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Sep. 25, 2007
Pluses: Mostly quiet town with good people.

Minuses: Low income. Not much work unless you drive average of 20 miles.

A great place to... Raise children.
- jtb
Sep. 24, 2007
Pluses: Quiet, good restaurants and bagel stores. Close to New York City. Good libraries.

Minuses: Traffic, deficient in parks. Annoying street fairs on every block during the summer.

A great place to... Sit out on the back deck and watch fireflies.
Walk your dog.
- terryballard
Pluses: small town, nice people. You can walk up and down the ave for exercise. You can walk to get Pizza. Cute town.

A great place to... raise children

Moved to Harrisburg for my Husbands job and miss Forty Fort. We grew up in Dallas, and i thought i would miss Dallas a lot when we moved to Forty-Fort, but I didnt. Forty Fort is more conveinant and easy to get to anywhere.
- missffpa

Pluses: family friendly rural community with Irish heritage celebrated
at the drop of a hat! A catholic community with a strong Irish Catholic heritage.

Minuses: isolated from major metro areas. Drive times to those areas are over an hour drive time one way. Secondary & higher educational opportunities are a challenge. So to is ready access to major health centers due to the same circumstances.

A great place to... raise a family in a strong christian backround and share the family's happenings among life lasting friends. Be in an agriculture based business.

I am the third child of Robert & Ann 'McQuillin' Dorsey. Patrick Joseph is my name. Birth date 10-06-50.
- randpdorsey
Sep. 23, 2007
Pluses: Family friendly

Minuses: Crim

A great place to... Live
- ssmith1
Sep. 22, 2007
Pluses: West Newton is located along the Youghiogheny River Trail. It has been designated as one of six Trail Town models along the Great Allegheny Passage. In the next five years people will see a new face to the community, and the development of a completely different business perspective. Have heart those of faith, our community is going to be something very special, not just for the citizens of the community, but for the entire region. See you on the river!

A great place to... bike, hike, canoe, fish, boat, relax and enjoy the day.
- Trailtown
Sep. 21, 2007
Pluses: Fountain Inn is still the "quaint" southern town where folks can call each other by their first names.

It is only about five miles from major shopping yet far enough away from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Minuses: Right now there are several empty buildings that need to be filled. This will happened in the near future as the "sprawl" of homeownership heads this way.

A great place to... live and have your office located here.
- JRHastings
Pluses: Small, friendly community. There are quite a few Churches (per capita) We have excellent farming and business opportunities that Route 127 allows. Though we have around 250 citizens we have 2 part-time Police Officers who keep a pretty close eye on things. Our local park is currently underway with some exciting projects for the play ground and play area. Gym Rental and/or Banquet Rental is available. As per our latest Census Report, our community is made up primarily of families. We have a small but thriving Convenience Store for neccesities and fuel. The Board and Trustees are currently working on Village cleanup to present a more proper image. All Municipal Constituents are readily available for citizen contact, with an open door policy. About 2 miles over is Coffeen Lake, which affords a tremendous amount of fishermen, and sometimes hunters.

Minuses: All Minuses are currently under heavy construction, Thank You. :)

A great place to... Raise a family, make friends, Open a Restaurant, or kick back and enjoy the day.
Sep. 20, 2007
Pluses: Good people, fun weekends. Good outdoors activities

Minuses: Everyone's related

A great place to... Call Home
- Beezer8
Pluses: I lived at the old Point Arena Air Force station in 1963. The winding road that led up to the station was called Eureka Hill road and was about 12 miles long. It rose to a height of 2500 feet, hight enough to be out of the persistant coastal fog, and at about 1500 feet one passed through a thermocline where it got noticibly warmer if you were on a motorcycle. But, crossing the bridge across the Garcia River was very cold and the cross into the thermocline was always welcomed by a rider. Living on the station was a wonderful experience, with the whole Pacific Ocean spread out before me. The station is closed now and falling into ruin. But many deer find safety within it's security perimeter fence. The station has one security guard to keep vandals and hunters out.

