other's family. So don't think you will do something that only you will know about. Word travels fast in small towns. LOL.

A great place to... It is a good place to raise your family. If you are okay with trading in a closer commute to work, the various restaurants to choose from and bigger retail stores with the slower paced quiet life, then this is the town for you. There are some outdoor activites you can participate in if you are an outdoor person such as fishing, (when you go somewhere that's not posted) golf, bird watching, hiking, boating, etc. It is a good place to feel safe in your neighborhood and town.
- ladybug66
Pluses: Lafayette is reasonably quiet and peaceable. It is a small town that has a homey atomsphere.

Minuses: It hasn't got anything for our youth to do. They don't have anywhere to go so they can hang out without getting in trouble. The only thing they can really do is get high and have babies. It is time LaFayette has thought of their young people and quit building all these new subdivisions that no one is buying into. Spend money on what matters our children.
Another minus is unless you want to work in a mill all your life there is nothing else offered here.

A great place to... get stuck in with no way out.
- Bensmom
Pluses: location close to river/ resturaunts stores walkable main streets great for small business /corporate head quarters cheap land for large company/large work force skilled and labor force /people have good attitudes for now /churches you can walk to no crime no violence lots of sun loveing youth /help verona be all it can does antone care /we all should we all have an interest in veona money'home values

Minuses: politicans are not educated in how to make a city productive and are clueless on bringing in new income and couldnt run a lemonaid stand cause they have no business sence/small business is the back bone of america/look how many people small companys employ /why does verona even have a chambers of commerce /its not just supossed to be a status quo ! do something for verona do your job or get out /soon you will outted and i will be in and i will hire the correct professionals with a business sence and verona will be the next great place /young educted people want to be here /i will bring youth /money and hope /thats all we ever wanted someone to lite the fire of hope /there are beautifull buildings and people in verona but not for long if we dont show them that we care!its all up cause it cant go any lower thanks to are elected officials.

A great place to... verona will be the place to be in 5 years /it will take me that long to fix the mess youve made ! we need young productive people like myself and my supporters/have faith people out with the old in with the new veronas population is young being lead around by incapable incompedent the older the wiser no way in verona the older the more incompedent everyone knows it and i refuse to sit anylonger and watch are city turn into east libbert or homewood if you like those kinda places then leave verona and go live there /have a great day

great place great people we need to keep it afloat till someone rescues are great city the public now knows there is hope we all feel that there is a better way and its not with the current politicans we can clean house and window shop in verona we dont have to go to oakmont or fox chapplel look whats around us they want us to be nothings cause we spend are money in there cities you think they ever gave verona a dollar we are fools to them we are there servents lets turn things around be productive and live with integrety and honor
- stkrrauch
Pluses: A wonderful afternoon years ago with a cave, train, great supper and good people. Then we camped a small park (county I think). In tthe morning we explored before breakfast. There were ponds with beaver and deer. Also some blue columbine on the hillside. I have been hunting seeds from them. This was on the road to Mt. Evans. Since it was more than 50 years ago nothing stands out as much as your town.
Thank you

Minuses: None

A great place to... To relax and renew.
- bleitz
May. 27, 2007
Pluses: Beautiful little town, great place to grow up in. No where better

Minuses: Stores down town

A great place to... retire, just enjoy life
- smitbeck72
Pluses: It is a beautiful green valley, with a very small population of friendly folks. The Antler Inn is a good place to get a great hamburger.

Minuses: It's hard to get to. You have to travel on 20 miles of bumpy dirt road. I guess that keeps the population to a minimum. There is only one gas station.
- chillin
May. 26, 2007
Pluses: quiet, nice people, good access to Interstate 35, fairly good amenities for a small town (Super Walmart, McDonald's, Taco Bell, KFC, HyVee Grocery, Dollar General Store, Dairy Queen, Russell Stover's, Subway, several other independent restaurants)

Minuses: NO animal control, many dogs running loose, "good ole boy" government, poor city planning (congested area vs. "empty" buildings)

A great place to... Raise a family, buy a home (CHEAP housing prices, some very nice older homes), Retire

population about 3000, 5000 in Harrison County, located right on Interstate 35 (exits 88, 92 and 94)
- kathey
Pluses: Central access to other lager cities. Driveable, timely access to South Bend, Indiana (home of Notre Dame) and Chicago, Illinois (Windy City).

