Increasing Wealth

The list below shows the 20 counties (population 10,000 and above) with the highest growth rates in per capita personal income, 1997 to 2002.

Rankings include only those counties where per capita income in 2002 was at least 75% of the national figure of $30,906. Although not an official county, the District of Columbia was included in our list.

CountyPer capita
personal income
1997 ($)
Per capita
personal income
2002 ($)
Pct changePct US figure
Walsh County, ND18,84428,86153.2%93
Pitkin County, CO46,98569,68148.3%225
Teton County, WY48,55171,45747.2%231
Roosevelt County, NM16,25723,79246.3%77
Iowa County, WI20,92729,53241.1%96
Barnes County, ND18,19525,49340.1%82
Uinta County, WY19,89027,72539.4%90
Lawrence County, SD18,92926,25238.7%85
San Francisco County, CA39,45854,63938.5%177
Lake County, MN20,58028,46538.3%92
Geary County, KS19,71727,07737.3%88
Nevada County, CA24,05832,84136.5%106
Lafayette County, MS16,98523,14736.3%75
Crenshaw County, AL17,82824,28736.2%79
Albany County, WY19,38126,37936.1%85
District of Columbia, DC34,48846,80035.7%151
Routt County, CO27,26736,97635.6%120
Arlington County, VA40,83055,14835.1%178
Rio Grande County, CO19,29126,04835.0%84
Logan County, OK17,78624,00435.0%78

Sources: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis; ePodunk

Date: February 2005
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