Minuses: The town of Point Arena was in the fox belt and most of the airmen who lived in town hated it due to the constant fog. One bar supplied liquid comfort from the fog. One needs to live above the fox layer if one wants to enjoy living in Point Arena all year round.

A great place to... Find hippies, dope, and free love as the place is now overrun with them. Not a good place for raising drug free kids, but maybe a good place to live out a peaceful, mellow yellow life without much trouble from local law enforcement. I hear tell that there was once a stricter County Sheriff but he was voted out of office and replaced with an easy rider.
- donwtimmons2000
A great place to... Raise a family.
- cdt86
A great place to... nice place to live
- johnpilkeille
Pluses: point out some good points

Minuses: what is negative there

are there any organic food sorces?
- conakee
Sep. 19, 2007
Pluses: The schools are very good...tops in the state. Your kid gets a private school education for a public school price.

All we can do is eat...there are some nice Mom and Pop restaurants, as well as a few chain restaurants.

Minuses: There is NOTHING to do if you are not involved in high school athletics. There are no places for kids to hang out except one skate park. Zachary needs some family entertainment center...a bowling alley, a movie theater, SOMETHING!!! I think it is odd that the high school has no PTA...only booster clubs for athletics and the band.

A great place to... Send your kid to public school.
- jcn1130
Pluses: Brooke County is a wonderful place to raise a family.
- rkd
Pluses: If You like a small town that's not rual, then this is good for you. No traffic worry's or busy big city living.

Minuses: Most of the older portions of town are empty buildings,could use a demolition do-over in most of the older parts of the city.

A great place to... To fish, relax and take a breather fronm the city.
- hendyzero
Pluses: Nice small town feel. Beautiful scenery. Nice folks. Lots of good hometown pubs. Osso's pizza. Shorty's hot dogs.

Minuses: No work or industry.

A great place to... See Pony baseball
- jopa
Pluses: lived all over US been away for 20 something years came back missed the cornfields, light traffic, and friendly people

Minuses: buses don't run late enough

A great place to... live and raise children
- lestel1
Sep. 18, 2007
Pluses: Low cost of living. Mild winters.

Minuses: "Fake" is the best word to describe the city's overall personality. Not much to do besides shopping and going out to eat. The museums are ok, the zoo is mediocre.
The city government focuses too much on how things look on the outside rather than fixing the real problems. The school district is corrupt and library is grossly underfunded (partially due to opening tons of new branches some within 5 minutes of each other!) The weather in the summer is miserable.

A great place to... be nouveau riche.

North Dallas suburbs tend to be much nicer than South Dallas.
- thalia0404
Pluses: singles, vintage homes for sale, concerts

Minuses: crime, bad neighborhoods

A great place to... eat, shop, people watch, camp

the general populus- what's the average age of people, is it a good place to meet single people and make friends, are people rednecks
- kgraybill
Pluses: Quiet community
Likable folks that respect your property and privacy
Developing recreational trails and sites
Unpolluted and wildlife friendly
Just minutes from Houghton Lake up beautiful M-18

Minuses: You haven't joined us yet

A great place to... Get-away from it all
Breath fresh air and hear yourself think
Invest in
- scameron728
Pluses: 1) Near two beautiful national parks
2) plenty of hotels and shopping

Minuses: 1) AVOID MOAB CYCLERY. they ripped me off.
2) hot in the summer

A great place to... take a mountain bike.
- OldMountianGoat
Sep. 17, 2007
Pluses: I grew up in Shawnee the first 9 years of my life and my father's side of the family still resides there. It is a wonderful community, mostly friendly people, that enjoy haning out with their friends and having fun. The environment is very child-friendly, many of the children are involved in community or school sports. I know a great many of the people in Shawnee and they are some of the best friends I could have in my life.

Minuses: Shawnee is a very small community so to find a decent job you have to work in places outside of Shawnee. My mother had to work in Columbus to have a good enough job to support the family. She drove an hour and a half to work every day and every night and it gets very tiring. Money is hard to find, even the jobs at Krogers and McDonald's are competitive.

A great place to... Shawnee is a great place to tour through. The town still has sites that are now gone in other places that remind you of life in the old days with farm land and the bar being so predominant in the area. It is a wonderful place to do a study trip to if you are studying historic places.