Minuses: "Small town with big city problems."

A great place to... Chill at the beach, enjoy seasonal fruit...festivals and community events.

Easily accessbile from major Michigan Highways.
Easy access to Lake Michigan shores and dunes.
Great potential for significant city growth.
- bharborgirl1448
May. 25, 2007
Pluses: Sicily Island is a beautiful quiet little town.I was placed here after Katrina. Everyone i met was very helpeful and kind.

Minuses: Nothing for the young at heart to do around town. Would love to see somekind of clean recreation for the young.

A great place to... Meet very friendly people and raise a family.
- Trixie43
May. 24, 2007
Pluses: small town atmosphere

Minuses: no jobs there

A great place to... visit relatives

kin to a lot of people there my mom and dad are both from there
- txnid
May. 23, 2007
Pluses: Tippah County is a quiet place. If you like nature, fresh air and friendly people this is heaven on earth. The kids here are generally good. No violence to speak of. There are several great places to eat. We are a dry county. Beautiful scenery.

Minuses: If you want the chance to socalize (somewhere besides church) you have to drive out of town. Tupelo is the nearest city if you want to visit a club or sports bar. How ever its almost an hour from Ripley.

A great place to... Raise a family! Get some peace and quiet!
- bergen127
Pluses: I like Ravenswood, West Virginia, because it seems to be a thriving community with traditional values. A small place is where I am hoping to become a part of.

Minuses: I don't think you have or welcome colored people.

A great place to... Perhaps rest and grow in.

I am looking for a peaceful, resting place. A place where I can write in and minister to those less fortunate than myself.
- phyllisoneup
Pluses: nice people

Minuses: boring

A great place to... raise a family and a farm

lagoon smells in the spring
- mattfeul55
May. 22, 2007
Pluses: The Friday night drum circle that keeps tourists in the down town area every Friday night. lots of unique resturants and shops. Diverse people who are for the most part very peaceful and welcoming.

Minuses: Asheville parking is deplorable. Daily tourists and locals alike are gouged hourly by costly parking meters that give you about 6 minutes for one quarter. Also, all of the businesses that are closed during the evening have posted No parking 24/7 signs in their lots. The minimum to retrieve your car? $125.00. These businesses proclaim to be part of the Asheville community yet refuse to allow their lots to be utilized in the evening when they are not being used by the company. I assume that this is to force everyone into the parking garages. I didn't feel safe walking into the dark, unattended parking garage on Rankin- an area of town that is routinely overrun with drug abusers and street people who may or may not be friendly. Is there some problem with the local businesses sharing thier lots after hours with folks who want to visit Asheville but don't want to get robbed or harrassed when walking back to their cars after an evening of spending thier money in this town?

A great place to... Lots of good places to visit- as long as you don't plan to park to visit any of them.
- jamies
Pluses: Clean Lakes
Art Museum
Quiet Nieghborhoods
Easy Going Community
Tech and Healthcare jobs
Tourism Attractions
Cost of Living

Minuses: Small Town

A great place to... Live, work and play
- cintor
Pluses: they have a great school and community

Minuses: The dont have any place for kids to hang out except for the park and it still isnt a save place.

A great place to... Live and raise you kids.
- warrior3
Pluses: Beutiful place to be in the summer and the winter

Minuses: Need iconomy shake.

A great place to... Relax, enjoy nature, work on home projects, meet people
- klimka
May. 21, 2007
Pluses: Nice people

Minuses: Sometimes dangerous

A great place to... listen to music.
- sherlymans
Pluses: Small town, low or no crime, good schools.

Minuses: Village not wanting to change anything or expand.

A great place to... Live and raise kids. Take walks enjoy the beautiful Tate Park.

Centrally located and close to Ann Arbor, Saline, Jackson, Brooklyn and the Irish Hills.
- mariatt
Pluses: nice small town,clean ,great high school,plenty of room for family bike path.beautiful homes..friendly people.

Minuses: only one major grocery store and one drug store ..

