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There are those who believe that a town without Starbucks is just small step above barbarism. Others with some justification view the spread of the Seattle-based company as the caffeine equivalent of Disneyfication.

Our coffee quotient was designed to serve both camps. It's a measure of the number of Starbucks stores per 10000 population in cities across the U.S. as of March 2005. (We limited our analysis to cities with at least 10000 people using the 2000 census figures. Supermarkets and other stores selling coffee beans were not included in our totals. Store locations were based on the addresses cited on the Starbucks Web site.)

While Starbucks is the leader in the coffee wars it certainly isn't the only contender. National and regional chains such as Caribou Coffee Seattle's Best Coffee (now owned by Starbucks) and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf have also expanded to many markets. And then there are the independents and small local chains. (One of our personal favorites is Gimme! of Ithaca NY.) But no other retailer has made the imprint of Starbucks.

The cities with the highest store-to-population ratios nationally are listed below. Top cities by population group and by state appear at right.

Coffee quotient trivia: None of the three communities called Starbuck in our database has a Starbucks. (That would be Starbuck MN; Starbuck ND; and Starbuck WA.) Other eponymous communities still lacking in venti Frappuccinos include Hot Coffee MS; Coffee City TX; Coffee Springs AL; Coffeeville AL; and Coffeeville MS.)

More information: If you have questions or if you'd like to suggest your favorite brew send us an email at or call us at 607-387-4181.

Falls Church VA103777.7
Katy TX117756.8
Greenwood Village CO110356.3
Issaquah WA112125.4
Palm Beach FL104684.8
Littleton CO403404.5
Destin FL111193.6
Lincoln CA112053.6
Sherwood OR117913.4
Naples FL209763.3
Williamsburg VA119983.3
Lynnwood WA338473.2
Spring TX363853.0
Bel Air MD100803.0
Alpharetta GA348542.9
Fairfax VA214982.8
Vienna VA144532.8
Freehold NJ109762.7
Duluth GA221222.7
Grand Haven MI111682.7
Brentwood CA233022.6
Lake Oswego OR352782.6
Silverdale WA158162.5
Auburn CA124622.4
Tumwater WA126982.4

March 2005
Sources: ePodunk;; U.S. Census Bureau

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Los Angeles, CA

Pros: climate; entertainment-media capital; geographic diversity; beaches.

Cons: Traffic; bad schools; gangs; too spread out.

This is a good place to Enjoy nightlife, including restaurants, bars, clubs.

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