Shawnee is a tiny place where everybody knows everybody and it's a place you can really call home. The population is mostly dominated by white people but anybody is welcome.
- tweety122789
Pluses: Somerville is a beautiful quiet little town with friendly people everywhere. Somerville is right in the middle of just about all the other towns around. You can go to Walmart in Arab, or Decatur, or Huntsville, and even Madison in all about the same time/distance, which is about 1/2 hour give or take some. This is a wonderful place to raise children!

Minuses: The driving can be a nuisance. My kids are active in Huntsville with Karate and theater so there is a lot of driving. Water pressure to our house is low. Ummm..... electricity through Joe Wheeler can be more expensive than the city. Also, employment opportunities for teens might be somewhat limited. Again, back to the driving thing.

A great place to... Huskey Park by the Shell station off of Hwy 67 is a great place to play. Tennis courts, walking trail and play ground equiptment.

we have a Feed and Seed at the intersection of Cut Off road and Hwy 67 that is wonderful! Friendly people own it and are so willing to help if you enjoy gardening projects.

The Chevron station at the 4 way stop of 67 and 36 offer great pizza and a large selection of movies.

If you are looking for movies and maybe golf or something you have to look to Decatur or Huntsville, because Somerville isn't quite there yet. We are a small community that mostly offers speratic public events and lots of quiet when you need it.

I love it here. I feel sorry for people living in the city and right in the middle of the hurry and scurry pace of that lifestyle. My friends come to my house and are amazed at the tranquility and beauty offered here. You can sit outside and listen to the birds and maybe the far off lowing of a mother cow and her new calf. This is the place to be alive!
- davesbonepe
Pluses: great schools

Minuses: downown area

A great place to... raise a family
- ehoban
Pluses: It has alot of local resources. Good shopping. Churches help the community.

Minuses: Drugs & crime are out of control. If it is not nailed down it will be stolen. A refuge for felons and homeless drug addicts.

A great place to... Have your house broken into.
- moonlight
Pluses: Wild, and I hope it remains wild!

A great place to... Explore!

My favorite place is Lida Summit!
Sep. 16, 2007
A great place to... go to the beach
- Laniey
Pluses: small town

Minuses: talks to much

A great place to... njoy
- muddyboots
Pluses: None

Minuses: The town administration is horrible. Might be nice people on the board but they make some crappy decisions. Plays favorites just like any other political office.

A great place to... never move to.

This town is too expensive, loud, annoying, and offers next to nothing.
- Sickofit
Sep. 15, 2007
Pluses: very nice and development area

A great place to... very good pleasure and work at Murrieta, CA
- hieuton
Sep. 14, 2007
Pluses: Space

Minuses: Distance from NYC
Some of the local townies (people who have lived there their entire lives are not a positive)
Too many junk food franchises
- leveller
Sep. 13, 2007
Pluses: Tiny community, quiet, almost serien, friendly people.

Minuses: Employment availablity low.

A great place to... Raise a family if you are looking to keep them from the hustle bustle and dangers of the city.

Village of Clifford; Township of Burlington; County of Lapeer; School District: Marlette

Rochester Gear, Inc. is the main force behind employment in Clifford.

There are three churchs, one bar, one market and one cafe.

The park consists of the old Burlington Township School and yard which was purchased and donated back to the village. The DDA has refurbished the playground replacing the old with state of the art playground equipment, along with adding a skatepark and horseshoe pits. The School building houses a library, teen center, and a haunted house area for the Burlington Township Fire Department.

The Village Municipal Building houses the governmental office of the village, a community work out center along with the Burlington Township Fire Department.
- xeltic
Pluses: Small community, less than 1/2 hour from shopping and entertainment. Small schools, safe neighborhoods.

Minuses: Small community. You do need to drive 1/2 hour for most shopping and entertainment.

A great place to... Raise kids
- pammomof9
Pluses: low crime

Minuses: stuck up church
unfriendly people
alot of crimals who will take advantage of you
women who go to church but do not act like it

A great place to... sell your home for a good profit
- christinesaerostore
Pluses: small town

Minuses: low paying jobs
- punkin
Pluses: Small towns, not a lot of people.