A great place to... live ..its quiet and seems to be very safe.

new pet store in town ,has no idea about pricing merchandise,and honoring the priced items.just over all BAD business..not good for town..
- tiababygirl2
May. 20, 2007
Pluses: they all work togther as a team but some times they get out of hand

Minuses: fighting every day

A great place to... wheatly heights or babylon

stay togther
- poochy
Pluses: Early Virginia small town with its own history.

Minuses: No industry; depends on local merchants who support each other. End of the road since Old Point died and Fort Monroe closed down.

A great place to... Be from.

See no reason to want to go back there. Lived there for 25 years.
- dnuck
Pluses: Good business in the fall for businesses and recreational activities.

Minuses: Too many people in the fall. Busy streets. People tend walk out in front of cars.

A great place to... hang out with the family or go to the State Park.

Watch out for us high schoolers. To us, jaywalking is a sport.
- snickers8250
Pluses: It is a small Community and there is not much to do but it is a great place to go and visit if you want to just relax

A great place to... eat would be Jimmies Strip Distric Deli
- mnickl18
Pluses: Beautiful single and rowhouses, close to Fairmount Park, Center City, nice trees, and close to City Line Avenue. Good schools

Minuses: Violent and non-violent crimes (ie burgulary, et. al) mainly in the southern part (below Lebanon Avenue and East of 54th Street), wanna be roughnecks hanging on corners in the 54th Street and 58th Street areas of the area expensive apartments and houses.

A great place to... shop on City Line Avenue. Plenty of places to worship.
- UncleB1974
May. 19, 2007
Pluses: great schools all within one block of each other. very mixed income in the small population.

Minuses: water barely passes health standards, leaves gunk when heated and for pools there is a lot of sediment after one day. We buy water to drink. not enough pressure for sprinkler, only so so for pulsing shower head. appearances show that there are many renters here. employment less than 15 miles not very good.

A great place to... live away from the crowded city and social issues of city schools. everyone knows everyone and they welcome newcomers. secluded yet close enough for shopping.
- gretta
Pluses: new schools, better air less drugs less hookers

Minuses: less pokice

A great place to... live and go to school

new parks
- alicia01
Pluses: Sardis Lake
Next door to the University of Mississippi
Wonderful eating places

Minuses: Not enough places for the youth

A great place to... Attend school - Note Panola Remembers (the history of Panola education) by Dr. Carl Edwin Lindgren. Copies available at the Panola County Historical and Genealogical Society -
- celindgren
May. 18, 2007
Pluses: I was born in Fayetteville in 1952. I moved when I was 5 and moved back when I was 26. I lived there with my husband and 3 children until 1988 when we were forced to leave to find work. I will always miss the most beautiful place I have ever lived. I have always wished that we didn't have to leave, but you do what you have to. I live in North Carolina now.

Minuses: Not enough employment. Politics are bad.

A great place to... Raise your children and have fun!

My husband and I had a rock band in the 80's. We lived in Fayetteville. He worked for a local ambulance service as a paramedic. The name of our band was Moss Alley. Then we changed it to Rush Hour. We did very well for about 5 years. Then we had to leave so he could find work. I will always look back on those years there with fondness. West Virginia will always be my home.
- aprilleleesing
Pluses: scenery, hiking

Minuses: fast pace, wealthy people with little diversity

A great place to... live temporarily
- bahsan22
Pluses: Its an easy commute to New York City.

Minuses: May be too remote a place to live for young kids.

A great place to... Take a drive?

We are looking at Real Estate in Garrison. Do families enjoy living around there?
- janetpine
Pluses: The little White house and pine mt and callaway gardens

Minuses: not much for eating wasent much of a choice

A great place to... its a good place to go stay the night and enjoy a quite time away from the big city
- leslieanne
May. 16, 2007
Pluses: Great People

Minuses: The Government -

The new City Manager and Council who have little to no city leadership experience are redirecting the city spending to special projects while demoting and firing city employees and telling everyone that the city is is serious financial trouble. The city has poor employment prospects and the city manager is turning the city into a dangerous place by stripping the experience and funding from public safety (fire and police). It is a dangerous situation. Visitors beware.
- cedarrapidscitizen
Pluses: it appears property values in the area may be on the rise.merrit park/chesterwood are both nice parks.most of our row-home neighborhoods engage in competitive lawn care which is nice.easy access to shopping.there used to be lots of good fishing spots[a few still left]

Minuses: horrible live music scene,rude people,smell from waste facility,job prospects not good,

A great place to... get away from
- tarzan
Pluses: Friendly village that is "on the way" to Onondaga Cave and Ozarkoutdoors.
A quiet place that is just WAITING to be discovered by folks who might be looking for a place in the Ozarks ( edge of ) to open a charming little Antique/Crafts/ business. There are several empty builings for sale on HWY H....Just give us a hollar or stop by.
Village Hall is open Monday through Friday
9 till noon
2 till 5.....

Minuses: Old buildings that need TLC...and a new life brought to our little village.

A great place to... Make MUSIC on Tuesday night at Chat 'N Chew !

Population 289.....and as mentioned above, a place to open a tourist type shop...and meet those who travel to and through the Ozarks !
- judyknudsen
May. 15, 2007
Pluses: Prairie City is a beautiful peaceful town in eastern Oregon. It's private and isolated but not really completely off the beaten path with Hwy 26 passing through town. The hiking is wonderful. The Strawberry Mountain Wilderness is so close and such a great place to spend the countless warm dry blue-skied summer days. The people that operate the local businesses are very friendly and casual. It would be a great place to retire or live modestly.

Minuses: Full-time permanent well-paying jobs are few and far between.

A great place to... Read a book, ride a bike, hike and camp. A fantastic place to stargaze.
- sarah65
country livin! Quiet.Nice place to raise a family.
- michelleann

Minuses: Greatly lacks the interest of most older residents to take interest in organizing the attributes concering the history of the community.Such a shame.

A great place to... A nice setting with a river running through it.Major highways leading to larger communities for shopping etc.

Time to get off our duffs and take a REAL interest in B'ville.Long overdue.Roll up our sleves and get to work on what is really important for our community overall.
- graybarn1
Pluses: Police are fast and responsive. Decent housing for the money.

Minuses: High tax rates.
- barb24
May. 14, 2007
Pluses: Relatively cheap to live here on the ocean--beautiful views, friendly people.
Gets cold in winter, but bright and clear, and quick road sanding--almost immediate.
Great fresh lobster, scallops, clams, mussels, crab meat.

Minuses: Very limited shopping and entertainment; there are 7 "restaurants," but they are, at best, diners and not very good; no real zoning ordinances or enforcement resulting in road litter, junked vehicles.
Liquor and wine sold at grocery stores but no restaurant is permitted to sell individual or wine bottle; this results in having to bring your own if you want to sip while you drink; it also means less restaurant development.
Schools are awful and should be consolidated--the entire high school has about 60 students and is costly to operate. Need more businesses and young families to move and stay here and change things!

A great place to... Summer. To enjoy the fall foliage. To make new friends. To become involved in town affairs (though it's often frustrating). To build a dream house on the ocean. To see deer and moose and eagles and foxes and lots of wildlife--even the black bear! Water birds!

Population is about 1200. It is 11 miles from US 1 on Rte 187. Is a fishing town: lobsters, clams, mussels, scallops.
Town library has been renovated.

Growing population of retirees from "away," who can afford to build lovely homes here has raised the tax base, which is good for the town as a whole, but bad for the people who can't afford to pay.
- fixerup
Pluses: safe, middle class neighborhood

A great place to... live
- mmcgee
Pluses: Snowboarding!!! Low Crime rate.

Minuses: I don't know of any.

A great place to... Live
- Lauraisaqt
May. 13, 2007
Pluses: Tuskahoma is very beautiful. I lived in Yanush Ok all during high school. I loved traveling through the back roads. Tuskahoma is a lovely place.

Minuses: Be careful traveling the back roads(ex. at night). There is something in those woods!!! It came after me one night and I'll never forget it. Don't swim in Sardis Lake. biohazzard.

A great place to... Camp, fishing for glowing greenfish, hunting big foot, go to church, hang out with old people, meet all kinds of Indians (Chacataw).