Minuses: Horrible place to live. Filled with poverty and crime.

A great place to... Visit family.
- freuddreams
Pluses: the enviroment and financial

A great place to... relaxs
- eny
Sep. 12, 2007
Pluses: Beedeville, is a good community, with alot of good people
We have a park, fire department, water and waste
departments, post office, two factorys, Ritters fertilize and
chemical Co., a store/cafe',and a church of christ.

Minuses: Needs more homes

A great place to... A safe place to raise a family.

Beedeville will be one hundred years old, in 2008.
It was named by the Beede brothers, but it has took
all the good familys, to make it the great City it is today.
Wyant Beede, is the Mayor, at this time.
Pluses: stores

Minuses: crowded

A great place to... leave
- USofA
Pluses: There are a lot of places to go as a couple for a walk, such as union point, lawson's creek and tryon palace.

Minuses: There isn't a good place for younger kids and toddlers to play indoors like a chuckie cheese, etc.

All the parks are based on old kids also, no toddler safe things except baby swings.

A great place to... Go and see pretty flowers and have a calm day is Tryon Palace.
- mcltweety
Pluses: one of the best places to live in central Wi. Lowest tax rate in the area. all the municipal services and close to all the needed mercantile services. Two of the best school districts in the area plus two Lutheran high schools in or near village limits. Not alot of industrial air polution,one of the fastes growing communitees in the area

Minuses: terrable media coverage there is only one "newspaper" in the area and they print whatever they want, they have no one to answer to

A great place to... live work and play

central part of Wi. Boarders Wisconsin river,central wi. aireport. Largest Village (area wise) in the state 52 square miles.
- elamo
Sep. 11, 2007
Pluses: Their are many good places to eat.
The bike path is fun.
The park should be nice once it opens.

Minuses: Too many people are coming to live in this small, already over crowed town. There should be a limited on how many people can live here.

A great place to... to live
to grow up
to go to school
to go to church
to have fun
- angels
Sep. 10, 2007
Pluses: malls, schools, is it good town to live

Minuses: crime
- Bharat
Pluses: Clean, great views, friendly rural. I am constatnly amazed at the eagerness to help from the people we have met.

Minuses: We haven't lived here long enough to experience any negatives.

A great place to... Raise children, pets and to garden.
- krh3
Pluses: pretty scenery, name says it all

Minuses: far from city life, some would say it's a "brain drain"

A great place to... raise a family
- shillnative
Sep. 9, 2007
Pluses: The natural beauty of Perry County is unsurpassed. Mousetail State Landing Park, a State of Tennessee park, is on the Tennessee River and offers camping, hikng and fishing. Both primitive camping and RV campgrounds are available, with showers etc.

The cost of living is low, price of land is low, and the people are super friendly. It is one of the last true Mayberrys left in the country... a wonderful place to retire and enjoy the simpler pleasures in life.

Minuses: The nearest Walmart is 25 miles away, and the choices in grocery stores is limited. Perry County is the least populated county in Tennessee with the fewest number of residents per square mile.

A great place to... rest, relax, and get away from it all. Whether you are considering retiring or just looking for a great place to spend a peaceful weekend, consider Perry County. There are several bed & breakfast places, and a renovated hotel downtown Linden is just about to open, September 2007.

Come visit us and see how friendly we are... It's Just Our Nature!

Check out more information on Perry County by going to the County's website at and seeing what's going on. It's a great website for current information, as well as demographics about the area.
- patvb
Sep. 8, 2007
Pluses: good people

Minuses: houses squeezed together
- winsor
Sep. 7, 2007
Pluses: When I lived in West Newton I loved it. I do miss it so much now that I live so far away but I do visit when I get the chance. West Newton will always be very near to my heart

Minuses: though I love the town it seem that I have watched people in the community care less and less about the town. When I moved to West Newton in 1990 everyone seem to have so much town spirt. Light up nights we exciting and fun and the riverfestival was always fun. Now it seems like no one really cares anymore I think that it is sad and I wish there was a way to get everyone involved again
- Jessicarose
Pluses: Stanardsville is small so their really isnt too many people around to bother you.