The Potato Hills glow, and there are lots of UFO sightings. All you gotta do is look up at the sky on a clear starry night and you'll see one. Jobs are very scarice around there.
- aleatha
May. 12, 2007
Pluses: Umm none really unless you like crack because there's plenty of it.

Minuses: Crack, gangs, guns, violence, and some areas are very ghetto. Very racist place that used to be majority white but now its white population is getting replaced quickly by latinos and blacks. It is getting poorer by the minute and is now more ghetto and dangerous then how it was in the 70's when the rest of NYC was all messed up.

A great place to... Find a prostitute and get drugs on every street corner.

Don't go here unless you are dark skinned because you will get shot.
- queens2brazil
Pluses: Quaint historical town originally laid out by young surveyor, George Washington, in 1749--thus, "the first Washington". Home of internationally famous Inn at Little Washington, with numerous B&Bs. County seat of Rappahannock County, one of the most scenic and unspoiled places in Virginia, nestled hard against the Blue Ridge Mountains near Shenandoah National Park. It's 75 miles and 75 years from Washington, DC, as former resident (Sen.) Eugene McCarthy wrote. Abounds in artists, writers, various snobs, a lot of nice people, and visited often by a great many people who think spending $500 for dinner is chump change. The rest of us eat at at The Country Cafe, where you can get your fill for $7 or so.

Minuses: If you need McDonalds, CVS, Starbucks, KFC and the like, look elsewhere. If you cannot live without your cellphone, stay away; signals are weak here. Nightlife consists of watching stars and fireflies.

A great place to... Spend too much for dinner.

Residents: about 200. Traffic: none. Stoplights: none. Excitement: As little as possible. Where to get the news online about this place: The Rappahannock Voice,
- Rapvox
Pluses: I'm thinking about relocating to Kansas City, MO. Why would I chose Kansas City, MO from other cities in Missouri?

Minuses: What are the negative things about Kansas City, MO?

A great place to... What zip code of Kansas City, MO would be better to live in? Safe, friendly, neighborhoods.
- housesolutions
Pluses: No stop or red lights in town. People are very kind and friendly.

Minuses: Only one place food, though very good.

A great place to... Start a family.
- ilemme
May. 11, 2007
Pluses: Galway is without question one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. This town is nature at its very best. Great schools, too!

Minuses: cold winters and no public transportation

A great place to... live, raise children, explore nature and local history, get a good education
- BroWCarey
Pluses: Nice people, beautiful scenery

Minuses: Not enough nice eating places, would like to see a nice sports bar to spend a evening out in.

A great place to... raise a family and live
- shari4777
Pluses: My memories as a child going there almost every summer. My grandparents lived in a house in Prudenville with a lake just down the road, Doc Porterfield right across the road and a forest full of deer and wild strawberries right across the main highway. I recall the Log Cabin theater, and all the merchants along the road selling Indian made wares. My Grandpa had a pontoon boat and we zipped all over the lake with that. The major supermarket then was called The Hub. Next door to my Grandparents was the resort they used to run, it was once called Vannatter's Resort, then became The Stand-By Resort, with log cabins dotted down the road to the beach. If you live in a BIG CITY, coming to Houghton Lake will ease your soul :)

Minuses: Too far away from me now :(
- missingmichigan
Pluses: A community with a diverse cultural heritage.
Close to Capital District arts and entertainment without the high real estate prices.
Lots of really good restaurants.
Sacandaga Lake and NYS boat launch is only 15 miles away.
Saratoga Performing Arts Center is a 30 minute drive.

Minuses: Residents who don't realize how good it is to live here and continue to talk negative about the area.

A great place to... Call home.
- celticmiss
Pluses: Moderate weather year-round, friendly Folks, Mountain hospitality, only 2 hour drive to 4 metropolitan cities
of Atlanta, Chattanooga, Knoxville and Ashville.
Endless recreational activites, festivals, crafts, historical points of interest.

Minuses: Convenient to most of the things that you would miss having in a larger city.

A great place to... Live, work and play. Raise a family or retire to. To get away from it all!

Rated by Forbes Magazine as 6th in developing markets for second homes.
Growing area, but still small town atmosphere. Gorgeous Mountains and Lakes. Located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mtns.
- ucmmr
May. 10, 2007
Pluses: Smalltown atmosphere. Friendly. Everything is close.