Minuses: Stanardsville is the country so their really isnt anyplace close by to go and chill and have fun

A great place to... Be counrty
- Cuteasabug91
Pluses: Extremely easy going family oriented community with exceptional restuarants, entertainment and easy access to beaches. Multitude of lodging options for vacationers, from home rentals to B&B's, most within walking distance to town center and beaches. The sand and surf are clean, well maintained, patrolled, and quiet, even at the height of the season! A must visit for a phenomenal vacation!

Minuses: Be careful of unscrupulous home renters, who may take advantage of out of state vacationers. Make sure everything you agree to is in writing, dated, and completely spelled out. It may be difficult to resolve any disputes from out of state....

A great place to... Bring your children and family for an awesome, safe summer vacation.
- azcoach20
Sep. 5, 2007
Pluses: Large man made lake
Community spirit

Minuses: No place to eat out, shop or no recreation
Small minded people...unwilling to think on a large scale
Exclusive cliques

A great place to... Do nothing!!

Old southern mentality which is very difficult to change.
- wonderwoman
A great place to... Dublin Texas is a great place to raise a family or even retire if you are at that point in your life....

Dublin has the best pizza around!

- PizzaPro
Pluses: in port mansfield, there is good fishing, but the jetties are silting up. small boats can get out. it is a friendly little town. lots of places to rent. good restaurants.

Minuses: you have a lease on the property you buy. mike wilson gets to decide if you meet his standards. rich and white is preferred. he and his cronies run the p.u.d.. it is not a town. it is a navigation district. the U.S.A. starts at the 5 mile bridge.

A great place to... view wildlife

the volunteer fire department puts on a great fireworks display on the forth, at the county park.
Pluses: The air is clean, the people are sweet and the traffic, crime and taxes are low. I have found my place on this earth and know why they call this God's country. Hope I never have to leave.

Minuses: I hate to see the developers clearing all the trees off of the land, but there are plenty left. It will never be like where I came from.

A great place to... Get your head back on straight and find the peace and quiet that I need to make it from day to day. It is also a great place to meet folks who are wanting the same peace and quiet and just enjoy the simple things in life.

Murphy is a samll town but constantly growing.
- Mountaingal
Pluses: Small town setting

Minuses: not much to do
- antihero88
Sep. 4, 2007
Pluses: Our band played for the Sept fest celebration. We are from Utah county Utah. We have never been treated better. Everyone was so friendly and we had a great time.
Hope to bring the family up next summer.
Love your town. Love your people.

Randy James

Minuses: Power went out the first night we were there. No A C

A great place to... Party, fish, raft, eat, talk, sight see....
- virrona
Pluses: nice people

A great place to... visit and live

i live in Folsom,La. and work for the City of Covington,La.
- missntoe
Pluses: small town
- emay
Pluses: non

Minuses: Everything. The town is full of liars and criminals

A great place to... not go to
- hatetheplace
Sep. 3, 2007
A great place to... have fun
- shaffer
Pluses: quiet, sleepy little town. Everyone knows everyone-very small-knitted community.Vle crime or violenceery litt

Minuses: You have to drive a long way to get to anything- stores, restaraunts, movies, etc..

A great place to... retire
- amberree
Pluses: The landscape is somewhat nice the western parts of town.

Minuses: Anti-business climate that goes back several years.
Fed-Ex was established here, but moved to Memphis after the airport declined to cooperate.
VERY political a fault. Stange thing is, the people that live there don't really care about their hometown. Little or no civic pride, to speak of. They are, however, obsessed with state and national goings on. This view is reflected in the local media.

A great place to... Move to, then leave after a couple of years, like most people there seem to do.
- sfrisby
Pluses: I'm trying to find out about Marion in the year 1951 or there abouts. I don't know what address to write to so I'm using this address hoping you can direct me to the proper address. My email address is koonthomas AT
Thank you for you assistance if any.
- TomKoon
Pluses: Nice size town. Has a lot of conveniences within the city itself, but is also adjacent to Kansas City, MO, which has numerous shopping, dining, and entertainment choices.
Crime rate is relatively low. Housing is very affordable.
The courthouse square area is neat.
Lots of historical stuff.

Minuses: Some parts of town are much nicer than others. It feals safe, overall, though.

A great place to... Live for a while.
- sfrisby
Sep. 2, 2007
Pluses: Pretty!!! Good cafe's. Skip The Bunnery and Sweetwater. Both very overated!!!!

Minuses: Poor customer service. These store and cafe owners expect their employee's to work for nothing. Plus most can't afford to live there and travel great distances just to be in JH. I've experienced shop owners yelling at their employee's on several occasions. I let them know I'll never shop there again. I work hard for my money and I'm not going to let a jerk have any part of it!!!! have to really shut them up. My husband (6'6" 280lbs) just stands up and stares at them...LOL..they shut up!!!! We eat dinner early to avoid the loud mouth snobs at the 7PM dinner hour. They have a "loud voice need" to let all know what they make, how they screw money out of their employee's, condo & private jet costs, etc. It's hard to have a nice relaxing meal with these idots boasting themselves!!! Money cannot buy class!!!!!

A great place to... Shop, eat, walk, hike, raft, ski, snowmobile, drive Yellowstone & Teton national parks.

JH hotel rooms are very affordable. We've stayed at Cowboy Village our last visit. It was great. Individual cabins with no noise from others. Stay away from Teton Village. Extremely over priced rooms, food & shops. We only go there for the gondola ride.

You must be there at least one week to see both Teton & Yellowstone parks. Teton can be driven in a day but Yellowstone will take a minimum of 2 days for the upper and lower loops. I really reccomend a mid week stay in Bozeman, Mt. That will enable you to see all of Yellowstone and Bozeman is also a very neat place. We drove up through Yellowstone and stayed two nights in Bozeman and then back through Yellowstone to JH. It was perfect. We saw it all.
- Batwoman
Pluses: nice area
- gb14x
Pluses: They beat Michigan!
- yspring
Pluses: It is a small well kept old community which emphasizes activities for the young people in our neighborhood...we also have a curfew which is essential in cutting down on mischieviousness in our neighborhood.

Minuses: Public transportation does not run at all hours of the night.

A great place to... raise children
- FaithCharlene
Pluses: affordable

Minuses: poor air quality

A great place to... live if you are into water sports and snow sports
- teddyguy
Sep. 1, 2007
Pluses: Itasca is a loved community; approximately 8,200 residents. It is subtle, with a quiet, yet, progressive beauty. The white church steeple, dripping with age, that one must look at, and with good reason, coming west on Irving Park Road, makes it a local monument. Previous mayor ships, Joyce Usher's husband, had great for site in planning way ahead of the times which industrial planning off the main site of the community area, creating a wonderful tax base, while preserving the town historic area as pristine. Itasca is a quiet, yet wonderful community to live in. Above average, in annual incomes, with a home town environment that reflects its aging past. I personally feel the Itasca police department is one of the best in DuPage County.

Minuses: You will not find, at this time, a large shopping mall. You will not find kids hanging around bars, cluttering the passage ways. Yes it is quaint, quiet, and pleasant. For some, I guess that is a negative.

A great place to... Itasca is good place to live, a good place to explore, a nice place to visit, a wonderful home.

I am a local poet in Itasca, with my first poetry book now on the market:

Michael Lee Johnson, Author of:
The Lost American: From Exile to Freedom
- poetryman
A great place to... EAT..... The new Luby's
- mickeykmm
Pluses: Quiet .. peaceful.. serene.. scenic place to live

Minuses: Bad twisty curvy narrow roads & bad drivers. Too much drugs among younger people.

A great place to... Live

Raised & educated in Ozark & Taney Co.
- bodacious1942
Pluses: I have many fond memories

Minuses: Some of these also

A great place to... Live back in the 1930's

I was born in Hastings and attented schools in Barry county during the 1930's.
- Potszer

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