Minuses: We don't have many business here. If we want fast food or shopping we have to drive at least 10 minutes. Our roads aren't the greatest either.

A great place to... relax
- yomama27
Pluses: When I was a young girl, I would always be sent to Aunt Shirley and Uncle Teddy's for part of my summer vacations.
My cousins were Pam and Kimber Miller. They lived on Waverly St. I loved going there even when my cousin Pam and I didn't see eye to eye. Kimber was a bit younger and a work-aholic back then, doing yard work, mowing lawns, and odd jobs. Aunt Shirley and Uncle Teddy had a small grocery store.
I have lived all over the USA, and plan to go back and maybe settle down there, put some hummingbird feeders up and watch the world go by!

Minuses: none

A great place to... live
- winkie
Pluses: A family-oriented, safe community. Everything is in close proximity (i.e., shcools, library, churches).

A great place to... Raise children
- Gia
May. 9, 2007
Pluses: Close to downtown.

A great place to... Live.
- PSchimpf
May. 8, 2007
Pluses: quiet streets, small town, low realestate prices

Minuses: little to no recreational for teens and adults, little employment opps

A great place to... retire
- ktyree
Pluses: It's a small quiet town.

Minuses: Town police are never out!!!!!

A great place to... live, grow-up in
- racin21x
Pluses: My mom's family goes back to the 19th century in reardan. If I was to give one word to reardan it would be unchanging. I used to look at my grandfather's photos of 19th century reardan and they were the same as mid 20th century reardan [except for the red rooster bar and grill].

At least in the past reardan's genius lay in isolation.

Minuses: There are some fine people in Reardan, and I have some kin there yet, but it is a wee town and all that that entails.

My experience over decades is that reardan has an unusually large population of selfish, dishonest jerks for its overall size.

If you move there, watch your back.

A great place to... Leave
- angeleno
May. 7, 2007
Pluses: Very attractive community with a great beach and a nice pier. Never really crowded and many a day you can stroll the beach in complete solitude[rare for So. Cal.] Fishing can be good from the pier or from the west jetty or along the beach east of the pier.

Minuses: The city seems to have forgotten the youth. As a long time resident that grew up here through elementary school and into adulthood, I have been raising 4 boys here since. Theres not alot for kids to do here. They have the beach and a small number of parks but growing up as kids do nowadays they have NO skatepark[ how the 30'000 dollar consultant ended up with no park I know not] and no other means of entertainment. There is a small Boys club but its seems more geared for the real young. The Moranda Park set up is great if I could get the kids into sports. Tough one. They skateboard. So, unless a kid takes up surfing they usually have to travel to Ventura or Oxnard for all they're entertainment needs. It hasnt changed in all the years I've lived here.

A great place to... Live in peace and quite. Beautiful place to retire as the city has seemed to route the future that way.
- Marshall
Pluses: Friendly people

Minuses: Cold weather
- defourp
Pluses: housing, jobs

A great place to... Live
- pulleyman
May. 6, 2007
Pluses: Everything about estral beach is a HUGE pro. I am currently looking to buy a house there to settle down.

Minuses: The only minuses is that not everyone has been able to experience the fantasticness of estral beach due to the hiddenness of its location.

A great place to... laugh, cry, pow wow, jump, play, dance, swim, run, love, drive, walk, sleep, picnic, rock climb.

Refer to blog.
- Stevstone
Pluses: Great climate
- rugby
Pluses: If you like really good, fresh seafood, You will be in heaven at Ivar's. C'est Bon !!!!!
- fritzdoc
Pluses: good high schools

Minuses: low crime

A great place to... relocate

My husband and I are thinking of relocating to NC. I"m an RN, son is 10yo and daughter is 8yo and my husband is nypd helicopter pilot. good schools and jobs are very important.
- mariarn
Pluses: Theres not alot of crime, it's a rather peaceful town. I love livin here.

Minuses: our government only caters to the poeple with money. If you don't have money , then your just out of luck. Theres nothin here for the kids to do but park and talk. But now you can't do that without getting ran off from everywhere.What do they think the kids r gonna do. I guess they want the kids to go and get on the dope I reckon.

A great place to... to retire and die!!!!!!!!!
- jmsjacobs
May. 5, 2007
Pluses: It is a wonderful, friendly community. Within two weeks of moving here we knew almost all of our neighbors. The schools are good. The scenery is beautiful and the local culture and history can't be beat.

Minuses: If you have problems with local troublemaking kids stealing your car, beating up your children, or harassing you, don't expect much help from the police, especially if you live in some of the poorer neighborhoods. We had a vehicle stolen from our front yard and after coming out and taking the initial report we never got any further response from the police. We couldn't even get them to return phone calls inquiring about our vehicle.

A great place to... A good place to go fishing, there are lots of different places to fish and much wildlife to be seen. It's amazing! Deer squirrels, otters, skunks raccoons, wild turkeys, pheasants, you name it, they are everywhere. There is of course the great morel mushroom hunting in the spring! Don't miss Bayliss park in the summer when they have music on wednesdays. A great place to take the family! Lots of places to walk your dog, take in some beautiful old archtecture, or just go shopping.
- yvonnefo
May. 3, 2007
Pluses: If you like Golf there is a great course.

Ethnicly diverse.

After a major storm, like charlie, our city definantly gets high marks for their attentiveness and clean up.

Excellent police and fire.

Clean city to live in.

WIRZ park has a great pool.

Public works keeps roads well maintained.

Minuses: Congestion, crime, lots of gang activity lately.
ALOT of traffic!

Past 4 years they have torn down thousands of trees for over priced homes that sit vacant. Disrupted habitats ..
Sad that this city is not earth friendly in this day and age.

Change is not always a good thing. Mr. Casselberry would not approve..

It is sad to see the historic places of your childhood being demolished to make way for more shopping strips and condos...


I always thought Casselberry would be the one place where I could always feel like I was home, but it is getting harder these days with the increase of traffic and crime..

No nudie bars.. Can go pluses or minuses..

A great place to... Golf. A few lakes for Jett Skiing and fishing. Secret Lake Park is wonderful to BBQ have a kids party or just loft all day on the weekend. Summer kids swim at WIRZ park.

The Elementary school offers little to no help for children with LD unless you the parent are persistant and demand attention for your child, other wise they push them through without care and exempt them from FCAT.

South Seminole Middle school is very good, I have seen my daughter progress 4 years in 2 years there!

It is NOT a city where everyone knows your name it used to be that way... too bad Casselberry lost the vision..
- 40YearsInCasselberry
Pluses: all the drug that you wont
- marky
Pluses: good clean town
nice small businesses
Riding academy near by
Virgin Woods
Syrup Gathering

Minuses: not much for commerce here

A great place to... Get Riding Lessons
See Nature at work
- ekwyne
Pluses: Macon Tennessee is the best place in the world. I have lived there most of my life and i am extremely proud of our town.

A great place to... Live a happy life. There is plenty of land. There is virtually no traffic and a very quiet and peaceful community. I would not want to live anywhere else.
- maconsub
Pluses: No Wal Mart! Just a small town with friendly people. Alot of history in the area and outdoor life is good

Minuses: little shopping available, distance is kind of a problem and impossible to live there without transportation

A great place to... a good place to just find some inner peace.
- ottercreek
May. 2, 2007
Pluses: Small town atmosphere

Minuses: Having to drive to Worcester to see a movie

A great place to... raise a family
- annefrommass
Pluses: The southern charm, the people.

Minuses: Not a whole lot to do
- ProudLEXMO
May. 1, 2007
Pluses: Nice new homes
- bsymom2x
Pluses: Quenemo is a small close knit community.
Everybody knows everybody.
The school is excellent! Small classes and great teachers.

Minuses: The town is a little trashy but nothing too bad.
Teen pregnancy is at an all time high.
High School and Junior High students travel by bus to school to go to Melvern Attendance Center

A great place to... start a family
start a new business
go to school

We have one business in the downtown area, a post office, a community building, and a park that is in the process of being rebuilt. The Marias des Cygnes Valley Elementary school is located here.
- allenl
Pluses: My grandparents, Roy and Mary Cooper lived around Soldier and are buried there.
- chuckcooper

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